The love of the big screen and $150 Target gift card giveaway

When I was little, my Pa-Pa had one of those old-fashioned movie cameras where the big bright light would shine in your face the entire time he was filming you. And one of our favorite activities was to get together with our cousins and watch all those old home movies projected on a big screen in my grandparents’ living room. It didn’t matter that there wasn’t any sound or that we were all constantly squinting, thanks to the big camera light, there wasn’t anything better than watching these little pieces of memories. And that’s why I’ve always taken so many videos of Caroline.

There are all these moments that you think you’ll remember forever, but they have a way of slipping away with time and the busy-ness of life. I’ve always thought it’s not quite as much fun to gather around the computer or TV to watch our videos. It lacks the special-occasion feel of the big screen that had a way of making me feel like a movie star when I was little. And I’ve secretly always lamented that Caroline hasn’t had the same experience.

Not that she’s much of a ham or anything.


But all that has changed with the new 3Mô Mobile Projector. It’s a small mobile projector that allows big-screen viewing of your content just about anywhere. It projects onto walls, ceilings, anything you can turn into a big screen. You can watch YouTube videos, slideshow photos, TV content and movies via iTunes.

I can’t wait to use it all summer long for slumber parties and outdoor campouts. The kids can all get in their sleeping bags and I can project a movie right on the side of our house. Or they can make their own home movies and have fun watching themselves. There are so many great uses.The 3M Projector easily connects to your iPhone or iPad or to your PC with an additional cable sold separately. When I got mine in the mail I was able to figure it out without even reading the directions. And if you know me then you know this means that a monkey could do it. It’s super easy.

It’s sold at Target (click here to learn more and find special offers) and, to celebrate the 3M projector, you’ll have a chance to win a $150 gift card to Target. All you have to do is leave a comment telling me your favorite way to do family movie night.

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  1. Melissa says

    We don’t have family night because my son is not quite two and my husband doesn’t like movies. So I do movie night with air popped pop corn and a chick flick when my son goes to bed and my husband has to work late. It’s a great time to relax and have some “me” time.

  2. says

    Our babies are still too young to enjoy family movie night with us, but now that we have kids, my husband and I really enjoy getting to watch movies together after we put the babies to bed. It is a nice way to reconnect and relax together after a long day.

  3. Jayne says

    Family night usually includes boardgames and food. We would love to include movies!

  4. Colleen says

    We had one last night. Lap top. 21 year old home from college. Introduced her to Downton Abbey. Shared a pair of earbuds. Heaven.

  5. Joanne says

    Popcorn and something sweet must be included in movie night. We take turns choosing our favorites.

  6. Lindsay says

    Movie nights include all 4 of us on the couch (this includes the dog) under a blanket usually watching Tangled or Tinkerbell!!! Cookies and milk are a necessity!!

  7. says

    We always make popcorn (on the stove) for family movie night and we must have some sort of candy to go with it.

  8. says

    Family movie nights always include popcorn! Even when family movie night happens to fall on a Saturday afternoon. Also, lots of blankets and pillows are included!

  9. Nikki says

    Our family movie nights start with arguing over which movie to watch. Then, we have a heated debate about who’s going to sit where. Once all that is decided, my daughter pops popcorn, closes all the blinds and then we settle in for the movie.

  10. Donna Dear says

    We love to have fun food for movie night, and our girls love to have their friends over and have make movies.

  11. Krysia says

    Sour Patch Kids for my daughter and Junior Mints for me….the boys watch an action movie in the basement and we watch a romantic comedy upstairs!

  12. Bufkin says

    My husband and I like to have movie night on Friday nights after the kids are in bed. It’s nice that the house is quiet and I actually get to sit down!

  13. Julie says

    I let the kids pick their own snacks and gather up all of their “snugglies”….pillows, stuffed animals, sleeping bags…Then we spread out in the living room and hope that we’ve found a decent movie!

  14. Susan in Indiana says

    We love family movie night! It always includes popcorn and M&Ms. Sometimes REAL Coke!!

    Thanks Big Mama!!

  15. says

    We do family movie nights about once/week – Friday nights are good bc we’re all usually exhausted from the week and need a night to relax. Popcorn AND M&Ms are essential!

  16. jenny f says

    Family movie night is myself and my 19 year old daughter.. This takes place when she has come home from college for the weekend. We will each grab a blanket, find our comfy chairs and turn down the lights. Our last movie night we had a mini Julia Roberts marathon.

  17. Donna says

    My daughter and I love to watch movies together, and now my granddaughter gets in on the fun! Would love to win!

  18. Katherine says

    I don’t see a sweepstakes prompt on this post, so I’m assuming that we leave our comment here? Our family movie nights usually involve pizza and ice cream, with a movie that has lots of action for the men/boys in the house! When it’s just my daughter and me, we have pita chips and roasted garlic hummus and watch Pride and Prejudice or Downton Abbey!!

  19. says

    My babies are too little for family movie night right now as well, but I can’t wait till we can have a pizza picnic on the floor and watch movies they way we did when I was growing up!

  20. Traci says

    Just popcorn and a Redbox movie. Oh how I wish I could find all those old movies my Papaw took of us when we were kids. I am feeling huge guilt now about not doing more of my own children!

  21. Cindi in Boston says

    We love heading to the drive-in, packing some pillows, blankets and snacks and opening the hatch back of our SUV.. it would be much more fun to do it from the comfort of our own backyard and sleeping bags. My 4 year old would love it!

  22. Kristin says

    Movie Night….watching netflix snuggled on the couch with my hubby after the babies are in bed!!!

  23. sue says

    Ahhhh…family movie night. We do them every month or so. Take turns picking out a movie and have big bowls of popcorn and juice boxes. Everyone snuggles on the sofa/chairs/floor. Laughter abounds and someone always falls asleep! Great fun and even better memories.

  24. says

    Now that I am a NONNY, the favorite way to do family movie night is to keep the five grands, send their parents on a date, and watch movies till bedtime!!!!

  25. says

    Family movie night always includes popcorn, chocolate milks (for the kids) and, if we’re feeling really crazy, a pizza picnic on a big blanket on the family room floor:)

  26. Sarah N says

    We will get a movie from RedBox or Amazon Instant video and get Daddy to bring home pizza for dinner. Later on we will pop some popcorn! We all cuddle up on the couch and watch the movie!

  27. says

    My favorite way to do family movie night is to move the coffee table and pile the floor with pillows and blankets in front of the TV. We call it a ‘pillow party’.

  28. Carla says

    Buttered popcorn, light the fireplace in the basement and all snuggle up with lots of pillows and blankets. Turn down the lights and then let the movie begin. And my kids always wonder why I fall asleep before the movie is over…

  29. Stephanie says

    We have to have popcorn! Other than that, any animated movie will please my four little ones. We also like to lie on the floor with pillows.

  30. Carrie P says

    Movie nights in the fall at the lake house with friends, lots of popcorn, hot tea, and Reese’s peanut butter cups are my favorite

  31. Megan says

    We love to get lots of pillows and pile them on the sofa with us all. Popcorn is a must and the stereo so loud that the windows shake!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  32. Heidi says

    We always had game night! My son loved to play games he has little ones now and then usually pop some popcorn and watch a cartoon.

  33. Chris says

    As my family all grows up and moves out on me…except for the hubster–and he just keeps sticking around 😉 movie night is a rare thing…but once in a while we will grab a movie and “make” the kids settle down with us on the big old sectional. There may be some eye rolling and scoffing at our choice…but secretly they love it! Almost as much as I love them snuggling down on the couch with us old fogies!!!

  34. bree says

    my kids love movie night. since they are so little, we start it at 5 pm with popcorn and (sometimes!) ice cream:)

  35. says

    A bbq, games and a movie and something fattening thrown in. : ) Sounds like you have some fun sleepovers planned for this summer! Enjoy!

  36. fuzzytop says

    This sounds really cool….

    Family movie night – Comfy couches, popcorn, and the dogs and cats even join us! Over the past few months we watched all 5 seasons of Friday Night Lights on Netflix, and loved it!!! We probably would never have watched it except I remember you posting about how much you liked it.

    Have a great day 😀


  37. Rrmom says

    Movie night usually involves the latest on demand movie, p.j.s, and m kids all snuggily!!!

  38. Jill Ann says

    We have some of those 8mm films with the bright “makes everyone squint” lights…ha, they are great to have. Family movie night — we are just getting started with our 11day old baby!! Would love one of these. THANKS! :)

  39. Deb says

    Our movie nite, includes myself and my four -year old grandaughter……popcorn and snuggling a must.

  40. Karen B. says

    On Friday nights during the winter, movie nights are a must after a busy week! Popcorn is a favorite but if I have time, I’ll make homemade soft pretzels and warm cheese sauce to snack on during our movie. Would love to have a projector to make it a ‘big screen’ movie night!

  41. Barbara says

    Since our nest is now empty, we usually like to include neighbors or friends for our “family nights”. Oh, and my husband has been exploring the possibility of outdoor movies – I will tell him to check out this 3M projector.

    How many days left of school for Carolyn?

  42. sam says

    Family movie nights are far and few now that the kids are 18, 20, 22, and 23. Popcorn is, and always has, been a must thought. Obscene amounts made by the hubs. Lots of blankets, pillows, and sarcastic comments when the movie isn’t up to par.

  43. Susan says

    My daughter turns 13 this summer and we are moving to a house with a pool hopefully SOON! Can totally see using this a lot.

  44. Rachel says

    We have our computer hooked up to the TV so it makes it easy to do movie night (Netflix style!)

  45. Julie G says

    We pick up a movie from Redbox and watch it with blankets in our living room.

  46. says

    We do things through our TV — Netflix, computer, whatever the delivery device, we run it through the TV. We have an age span of 5-11 with our kids, though, so sometimes difficult to find a movie for everyone!

  47. KC says

    This would be so much fun…because yes, it’s not quite as much fun gathering around the computer screen. :)

  48. Debra says

    I have to wait til my daughter is home from college but it always includes Jach Russels on our laps and Pride and Prejudice!,

  49. says

    That would be so much fun! My kiddos always like watching themselves on video…it’s easy entertainment.

  50. Linden says

    We love to relax with a good movie after a long week. Nothing fancy- usually just a rented DVD while lounging on the couch!

  51. Cammie says

    How fun! I keep thinking that our backyard would be perfect for a neighborhood movie night, but we don’t have the projector. This one sounds great.

  52. Holly M. says

    We had tons of old 8mm movies and would love to sit around and watch them when we were younger. I had them all coverted to VHS and now I guess I should have them converted to DVD. Every year on his borthday, my son wants to watch his “baby” movies. Family night now consists of the three of us piling into the den, turning the lights down, and either renting something or catching up on our DVR shows.

  53. says

    Give the grandkids a bath, make a giant nest of pillows and blankets, build a fire, eat popcorn in official popcorn bowls, and hopefully fall asleep!

  54. Michele says

    We can’t wait to do family movie night when our son gets a little older. I imagine pop corn, candy, blankets and pillows and maybe even soda. At this point he doesn’t even know what that is and i’m okay keeping it that way for awhile! :)

  55. says

    family movie night = sitting on the couch with my husband (after toddler is in bed and newborn falls asleep in one of our arms) watching a DVD on our dinky laptop

  56. jenk says

    Family movie night is the best – we find our spots in the family room, turn off the lights and turn on the movie. We’d love to watch home movies…the kids love seeing themselves as babies.

  57. Ann says

    My son is old enough to live on his own so when he does come home for a visit we watch a movie with a lot of action and share some homemade beer. When it is just my husband and I we usually go for something from the Library. They have great free movies!

  58. Amy says

    My favorite way to enjoy movie night is with me upstairs and my family downstairs watching a movie in the basement! :) I’m not a big movie watcher and they all are, so it’s a win win for all of us. A break for me, a movie for them!

  59. Fonda says

    Our movie night is usually everyone with their pillows and blankets on the den floor with pizza and popcorn. We love movie night.

  60. Kim Johnson says

    Family movie night consists of good food, usually ice cream and lots of pillows and blankets. Love good movies!


  61. Jill says

    The girls sit in their bean bags and we make popcorn and usually end up all falling asleep!

  62. Christina Sumler says

    My two girls love when we all sit in the living room and watch a movie together. My favorite time of year is when it is cold outside, there’s a fire in the fireplace and we’re all enjoying a movie together! My girls’ snack of choice is popcorn with M&Ms!

  63. Debra Lewis says

    Family movie night at our house starts when we move the sofa out of the way in the living room, blow up an air mattress, cover it up with comforters and all of us (my 2 teenage sons, my husband and myself) lie down and cuddle up to watch the show. Add in some popcorn, snow caps and sodas and we are set for the night. Love us some family movie nights!

  64. Erin T says

    Awesome giveaway! This is a really sweet product. We pop our own popcorn on the stove and pile on the blankets. :)

  65. says

    Family movie night usually coincides with junk food night at our house. It starts with a trip to the store where everyone gets to pick out ONE junk food. Then back at home we spread out a picnic blanket on the floor, set up 2 small beach chairs for the kids with a cooler in the middle that they can use as a “table”. We spread our junk food out and everyone gets a little bit of everything complete with popcorn and a Sonic drink :) I know it is something my kids will remember forever and take with them to their own families when that happens!

  66. Beth says

    We usually have movie night on Friday nights. The kiddos stay up a little late and hubby makes us yummy popcorn.

  67. says

    The kids have moved out, but when they come home we always have popcorn, M&Ms, and soda, along with lots of pillows & blankets to go with the movie. Always fun – and now I miss my girls!

  68. Melissa says

    Blanket on the floor, dinner that you can eat with your hands, family movie. Friday night tradition.

  69. Lindsey says

    Movie night always involves popcorn with M&Ms. You just can’t go wrong there.

  70. debi says

    We like to get in jammies, pop some popcorn and settle in, hubby in the comfortable chair, me on the couch.

  71. Whitney says

    Family movie night means popcorn, blankets on the floor, and lots of cuddles!

  72. Elizabeth says

    Family movie night in the media room but I sure would love to move it to the backyard with one of these!

  73. Jaime says

    Well, my baby is too small (1 yr.) for a family movie night. But occassionally my husband and I will rent one and have a movie night after she goes to bed! We always have snacks of some sort (isn’t that the point?), and usually watch a comedy.

  74. Cassie Sue says

    We’ve talked about getting something like that for a long time.

    When we do family night we just call curl up on the couch and watch movies, lots of fun!

  75. Rhonda V says

    We love watching movies on my husband’s work projector – this would be even better!

  76. jen b says

    Our kids are 10 & 12, so family movie night is now FUN for us–with very few animated movies anymore! Every Friday we make/order pizza and watch tv or movies together. It’s pretty mandatory w/ exceptions only for Boy Scout campouts, etc. I LOVE our Family Night & hope we can continue it into their teens!

  77. MNStacey says

    We all love to gather around the TV and watch movies together with a big bowl of popcorn. We have been watching all the good old movies from our youth, and enjoying them through our kids’ eyes.

  78. Emmilee says

    We do family movie night on the couch with snacks, snuggled up with a blanket and my four-year-old son. We’ve watched his favorites dozens of times, so sometimes I like to switch things up and play home-video clips we’ve taken over the years. It’s great fun to see him recognize himself at younger stages of his life.

  79. Sylvia says

    We make pizza then eat in the living room floor in front of the tv. Kids love it!

  80. Heather W says

    Movie night usually is a Red Box movie and dinner at home. The movie theaters are so expensive!!

  81. Kelly Sites says

    We LOVE family movie night. We make popcorn, get out the licorice (you have to eat them together- so it tastes like a popcorn ball) and cram on the couch in our family room.

    Kelly Sites

  82. Lauren says

    We have four kids.. They get their sleeping bags and pillows in the playroom, and we have popcorn, of course! Need a movie night soon!

  83. Sherrer says

    My boys are 17 and 14, so we usually find a sports movie or comedy on Netflix

  84. Strawberryrose says

    We have movie night every Friday. We watch a movie and have a picnic on the floor.

  85. Morgan says

    Our kids are still too young to really enjoy “family” movie night. Our movie nights are usually after the kids go to bed.

  86. Stephanie says

    We grill out and have a picnic on the floor in front of the tv and watch whatever we can all agree on.

  87. Alicia says

    I LOVE family movie night. It is our little bit of consistency and togetherness. Our baby is still too young to understand, but one day he will love it as much as we do. I am sure he won’t tire of watching so many of his recorded firsts!

  88. says

    The most important thing about family movie nights are the snacks. Definitely the snacks. My kids love a good movie night. Ours are all about pj’s and blankets and cuddles. Super-fun.


  89. Sallie Baker says

    I’m way older than you, but Yes…..nothing better than watching old family movies!
    And yes, we were all squinting because of the bright lights….my little sister would always
    hold her eyes open with her fingers. We put them all on VHS one year….( like 20 years ago…) and now that is almost obsolete! Guess we better go digital!!

  90. says

    Family movie night (which doesn’t happen often because my sensitive kids still get scared at most movies) involves popping pop corn, spreading a sheet on the floor and letting them go to town! :) They suddenly are into “slug-bugs” so I’m thinking we need to get The Love Bug from the library and do that this weekend for movie night.

  91. says

    Friday evenings are Family Movie Nights around our house. Our kids are 8 and 10- I know it won’t be long before they’d rather hang out with their friends, so we’re enjoying it while we can! We used to watch a kids movie, and still do on occasion- but the real winner around here is Swamp People these days :)

  92. Kristen says

    We like to do movie night with a movie that is appropriate for everyone in the family along with popcorn and candy or ice cream.

  93. Jennifer in Ohio says

    Snuggled on the couch eating cheesy puffs and watching one of the handful of animated films in constant rotation in our house.

  94. Denice says

    I love the impromptu movie nights when we happen upon one of our favorite movies on TV. It’s usually Remember the Titans. :)

  95. says

    Everyone is piled up on couches and chairs while we eat popcorn and watch them on our television. However, if I win the projector, I envision everyone in the bed of the pickup watching them on the side of the house!

  96. Traci says

    We have an outdoor screen & we love to do our movie nights outside when the weather cooperates :)

  97. says

    We tend to have family movie afternoons when it’s raining and I just can’t craft anymore. The kids take turns choosing the movie, my husband makes popcorn on the stovetop, and I round up the snuggliest blankets so we can all pile on the couch and enjoy some high quality cuddle time.

  98. Mary M. says

    Almost every Friday and Saturday night is movie night for my husband. We put our 3 yr. old to bed at 8 and pop the movie in right after. Nice was to spend the night when your trapped in your house

  99. Debra D. says

    My favorite movie night is always at Christmas time, with the whole family watching “A Christmas Story”. One of our local stations shows it on a loop over and over all day on Christmas Eve. Even though our kids are grown, we always go to church for Christmas Eve service, then to dinner, then home to watch this movie together.

  100. Sue H. says

    we usually “redbox” it and have popcorn and chocolate! My kids LOVE to watch old home movies of when they were little (now 8, 11 & 13)….how soon we forget all those childhood memories!

  101. Karen says

    My daughter and I like to get movie candy from the grocery store, pop up some popcorn and veg out (her in the floor and me in the recliner) in front of our TV. Sometimes we even do a movie day instead of a night!

  102. Upside Brown says

    movie night consists of SB, me & Lily – our Labrador Retriever. We all three love to pile up on the sofa tangled up in legs and paws. Would LOVE this for outside with our new patio and outdoor fireplace! Great opportunity to have all the neighbors and their kids over for a patio party and movie night!

  103. Connie Heggie says

    Popcorn and pop in a movie…Nothing better than watching it snuggled up in our king size bed! ! !

  104. RKrull says

    On couch/loveseat covered w/ soft blankets. Usually a chick flick w/ my girls. Snacks & drinks, but now that college age, a glass or two of wine is enjoyed. If only youngest daughter is home then it is Gilmore Girls – a favorite.

  105. says

    Just had a movie night with my parents and little sister last night! It usually includes pizza, brownies and some completely ridiculous movie! And it’s simply glorious!

  106. Missy says

    Right now my kids are 3 and 2 so family movie night usually involves Barbie/Princesses which means I sit with the kiddos reading a book while they watch the movie :)

  107. Tara says

    I would love to win the gift card and buy the projector. My oldest is going into high school (eekkkk!) and we are always looking for ways to keep the her and her friends entertained at our house. Movie nights under the stars would be perfect!!

  108. says

    We spread a blanket out, turn out all the lights and pop popcorn. If anyone happens to fall asleep, we leave em there til morning (movie nights are Fridays)!! LOVE movie nights!!!!

  109. Beth says

    My husband and I just had a baby a few months ago so the number 1 goal for movie night is to get the baby to bed!! After that, we get our beverages and 2 bowls of frozen peaches (random, yes, I know. That tradition started with a Sopranos marathon pre pregnancy) and watch a movie in our pjs with our feet on the coffee table. Those are my favorite nights!

  110. says

    My four year old loves to watch movies! She asks for popcorn, sprite and cuddle time with Mommy. Works for me! My son is not yet one so it’s best if he is asleep and the hubs usually falls asleep on the couch. There’s only so much Tangled he can take!

  111. Krista D says

    Snuggled on the couch with my sweetie is the best way to do Movie night!! I have an almost empty nest, so we are the only two watching movies together these days.

  112. says

    We cuddle together in our chairs, enjoying root beer floats and old fashioned stove top popcorn with butter and salt. Yum!

  113. says

    Usually just a movie and popcorn with the kids spread out all over the floor. However, during summer we sometimes invite friends and neighbors, project a movie onto a sheet in our backyard, and watch a movie while floating in the pool.

  114. Tiffany Y says

    I love family movie nights. We did this a lot when I was a kid. Action, comedy, drama, I love them all. Dad would stay up late with us kids, Mom would only last about the first 30 mins, then call it a night. Can’t wait to carry on the tradition when we have kids, but I will definitely last longer then the pre-views.

  115. Rachel says

    Curled up on the couch with my hubby after we put the baby to bed. I call it a success if I can stay awake through an entire movie. :)

  116. AmandaK says

    I dont’ take as many videos as I want to – but I love watching them back, brings it all back to me! Would love to win one!

  117. Alyson says

    We have a family movie night from time to time. It always involves popcorn. After reading most of the comments, we are now going to have to start having a family movie night EVERY Friday night.
    Would LOVE to win the gift card! Then I could save up the rest of the money for the projector. That would be so great!

  118. Bobbie says

    The kids get to take turns picking out the movie. I get cuddle time with my daughter and my husband cuddles with his son.

  119. Amy says

    Our movie night is usually pizza, a movie and either popcorn or sundes after pizza. We love snuggling up on the couch with our daughter and picking a movie to watch together.

  120. jenny adams says

    Family movie night is the best! Snuggled up on the couch with buttery popcorn & blankets!

  121. Emily says

    Family movie night is something I’ve been looking forward to since my little man was a baby. He turned three in March, and we’ve slowly been introducing him to movies. I’m still very picky about what he watches. Last night he was introducted to Lady and the Tramp, and it was so fun seeing him watch and put the story line together, and then telling me about what he was seeing. I look forward to more popcorn and movie nights on the weekends. Hopefully we can make a tradition of it.

  122. SherryC says

    Family movie night includes popcorn and blankets with everyone snuggling on the couch.

  123. Melissa H says

    Growing up we too would gather at my grandparents and in the formal living room (so just being in the room was special) and watch old family movies. It was such a big deal when we could convince my grandmother to get out all the equipment so I really treasure those memories–especially since watching the movies got harder to watch as we lost loved ones that starred in the movies :( Now, family night at my house is just my husband and I and the kiddos cuddled up on the couch. Sometimes we have popcorn, sometimes just being together is enough. But how I would give anything to be a kid again and watch our home family movies!!

  124. Erin Seaman says

    I have been thinking about having a neighborhood movie night and this would be perfect! need one of these!!!

  125. says

    We love to spread out a picnic blanket in the living room and fill it up with yummy snacks or a fun dinner. And then, when the eating is done, everyone piles up in the chairs and on the couch and snuggles up under blankets to enjoy the rest of the show. We love family movie night!

  126. says

    I love to make stove-top popcorn (as in, putting oil in a pan, and cooking popcorn kernals.) and then the kids all snuggle up on the couch and mike and I in our chairs and watch movies on the big screen tv with surround sound.

  127. Shatcher says

    Always popcorn and usually arguing about which movie to watch. Making memories!

  128. Cassie says

    We used to watch our 8mm movies on a sheet on the wall! HA!
    Now we queue up Netflix and order pizza. YUM!

  129. Regina says

    My husband and I like movie night with popcorn, which pleases the cat, who also likes popcorn.

  130. Valerie says

    It’s funny…my mom was born in the 50’s but she has her entire childhood (up until 20 or so) documented on film and in too many pictures to sift through. Me? I have one, lone video of my childhood (my kindergarten birthday party that my mom actually hired someone to come and tape) and 2-3 picture albums. How is that for ironic? My favorite way to celebrate movie night is for everyone to curl up on the couch together. Right now that consists of me, my husband, our 70 pd. lab, and our cat. Cozy. And usually lasts about 20 minutes!

  131. Cindi says

    Friday nights, in the master bedroom, all of us piled in bed together…Mama usually fallin’ asleep!

  132. says

    Everyone must be huddled close together eating popcorn. You are so right. Watching movies on the projector was the best.

  133. Laura says

    Movies tend to be watching a DVD on the computer while trying to keep the baby from pounding the keys and asking for Pooh videos. She does like watching her own videos, though, and she kisses herself on the screen when they come on.

  134. Jai says

    Family fun night consists of LOTS of popcorn, lots of pizza and lots of laughter, but on a very small screen. :)

  135. Melissa O says

    Favorite movie night is an outdoor drive in night. We have a big screen and enjoy the summer!

  136. Christa says

    This looks so awesome! My husband is one of eight kids and we have 3 nieces and nephews graduating this year so always lots to film. We loved watching the old fashioned movies growing up. Pillows, popcorn and funny films make for a fun evening. We had the good old bean bags growing up! Thanks for the giveaway.

  137. Amy in PA says

    Curled up on the couch together with microwave popcorn & refreshing beverages!!

  138. Gay H. says

    I would love to give this projector to my grandchildren – they would LOVE it!

  139. Beth says

    We actually love throwing a white cloth up over the garage, getting a projector, popping some corn, and inviting the neighborhood over for a movie under the stars. Everyone brings their lawn chairs and some folks bring brownies/treats, and it makes for a fun, family-friendly night that brings the neighbors together. Such fun!

  140. says

    Our favorite way to do movie night is let the kids pick a dvd, order pizza, lay around on the floor picnic style, then have popcorn and parmesan cheese towards the end of the movie. I think we’ll plan one this week! :) That projector looks awesome!

  141. Sandy says

    My daughter has a huge L-shaped sofa that holds the whole family. We pile on and enjoy a movie with plenty of popcorn and ice cream. The grandchildren are growing up too fast, so I treasure these times together.

  142. EmilyK says

    Oh, I love home movies. Most of ours include recordings of old family vacations, holidays, and birthday parties from when my brother and I were little. One of my favorite things is getting to remember relatives who aren’t with us anymore.

  143. says

    We love to have family movie night. We make a big tub of popcorn and gather all the blankets we can find and we sit on the floor in the livingroom and prop ourselves up against the couch and then we breakout the camcorder and all of the old tapes and watch until the kids either fall alseep or someone spills their drink on the blankets. It’s the best time!

  144. Nancy says

    Movie night includes the “good” popcorn, which means no microwave popcorn and of course some type of sweets and then the movie is usually cars 2 or old school transformers since I have a 5 year old boy!

  145. says

    Movie nights are pretty much done solo. Nobody else likes my kind of movies. Which is OK by me. I’d rather watch alone that have to tolerate all the sarcastic comments from the peanut gallery.

  146. stephanie says

    my favorite way to do movie night is to make a big pallet on the floor with all of our fave quilts and pillows, order pizza and of course, popcorn! :)

  147. Lori T says

    We have family movie night every weekend. We eat first, then watch the movie, while eating popcorn and chocolate milk. Thanks for the chance to win!

  148. says

    I saw that on Ellen – it looks so cool! My favorite movie night thus far has been when we watched the Princess Bride. It was the best feeling ever to have our girls laughing hysterically at the movie we’ve loved forever. I also like to take my girls to the second run theatre in town – it’s the kind where they have counters in the theatre and you can order food. We went to see Tangled there, and it was so fun for them (alright, AND ME).

  149. says

    When the boys were younger and lived at home, we would have family night where we would order pizza and play board games. And by the end of the night, the mantra became “beat daddy”!!! He ALWAYS won!! But it was lots of fun!

  150. Brittney says

    I loved watching my dad’s home movies from when he was a kid. My grandmother passed when I was very young and never knew her but those old home movies have made me realize just how much she and I favor in looks and mannerisms.

  151. says

    My favorite movie night involves lots of good snacks, pillows, blankets, and PJ’s!!! Choking on Peanut M&M’s may or not be involved as well!!

  152. says

    In my PJ’s at my sister’s house. Relaxed on her couch is the best way to view a movie and then we just get up and go to bed when it is done. Of course the movie theater popcorn is missing, but that is ok.

  153. says

    We LOVE movie nights at our house – they usually involve pizza, popcorn and cookies. We each have a blanket and find a comfy spot on the couch or the floor. Great times with my family!!

  154. says

    movie night at our house consists of me, my hubby, and roxie, our sweet dog. we usually rent a non-new release (our local video store does 5 movies for $5 for a week for older movies). we cook dinner and eat while we watch our movie and snuggle on the couch. popcorn and ice cream usually follow. movie night is mostly an excuse to eat junk food and snuggle up with my man!

  155. Susan B says

    Family movie night always includes pizza and many times fresh-baked cookies or other favorites snacks! We love movie nights, but as the boys have gotten older, it’s hard to find a great movie without the garbage…so that’s our big search, for honest-to-goodness great family movies (that aren’t garbage-y & not too cheesy)…sometimes we go back to the classics. I soooo love the together time!

  156. Karen L. says

    Family movie night includes 3 of us on the couch and my Scotty dogs too! Popcorn and M&M’s, can’t forget the Diet Coke. No diet here!

  157. Lisa G in TN says

    We are old school … buttered popcorn, red vines and flat screen TV. Usually a movie from RedBox.

  158. Amy S says

    family movie night is family, popcorn, movie candy that changes with who gets to pick it out, and pjs for everyone. We could have so much fun with this thing!

  159. Kelsie says

    Friday nights are usually pizza & movie night. It can be difficult to find a family-friendly movie that we all enjoy, though. As far as watching home movies, we do it randomly. I love taking videos of the kiddos. My husband does lament about the storage space, but he’s glad I do it. ;-D

  160. Katie says

    We have have popcorn, M&Ms and junior mints for movie night and all of us piled on the couch.

  161. Sarah M says

    We do movie night at the house with blankets on the living room floor, with popcorn and chocolate!! Can not forget that!!

    During the summer we like to lay blankets down outside and look up at the stars and tell stories. It would be so awesome to have a projector like that!

  162. says

    We don’t really do family movie night but with one of these maybe we could start since I bet it would get a ton of use taping our granddaughter who is just about walking. This would be so cool!

  163. Jennifer in SC says

    My mama would love this projector to show movies of the grandkids!

    Our family movie nights usually involve pillows and sleeping bags on the floor, lots of popcorn (which also winds up on the floor) and a pizza or two (odds are 50-50 it’ll wind up on the floor, too). The boys still like slapstick comedy – they’ll buy the new 3 Stooges movie as soon as it’s released to DVD.

  164. Janet Smith says

    I love ordering a Cassano’s or Marion’s pizza (Dayton, OH favorites) and popping in a Pixar movie with my husband and two girls

  165. says

    My hubby and I are waiting for the call to go to Russia to pick up our kid(s) out of an orphanage. This cool littke camera would come in handy :) Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  166. Megan Joy says

    It’s just me and my husband, no kids yet, so our favorite way to do movie night is head to the theater! Popcorn is always necessary.

  167. says

    Movie night for us means picking a favorite Walt Disney movie … which is quite funny since my boys are 22 and 19. We can still sing all the songs!

  168. Krista says

    Well, it’s just me and my husband right now, so I’m happy just hanging with him, watching a movie and maybe even popping some popcorn!

  169. Nicole says

    Basically we just watch back our home movies on the dvd camcorder. Occasionally we bust out the videos at a birthday party.

  170. Shana Harder says

    We’ve done movie night with a projector on the back of our house in the Summer! So fun with good friends and delicious eats!!

  171. Julie in Mich says

    Popcorn and Faygo Red Pop Floats while watching the Waltons!! hahaha fun memories

  172. says

    No family nights here yet, because our little bub goes to bed at 6:30. :~) But my husband and I like to curl up on the couch together and watch a movie once a week.

  173. Judy B says

    It’s fun to invite another couple over and watch a good movie with popcorn. My husband in not a movie goer, so we watch at home. We’re empty nesters now, so it’s usually the two of us.

  174. Jessica says

    We either pile blankets and pillows all over and pig out, or my husband brings home a projector and screen from school (he teaches 3rd grade) and we hook it up to the computer and project it on the screen in the backyard. It’s kind of a pain, so we don’t do it often. Such a blast, though!

  175. says

    We do movie night once a week. We take turns picking a game to play, a snack to munch, and a movie to watch. So fun!

  176. Carrie Hollon says

    We usually let the girls pick something new off of Netflix and settle in with either their candy of choice or some popcorn. They especially love to pile up in Mommy and Daddy’s bed for movie night. They call it Family Cuddle Night!

  177. says

    My favorite way to have movie night is when we get a big blanket and some popcorn and sit on the floor instead of the couches to watch a movie.

  178. Kelly C says

    We like to all pile on the couch in our living room and watch a movie together….and of course there is always popcorn and then I cook (toll house break apart) warm choc. chip cookies! My husband has to have the sound up so loud our house vibrates! Haha! We love movies!

  179. Brenda says

    My children are older now, so movie nights are more spontaneous than planned, but still one of my favorite ways to spend time with my family.

  180. says

    Our favorite way to spend time as a family is by having a movie/popcorn night. Each child gets a turn to choose what movie they want to watch. Thanks for the chance to win :)

  181. says

    My favorite way to do movie night is how I remember movie night as a kid. My dad used to move our TV outside on the porch. We would wait for the sun to go down and then wrap ourselves in blankets and sit on lawn chairs outside to watch our movie. And of course, no movie night is complete without my dad’s homemade peppered popcorn. No microwave allowed.

  182. Sara B. says

    We don’t have movie nights every weekend but we try to do them as often as possible! We snuggle on the couches and try to find a family friendly movie on Netflix.

  183. says

    My son is 3 years old, so we are just now getting into the family movie night. Lately we’ve been gathering around our laptop and watching youtube videos about DisneyWorld because we are planning a vacation there soon. Would love one of these so we won’t have to fight over who holds the laptop anymore. :)

  184. Tonya Henry says

    Our movie night usually consists of eating Nacho’s while we view OR Sundaes. Whichever we are in the mood for. We are a moving LOVING family, so we do this very often!! :)

  185. Kim M. says

    We usually just rent a movie from Redbox, turn off all the lights, and snuggle together to watch the movie!!

  186. chelsea Leming says

    Movie night is a staple at my house! The hubs and the pups and I pile on the couch almost every weekend to enjoy!

  187. Tiffany says

    We love movie night. We all grab “our spots” on the couch, curl up with HUGE bowls of popcorn, curtains drawn and watch the movie of our choosing. I doesn’t get much better.

  188. Miss B says

    I’m not particular about which kind of movies we watch, but I do enjoy the old black and whites the best. Since it’s just the my husband and me (and our dog), we usually make some coffee and have whatever dessert we have around the house. With a little luck, we’ll make it through the whole film without falling asleep!

  189. says

    I loved watching our home movies on the wall when I was a kid now. These days my favorite family movie night is at the theater.

  190. says

    My kids are still too little to really appreciate movie night, but my husband and I enjoy Netflix or Hulu quite a bit after the kids are in bed… tonight’s feature is season 2, disc 1 of Downton Abbey!! Woo hoo!!! But I recently took a video of my oldest daughter’s first dance recital and we had to crowd around my laptop to view.. not as exciting as seeing it on the big screen. What a great product!!

  191. Pam says

    Movie night now is when our young adult children come home for a visit and they catch us up on what we have missed.

  192. Merri Jo says

    We (4 generations) still watch our family movies on slides (horror!) and VHS, so clearly we need to move our viewing up a few(or several) decades! This little gizmo is awesome!

  193. LeBe says

    Love the hot popcorn on movie night! Now, it’s just me and the hubs…..I usually talk him into a chick flick & he humors me by acting as if he enjoys it!

  194. says

    Family movie night: all piled up on couch, popcorn and coke abound. Would love to be able to show the movie on the wall in a giant life sized fashion:)

  195. Michelle says

    Movie nights are few are far between with sports activities taking over, but we do manage to squeeze a few in and make sure it’s a time of relaxation and something chocolate to eat!

  196. d says

    We love movie night. The boys get in their jammies, I pop popcorn and we watch a movie together in the family room. Fun!

  197. says

    I love for all of us to squeeze on the couch with tons of junk food and watch something that gives a good belly laugh! But it’d be so fun to do outside! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  198. Elizabeth says

    wow! what a cool product. my ideal movie nights are usually getting cozy with lots of blankets and eating popcorn and maybe a glass of wine or a nice cold diet coke. :)

  199. Laura B says

    My family of three likes to cudde on the couch and eat popcorn, icecream and drink soda. My 19 year old baby still likes to watch Disney movies of her childhood.

  200. courtney sloane says

    That is so neat! (And wow, I just said neat – that must mean I really like it?)

  201. Elaine says

    Supper of some sort, finally decide on a movie and then usually warm brownies and ice cream!

  202. Karen says

    Buttery Buttery popcorn, chocolate, drinks and family. That makes a great movie night.

  203. Nikki says

    We turn the lights out and the sound bar up!! Popcorn, blankets and a sectional couch make for a great movie night.

  204. tonya says

    we love family movie nights!!! they include either pizza or sausage/cheese/crackers!

  205. JamieC says

    Love to do family night on the couch or living room floor with comfy jammies, lots of blankets, pillows, and of course, yummy snack food. Would love to have the 3M projector to make our own “drive in”!

  206. Karina says

    Hi! Our family movie night consist of a great family movie, popcorn & ice-cream. Our children are growing up way too fast but they are always excited to have this time together as a family! Our oldest will be 17 in July.

  207. KCMarineMomma says

    oooohh I would love one of these!! My only grandchild lives far away with my son and daughter in law…I would love to project the videos they send us on the wall so my husband and I can enjoy them bigger than life!!! Thank you and have a great day!

  208. Pam says

    My dad ….. God rest his soul , paid to have all of our Super 8
    Movies transfered to DVD….. These are so much fun to watch with our
    grandchildren ….. Most of the films were taken 60 years ago!!

  209. says

    Now that the kids are getting a little bigger, we usually end up doing puzzles together or all jumping on the trampoline. I think they would have so much fun watching a movie on the side of the house while laying in a tent though!

  210. Erin P says

    Oh my, this would be SO FUN! My neighbor and I were trying to think of ways we could have a neighborhood movie night, and this would be perfect!! We do movie nights on Fridays with popcorn and soda. We even turn the couches around so we can pretend we are the the movie theater!

  211. Kourtney says

    No kids, but my roommates and I have movie nights with pizza and popcorn every month or so. Right now we are working through Alfred Hitchcock movies!

  212. darbi says

    We love to cuddle up on the couch with blankets and the cats. And we end up pausing it quite a bit to take potty breaks, etc.

  213. says

    family night right now can be during the week or a weekend night and it generally involves me and hubby relaxing together, eating a good dinner, and catching up on shows. I’m sure its about to drastically change as we have baby #1 on the way due August!

  214. Pattie S says

    Everyone picks out their favorite spot to sit. We order out for Pizza and relax and enjoy a movie of our choice.

  215. Jamie Brooksher says

    I love me some Target gift cards!

    At our house we order pizza and eat in the living room with paper plates. We put the pizza on the coffee table. It is a special treat to eat in front of the tv, so the kids are thrilled. The hard part is finding a movie we can all agree on!

  216. says

    When we have time, we go all out. For the last few Harry Potter movies, the girls transformed our house into Hogwarts and made butterbeer. For the last one, we also made cupcakes decorated like owls and I wore my old graduation robe! So much fun!!!

  217. says

    um, seriously? those are the best memories. the 8M set up in the back of the room, and the giant screen opened. we also watched old negatives that way! :)

    for family movie night, we snuggle up with popcorn, peanut m&ms and a cushy blankie!

  218. says

    SOLD. I recently bought a keyboard and some type of receiver (so high tech) for my tv that lets me get onto the internet and watch YouTube, read your blog, rent movies from, and tons of other things that I will never learn how to use.

    But here’s my REAL story…
    Ever since the boys were little, we had “date night” on Friday nights. I would pick them up after work and we would pick up McDonalds and rent a movie from Blockbuster. We would pile up in my bed and watch movies and fall asleep.
    ONE FRIDAY NIGHT, my now-ex was going to be home and wanted to go out to eat as a family. As we passed Blockbuster, the oldest child, probably 7 or 8 at the time, said, “Mo-om, you passed up the movies.” I explained that we were going to dinner with Daddy. He was confused and asked why. (No idea, but that’s what families DO.)
    “But Mo-om, it’s DATE NIGHT.”

  219. says

    Family movie night is big-doin’s around here. 8 year old loves to choose the movie and 4 year old dictates where we all sit. We almost always have pizza. Sometimes we shake it up and have popcorn! We all love movie night.

  220. Lisa says

    The best movie night we had involved brining the reclining seats from our mini-van into the living room and having ‘Drive-in Movie Night’. Even my 22 year old daughter had a blast.

  221. says

    When our guys were still living at home we hosted summer outdoor theatre and always showed, So, I Married as Ax Murderer. Admission=candy!

  222. Heather says

    We actually just had a family movie night–on a rainy evening with no activities and no homework (huzzah!!). Pulled out the Charlotte’s Web, that we’ve all seen multiple times, popcorn, quilts and snuggles. YAY!

  223. Anne N. says

    We love movie night! My husband and I enjoy taking our two children to the movies, but we also love watching movies together in our living room. Thanks for the chance to win.

  224. says

    We love family movie night! My husband makes yummy homemade popcorn and sodas, and we curl up on the couch with kids and dog. Fun times!

  225. Becca says

    Popcorn, m&m’s, and piles of pillows and blankets, sprawled all over the living room!

  226. says

    Chocolate milkshakes, cheesy buttered popcorn, Grandma’s afghan. Mmmmm.
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter! Love Target!

  227. says

    We don’t really do movie nights quite yet, but when we do I’m planning on popcorn and blankets and piling up together on the couch. By the way, thanks for this give-away. I’m ashamed that this is my first time commenting. (I love Target!!) I discovered your blog a few months ago and love to read! Thanks for sharing so much and so often!!

  228. Amanda Weems says

    My favorite way to do movie night started a when my sons (now ages 6 and 7) were just toddlers and a friend of mine told me about “Muffin Tin Monday.” The idea is that you put the kid’s food in one of those six hole muffin tins – six different items, often new to them, just to change things up a bit – and my boys loved it. It was a special once a week treat and as they grew older we combined it with movie night and ‘Muffin Tin Monday Movie Night” was born. It”s not an every week occurence but it is still fun to so something a little different every now and start our week off watching a movie while the boys eat from their (now jumbo size) muffin tins.

  229. momof8 says

    We have family movie night every week. We get out lots of blankets and pillows and have dessert afterwards.

  230. Maggie says

    We have a pull out couch in our family room for guests and my almost 3 year old thinks it is the biggest treat to pull it out, wear jammies and c uddle with lots of blankets while watching a movie together. I think my husband is looking forward to the day family movie night doesn’t involve a Disney Princess!

  231. says

    Saturday is our movie night – sometimes our son joins us and sometimes it’s just hubby and I. Snacks are a must and the dog curled up between us. Love movie night!

  232. Alison Coffey says

    My two year old little girl is just getting into all the princess movies, so some nights we turn on a movie and let her watch while she eats. She sits in her little pottery barn chair and is captivated by the movie! So cute!

  233. elle says

    since our two kids are still little, movie night is after their bedtime. preferably with great snacks. and we have to scoot our couch super close to our tv stand to be able to see on our tiny screen. :)

  234. Kristen L. says

    Our oldest is just getting big enough to stay up for family movie night! Takeout dinner, popcorn, and some pillows and blankets to cuddle with are the recipe to our perfect night!

  235. Sheila Laurence says

    I’m not big on movies, so the big thing about movie night for me is the food. I make a bunch of appetizers and something special to drink. We snack and watch the movie and it’s fun (even if I possibly read a magazine during the movie).

  236. Sara A says

    My husband is a pastor at our church, and Sundays are looooong days for me and our three young girls. I found that by dinner time, when we haven’t seen him more that one minute all day long and he won’t be home until after 8pm, I’m DONE. So . . . instead of losing my mind, I invented movie night. The girls and I have a dinner picnic where we cover the living room carpet with blankets (I have lots of spills in my house), and we watch a movie while eating dinner. Afterwards it’s bath time and bed time, and I’m still sane. Yay for movie night!

  237. says

    A giant bowl of popcorn, Dr. Pepper and 8 happy kids yelling “That’s me!” or “Who is THAT?!”

  238. Sally says

    Our movie night is usually Monday. Odd, I know, but after a crazy Monday at work it is nice. Children have all grown up so we can have it anytime we want and as often. Would love to have one of these for movies, hope to have some grandchildren soon!

  239. AmandaG says

    It’s more like family movie afternoon for us, since our son is only 3. It usually involves one of a number of cartoon movies that are taking up way too much space on my DVR.

  240. says

    My son is obsessed with Mighty Machines on Netflix so we usually just make our “movie night” out of one or two of those episodes. We’ve found he doesn’t really have the attention span for a full movie, and the full movies that are appropriate for kids are becoming few and far between. It seems a majority of the animated movies are made more for adults with crude or sexual humor, so we get creative with what we call movies :)
    This would be awesome though because he LOVES watching movies of himself. SEeing them on a big screen rather than the computer would be a blast!

  241. Marian says

    Finding a movie that is appropriate and interesting to kids (23, 21, and 13) can be challenging but it is sooo fun!

  242. Liz says

    My favorite way to do movie night is just to pile on the couch together with lots of blankets and a good movie. Nothing fancy!

  243. says

    Most of our family movie nights are pizza, dessert, and a “Girls Pick, but mom and dad get a veto” night in the living room. I’d love to get a little projector for outdoor movies, or for sleep-overs!

  244. Melissa P says

    I SO remember the home movies! We used to beg my dad to pull out the projector & play them for us.

  245. mimi says

    Oops..forgot to include my favorite way to celebrate …with pizza and rum and diet cokes for the adults and root beer floats for the kids!

  246. Stacy H says

    It’s just me and my hubby for movie nights. We snuggle together on the couch and usually eat dark chocolate chips. Yum.

  247. AMY says

    So cool! My husband is a videographer so he would love this. My kids ask to have a movie night every Friday, which consists of popcorn and hot chocolate. Not sure where that combination comes from, but its tradition!

  248. Kristen says

    This is so neat! The only thing that really seems to matter to my kids when it comes to family movie night is that the whole family be snuggled together on one couch while we watch! (In fact, that’s really all that matters to the parents, too.)

  249. says

    Our family movie night goes something like this…

    1. pick out a movie from Redbox
    2. order pizza (delivery)
    3. eat ‘Drumstick’ ice cream cones for dessert

    The End! :)

  250. says

    How fun! We don’t have a ton of family videos, but the ones we have are so special. My husband took a video of one of our kids lip-synching to a U2 song and mixed it in with some family shots, and it’s both hilarious and, well, kind of meaningful to us too. This would rock!

  251. Maria Hudson says

    We start our family movie night by having a picnic in the floor of the den!

  252. Cristy says

    What fun I’d have with this… I’m finishing up my first year as a teacher and thus about to begin my first summer staying home with my 3 girls… I imagine we’d get after some pretty fun movie nights with this one!

  253. Kim says

    We spread quilts out in the living room floor, grab our pillows and popcorn and snuggle up in the dark! The kids LOVE getting to eat somewhere other than the kitchen table, and I LOVE to feel those little ones snuggling close for a little bit.

  254. Laura says

    Typically family movie night is in the living room each under a blanket eating snacks. The 3M projector would let us have neighborhood movie night in the backyard!

  255. Trish says

    I have two boys – ages 4 and 5. Friday nights are our movie night where we all cuddle up on the living room floor with piles of pillows and blankets and watch a kid movie and eat popcorn. It’s one of my favorite things to do since they stop playing/running/wrestling/shooting guns/etc. long enough to cuddle with me.

  256. says

    Yes, this:

    “There are all these moments that you think you’ll remember forever, but they have a way of slipping away with time and the busy-ness of life.”

    I had these thoughts exactly as I looked through the girls baby books when we were cleaning a closet last night.

  257. AngAK says

    movie nights are just at home in the family room with the TV. being able to have a movie night at the cabin, outside, would be awesome.

  258. Liberty Hudson says

    We usually put a blanket on the floor and have a picnic while we watch our movie-usually pizza,or sandwiches.Then I pop popcorn and each of my kiddos get a bowl with their favorite candy mixed in-sour patch kids,m&ms,whatever they each like best.At some point,we usually migrate to the couch,and all pile up together while a couple generally get so snuggly they fall asleep!

  259. Amy says

    We love to curl up on the couch with both dogs and an ice cold dr. pepper for movies!

  260. Deanna says

    We try to do afamily movie night once a week (usually Sunday). We pop a huge bowl of popcorn in a hot-air popper, top it with REAL melted butter and salt, and spread out in the family room for the movie. Our 3 kids are ages 10,7 and 6 so we do a lot of Disney but we also like to incorporate some classics like The Princess Bride, National Velvet, The Music Man, The Swiss Family Robbinson, etc. – LOVE the classics!

  261. Brittany says

    Last summer we rented a projector for my 3 year old’s birthday party and it was great–this is such a better option though!

  262. TerraD says

    We don’t do movie night very often, but when we do, we like to push the couches together, facing each other, so it makes a large bed area. Then lights out, popcorn, and movie!

  263. Jessica says

    I like to either go out to the movies with my family or have a campout movie night… boys get their sleeping bags and set up in front of the tv while we all munch on popcorn and other movie snacks.

  264. Lisa says

    We turn all the lights out and snuggle with sleeping bags and blankets. Popcorn is a must!!

  265. says

    Family Movie Night for us normally involves homemade pizza on paper plates on a tablecloth in the family room. We turn off all the lights and just enjoy the peace of having all of us together. I’d love to be able to do this outside. So fun.

  266. Teresa W says

    It would just be me and my hubby. Settled in the living room with a bowl of popcorn. It would have to be a night when there was no baseball on tv though!

  267. Kelly says

    My 6 year old daughter and I love to send the boys to the hunting camp for a night, and then curl up with popcorn and a movie. Fun snuggling times!

  268. Josh says

    Love watching movies with the regulars…Candy, popcorn, bean bags…



  269. Kelli Patterson says

    We love movie night and if I could have a movie night anywhere it would be lounging on a raft in the swimming pool with my babies and hubs next to me. That is, of course, if we had a swimming pool and could watch a movie outside.

  270. Lesli says

    Movie nights are made more special now that the kids are all gone, but when they are home we pile on the family room, watch a movie and then the memories start!

  271. slbowling says

    Friday used to be movie night in our house. We would order pizza and watch a movie. Now that my 2 oldest are out of the house and the baby is 15 years old and rarely wants to hang with mom and dad; we don’t have movie night anymore.

  272. Amber V. says

    Popcorn and all of us on the couch. Then half way through me and hubby sleeping. :-)

  273. Spiritmom says

    Looooove movies at home. Popcorn, IBC rootbeer and the electric blanket (even in Louisiana summers…I’m weird).

  274. melissa says

    Pizza from town, movie and popcorn.
    Ahhhh, wish it was Friday already.

    Thank you.

  275. Melaina says

    Seven years ago when my daughter turned 2, we started Friday Night Movie Night. Since then, 94% of all Friday nights have been a family movie night with me, my husband, our daughter, and our son (this is an actual statistic vs. the 62% of other statistics that are made up). We order a pizza, put on our snugglies, press play on the remote, and sit on the comfy old couches upstairs with our feet up. Cheers to great memories made with movie nights!

  276. Erin says

    Our town has a weekly movie during the summer. A local business lets everyone hang out in their parking lot when the sun starts to go down. Everyone brings lawn chairs and their own snacks. We all enjoy a family friendly movie played on a huge screen. It’s so much fun to get together and hang out with our family and friends!

  277. says

    We just plug our camera in to the front of the TV and oooo and aaaah over how LITTLE they were! Recently, though, we visited my MIL and she got out the old 8mm camera and we watched some REAL home movies of my husband and his sister, projected onto a sheet. It was great!

  278. Hayley says

    Well I just moved back in with my mama and daddy at age 27 to begin treatment for newly diagnosed severe rapid-remitting multiple sclerosis. So, I see a lot of movies nights in my future. I don’t have a television in the room I stay in at their house, so I can just picture my mama, my little sister and myself snuggled up on my bed with a chick flick projected on my wall on those days where I’m going to be really sick and recuperating!

  279. Elena says

    We like to eat popcorn and chips and sit on the couch watching one of our favorite DVDs

  280. Lindsay says

    Movie night at our house with kids = something I don’t usually love, but always good popcorn :)

  281. Alison says

    My boys are too little for movie nights right now, but I’m looking forward to adding movies to our pizza night on Sundays when they are older!

  282. Shari says

    We usually pile into a bed and turn off most of the lights, leaving just enough to see to eat the chips and dip that are always a part of movie watching around here. :)

  283. Alyson Lee says

    Have 2 boys and a husband that would LOVE this! We are movie fanatics and would so love to have one to use for parties, sleepovers, and just keeping the kids occupied!!! Thanks!

  284. Mary Foster says

    We do lots of family movie nights and all pile on the sofa together while we watch a movie. Sometimes we have “kid movie nights” with our neighbors (and great friends) and the 5 kids watch a movie while the adults sit on the patio and talk…uninterrupted…pure bliss!! We have LOTS of movie nights in December because we have tond of Christmas movies and it doesn’t feel like Christmas until we have watched them all. This new gadget sounds fabulous – I feel a fun Christmas party coming on!!

  285. Kim S says

    We usually start with kettle corn and see what else we might “need” as a snack as we watch a movie. In a house full of boys, I sometimes need to have a book on hand for family movie night. How many explosions can there be in one movie?

  286. says

    I love Friday night movie nights at home with my hubby! We are usually so tired from a long week that we like to order take-out and hang out on the couch with a good movie! And now that we are expecting a little boy in August, I’m sure we’ll be enjoying a lot more movie nights at home!

  287. Amanda C. says

    Homemade popcorn and a cold coke! Also, a lot of pillows and blankets. There’s nothing better than getting comfy on the couch and watching a movie!

  288. Jessica says

    Movie night usually consists of my husband picking a movie that I just “have to see” and me struggling to stay awake through the whole thing. I know, you’re jealous!

  289. Sally Rogers says

    Popcorn is a must for any type of movie night! We’ve watched a few home movies, but I love the idea of it being more of an experience than just pulling it up on the laptop. :)

  290. Leeanne says

    We rent a redbox and then pile in the overstuffed comfy chairs, pop some popcorn, splurge with some sprite and cuddle!

  291. Amanda Sakovitz says

    we watch scary movies with no lights on and snack on popcorn and M&MS

  292. Melanie says

    I love doing family movie night! We’ve been watching a lot of the classics lately – The Philadelphia Story and things like that. My kids love it!

  293. Amanda D. says

    We’re just getting into family movie nights, but it’s been a lot of fun with a kid movie and popcorn. I especially love showing them movies that I loved as a kid.

  294. Kim says

    We snuggle up with blankets and popcorn (my husband frequently makes kettle corn). We’ve always talked about having friends over for a summer movie outside but we’ve never managed to do it. It looks like this would helps us with our goal!

  295. Debbie B says

    we enjoy our family movie night in the living room with popcorn and chips and dips

  296. Stacey B says

    It wouldn’t be family movie night without popcorn and drinks. My son usually prefers an Icee!

  297. amy pugmire says

    we like to get a kid friendly movie so the kids can enjoy it as well. we get lots of snacks and treats.

  298. says

    Movie night at our house involves cuddling on the couch, a glass of wine for me, icy cold root beer for Nick, and hot popcorn to share. Yum.

  299. marian says

    Lots of popcorn with lots of butter. Our TV is the older type, nothing flat or wide or HD about it. We don’t like to watch DVD’s with the bottom and top quarters of the screen blank now that so many things are formatted for wide screen, so we use a re-size button to magnify the picture to fill the screen. Kind of funny what gets cut off on the sides of the scene sometimes!

  300. BraydenandBodiesMama says

    SO tonight was my baby boy’s kindergarten program…. you know, the type og program they do INSTEAD of a graduation because they know all of us moms would be in tears if our babies were in a cap and gown. Instead they are dressed up as cute animals and given lines to memorize and we cry anyway. It would have been amazing to catch those moments with a new fancy schmancy video camera instead of my phone. That’s all I’m trying to say.


  301. Carrie says

    Our Brownie troop hosted a family game night this spring…how fun would a family movie night be? Different snacks and a silly movie big enough for everyone to see!!

  302. says

    A local shopping/entertainment area plays movies on a huge billboard during the summer. You go early, plunk down your lawn chairs and blankets, go grab a quick dinner or happy hour, then go back to sit and enjoy with lots of other families. Small town feel for the huge Valley of the Sun (Phoenix area). Love it!

  303. Tabathia B says

    We usually watch a horror or action with the kids (they usually talk through comedies)
    and add popcorn, pizza and m&M’s and soda (special movie treat) and sit on the couch and floor
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  304. says

    I don’t really do movie nights b/c I’m just not really a movie lover. So movie nights at our home are usually done without me but the rest of my family does them and my husband makes the kids popcorn with LOTS of butter!

  305. Cindy says

    Family movie night: The parents try not to fall asleep! Our kids are teenagers and still like to hang out with us. The last movie we went to see together was “The Hunger Games”. Popcorn with butter and drinks and candy at the theater. I love our theater because we reserve our seats and buy our tickets online so there is not waiting in line.
    At home we pick a movie ususally from Netflix, use my new popcorn popper and snuggle up under blankets.
    My grandfather had the same movie camera with the bright light. I love those memories!

  306. Shannon says

    A normal family night for my family of 5 is settling into a Netflix movie together at home while snacking on microwave popcorn or rootbeer floats.


  307. Jessica S says

    When I was a kid we used to go to the library in the summer and sit on blankets on the grass and watch movies projected on the side of the building. We would pop lots of popcorn and put it into a big paper grocery bag. I loved sitting outside with my family enjoying the night sky while watching movies. I think that’s my favorite way to watch one.

  308. Carolsue says

    When I was a teenager, that was what we did on dates — go to the drive in! Two movies for the price of one. It was great — I miss the drive ins, popcorn, and all the other fun stuff!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  309. Tara says

    We love to order pizza and have a picnic on the living room floor. Then we pop some popcorn at the bathroom break mid-movie! :)

  310. says

    Favorite movie nights? Outside with a sheet. Nate cursing as he tries to rig an old projector and his new amp together so it will be loud enough that the neighbors wonder what we are DOING! Homemade ice cream and strawberries… This is the coolest thing since iPods. Seriously. I will wait to see if I win before I go and pay full price for it…

  311. Shelley says

    We all pile on the couch in the basement, try to get the sound figured out because we can never remember :), and eat lots of popcorn. Would love to win!

  312. Janelle says

    Our kids are still too young for family movie night, but my husband and I enjoy a good movie night after the kids are in bed!

  313. Becky says

    Our kids are 18 & 20. It is hard to coordinate schedules these days. We still enjoy family movie night once in a while though.

  314. says

    Every Friday night is homemade pizza and homemade ice cream night. In the winter we watch a movie. Summer we play outside.

  315. Kathleen says

    We are empty nesters. It’s nice just sitting with my husband and quietly watching something. I also like it when my son comes over and we do a movie, which we have a lot of old traditions.

  316. SuzanneB says

    Every Friday night we all sit down together and watch a family movie. Each week we roatate who gets to pick the movie, which can make for some interesting movie choices.

  317. says

    We love to have family movie night in the family room with blankets and pillows everywhere. We have a large sectional and the seven of us are sprawled across that and the floor. Memories!!!

  318. Marie M.C. says

    My son was born in 1968. We didn’t take ANY pictures in the hospital. ZERO. NONE. The hospital took one picture — which they then sold you, along with an impression of his foot. Huh? I do not have a SINGLE movie of him as a child. SOB. It kills me to see how easy it is nowadays to take photos and movies of one’s family. You can never take too many pictures and movies of your family. I only wish I had.

  319. says

    I can’t even begin to explain how much my husband would love me if we won this. He is forever trying to figure out how to do a movie on our house. He wants to invite all the neighbor kids over for a movie night.

  320. Carolyn says

    Family night for us is going out to dinner. Sometimes we rent a movie from RedBox. Nothing too exciting but it works for us!

  321. Erin says

    Oh my what fun this would camera would be. I am with you on the movie on the side of the house being unbelievable fun. Be sure to bring the OFF.

  322. Rhonda says

    Much like many others here, it consists of sitting on the couch with popcorn and just spending time together!

  323. Laurie J says

    Right now family movie night consists of “camping out” in the back room with nearly every blanket in the house draped over dining room chairs. We sit in the dark, under a canopy of mismatched blankets and watch a DVD. But the wall projector would definitely make things even more fun!

  324. says

    I have been wanting a movie projector for years! My girls are still little but I can picture many sleepovers in our future and watching movies in the backyard. I definitely need to get one of these!

  325. Christie W says

    Family movie night consists of me and my husband along with our two boys and the dogs gathering up all the best blankets and pillows in the house and laying around in the living room with popcorn and a movie we can (hopefully) all agree on!

  326. Cayce Stoneburner says

    My kids love to sing into the mirror and we have a ton of videos of this!

  327. says

    During the summer our city has “Movie On The Barn” on a Friday night. A classic movie is displayed on the outside of a historic barn on the outskirts of town. I grab a friend, lawn chair, blankets, snacks and away we go. What fun it would be to have my own “Movie On The House” party with the neighbors or my son’s friends. Thanks for the great idea and the opportunity to win!

  328. says

    We love snuggling on the big coach with the fur blanky and eating chocolate and watching duck tales.

  329. Mariya says

    We have a “Catch up with the DVR” night after my little girl goes to sleep. I can’t wait until we can pop in a DVD movie have pizza every Friday.

  330. Brenda B says

    piled up on the couch with the kiddos is the best. Especially with pop corn and M&M’s.

  331. Tricia C says

    we bring out the air mattress which fits up to our couch perfectly to make a huge lounging area, pop some popcorn and get some junior mints and watch 2 or 3 movies on a rainy Saturday…….my kids love this!

  332. Stephanie says

    I would LOVE to sit around the living room with our 5 kiddos watching home movies! What an awesome giveaway.

  333. Colleen says

    my boys love movie nights. They usually involve us squishing together on the sofa under blankets. Of course, you can’t forget the popcorn. There is always popcorn.

  334. says

    When my husband and I were dating and engaged, we lived just outside of DC and would venture in to watch “Screen on the Green”…they would put up a giant screen on the lawn next to the Washington Monument or on the Mall and show classic movies. It was a great movie night!

    Now our movie nights consist of air-popped popcorn (with butter, of course!) on our couch with our 4-year-old son…and we wouldn’t have it any other way. :)

  335. Kristi says

    We love pizza, air popped popcorn and usually a milkshake. I have boys who like to eat A LOT :) Movie night is a staple in our house. We’d love the Target gift card!

  336. Dian says

    We have an “empty nest” so movie night for us is usually when one of the Grands spends the night and we watch a kid friendly movie on the iPad. It would we so much fun to project it!

  337. says

    Movie nights at are house go like this: Let’s have a movie night!
    Girls: Okay!
    Me: let’s pop popcorn.
    11 yr old: OMG I am SO tired of popcorn! Ugh.
    Me: OK then, let’s pick a movie. How about this one?
    16 yo: OMG that movie is SO stupid! I’m not watching that.
    11 yo: Well that’s the one I want to watch/!
    16 yo: FINE THEN! I just won’t watch a movie! (storms off into her room to text 67 people about how hard her life is)
    11 yo: I’m going to read my book.
    Me: I Hate movie night.

  338. Bekah says

    For us, movie night requires popcorn and some sort of candy. I love that my kids are old enough to have family movie night, but I still love late night movies with my husband after they’re in bed.

  339. Rachel R. says

    We love to get a great movie, order some pizza and snuggle in with our 4 kids. It’s a great way to watch a movie!!

  340. Katie says

    Family movie night usually is my husband and I watching a princess movie while our little girl has wander out of the room after 20 minutes

  341. April was in CT now CA says

    Movie night involves a huge bowl of buttered popcorn, my hubby, my cute dachshund, and us all curled up under a blanket. Perfection.

  342. Jessica says

    i’m sad to say i haven’t done a movie night with my kids yet but it’s definitely a great idea.

  343. says

    My favorite movie nites don’t happen all the time,. It is when I get to visit my granddaughter and we snuggle on the couch with popcorn and get to watch a movie we love.

  344. Jennifer says

    Movie night is usually alone time for me since my husband isn’t much of a movie buff, and we’re lucky to get our four year old daughter to sit still for 30 minutes… much less two hours for a movie! :)

  345. says

    Sounds awesome…we currently just plug our video camera into the tv and watch our videos there – thanks for the chance to win!

  346. Megan says

    So far it is just me and my husband, but we love movie nights on the couch with red wine! :)

  347. Nancy says

    It’s just my husband and me now so when we watch a movie, we turn off all the lights in the family room and turn the sound up real loud and enjoy the movie!

  348. says

    Movie night occurs at least once a week at my house, but I have been dying to host a ‘drive-in’ movie night in our backyard. There is only one problem…we have no way to project the movie. Kind of a key component! this would be perfect and the size would make it so easy to store when the night is over. I need this 3M projector! :)

  349. casey says

    i don’t have a family yet, but my “family” of students enjoy prize-days of watching a movie or short video. i love to see them sprawled out on the floor, laying next to their friends, and giggling together. it’s a classroom memory!

  350. Annette D says

    We enjoy picking out a movie that the whole family will enjoy and ordering pizza to enjoy while watching!

  351. says

    Don’t do a lot of family movie nights – especially right now during this eternal, 6 month season of baseball – but when we do, I love the oldies with James Stewart, Bogie and Bacall, Ingrid Bergman, etc etc ….

  352. Jenn H says

    We live family movie night– keep it simple with popcorn and a great family-friendly movie! 😉

    And… I’d love to win this since I just noticed that the contest ends on my 10th wedding anniversary!! Surely Target has some great gift options!

  353. Jenn H says

    We love family movie night– keep it simple with popcorn and a great family-friendly movie! 😉

    And… I’d love to win this since I just noticed that the contest ends on my 10th wedding anniversary!! Surely Target has some great gift options!

  354. Lisa says

    We love to snuggle in my bed and watch movies! Preferably with lots of popcorn!

  355. Andra Casillas says

    My 9 year old grand daughter, Alexis, spends Friday nights with me. We love to put on our pj’s, get a bowl of popcorn, get in bed and start the movie. She sometimes falls asleep before the end of the movie. My most memorable moments are spent with her!

  356. Stacey says

    It’s “movie night” in my high school classroom for my students’ last days of school!

  357. says

    This 3M projector is totally cool…I would love to have one so I can bring the movie night outdoor, especially in the summer. I love family movie night. My son and daughter takes turn picking a movie to watch (limited to 1 per night though). I’m always the one who prepare the snacks and drinks for our fun night cuddling on the couch.

    Amy [at] utry [dot] it

  358. Heather says

    This would be perfect for my stepdaughter and her family. They do movie night every Friday night. My 3 grandsons would love it!

  359. Debbie says

    We are empty nesters and each like very different kinds of movies, so we don’t have a lot of movie nights. When we do, though, it would be great to watch them on something larger than our 800 lb. TV.

  360. Emily says

    When we have the whole crew together (2 teens and a tween) we have a movie night with pizza and usually something sweet like hot fudge pudding cake. It’s not always a movie, lately it’s been the show Castle. We have been catching certain family members, Dad, on the previous season that he has missed.

  361. Tonya Weaver says

    With all the CrAzY of May, I’m excited to bid my cry for the Target gift card. I have 2 teenagers who would LOVE to “help me” spend this $150…Lord help us all!!!

    Pick me!! Pick me!! Pick me!!

  362. Jeanne T says

    We have a great, hand crank “theater style” stove top popcorn popper, and it is a Must Use for family movie night! Popcorn with melted butter, begging dogs, and the whole family in the same room make for great memories :-)

  363. Elizabeth says

    Friday nights we tend to order a pizza, stock up on beer and ice cream, and sack out with the latest Netflix. We’re classy that way. :)

  364. Felicity says

    Ohhh…well my nine month old loves waving in the mirror to herself. I bet in the future she will love movie night!

  365. Kelly O says

    We’re not really big movie watchers as a general rule, but we do watch Harry Potter movies whenever they come up on ABC Family (I think that’s one of the few DVD sets we actually own. We have all of them around here… somewhere…)

    I have a toddler who does really well watching a whole episode of Blue’s Clues. Which gives me just enough time to drink a cup of coffee.

  366. Lisa says

    Family movie night – Go through the millions of video on the “new releases” until we find something to watch. Then hope it is good. If not, just pick up your laptop and halfway watch.

  367. Kelli Kegley says

    We all crawl into our bed and watch. Well half watch and half protect ourselves from our 2 yr old who is flopping around the bed like crazy out of excitement :)

  368. Carrie says

    We never had home movies, but I remember getting the slide projector out and watching old slides was a big deal and it was so fun to do it with the family.

  369. Jamey Rogers says

    This would be awesome! I can remember having “summer movie” nights out on the patio. My dad would drag the tv outside.. you know, the kind with 3 stations and you had to change the channel with the knob. Takes me back in time

  370. says

    My husband and I curled up on the couch, eating cookie dough, and me probably falling asleep halfway through the movie. :)

  371. Elizabeth Gailey says

    My favorite movie night is one that starts in the afternoon and features many movies. All I need is my husband on the sofa next to me, the puppy in my lap, and some sort of adult beverage. Perfection!!

  372. emily says

    family nights sound fun… would love to start them! and i could use that target gift card, for sure! 😉

  373. Shawna T says

    Family Movie Night….I have an almost 2 year old and I’m 8 months pregnant. At our house, my husband picks out some action-packed rediculousness, my son falls asleep on his daddy’s lap shortly after the movie starts while I’m picking up house, and – as soon as I can get all of the lights out – I am sleeping to the sound of machine guns. Or shouting. Or terrible acting that is better slept through than tortured with actually viewing.

  374. says

    Family movie night with no kids means haggling over movies for a while before finally deciding on something with a superhero. In good news, though, there’s always wine and popcorn. Oh yeah. And the husband!

  375. Jen says

    We try to do family movie night once a month, where we all pile into our bed and eat popcorn. We don’t always make it through with the little ones, but we keep trying!

  376. missy grant says

    …family movie night – the best. we have 4 kiddo’s now in age between 10-16, doesn’t matter what the movie is….being together makes it family.

  377. Robin says

    We usually watch a Disney movie or play a game of Catan. If our youngest is in bed, we watch Psych with the older kids (parent-selected episodes).

  378. Mitzi says

    Our neighbors used to to do movie night outside on the side of their house. It was always such a fun night and the kids thought it was the best thing ever!!

  379. Gina says

    We have lots of movie nights! We set up the huge projector screen and settle in with a big bowl popcorn and large glasses of tea.

  380. Laura C says

    At the theater with fake butter popcorn and diet coke! My husband doesn’t love to go to the movies, but my little girls do and are old enough now to sit in their own seats through the whole movie :)

  381. Joanie E says

    One of my little sisters favorite thing to do is watch old movies. We will watch them together & laugh until we cry. I need to make more movies of my kids.

  382. Janene says

    Popcorn on the stove, pillows and blankets, and parents and kids sprawled out all over the recliners! Maybe a glass of wine too :)

  383. says

    We used to have movie night at my grandparents house and loved watching our parents when they were younger — the hairstyles were hilarious. Our favorite part was when the film would “burn up”. Now we have movie nights with our kids — but it would be great to set it up outside!

  384. Susan says

    Popcorn or ice cream has to be involved…also a comfy place to sit/ lie down on…otherwise it doesn’t matter as long as everyone is together…

  385. says

    Summertime movies at the beach. Snuggling down in your beach chair with a blanket. Trying to eat your popcorn before it gets soggy.And listening to the waves crash on shore. Its a little slice of heaven.

  386. Jennifer Z. says

    We put our toddler to bed, order bar food to be delivered, and watch a movie. When our daughter is old enough we plan to have pizza and movie night.

  387. Diane says

    After what seems like many hours of picking an appropriate movie for all of us, there are even more countless hours spent (by our two children) making pallets in the floor..high enough you can barely see the tv over. Good times! We love it!

  388. WendyC. says

    My favorite way to do family movie night is by my husband, daughter, son, and me snuggling up in my bed. That way, when one of us falls asleep, we’re already in bed and won’t have to be woken up to go to bed.

  389. Brooke says

    If I could only get my husband to sit down and watch a movie with me for ‘family movie night’ it’d be a miracle of the Lord. But a great ‘girls movie night’ generally goes down while he’s away on a guys trip!!!

  390. Lauren Abernathy says

    My babies aren’t quite old enough for movie nights, so it’s usually just my hubby and me watching a movie once the babies are in bed. It almost always involves popcorn or ice cream too!

  391. carley stevenson says

    Our son is 3 so we usually watch a movie before bed or mid-afternoon on the weekends. However, my husband and I love to watch a movie after our son goes to bed!

  392. Rebecca H says

    Family movie night for us consists of big bowls of popcorn for my husband and I, and a bowl of Cheerios or goldfish crackers for my 16 month old son. Anything with music and/or animals is a huge favorite for him and he loves having “popcorn” in the livingroom like a big boy. 😉

  393. Amanda says

    My hubby has borrowed a projector from work a few times and brought it home for movie night….always such fun!!

  394. Megan says

    Movie night is my fave! We do twirlers and gummy candy, put our babe down and get our movie on! My recent favorite was Ides of March. Intense!!

  395. Lori says

    No favorite way for family movie night, yet, but since my kids are getting older, I think we better figure it out!

  396. Stacey Schrock says

    family night = dinner on the patio, talking with the grown ones and watching the younger ones jump in and out of the pool until late at night.

  397. April says

    We do family night with movie and popcorn. Lately with two teenagers, they want horror films.

  398. Donna says

    I actually got my husband hooked on Downton Abbey, which is more of a “TV” night than a movie night, but just as fun. Popcorn from the microwave and we are good to go!

  399. Lindsey W says

    Movies night include pizza to start and popcorn (and M&Ms) during the movie! And of course everyone needs to be piled on the couch, including the dogs!

  400. Debbie says

    We just started the tradition of family movie night in our household. It’s gonna be fun.

  401. says

    I love movie night! When I was a kid we’d push the two living room couches together to make what I called “The Pit” which is not nearly as horrifying as it sounds. Then my mom would microwave popcorn and slice apples and we’d go to town.

  402. Debbie N. says

    We love to set out chairs and blankets on my sister’s lawn next door and watch movies on a big screen on the porch. We invite friends and set out fun goodies. It’s an awesome summer treat. One time we took the big screen over to Grandma’s (also next door on the other side) and sat in the pool and watched movies.

  403. becky says

    When my daughter comes to visit, we spend usually one whole day watching the movies together that we haven’t seen yet, but want to see together.

  404. Gale says

    This is COOL – movie night at our house is everyone crowded on the sectional with popcorn and a movie from Redbox!

  405. Dawn says

    Of course the only way to do Movie night is with Popcorn and Pepsi. Then let your 4 yr old pick out the movie.

  406. Heather R. says

    Our favorite way to do family movie night is at someone else’s house. :) Our TV is so small and old, we have to pull chairs up to just a few feet from the screen so we can actually see what is happening and follow the plot. This projector would totally redeem our lame movie nights!

  407. Kathryn says

    Is it bad that we don’t do family movie night?! 2 kiddos are way to young and this mamma is way to tired at the end of the day to even stay awake for a movie!! 😉

  408. Dawn says

    We have a ridiculously large TV, and though its not old school film, my kid loves to watch digital movies of himself on the big screen!

  409. Martha says

    Our kids are still a little small for movie night because they have a glorious 7:30 bedtime. So when we do family movies it’s usually on a Sunday afternoon during the post-church and pre-nap time frame. Except let’s face it, my sweet husband works so hard he usually begins his nap the minute we all sit down.

  410. Jennifer says

    We like to eat in front of the TV on the rare occasion that we all sit down to watch something … movie or otherwise. Our boys drag their bean bags into the living room and turn out the lights. Then, it never fails, someone kicks over their drink, and we have to pause what we are watching and turn the lights on … go get towels, reassure the person who spilled the drink that it’s no big deal and happens to everyone … and, then, get settled all over again. Every. Single. Time.

  411. bamacurl says

    We called it ‘Freezer-Fry Night’…all those bad for you finger eggrolls, breaded ravoli, mozz cheese sticks, and throw in some jalepeno poppers and southwest eggrolls, mabe some rotel cheese dip. Now, we choose a few of those, but they are baked instead of fried start with a salad.

  412. Kim says

    When I was a kid, we would get in our pajamas and pop some popcorn for family movie night.

  413. Rebbie says

    We don’t have many family nights these days because all my daughters are grown up. But when they come home for Christmas we have a great time watching movies and eating all their favorite foods and playing games and doing puzzles. This year we cut out hundreds of paper snowflakes and made the windows look like I don’t live in the desert.

  414. Nicole R says

    We don’t have family movie night yet, as my son is only 14 months old, but we have mom and dad movie night every Friday after he goes to bed.

  415. April says

    Now that the nest is empty (wow, it pains me to the core to write that…) perhaps my hubby and I can start a new tradition and watch a movie together on date night. That way when we fall asleep we won’t have wasted a jillion dollars at the movie theater.

  416. says

    We love a good family movie night! We all snuggle up on the sofa, feet propped on the ottoman and enjoy a big bowl of buttered popcorn (popped in a pot on the stove).

  417. desiloubleu says

    just last weekend the bf and I were talking about how we needed to pick one of these up! Not to mention how much he would geek out over having a projector. Pick me! Pick me! :)

  418. CindyD. says

    Popcorn, treats, jammies, all cuddled up on the couch until someone (usually mommy) falls asleep and declares BEDTIME!! :)

  419. says

    With two little girls, movie night always includes pizza, popcorn, milkshakes, and princess movies!!

  420. says

    Our favorite way to do movie night is to plop on the couch after we’ve grabbed a bowl of popcorn!! Thanks for a chance to win and have a great day!

  421. says

    Right now all my kids can’t sit through an entire movie, but we try..popcorn usually and maybe for a special treat some candy for the kids. I prefer a glass of wine and we are good to go! We snuggle on the couch with lots of blankets and pillows! Watching one outside would be a real treat!

  422. Mardi S says

    Pop secret movie theater butter, a big diet pepsi (coke for the husband), kids in the bed!!

  423. Andi Thomas says

    We have two types of family nights since our kids are 18months and 3 years. Sundays we come home and eat PB&Js in the living room and “watch sumpin funny,’ as my oldest says. We America’s Funniest Home Videos. Other nights, we put the kids to bed and eat a snack and watch a movie, I guess that’s more of a date night though.

  424. Nancy says

    Our family rotates who gets to pick the movie each time we have a movie night. That way we all eventually watch something we like. We need to do it more often, though.

  425. lisabug says

    We pop the popcorn (extra butter please!), make a chocolate milkshake (heavy on the chocolate!), and pile on the couch with the kid, the dog, and a snuggly, old quilt (inhereted from my grandma). After all that I realize we forgot to put the movie in the DVD player…daaaaang! Big Daddy always caves and gets up to put in the movie…I knew he was a keeper the moment I met him 20 years ago :)

  426. says

    With three kids at 6, 3, and 21 months, our family nights usually consist of putting the youngest to bed, popping some popcorn and snuggling up on the couch to watch a Disney movie or a musical. Or if mama and papa are feeling very generous, we’ll watch a dreaded Barbie movie. It puts a smile on face thinking about it!

  427. Avany says

    There are 5 of us, so we all grab a comfortable spot, make popcorn, chip and salsa or something munchy and enjoy!

  428. Tracy says

    The perfect family movie night is if everyone puts away their ipads, iphones, and laptops and actually sit on the couch and watch the movie together. I think those days are long gone

  429. says

    Our family movie night consists of lots of snacks and gathering with all of our friends/neighbors outside to enjoy a movie on our garage door! Also, I could use A LOT of new Merona…or Mossimo – I’m not picky.

  430. Rebecca Phillips says

    Friday nights are cheat nights we eat complete “junk”. We rent movies or just watch old classic Disney movies.

  431. Donna G says

    Family movie night, for the boss and me, consists of microwave popcorn and taking turns sitting in the comfy chair. It doesn’t happen much, mostly because we are usually talking and not watching movies. For that we go to the show.

  432. Sunni says

    We love family movie night but have always wanted to have an outdoor movie party …. Popcorn and sweets are must haves and our three boys take turns picking!;

  433. says

    The boys would go bananza watching any type of “super hero” movie on this gizmo! We’re in a bit of a super hero/action figure phase right now – oh, the joys of 3 boys. =)

  434. Sheryl in WA says

    I read this post days ago. When you posted it. Why didn’t I comment then? Thanks for the giveaway, Melanie. I can’t wait for May to be over, too. Five more days of school. I can make it…

  435. Jean H. says

    Family movie nights usually involve popcorn or ice cream. Unfortunately, I am notorious for falling asleep during family movie night.

  436. erika says

    Nothing fancy, just the family, popcorn, and a movie. It is always fun though! Thanks for the giveaway!

  437. Catherine says

    Family movie night for us means Netflix on the couch with the hub. Simple and perfect.

  438. Mary E. says

    My daughter and I enjoy watching DVR episodes of Kitchen Impossible and America’s Got Talent.

  439. Courtney B says

    Family Movie night is best with popcorn cooked the “old-fashioned” way, and the whole family relaxed on the couch!

  440. sl says

    Family movie night is our favorite with pizza and homemade cookies!! And of course POPCORN!!!

  441. Michelle says

    Love movie nights. Just don’t happen very often. Also love going to the park in the summer and listening to a concert while sitting on a blanket!

  442. Leigh Anne Hedges says

    My husband, two kids, and I love to have bowls of popcorn and hot cocoa in the gameroom.

  443. says

    Blankets and pillows piled on the living room floor, all my favorite people on top of them, pop corn inbetween us and a movie that makes our kids giggle bc that’s the best sound ever :)

  444. Lisa says

    Family night for us usually involves watching a musical….The Sound of Music was our last movie we watched together (we being my daughters and me- my husband does not share our love of musicals!).

  445. Jana says

    With only all-male family members, my favorite movie nite is a good chick flick after everyone else is snoozing!

  446. Elizabeth says

    We have two little girls, so typically movie evenings for us include a kiddo flick and popcorn. And then my husband flees to the other room as soon as Barbie comes on the screen. Ha! :)

  447. Jennifer L says

    Buttery popcorn, a movie we all want to watch and just relaxing as a family! It’s a rare thing lately.

  448. says

    Our favorite way to have family movie night is to pull down the big screen, turn on the projector, and sit down with a big bowl of popcorn (made the old-fashioned way). It fun, it’s relaxing, it’s yummy. What’s not to love!

  449. Lindsay says

    We love to get a redbox movie, popcorn for the kids and hubs and chips for me and curl up togetherin our bed. Happy together…its how we roll.

  450. Meredith says

    We do family movie night with popcorn and ice cream and love to curl up close on the couch.

  451. Heather says

    A perfect movie night is jammies, pillows, and popcorn! And I prefer a nice light comedy or an older classic movie. This projector is definitely going on my wish list. So many possibilities!

  452. Faith says

    I love doing Family Night with all 4 of us eating popcorn we made, and then putting in a classic that we all enjoy like “True Grit.” Inevitably, 2 of the 4 will fall asleep there, but it’s fun while we’re all awake!

  453. Sarah N says

    I put the wee bits to bed, grab the Netflix & open a bottle of vino. A big bottle of vino! 😉

  454. Jenny G. says

    Just the hubby and me and we love movies! We love going to the theater, movies at the park in our town, we are avid Red Box users, we buy them on cable TV and best of all – watching them on the computer snuggled in bed!

  455. Tammy says

    What a fantastic idea for using at our cabin in the woods. Hang a white sheet between two trees, set up lounge chairs, light a bonfire nearby, add blankets and hot chocolate. Mmmm…..sounds so relaxing!!

  456. Nicole says

    I would love to have family movie night, but with a 7 year old boy and a 3 year old girl, that’s a challenge. Not too many movies that they both want to see, but we try. I could definitely use a Target gift card though 😉

  457. Lisa Clarke says

    Now, the hubs and I have movie night out at an actual movie theater, something we couldn’t do when our 5 kids were little. Then, it was 20 minutes of arguing over which Disney movie we would watch, someone ending up crying, several would wander off to do other things, and almost everyone falling asleep by the end. Oh, how I miss it.
    My Best,

  458. Charlotte says

    Family movie night is simply in the living room in front of our old style, 32″ TV!

  459. says

    A really great family night is one where our 6 month old sleeps long enough for us to watch the entire movie without interruption! Looking forward to the days of home movies and popcorn though!

  460. Beth says

    We combine movie night with leftovers night – that way it’s win-win for all involved (including me!). Everyone fills their plate with the fridge clean-outs and “waves” their plate and then takes it upstairs to the rec room for eating while watching. Now the boys ask “is tonight leftover/movie night?” with hopeful anticipation!

  461. says

    My kids are older now (young adult older) and all still live at home. That doesn’t stop movie nights…..
    We do a few things—
    1) make foods that we call game food, ex: nachos, crockpot mac & cheese, hot wings
    2) pick a few MUST SEE movies
    3) comfy clothes
    4) dog pile in front of the tv

    Chill out with lights out!

  462. Kelly D says

    We like making popcorn and pouring a bowl of M&Ms and putting on a family friendly movie.

  463. Jessica Williams says

    My Fiancé and I love to curl up on the couch with our little dog. We make popcorn and eat chocolate!! Thank you soo much for this opportunity! I’ll be crossing my fingers!

  464. SueEllen Williams says

    I’d love to win! We like to rent DVDs from Redbox and microwave some popcorn. Thanks Melanie!

  465. Jessica says

    Family movie night at our house only requires two things. A movie and lots of cuddle time!

  466. Dee says

    Our favorite way to do family movie night is to order pizza and pop popcorn! We also bring out the sleeping bags for extra comfort :)

  467. Jo says

    We used to make blanket forts and hide out with bowls of popcorn, Coke, and our favorite movies!

  468. Vicky says

    I don’t have a family, but my favorite way to do movie night on my own is to put on some PJs, find a sweet treat, curl up on the couch, and peruse the instant netflix options or my dvd collection.

    Love Target!

  469. elayne says

    usually just watching a watching a movie while piled up on the couch. popcorn and something sweet is a nice treat too.

  470. Kaycee says

    We love to cuddle up on the couch with some popcorn and put in a Disney movie for Family Movie Night around here! (4 year old, thus the Disney flicks) My daughter loves it so much and asks for movie night quite often, then demands we are all on the couch together before we are allowed to start it! :)

  471. lindsey says

    My favorite way is to hang out on the couch with my favorite blanket, a couple of chick flicks, popcorn, peanut m&m’s and a dr. pepper.

  472. Nicole says

    Pallets on the living room floor, popcorn, and lights out. Usually 2 or 3 of the kids fall asleep halfway in!