Car and driver

Last Thursday night Caroline spent the night with Mimi and Bops while P and I pretended to be sophisticated and attended an art auction with some friends. If we had any doubts about our complete inability to appreciate all forms of contemporary art, they were put to rest that evening while we walked around like the Clampetts and occasionally marveled, “FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR A PILE OF OLD TIRES?”

But we were feeling cosmopolitan enough to eat dinner in a restaurant at 10:30 and stay out until after midnight. Two things that haven’t happened on purpose since sometime in early 2002.

However, I wasn’t worried about living so fast and loose because Mimi and Bops were taking Caroline to school the next morning and I knew I could sleep late. Until I was washing my face at 1:04 a.m. and remembered that I had an early appointment to drop my car off at the dealership to get fixed. I really wanted to just bag on doing the whole automotive repair thing, but according to P it’s a bad sign when you have to refill the coolant every other day which I’d been doing for the better part of six months because procrastination is my place of comfort.

And since when is P an auto mechanic?

So I dropped off the car and drove to the library to meet Caroline’s class for a field trip. The librarian talked to the kids about the summer reading program and explained that if they read ten books over the summer they can come to the library and choose a free book. Caroline was sitting in my lap and whispered in my ear, “Do NOT sign me up for that. I don’t want to read ten books this summer.”

Oh. I’m afraid summer isn’t going to meet her expectations.

Naturally, I signed her up because if we’re going to fight over how many minutes she has to read every day, we might as well get a free book out of the deal.

While I was in the middle of helping her pick out a few library books, I heard my phone do it’s little beep thing it does when I get a text. It was from P and it read:

“Pray that the warranty is still good on the car.”

I texted back, “What’s wrong with it?”


Perfect. One of my very top goals for the summer was to spend a lot of money that could be used for Coppertone and fluffy beach towels and cute floral dinnerware on AUTO REPAIRS.

So in the course of ten minutes I discovered my child has no desire to read ten books this summer and there’s a high probability that we’ll be eating Ramen noodles all summer to offset the cost of a new radiator. It all kind of made me feel yuck, much like the way I felt when I saw Craig M. with that sweater tied around his shoulders on The Bachelorette.

P texted me twenty minutes later to let me know that everything was covered and HOORAY we’ll be able to eat nachos at the pool grill this summer. (He didn’t actually say anything about the nachos at the pool grill but I’m sure he meant to because they are delicious)

And so we spent the rest of the Memorial Day weekend swimming and eating and spending time with friends and family and driving around in a sweet loaner car from the dealership that I will be sad to part with when I pick up my car and my new radiator later today. (It doesn’t even have a real key. Just a key-like thing and then you push a button to start it. Technology is a wonder. Next thing you know we’ll all have portable phones that we can carry with us wherever we go. And maybe they’ll even have a computer in them!)

Anyway, after all our Memorial Day fun, Caroline was exhausted when I woke her up for school yesterday morning. She said, “Mama, I am still so TIRED even though I slept like a stone last night.” Stone, rock, whatever.

I dropped her off at school, but I had to go back later in the morning because she’d forgotten to bring her gift for her fifth grade buddy. I parked the loaner car in front of the school and walked over to the playground where her class was killing time. Because that’s what these last three days are all about. Killing time. Yesterday was bubble gum day, today is pajama day, tomorrow is crazy backwards day. I have a theory that they’re really not learning anything at this point.

After I dropped off the gift I walked back out to the car, opened the door and got in. I noticed it smelled a little different but didn’t think much of it until I realized I couldn’t figure out where to put the key. And then I realized that it had tan upholstery. And a stack of things in the passenger seat that didn’t belong to me.

I was sitting in the wrong car.

And I could not have jumped out faster if it had been on fire.

It’s time for summer. My brain is tired. And unlike my radiator, it’s not under any kind of extended warranty.

The laziness has set in

Listen. I’m going to be a bad blogger today.

I’ll be back tomorrow.

I promise.

But right now I’m going to sit here and lament the fact that Caroline still has three days of school left because it sure feels like summer to me.

And not just because I ate more than my share of homemade peach ice cream over the weekend.

Fashion Friday: Edition does anyone else remember that show Romper Room?

About a week ago, someone named Melissa emailed me and asked for my thoughts on the romper. Specifically, how I felt about rompers being back in style.

My mind immediately went back to the times in my life that I’ve worn a romper. If memory serves (which is debatable) I have lived through three variations of the romper trend. The first was as an infant and toddler when I wore onesies and bubble suits. However, that doesn’t really count because the romper never really goes out of style for that age group.

The next memory I have of wearing a romper is sometime around second or third grade. It was terrycloth and I think I wore it with Yo-Yos. I don’t believe I need to say anymore about that.

And, lastly, there was a romper stage in my early college years. Although we didn’t call it a romper, but rather a one-piece shorts outfit. Frankly, I think that’s a better term from a marketing standpoint.

Adult in a romper? NO.

Adult in a one piece shorts outfit? Probably still no, but it sounds better.

The best part is I actually have photographic evidence of the one-piece shorts outfit that I wore in the summer of 1990 during a family vacation to Bermuda. I bought it at The Limited and I was certain I’d never looked more stylish.

Sweet helmets.

Sadly, there is no record of what I was wearing on my feet. But I’d be willing to bet cash money that there’s good chance it might have been some white Keds.

I can’t really think about it.

And I’m not sure why I was so dressed up in my one-piece shorts outfit when my sister appears to wearing only a t-shirt and my dad is sporting some seriously high-waisted white shorts. But, to be fair, he’s rockin’ those shades.

Would I repeat the romper trend? NO.

Would I repeat it if it was called a one-piece shorts outfit? Still a no.

However, the romper is apparently back and if you can pull it off and don’t mind having to completely undress to go to the bathroom, then I say more power to you, my friend. Rock on in your romper.

Here are just a few quick fashion notes today because I went out last night and am a little tired.

(I went to an art show because I am cultured and sophisticated.)

(I didn’t really understand any of the art and it’s probably a bad sign that the piece I loved the most was called “The McRancho” and featured the Ronald McDonald clown riding various bulls across a Texas landscape.)

1. The Limited (home of the 1990 one-piece shorts outfit) has a bunch of really cute dresses on sale right now for $39.90.

This black one-shouldered number totally tempted me until I remembered that my life doesn’t call for a one-shouldered black dress.

2. Gap has all their mens’ and womens’ shorts on sale for $25 for three more days. I told P about it and he said, “Who on earth pays TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS for a pair of shorts?”

Bless his heart. It’s no wonder he believes that everything that comes in this house costs $15. Anymore than that is just highway robbery.

3. Old Navy has some really cute maxi dresses right now.

4. Spanx bras

I’ve heard through the grapevine that a Spanx bra may be the most comfortable thing you’ll ever own.

Maybe that’s the secret Victoria doesn’t want you to know.

5. Multi-stone necklace

Love this necklace.

6. Kate Spade Wellie Magee Bag

I may not understand why someone would pay $5000 for some old tires and call it art, but I understand this bag.


Y’all have a great Friday.

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