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Thank you for considering Melanie as part of your event. Here is a little bit of information that might be helpful as you plan.

Booking Questions

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What dates can I book?

Melanie is willing to consider events scheduled Monday-Saturday. Weekday events are always a great option because it allows her to focus on her second career as full-time soccer mom. She’s also willing to speak at weekend events but prefers to be home by Saturday night if possible.

What types of events does Melanie usually do?

Melanie speaks to women of all ages.

What does Melanie talk about?

Melanie can tailor her message depending on the event and its focus. She is happy to work in partnership with each event planner to determine the focus of the event.

Upcoming Events


October 17: Junior League of San Antonio, Expo Hall

October 21: First Mennonite Brethren Church, Wichita, KS

October 27: Grace Fellowship Church, Katy, TX

November 6: Chi O Luncheon, San Antonio Country Club

November 7-8: First Baptist Charlotte with Sophie Hudson, Charlotte, NC

November 16: First Baptist West Monroe with Sophie Hudson, West Monroe, LA


January 9: River Oaks Baptist School, Houston, TX

January 30: Lit-N-Lunch, San Antonio Country Club

April 17-18: Kingsland Baptist Church Women’s Retreat, Crier Creek

May 3: Pregnancy Care Center, Birmingham, AL

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