Thank you for considering Melanie as part of your event. Email your request to amyfish210@yahoo.com and we will get back to you soon. Please read the FAQs here for more information.

Upcoming Events


May 31: AHHS Baccaulaureate Service, San Antonio, TX

July 30: Kingsland Baptist Church Women’s Event, Katy, TX

September 10: Friends Night Out for The Covenant School, Dallas, TX

September 19: Wayside Chapel, San Antonio,TX

September 25-27: Dot Mom Conference, Nashville, TN

October 1: Dignity Health Care Event, Sacramento, CA

October 9: Revolution Church, Canton, GA

October 15: Any Woman Can Luncheon at the Pearl Stables, San Antonio, TX

November 29: Encounter Church Holiday Event, Groves, TX

December 3: First Baptist Church, Houston, TX

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