Tell A Friend (Sparkly Green Earrings)

“Profoundly insightful, witty and relatable…Relish this ride—you won’t be sorry you took it!”

–Beth Moore

Melanie Shankle - Sparkly Green Earrings

Melanie Shankle
is the author of She is also a regular contributor to, and she serves as the emcee for LifeWay’s annual DotMom conference. She lives in San Antonio with her husband, Perry, and their daughter, Caroline.

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Some women want to experience natural childbirth. They’re probably the same women who run marathons. Not me. #sparklygreenearrings

Robert Frost took the road less traveled because he wasn’t traveling w/ children who need to go to the bathroom. #sparklygreenearrings

“Great Christmas Gift! @bigmama #sparklygreenearrings

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