My hyper hypo

We’ve spent the weekend getting ready for the first day of school and here’s what you need to know. I have peaked for the 2015-2016 school year on August 23. The house is clean, my refrigerator is full of groceries, the school supplies are organized, the laundry is finished, Caroline’s first day of school outfit is laid out on her bed, and I cooked a roast in the oven all day so we could have a home cooked meal.

I feel it’s important to document this occasion because it’s all downhill from here. And somewhere around October 7 when Caroline has lost her third school agenda and I pack an overripe banana and a SlimFast bar in her lunchbox and I’m on my second glass of wine at 5 p.m. due to math homework and I’m calling Papa John’s to deliver dinner, I’d like to look back on this day in history, smile to myself and know that I was great once.

So let’s talk about Piper and Mabel.

Many of you have asked for an update. We ended up boarding them at the vet while we were at the beach. It wasn’t my first choice, but when you’re a canine delinquent your options are limited. They were kicked out of the first two doggy day camps we tried (presumably for trying to sneak in cigarettes and sharing them with the other dogs) and then we briefly visited a third option but I left before I even attempted to leave them there because the whole place felt too much like a maximum security prison. Ironically, this probably would have been the place that actually worked. And I do have one more place I’d like to try for future trips, but they were already booked the week we were going to be gone.

The good news is we knew they were safe at the vet and it is familiar to them. I know a lot of you suggested having someone come stay at our house, but it takes the girls a long time to warm up to people they don’t know and they can be so wild that it’s not a task for the weak. So basically we need to make a strong, new friend who can come to our house on a regular basis and feed Piper and Mabel loads of treats. Or maybe just invest in a case of doggy Valium.

I’d like to tell you how they came home from the vet after our beach trip and noticed Scout was no longer with us. A story about how they cried actual doggy tears and moped around for days. But that would be lie. If they’ve noticed he’s gone, they have shown no sign of grief. Which I knew Mabel wouldn’t, but Piper seemed to enjoy having grandpa around on the rare occasion that he wasn’t sleeping and so I was surprised she never looked for him at all.

Although Mabel did write several haikus after our vacation and her stay at the vet:

All day in this place
they want me be to be their friend
I bow to no one

Dogs on my last nerve
How long, O Lord, will I wait?
Need my house, my bed

Sister is so dumb
Making friends to get more treats
I will not be bribed

And I guess Piper got bored enough to write a poem of her own:

I like food. Food is good. Please give me more of that food. Where is my food? I’d like more food.

But since our vacation, life has gotten back to normal for the girls. They’ve enjoyed a couple of trips to the ranch with P where they were able to chase frogs and jackrabbits and swim in the tanks. And I take them to the dog park every day which has become my saving grace for getting rid of some of their energy. As soon as they hit the gate they take off running as fast as they can. Eventually, Piper slows down and just mills around and smells things like a normal dog. But Mabel never stops. She runs at full speed and never stops, constantly looking for a new dog to run and chase.

In fact, I looked at her the other day after we’d been there for awhile and her face was kind of sunken in from all the exertion and her tongue was hanging way out, but she was still frantically scanning the park to see if there was fun she was missing.

And I thought to myself that she’s the super hyper kid on the playground that starts off fun but then people want to avoid because maybe she looks a little nuts. That’s when it dawned on me.

This is Mabel at the dog park.


I wish this was an exaggeration. Frankly, it would be more accurate if I could find the clip where Mike Meyers actually pulls the jungle gym out of the ground and runs down the street dragging it behind him. On the upside, if my car ever stalls at the dog park I can give her a Snickers bar and a can of Coke and Mabel can tow me home.

I can’t imagine why she got expelled from a place where normal dogs go and manage to act like they’re not insane, but it does explain why she curls up like this about 7:00 every night and barely moves until twelve hours later.


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Fashion Friday: Edition time for the fall!

Yesterday afternoon it rained here for about five minutes but it ushered in just the slightest hint of a cool front. And I do mean slight. Although I did get a little bit cold during Caroline’s soccer practice and I’m not even kidding. But you should know that I’ve been known to put on a sweater when it gets down to 74 degrees.

And while I’m excited that fall is right around the corner, I wasn’t that excited by most of the things I saw online this week. I think it’s still that weird time when there’s a lot of summer stuff on clearance and all the fall/winter things haven’t come in yet. And I never like to buy much right now because I don’t know what I’m going to feel like wearing by the time it gets cool enough to actually wear it and I have plenty of summer clothes and don’t need another sundress or tank top.

All that being said, I did find a couple of cute things.

1. colordrop tunic


I really like this because it’s a good transitional piece and is long enough to wear with leggings. It comes in a couple of other color combos and I think I may like the blue version the best, but this is a close second.

It’s $29.95 plus extra 20% off with code SUNNYSKIES at checkout, along with everything on sale at Anthropologie right now.

2. barranco embroidered tunic


This is really pretty. Sadly, it’s not on sale, but I do love it.

3. made well mix up patchwork scarf


I’ve seen a lot of tunic-type tops paired with leggings and a cute scarf lately. And that’s why this scarf caught my eye. It’s on sale for $34.99 and would look great with gray or black.

4. hosting for the weekend tunic


I love shirts like this because they are so easy to throw on with jeans. This one comes in other colors and even plus sizes.

5. tiered trapeze zip up sweatshirt


I bought a version of this about four years ago and it is one of my favorite things ever. It’s so soft and you can wear it with everything from leggings to jeans to yoga pants and tennis shoes.

6. blank canvas tunic


This is one of the tunics I’ve seen lately. It’s appropriately called a blank canvas tunic because it is a blank canvas. Add a scarf, add a necklace, throw on a long sweater vest. Whatever. It’s very versatile.

7. diagonal stripe slipdress


Listen. I have no need for this dress. And I’m past the point in my life of wearing this dress because it would require a lot of undergarment configuration. But I’m including it because if I were younger and cheered for a school located in Austin, I would totally buy it for game day.

8. lucky brand betwixt bootie


There are a million booties in the big city and these are just one pair. But I really like these because this moss green color is calling to me.

9. zella live in capris


I’m at a point where I need a lot of these capris because this has basically become my weekend uniform. Who am I kidding? It’s my daily uniform. And these Zellas are super comfortable and flattering.

10. strummin’ sesh top


I love a plaid top for fall and this one has great colors.

That’s it for today. Next time I see you will be a day that required me to pack a lunch.

Have a good Friday.

Feeling productive from all the productivity

Well I thought we’d done everything we needed to do around here to be ready for the first day of school next week. For heaven’s sake, we bought school supplies at the end of July. But apparently I was mistaken because this whole week has been filled with running errands and doing things that were on the summer checklist.

Please don’t think I had an actual summer checklist. It existed only in my mind, but it was full of goals and good intentions.

In fact, Gulley and I had a whole summer bucket list that we compiled over the last school year of all the activities we wanted to do with the kids over the summer and I think we checked off maybe three things on it. The problem was we usually added to the list while drinking wine. Combine that with the fact we forgot that all our ambitions to create summer fun die sometime in mid-July when it’s too hot to care about much of anything and you have yourself an unfinished list that was high on optimism and low on reality. Although we did take the kids to the pool on Monday and stayed until closing time which was something we haven’t done much, but as we were leaving, Jackson and Caroline said, “What about Barton Springs? When are we going to Barton Springs?” And they weren’t happy when I announced, “Maybe next summer!”

On Tuesday morning I had to deal with several customer service issues that didn’t get my day off to the cheeriest start. I felt like I was back in high school breaking up with a boyfriend and finally had to blurt out, “Look, we had a good thing but I’ve found something better and it’s OVER! Just let me go. I don’t believe you can change.” Thankfully, I stopped just short of asking, “WHAT ABOUT PROM, BLAINE? WHAT ABOUT PROM?”

And then Caroline and I drove out to Staples because we’d ordered a binder online for school and it didn’t turn out to be the binder of her dreams once it arrived. Jackson decided to go with us just to get out of the house and on the way there I told them, “Just think! A trip to Staples is almost just like Barton Springs!” Which cracked me up and got me a couple of junior high eye rolls.

We also ventured into Dick’s Sporting Goods because Caroline needed a couple more shirts for school and she’s a big fan of the athletic apparel.

Wednesday morning Caroline had an appointment to get her haircut at 8:00 a.m. I’m not quite sure what I was thinking when I scheduled it that early, but I believe it was something along the lines of feeling it would shock our system back into more of a school time zone instead of a college frat house. And I’m sad to report that based on the stupor we were in when the alarm went off at 7:15 a.m. that we’re about to have a rude awakening to the real world.

However, I was shocked later in the day when I looked at the clock and realized how productive we’d managed to be before noon. It’s amazing what you can get done when you’re not in bed. Look for that sentiment to be emblazoned soon on motivational posters everywhere!

So after all our errands were finished, we spent the rest of the day cleaning out closets and the playroom. And not much makes me happier than getting rid of stuff we don’t need. Except for maybe not buying that stuff in the first place. But, still. We have a few bags to drop off at Goodwill and that’s always a good day, plus I’m caught up on all the laundry for a glorious three hours.

And now I think we are truly ready for school. We pick up Caroline’s school schedule on Friday but there’s no meet the teacher or anything because this is junior high and this is where you learn that life doesn’t always involve a trip to Barton Springs.

Or even Staples.

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