Oh good. A list.

I woke up yesterday morning with a little bit of a scratchy throat that seems to be getting progressively worse. Either that or it’s my new normal to sound like Bea Arthur. Which, fingers crossed for that scenario because, SEXY.

So since I’m probably coming down with a cold or perhaps typhoid fever, I’m just going to share a few quick thoughts and call it a night. Or a day. Or whatever.

1. My friend Steph and I have had several conversations about appropriate, comfortable shorts for moms. I told her that I wasn’t sure that I even believed in shorts anymore. As if I could just will them out of existence because I can’t find a pair that serves as a midway point between hoochie and Mamaw. But then Gulley and I ran in Gap yesterday and discovered these boyfriend Bermuda shorts.

In my opinion, they are the perfect pair of shorts. The right length, the right material, the right fit. Yes, Virginia, there is a pair of shorts.

2. I’m reading Mennonite in a Little Black Dress by Rhoda Janzen right now. I can’t remember the last book that made me laugh out loud at least once in every chapter. I want to write like Rhoda Janzen when I grow up.

And speaking of books, Kelly Corrigan has a new book out called Lift that I can’t wait to read. Her first book, The Middle Place, is one of my favorites of all time. I would also like to write like Kelly Corrigan when I grow up.

3. I’m a little obsessed with tangelos right now. You know? The hybrid fruit that is both a tangerine and an orange? I’ve developed a two tangelo a day habit. Which, hooray for healthy snack. The problem is that they are terribly messy to eat. It kind of makes me feel like I need to eat them standing over the kitchen sink instead of enjoying the tangelo while sitting on my couch and watching American Idol.

And you think you have problems.

4. Speaking of American Idol, my personal favorite last night was Didi Benami. I was a little nervous about the whole Rhiannon thing because, dude, Fleetwood Mac. But it totally worked.

I also thought Crystal Bowersox was great. And she was wearing some kind of rockin’ ring. (I wanted to tell you which hand she was wearing it on, but that would require that I know my right from my left while watching T.V. and knowing the picture is backwards.)

5. A friend of mine called me on Monday and left me a message about a local boutique that was going out of business and having an incredible sale. I didn’t go by there because I was too busy searching the ends of my hair for split ends and developing my current case of typhoid fever. But I ran into my friend yesterday and she told me that the boutique had all their jeans on sale for $30. THIRTY DOLLARS.

I am proud to announce that I bought a $160 pair of Joe’s Jeans for $30. It almost felt like I was stealing them. I don’t know why I think you care about this, but it was a big moment for me.

***Edited to add that the boutique is Galeana on North Main. I didn’t mention it originally because everything was pretty picked over by the time I got there. They had a bunch of jeans left in the 30-31 sizes, but not much in the smaller sizes remained.

6. There is another GoodNites giveaway going on if you click over to my Giveaways page. Don’t miss the chance to win a $175 prize pack that includes an iPod and to learn how you can enter to win the $2500 grand prize.

Y’all have a good day. I’ll just be sitting here sipping on some Theraflu.

The art of forgiveness

I’m a little concerned right now because the fan has been running continuously on my Mac for at least ten minutes. Is it about to blow up? Is it too much to have all these various tabs open so I can attempt to write a blog post, play Bejeweled, check Twitter, and answer email all at the same time? In the words of one of my favorite tech nerds, it may all be too processor intensive.

I’m not even sure I’m using that phrase in the proper context. It just makes me happy to say it.

Anyway, let’s all say a prayer for my computer because it kind of sounds like it’s circling the drain.

Last night we were all sitting at the table eating dinner together. We were having chalupas. Which may sound boring and uninspired until I tell you that I made the chalupas from scratch. If you consider “by scratch” to mean that I deep fried the corn tortillas I bought at HEB because, come on, do I seem like someone who grinds her own corn to make tortillas?

As we took turns talking about our day, Caroline began to tell us a story about a girl in her class who wasn’t very nice to a boy in their class and all the ways that this was very wrong. But as I listened to the story, the details started to sound very familiar to a story she’d told me a few weeks ago, so I asked, “Did this happen today?”

“No. It happened about a few weeks ago.”

At that point, P decided to seize the opportunity to impart a life lesson and said, “You know what? Sometimes people make mistakes and do things they shouldn’t do. And when that happens, we need to forgive them and quit bringing up something they did a long time ago. That’s what God does for us. He forgives us when we do something wrong and forgets about it, so we need to do that same thing for others.”

She looked at him for a few seconds as she absorbed this bit of information and replied, “Yeah, but that’s not really working out for me right now.”

Where I confirm all the reasons I’m not a film critic

Either we need to start coming up with more exciting activities for our weekends or I need to look into the possibility of writing fiction. Because our weekend involved the following activities in no particular order by popularity or frequency:

Catching up on Real Housewives of both the O.C. and N.Y.
Buying a shower gift at Pottery Barn
Going to a wedding shower
Going to church
Watching T.V.

Look. Don’t be jealous. I can’t help that this is the kind of excitement that rules my life.

At one point we had big plans to take the training wheels of Caroline’s bike, medicate ourselves, and attempt to teach her to ride without them. But when we came out of church on Sunday morning, it was raining. Actually, rain isn’t really the right word. It was more like that annoying light mist that I find to be totally non-committal, the kind that makes you feel silly for carrying an umbrella even though you know your freshly straightened hair will be shot all to heck without one.

A few weeks ago, I noticed that The Black Stallion was coming on and I recorded it for Caroline. I couldn’t remember the entire movie because it had been thirty years since I’d last seen it and I can’t even remember to buy more paper towels at the grocery store. When it’s written on a list. That I’m holding in my hands. Anyway, since it was a rainy day, we ended up watching it and she fell a little bit in love with it. In fact, there’s a scene where the little boy feeds The Black some sugar cubes which eventually led us to HEB to purchase some sugar cubes of our very own because she had no idea a thing of such pure goodness existed and wanted to experience it for herself.

She also wanted to ride a black Arabian horse across a beach at full speed. But you can’t buy that at HEB.

And not to beat a dead horse (I apologize.), but while we were in HEB we ran into a friend who was desperately looking for Jello brand sugar-free pudding and all he could find was the HEB brand. He may be one of the most frugal people I know, but he still wanted his brand name Jello and I don’t blame him. I may write a letter to HEB. And Bill Cosby.

I didn’t watch the Oscars from start to finish last night because I believe in the power of the DVR and its ability to fast forward through the awards for best lighting, but I watched the highlights. I think Cameron Diaz and Sandra Bullock get my vote for best dressed. In fact, Sandra Bullock’s hair makes me want to look into getting some type of high-shine treatment done. I don’t know if such a thing exists, but my word at the shiny, sleek hair. I want to go to there. Oh, and her speech where she thanked her mother? Did me in.

Speaking of things that did me in, was it just me or did the tribute to John Hughes make you a little bit teary? It was like watching my high school years flash before my eyes. I watched all those clips and thought how every one of those movies fall into the category of movies I will stop and watch every time they’re on T.V.

And then I started thinking of other movies I will stop and watch every time they’re on T.V. and came up with this list that is definitely not comprehensive, but rather an adequate representation of my taste in cinema. This may be the reason that I’ve never been asked to be a member of the Academy. Well, this list and the fact that no one in Hollywood has a clue that I exist.

1. The Philadelphia Story – the version with Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant

2. Gone with the Wind

3. Rocky I, II, III, IV – I have no explanation, but it’s true.

4. Sweet Home Alabama

5. Coalminer’s Daughter – I can recite every line from memory.

6. Little Women – I believe I’ve mentioned this before.

7. Grease 1 and 2 – I should be ashamed to own up to 2, but Cool Rider redeems it.

8. Bridget Jones’ Diary – Colin Firth.

9. Best in Show – So many levels of genius in one movie.

10. Lonesome Dove – Technically it’s a miniseries, but it’s pure greatness. It’s the reason I have a large crush on Robert Duvall.

So what movies will you stop and watch every time they’re on? And whose dress did you like the best last night? And were you kind of happy that Avatar didn’t win? I’m sure it was a lovely movie, but I’m not a big fan of James Cameron or blue sci-fi people. Forgive me.

On a totally different note, you need to go read Shaun Groves’ post, The Parable of the Zebra.