Beauty is skin deep – Personal Home Microderm Abrasion giveaway

I think it was sometime a few years ago when I looked in a super-magnifying mirror for the first time in a long time. And I didn’t like what I saw.

Where did those wrinkles come from? What were all those dark, splotchy places on my face? Why was I an idiot who spent my high school summers teaching swim lessons and neglected to wear sunscreen because I wanted a nice, tan face?

The sun damage piper had come calling, and it was time to pay. Or time to find some products with a sufficient amount of retinol. It was also time to buy a large sunhat, SPF 150, and sunglasses that covered my entire face.

I can’t even talk about the summer after I had Caroline when hormones caused me to develop what appeared to be a mustache on my upper lip but was really just a series of dark patches from the sun. It was a dark time. Literally. A kid at the pool concession stand might have called me “Sir”.

Anyway, ever since those days I have been slightly obsessed with discovering the magic elixir of skin youth. I’m a sucker for anything that promises a glowing complexion and the ability to turn back the hands of time. Even though, let’s be honest, even Cher couldn’t figure out how to do that. I’ve tried the organic oil cleansing method. I’ve tried retinol. I’ve tried every brand you can imagine. I’ve tried petroleum jelly.

I’ve finally come to love the combination of facial cleanser with electric face brush and some retinol. It’s removed a lot of the dark places on my skin and helps it have more of a glow. But I was so excited when Best Buy sent me the PMD- Home Microderm Abrasion Device. This microdermabrasion device features body and facial caps for wide-ranging use, suction that promotes blood flow to help renewal, and recovery creams (not included) that penetrate your skin. I’ve always wanted to try microdermabrasion but didn’t know if it would be worth the money, and so I couldn’t wait to try this. Unfortunately I had to wait a few days because you can’t use it within 48 hours of using retinol or alpha-hydroxy on your face. I use a lot of both of those things.

I tried it last week and loved it. My face felt so smooth and soft, and it easily absorbed the face cream I put on afterwards. I’m not sure what improvements I will see over time, but it looks promising based on my first use. I’ll let you know.

The good news is you can win one for yourself. All you have to do to be entered for a chance to win is leave a comment on this post letting me know what skin care products you love the most and whether or not you’ve ever tried microdermabrasion. Here are the rules.


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  1. Evelyn says

    Just unsubscribed. If I wanted to read various advertisements and product reviews I would go looking for those things. Such a shame…Big Momma is the one blog I consistently enjoyed for the sheer entertainment. Now that I feel like a marketing target, I’m done.

    • Destiny says

      I do face wash and then every third day I use a scrub (I’ve used a lot of different brands – I really like dermalogica). And I use an olay spf 15 face lotion every morning.

    • Destiny says

      (I forgot to add this) I do face wash and then every third day I use a scrub (I’ve used a lot of different brands – I really like dermalogica). And I use an olay spf 15 face lotion every morning.

  2. Julie says

    I struggle with a skin regime. I use a generic cleanser in the shower and some Oil of Olay moisturizer and that’s it. Never tried anything like this before, but would love to! Thanks!

  3. Kelly says

    I’ve always wanted to try microdermabrasion. I love to try different skin care products. Right now I’m using nuetrogena lotion and cetaphil face wash. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. says

    I would LOVE this. I just had a baby, and I have 3 of those dark patches currently. I use Cetaphil and also I love Smashbox shaded moisturizer!! I use it like it is foundation. Thanks!!

  5. Jayne Cash says

    I have not tried microdermabrasion, but I would love to try this product. I just have a normal skin routine of face wash and moisturizer with sunscreen.

  6. Pam says

    Soap and water …. And I agree with Evelyn …. I read you
    First thing every morning….. For a laugh or a smile.
    Not a sales pitch

  7. Kellie N says

    I have gone through numerous creams/cleansers over the years. I have to say my favorite is MyChelle Dermaceuticals. I would love to try this great product!

  8. Olivia says

    Oh, I would love to have one of these! My favorite thing to put on my face is coconut oil with a little bit of lavender essential oil mixed in. (Sometimes tea tree oil too if my skin is misbehaving.) I have found that the best face “wash” for me is just water and a washrag when my skin is more oily, and water and coconut oil on a washrag when it’s more dry. I don’t wear much makeup at all so this is enough for me!

  9. Sara says

    I’ve just started experimenting with anti-aging products, but I really like St. Ives timeless scrub with retinol. Otherwise, I just use generic face wash and Mint Julep mask a couple of times per week.

  10. says

    I would love to try this. I use philosophy purity and after reading your post on the Mia2 I ordered one as well! I love it and couldn’t believe the low low price of $15. :)

  11. Kate says

    Never tried this but would love to!! I just use the oil cleansing method you mentioned a few years ago.


  12. Erin S says

    I love microdermabrasion. My husband even noticed a difference after I had it done. It is pricey and results are best when you do several treatments, so it can really add up. I would love to be able to do it at home!

  13. sharyl says

    I’ve never tried microdermabrasion before. I just wash my face with Cataphil. Would like to try the microdermabrasion.

  14. Molly says

    Would love this! I currently use pears soap with my Mia and SPF moisturizer. The age spots and wrinkles are sneaking up on me at 34!

  15. Tara says

    I have been using St. Ives scrub since high school (I’m now 40!) I think its time for a grown up face cleansing routine!! :)

  16. Megan says

    I haven’t tried microdermabrasion but really would like to try. I use oil of olay products and have for years. Living in Florida and growing up here, means that everything I use has sun screen in it and I insist that teenagers do the same thing. thanks for the great giveaway. And the daily laughs!

  17. Melanie says

    I always use DHC’s olive oil cleanser, but I have yet to find a truly great moisturizer or eye cream–and I’ve tried a LOT! I’ve never tried microdermabrasion. I have to agree with some other comments that your blog recently seems to be marketing central, and that’s a bummer!

  18. JD says

    It would be awesome to try that out! I have never had a microdermabrasion and I use Oil of Olay moisturizer and face wash. Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. Cindy says

    I use Cetaphil and Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion. Occasionally use Aveeno skin brightening scrub. Never tried microdermabrasion but think my 37 year old skin could definitely use it!! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!!

  20. Stephanie says

    Just started noticing those little dark patches…noooo! I would love to take off this skin and get some fresh, new stuff!

  21. Diana says

    I would love to try this!! I never have before. I use Mary Kay products for my normal skincare routine.

  22. Jen says

    Thanks for the giveaway, I’d love to try this!
    I just recently discovered a retinol product, but I haven’t used it long enough yet to see if it makes a difference. I, too, am beginning to notice the careless days of youth and skin abuse on my face… :( It’s a sad realization.

  23. Trinna says

    Thanks Melanie! I love Neutragena Microclear foundation. Helps prevent breakouts, which should really not be a problem by age 35, but, life is unfair!

  24. Cori says

    I had chronic acne in my youth, and kicked it in my mid-twenties with the help of accutane. I now have very sensitive skin, so i only use Dove to cleanse, and Cetaphil to moisturize. I tried microdermabrasion about 10 years ago and loved it, because I have lots of acne scarring remaining, but it was far too expensive to do regularly. I’d love to win this microdermabrasion kit so I could be more confident about my skin!

  25. Jenny F. says

    Ponds to remove my makeup and then noxema to wash my face.. all followed up with Oil Of Oley cream with some kind of “firming” solution added to it. I’m not sure what that solution is, but my face is looking really clear and it is very soft and smooth. I’m all for trying this microderm abrasion device..

  26. Elizabeth Ann Herring says

    I have never tried microdermabrasia but would like to! Sadly, due to my skin, Proactiv is my best beauty product these days. Haha.

  27. Linden says

    I’m fair, so anything with SPF is my best friend! I switch up the moisturizer I use, but right now I’m using one from Aveeno that’s a 3 step (with different creams for night and day)… i love it!

  28. Kim says

    Would love to have this, at my age i really need this… Thanks again for the giveaway. No i want unscribing to your blog. It doesn’t hurt to have a giveaway…. Your blog is so great, cannot wait to read your book.. Many laughs, Kim

  29. Karen B. says

    I, too, have a very simple routine. Cleanser in the shower and Oil of Olay mosturizer. Would love to win this!! My skin needs all the help it can get, but I try to be careful with the ol’ budget. The good stuff can really add up fast.

  30. Lydia says

    I am 33 years old and I have no skin care routine. I just slap some hand lotion on my face after a shower. I’m embarrassed to admit that. In my defense, during my acne-laden teen years, many skin care products caused my face to break out terribly so I eventually just quit using things that were only making it more embarrassing to show myself in public. I would love to have something like this!

  31. Beth says

    DHC olive oil cleanser is FANTASTIC – I am just a “I want it now kind of person” and hate having to order it. Just starting using the mia and me and my 16 year old son love it. It’s possible he made some snide remark about it being a waterproof face vibrator but whatever…..

  32. Alli says

    When I turned 40 last year my pores decided to revolt (along with several other body parts)! I would love something that would whip them into shape and keep me from looking like the oldest mommy at the preschool (even though I am, I don’t need to LOOK like it)!!!

  33. Jenny H says

    I don’t do much for my face… It’s laughable. I did enjoy lots of sun when I was younger and also, the same thing happened to me with my pregnancies… Would enjoy winning this to see if it helps!

  34. Lauren says

    I am using the Mia 2 clarisonic brush and it’s cleanser… So far, so good. I am looking for other eye creams and night cream… I am also searching for the elusive magic potion to ward the wrinkles away.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. Soraya says

    I’ve been dying to try one of the microdermabrasions…that come in the groupons…but I never have managed to justify it. I just buy a loreal rejuvinating lotion and slab it on before make up in the morning.

  36. Stacey says

    I use the Clarisonic and love it. But I would love to try anything new that would leave my skin soft and smooth. Thanks!!!!!!

  37. Sally says

    Have wanted to try this, but too cheap to buy it for myself. Ha! I loved that tanned look in my youth and still do, but i am paying the price. Started a ROC night cream and I like it but haven’t noticed a big difference yet.

  38. says

    My sister got me the Clarisonic Mia for Christmas and I love it! Acne scars have faded and my face is smoother than its been in a long, long time!

  39. Karen says

    My word…did you know that I was lamenting all the same things about my face JUST YESTERDAY??? My skin is looking so dull and tired…awful. I’ve never done the microdermabrasion yet but it’s looking mighting inviting. This giveaway couldn’t have come at a better time!

  40. Chris says

    I must admit that I don’t spend a lot of time taking care of my skin. Now that I am starting to resemble Yoda I think its time to buckle down and do something about it. This could aid on a long, long road of exfoliation and purification. Oh joy…

  41. Brittany L says

    Such a great giveaway! I did microdermabrasion before my wedding and loved it but it is so expensive! I would love to win this and be able to do it at home!!

  42. kelly says

    I would love to try this! Looks promising. All I do now is use a scrub a couple times a week. And mosturize of course. Years ago I did the microderm in a spa and it worked great!!

  43. regan says

    I just promised myself to step up my routine- currently not much more than wash and mild lotion. This would qualify!

  44. says

    What I use–Noxema and Olay.
    What I love–Noxema and Olay.

    BUT. . . I’m still looking for those fountain of youth products as well. I haven’t even ventured to try the Olay Regenerist products yet because what if they don’t work? And then I’ve wasted money. So I’m happy to let others try and then see the results myself.

    I’d love to give this a go!!! Well, because it’s free!! But once a product is tried and proven true, I’m in! I’ll certainly give it a try.

  45. Nate's Mom says

    Awesome! I couldn’t let myself spend the money for microdermabrasion, though I’m sure I could use it. I use Garnier Nutrisse Ultimate Cleanser, and Cerave night time lotion. I have rosacea, hopefully the giveaway tool is ok to use with that.

    Nate’s Mom

  46. Heather L says

    I totally need one of these. I don’t do much for my skin and I should. A really good friend gave me a gift certificate for a facial and every time I leave there I end up buying all these products and never using them although I swear at the time I will. Right now I slap on some Oil of Olay and call it a night

  47. Miss B says

    This looks sort of fun. Or maybe sort of painful. Either way, I’d give it a shot. I use Aveda products, and I especially like the Enbrightenment line. Aveda has helped my skin like nothing else ever has. I can’t say enough good things about it.

  48. Mandy M. says

    I only do cleanser and moisterizer but I really really need to exfoliate! My dry, flaky skin is in desperate need of a facial or this fabulous microdrem kit!!

  49. krista says

    I have tried microdermabrasion in a salon and liked the results but it was very expensive. Aside from cetaphil soap I haven’t found the skin care products that work best for me yet. Still searching….

  50. Kimberly M says

    I too seem to be on a constant search for things that will leave my skin glowing. I have seen all the new kits offered and wanted to try them, but they are just so costly. My current love is the Bare Minerals Naturally Luminous daily duo for dry skin. It is gentle on my skin, gives a soft clean glow, and smells great. I know the smell part seems strange, but honestly some of the cleansers and worse yet, the moisturizers, just seem to stink!

  51. karen says

    i’ve never used any type of microderm abrasion, but think now would be a great time to try it!!! : )

  52. BethA says

    I’d love this dermabrasion kit. I’m pretty fluid about what cleanser I use on my face. Depends on if I can find what I bought the last time. But it’s usually Olay or Neutrogena — if I can’t find the exact product I had bought the last time, then I buy the generic version if the store has that. for moisturizer, it’s always Neutrogena anti-wrinkle cream.

    And I don’t mind your occasional plug for a product. After all, didn’t most of us make sure we watched Oprah when she did her Favorite Things giveaways every year??

  53. Cathy Santerre says

    I just turned 55 and my twin sister and I have been talking about micro-dermabrasion as we are starting to see the aging. Thanks for sharing this product. Pick me!!

  54. Carrie M says

    Oh if we couldn’t be skin twins. I was at the derm earlier this week lamenting the dark spots on my face as she was freezing off a precancerous spot. Seriously, tanning beds, whyyyyyyyyyyyy?

    I use the Mia (after your recommendation, natch) with Clearasil face wash. ugh. I need an upgrade.

  55. Louise in NE OK says

    Love my ClinicalCare Skin Solutions products that I get at my salon. The company is headquartered in Tulsa, OK. The skin serum is wonderful. Would love to try the microderm abrasion, also.

  56. Julie says

    I too was a sun worshiper and a tanning bed freak. I tried the Mary Kay micro kit and I don’t think it compares to this here bad boy. I need this!!!

  57. says

    I’m a serial cleanser user. I try one and then move on to the next. The only thing I’ve stuck with is Aveeno face moisturizer.

  58. Tracy W says

    I am always on the search for a good product for my face. I have oily skin and several scars left over from acne as a kid. Microdermabrasion hasn’t been an option due to how pricey it is and how many treatments it takes, but I would love to see if something like this would actually help! Thanks for the giveaway

  59. Maggie says

    I’ve tried microdermasion at a salon, but didn’t see noticeable results:( Cetaphil is my go to cleanser, but this would be fun to try too!

  60. says

    I have wanted to try microderm abrasion for so many years due to my deep acne scaring…would so love to try this!

    I use neutrogena lotions, which I love. They make my face feel really soft. Thanks for this chance to win!

  61. says

    I’ve never used microdermabrasion but could certainly stand to. I use SPF moisturizers pretty diligently, but the sun in Africa is wicked!

  62. BraydenandBodiesMama says

    I’ve pretty much stuck with Mary Kay skin stuff through the years because my skin is sensitive and breaks out easily, and once you find something that doesn’t break you out it’s hard to switch. After moving to the south 4 years ago I discovered that the sun here gives you these ugly brown spots, which I never had a problem with before. I have never tried the microdermabrasion, but I’m hearing it call my name now!!! Thanks!!!

  63. Erin Thiele says

    I have never done microdermabrasion. My skin care regimen is pretty simple (read cheap and quick). Biore face wash, Gold bond moisturizing lotion. In the winter up here in Chicago, less is more.

  64. says

    I have never tried microdermabrasion, but I need to. 57 years old, lots of sun damage and very dry skin. I am extremely lax in my use of moisturizers/sunscreen, so this might be just the thing to get me started!

  65. sharon says

    Please, oh please pick me! My face is in need of microderm abrasion! It would really help my skin out. Thanks for the giveaway!

  66. Melinda says

    I’ve had professional microdermabrasion and loved it but didn’t feel I could afford to do it for the rest of my life.
    I use Mary Kay products as well as Vitamin C cream that I can’t live without.

  67. Susan B says

    I’ve never tried dermabrasion, but I would like to! Basically, I use a gentle face wash, warm water and moisturizer when I need it. I have a hard time finding moisturizers that don’t eventually break me out…so I only use when really necessary. About once a week I use an exfoliating scrub.

  68. says

    I would love to win this. I turn 41 tomorrow and boy do I need the help! My aunts have either this or something like this and swear by it. I have to say their skin is looking healthier.

    Even if I don’t win, thank you for give us the opportunity!


  69. Debby says

    I have recently also found myself in skin crisis, what with the age and the laziness and the sun. My gosh, the sun!! About a month ago, while perusing the Target clearance end caps…GIVE IT UP FOR TARGET CLEARANCE!!..I found gift boxes of Olay Regenerist products marked down 75%. That’s 75% off, people!! I may have picked up one, or seven, of them. I know, I know, that makes no sense…what’s the point of saving money if you may not even like the product. But mama is powerless over a good deal sometimes. Anyway, I love it! It really has made a difference in my skin. And I certainly would love to try this microdermabrasion…although seriously that is the worst, most scary word!…because it is time to take charge of my face.

  70. Kathryn says

    I’ve never tried the microdermabrassion thing…. Would love to though considering I’m on my third pregnancy and those hormones are causing quite a problem!! :(
    I swear by Aveeno facial products. They have just the right amount of the good stuff to make my skin feel clean and moisterized!

  71. Erica says

    I still have adult acne so I have to use zit cream etc. So wish I didn’t though! I’ve never done microdermabrasion but would love to!

  72. says

    I usually use a foaming face cleanser on my face (Olay) and then make up wipe removes for the hard to remove eye liner. I then use Oil of Olay at night.

    My mom just got a system similar to this and has raved about it. I’m keeping fingers and toes crossed I win. I’ve heard such great things about it.

  73. Robin M. says

    I have never tried microdermabrasion – although I would like to. I don’t really have any favorite skin care products – I try something different everytime.

  74. Debby says

    b) Tweet about this promotion and leave the URL to that tweet in a comment on this post

    Would anyone be willing to explain how to do such a thing? I have the twitter account but beyond that I admit I am lost….

  75. Michelle T says

    I use the Clinique 3 step system, but have never tried micro dermabrasion and would love to try it!

  76. Stephanie says

    I have a hard time sticking to anything, especially a skin care regimen but I would love to try this.

  77. ellen says

    I’ve never tried microdermabrasion, but i have wanted to try it. I really like Exuviance acid peel and Peter Thomas Roth moisturizer. I, too, am in search of younger looking skin.

  78. Deanna says

    I have never tried microdermabrasion but it looks like something that I would love to try! I use an Aveeno facial moisturizer in the morning and a thicker Olay cream at bedtime.

  79. AmandaK says

    Im in the same boat – suddenly I have bags under my eyes! And my pores, yikes! Would be fun to try!

  80. Carrie L says

    I have not tried microdermabrasion- and my most fancy facial treatment is some eye lotion with retinol. I think I’m going to be in big trouble!

  81. Shannon says

    I would love to try this! I’m hitting my mid thirties and I’m noticing that my skin doesn’t look quite as youthful as I thought it did!!

  82. SherryC says

    I’m a Dove soap girl. That’s it. I really need to look into skin care products. My age is starting to show. ;(

  83. Aimee says

    I’ve tried mircoderm a few times and loved it. After my daughter was born I had AWFUL brown patches that just wouldn’t go a way. The only thing that worked for me was Obaji. I think it burned off two layers of skin, but my face looked amazing. Too expensive to keep up though. Would love to try this at home microderm.

    Not much of a tweeter, but I did tweet about this.!/irongirl2002

  84. Kathryn says

    This must be karma!! My friend and I were just talking about microdermabrasion on our 3-hour drive to Houston this past weekend. She just recently started it and it liking the results. I want to try it too but I’ve got super sensitive skin and am just a little bit scared. I would love to win this and try it at home first.

    Thanks for the opportunity!!! :)

  85. Laurie J says

    I have been slapping lotions and potions on my face since I was in junior high (convinced I’d be irresistable and almost unrecognizable to the boys after my annual “summer makeover.”) Currently, I have a little bit of everything in my skin care arseneal and am willing to try whatever I haven’t to combat what I fondly refer to as the “Bill Clinton” bags that are starting to form under my eyes. If I should happen to win, I’ll be microdermabrasion-ing as soon as I can rip the package open. ;->

  86. carol says

    I use the roc wrinkle creme.I wish something worked better on my deep forehead wrinkles.I feel like a human etch a sketch at times….

  87. Fonda says

    I tell my daughter that the sun is the reason that I have to wear makeup to hid all those dark spots. So I would love to try this.

  88. Anita says

    I have never tried microdermabrasion but would like to. I don’t use much on my face but you can definitely tell that I don’t when I don’t have make up on.

  89. says

    I’ve been using Aveeno, but I’m not saying I love it. I’m just saying it’s the best thing so far. I still don’t like my skin. There’s still plenty of grown up acne (Mama? What’s that red spot on your face?!?!?!), and my pores are ginormous. I would love to try the microdermabrasion.

  90. says

    what a fabulous giveaway! i have a coworker who has been using one of these and i can see such a difference in her skin. she looks so young and glowy!

  91. Carla says

    I use the Clinique 3 step program… Not great results, but better than nothing, right? I would love to try this!

  92. Holly Edwards says

    I’m pretty much just cleansing with Neutrogena and it’s not working. I used microdermabrasions when I was a teenager and insurance paid. They were great! I’ve wondered if these home kits work.

  93. Sandy says

    I would love to try this. Right now I am using Clinique moisturizer and Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean face wash.

  94. Carolyn says

    Hey Melanie, don’t let the naysayers get you down — whatever naysayers are! Anyway, I use Arbonne products and love them. I’ve had microdermabration at a professional place a few times, but always felt guilty for spending $100 on it. So, I’d love to have this product to use at home.

  95. says

    I use Clinique 3-step program. But, I use it with the Clairsonic brush-thing. I have used Mary Kay Microdermabraision Kit before, but this looks like it might actually work for me.

  96. April says

    I just got the Clarisonic Mia, and I love it even after just using it once! I have high hopes that it will greatly improve my complexion! I have tried at-home microderm stuff and liked the results but am terrible about doing it on a regular basis.

  97. Cristy says

    I use Oil of Olay moisturizer with a touch of foundation in it. I really like it! I did microderm last year and would do it again. Would love to win and try it at home!

  98. Kay says

    I tried a product from Mary Kay once that claimed to be microderm abrasion but didn’t notice anything so I returned it and got my money back. Would love to win and try this!

  99. Lisa says

    I use cetaphil and a cream and gel my doctor has prescribed for me to get rid of my yucky acne! I would love to try this!

  100. MNStacey says

    I stick with the Oil of Olay products, cycling through many different ones, hoping that I somehow come across a miracle age eraser!

  101. MelissaP says

    I use Philosophy products & love them! However, I too am always on the lookout for a new facial product. I have never tried microdermabrasion because I am a big chicken, but I would LOVE to do it!

  102. Valerie says

    I recently started using Lancome’s skin products and I have since recieved compliments on my skin….confirming that it takes $$ to have great skin after 30. Very interested in trying the microderm abrasion…

  103. Lisa G says

    I am an Oil of Olay girl…. graduated to the Regenerist line when I hit 40….I don’t wear a lot of makeup so good skin is a must. I have never tried microdermabrasion ….but have seen a few things on TV about it and would love to see if it makes a difference.

  104. Jill says

    I would love to try this! My routine is Cetaphil and Oil of Olay lotion. At some point my mom’s gift of good skin will probably need some help!!

  105. Stephanie says

    What a cool giveaway! I’d love to try this to see if it will help with pregnancy-induced complexion weirdness!

  106. Jackie says

    This looks great! I’m struggling with a skin care regimen these days. Zits+wrinkles….so not fair! Nope, never tried microdermabrasion…maybe it’s time!

  107. Nicole says

    I too have the pregnancy induced mustache… it sucks! I’m a Mary kay girl, along with cetaphil. I am a loser and won’t win, so I should just suck it up and buy one of these!

  108. Rebecca H says

    I, too, am paying the sun damage piper. All it takes is a decade of obsessive tanning to earn a lifetime of splotchy regret. I’ve never tried micodermabraision, but would love to. Sister needs all the help she can get.

  109. Michelle Thompson says

    I have tried lots of things, I even tried the oil method that I found on your blog originally. It worked but it was time consuming. I have tried Mary Kay’s microderabrasion set, it worked pretty well. Right now I am currently using Nutrogena stuff, but I really like Airbonne but I couldn’t keep that up it was just too expensive.

    I would love to win thin, I am a 40 year old woman and I have really seen a increase in skin issues since I was about 37 or 38.

    Michelle Thompson

  110. Anne says

    If this works, it would be a lifesaver for me. Every time I look in the mirror, I contemplate surgical options…

  111. melissa says

    Oh, how I need this. My skin care routine is pretty non exsistent. I just use soap and water. But lately I haven’t liked what I saw looking back at me in the mirror. And I have been breaking out like a teenager. I think I need to try microdermabrasion!

  112. Kim Johnson says

    I currently use Biore products and have never tried microdermabrasion. I have very oily skin and am prone to breakouts, so I would love to try something new.


  113. Amy Bramhall says

    My favorite skin care products are from Prescriptives…too bad that I can’t just run to Dillard’s to pick up what I need the most. Any suggestions from other people for products they use to correct dark under eye sircles!

  114. Robin says

    Purity face wash, a little Differin to attach the problem areas (I used to have horrible adult onset acne) and whatever eye cream samples I have laying around (I have a LOT of samples)

  115. Shara says

    I used something similar to this a few years ago and I think it’s time to start again. Thanks for the giveaway!

  116. Julia says

    Never tried microdermabrasion. I just bought some alba botanica sea moss moisturizer w/spf 15 and so far I’m liking it! :) It “protects against blotchiness for an even complexion”. ha- I hope so!

  117. LeBe says

    I’m using liquid soap, warm water and a buff puff to get the make-up off at night. I use Olay and/or Loreal moisturizers (depends on what’s on sale) for day and night. Dealing with wrinkles and a few acne scars… fun.

  118. Julie Gillman says

    I’m currently using a combination of the Oil Cleansing Method and also prescription Retin-A. I would LOVE to try microdermabrasion–I turned 50 this year and am also paying the sun damage piper :(

  119. Eleanor says

    I use a combination of Cetaphil and prescription for my rosacea. I have not tried microdermabrasion, but would love to!

  120. Robin says

    Currently use neutrogena face foam wash, moisturizer with SPF for day and moisturizer with retinols at night- turn 40 on Friday- would live this!

  121. Kerry says

    I had to go see the dermatologist for the very first time in my life this year due to melasma. I had a dark spot that was taking over my face! It is under control now, but I curse all those hours of sunbathing with baby oil on top of my parents’ rv.

    My routine is very simple. Wash with oil of olay cleansing lotion. Try to remember to put on night cream.

  122. Samantha S. says

    At 34, I am more and more unhappy with my skin. I’ve jumped around trying different cleansers and moisturizers but haven’t found anything that I love yet. I have wrinkles and bouts of acne, but the pregnancy-induced age spots probably bother me the most. Would love to try microdermabrasion…thanks for the chance to win!

  123. shelly says

    i’m too cheap to buy one so i would love to win it…i will try to tweet but have no idea what the url is…

  124. KCMarineMomma says

    I want nice, smooth skin too!!!!! I too liked the sun way too much in the 80’s.
    Take care and thank you!

  125. kristin says

    I’m thinking it’s pretty sad that I’m almost 40 and don’t have favorite skin care products. My skin is really needing some help. I did use the Mary Kay Microderm abrasion products and they were pretty good.

  126. LRAE WATSON says

    I use whatever is handy….vaseline, soap and water….for my skin care and you can tell it. I would love to try this product!

  127. Lisa says

    I use Oil of Olay because my Grammy told me to. I’m not really in love but that could be my skin and not an accurate assessment of their products.

    Would love to win this and try it out.

  128. says

    Would love to try this on my pitiful complexion. Evidently my hormones didn’t get the memo that I am now 29 years old and shouldn’t still have acne!

  129. Tiffany says

    I have not tried Micorderm but I would love to! I tend to use whatever I find on sale and need to up my game a bit now that I turned 40!

  130. Shawna T says

    I want one! I had the dark patches with my first pregnancy and am now halfway into my second. Once this Houston sun starts showing it’s ugly head regularly, I anticipate the same misfortune.

  131. Janelle says

    I am also one of the ‘spent my summer life guarding/teaching swim lessons’ people who is now suffering the consequences…I would love to try this!

  132. Melinda says

    I use the Walgreen type of Oil of Olay Regenerist. I think I really need this product that you are giving away! Thanks for the opportunity.

  133. Elaine says

    Haven’t found my favorite yet. Too rich, I break out like a teenager and too lean doesn’t make any difference, but at my age now 50+, I need to settle on something soon!

  134. lorie says

    I teach fitness classes outside…….nuf said! HELP! Do like unscented olive oil for mosturizer.

  135. Karise Richardson says

    I am in my mid 40’s and have never really done a whole lot with my face, either make up wise OR cleansing wise. For the past two years i guess, I have been using Purity by Philosophy and I love it. I have never tried microabrasion, but I do have some uneven skin tone and rough spots on my face, so it might be something worth trying.

  136. says

    I use Philosophy face wash and Clinique Moisture Surge lotion – LOVE them both! Never tried microdermabrasion, only St Ive’s apricot scrub :)

  137. Michelle says

    Never tried a product like this, but I would love to. I’ve used Olay products and Neutrogena products, but still have dark sun spots. Ready for something that works!

  138. Alyson says

    I use skin-perfection products thanks to the sudden onset of adult acne. Yay me! Anywho, I have never tried microdermabrasion mainly due to the cost of it. Apparently I need to do something though because I took Dr. Oz’s “age of your facial skin” test or something like that the other day on his website and my 33 year old face ain’t lookin’ 33 by the results of that thing. I need all the help I can get.

  139. lpmhawk says

    I love this new product combo of water and soap! Amazing! 😉
    We all know I will regret this at some point in my life… but today I am loving soap and water! :) And with that nope to trying anything too fancy… but worth a shot!

  140. Alicia Hall says

    I love the Target version of Nuetragena’s eye make-up remover and have found the Sephora brand of anti-aging daily moisturizer works pretty well too.

  141. Marian says

    I have tried microdermabrasion but didn’t think it was worth the $. I’d love to try this. I have used many products. Right now using Arbonne.

  142. Donna B. says

    Would love to have this for my 14 year old daughter. She has been using Clearisil and it has really helped a lot. Great giveaway!

  143. Amy says

    I actually just tried microdermabrasion yesterday for the first time! it’s not something I even would have tried on my own, but a friend gave me a gift card so I went for it. I can’t stop touching my face today because I am so surprised by how smooth it is. I’d love to give this product a try- thanks so much for hosting the giveaway!

  144. Trisha White says

    Oh, sister, if you only saw the “mustache” that appeared the summer I was pregnant with my first son. It was B.A.D. I cringe just thinking about it. Got it with both boys and it took FOREVER to fade!
    I’ve never tried microderm abrasion, but I would love to try this little dity. I use Kiehl’s facial wash and cucumber toner. Been using it since high school. Probably time for a change since that was 20 years ago!

  145. Jessica says

    always wanted to try microdermabrasion but like you didn’t want to spend the money on it if it didn’t end up working.. would love to win this!

  146. Beth A. says

    Well, I too subjected my skin to sun torture…baby oil and “aluminium” foil! And…sadly still suffer the post-pregnacy mask…and my oldest is 18 :( Looking for that genie in a bottle :)

  147. says

    I, too, have wanted to try microdermabrasion but haven’t wanted to spend the money w/o knowing if it would work. I do tend to have sensitive skin. I’m okay with perfumes but alphahydroxy is not my friend (retinol is okay though). My skin hasn’t been looking very good lately–I’m at an age when a good night’s sleep can take off 5 years, and a poor night can add 10. Sigh…last night wasn’t good so today I’m really feeling it.
    I use a lot of Neutrogena products.

  148. Leah says

    Sad to say, I only use Cetaphil and Palmers cocoa butter lotion on my face. I would love to do microdermabrasion!! Anything at this point will help. I have redness, a couple sun spots, wrinkles, etc.

  149. Blake says

    I have a birthday on Sunday, and with each year I wonder if this will be the year that I finally quit breaking out in zits while realizing new wrinkles/dark spots on my skin. Isn’t it unfair to have both? I’d love to try something new!

  150. Lisa says

    I need this! I live in Hawaii, and even with lots of La Roche Posay sunscreen, I’m losing ground fast!!

  151. says

    I haven’t used it and would love to give it a try. I have a Rx that my dermo gave me last time I was there that is for adult acne AND wrinkles :) Woohoo! What I’ve noticed makes a big difference though, is when I take my vitamins – my mom is always right :/ And, I love your giveaways and reviews on new products!

  152. Stephanie says

    I use Mary Kay stuff when I use it. I’ve never tried microdermabrasion, but it sounds promising =)

  153. Sarah M says

    I would SO LOOVE to have one of these! Pretty pretty please Big Mama! With a cherry on top! I am feeling the effects of sun in my younger years!

  154. LisaD says

    I’ve just started using the Philosophy line of skin care on this over-50 year old face. Also using the clarisonic brush and like it so far. I’ve never tried microdermabrasion and would love to try it. Please choose me!

  155. Anita says

    I’m always up for a fun giveaway or even just a product review. Thanks for sharing your insights, stories and your heart! Be blessed!

  156. Donna G says

    I’m what you call low-maintenance. I wash my face in the shower with Lever (GASP!!) and then use Oil of Olay. I’m a little hesitant to be sanding my facial area, but it might help some uneven skin tones I have been noticing lately. Actually though, does the Boss’ beard count? If it does, then I have been microdermabrasioning for, um, 28 years.

  157. Laura says

    I just spent to much money on soap for my face…why does getting closer to 40 change my skin so much?! I do lurve my Clarisonic and would love to add the microdermabrasion to my routine…although my husband may not like the extra 10 min it will take to get ready for bed :)

  158. AnnaM says

    Would love to be the big winner. I need help! By the way, talk about whatever you want to talk about. It’s your blog and your choice. I always look forward to reading it and will continue to enjoy it.

  159. Kari says

    I am 57 and really really could use this……….no glow left here…….think I could deal with the few winkles easier if I could get the glow back. I religiously use Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple Cleanser along with my Clarisonic twice daily. Thanks for the contest and please don’t be discouraged with the negative comments. I’m a new reader and love your blog!!

  160. Denise says

    I’ve been using Boots No.7 products. I haven’t tried dermabrasion…but would love to try this product!

  161. Nikki says

    I have the Oil of Olay Pro-X spin brush that I keep in my shower and try to remember to use once a week. Sadly, I use some generic peaches and cream body wash on my face. I need to step it up now that I’m inching toward 40.

  162. SueEllen W says

    Olay is about the only thing that doesn’t lead to breakouts for me. I’d love to try microdermabrasion. Thanks!

  163. LoriW says

    I use Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Corrector. It has helped with the age spots on the left side of my face. (Wear sunscreen while driving as a preventive measure!) I think this prize would help even more. Out d***ed spot[s]!

  164. marian says

    Have not tried it but beed to. The sun spots have come a callin’. I have no favorite facial products. Maybe this would help me love the ones I already have?

  165. says

    I have never tried microderm abrasion, but I’d like to. I use a combination of Clinique and Olay products, but there’s nothing I would say I love.

  166. Lisa says

    I have never tried microdermabrasion and am not loyal to any skin products. I have gotten away with buying whatever is cheap. Now, the early 40’s are not being so kind and it’s time to pay attention to this kind of thing. I would love to win this and start down a better skin care path than the one I’ve been on called “neglect”.

  167. Melanie says

    I use the Clairsonic scrubber thing, and it works pretty well – when I remember to use it. I’d love to try this!

  168. sam says

    I am 47 and use unscented Dove soap. Sometimes I use moisturizer and I rarely wear make up but for some reason I have been thinking of looking into such a product. Must be all those little lines and red splotches that I have been seeing too much of lately. I have yet to try microdermabrasion. (Obviously.) :)

  169. says

    I have never used microdermabrasion but I’m willing to try anything to get of the sun spots that seem to get darker and darker.

    Right now, I could never live without my anti-aging eye cream!!!

  170. Blessed Mom says

    I don’t have a skin care regimen that I love, so it would be great to try this. Maybe it will help me not look so old.

  171. Helen says

    I love a good oil free moisturizer and I’ve never tried microdermabrasion (my gosh, you should have seen how I spelled that the first time!).

  172. Bekah says

    Well, my long-term skin-care plan has always been “my mom has fabulous skin and looks 20 years younger than she is.” I also use Olay Foaming Face Wash and Olay Complete face lotion. Nearing my mid-thirties, I’m wondering if I should be doing more…

  173. says

    I don’t know what m favorite products are…still searching! Currently I’m enjoying the Borghese line they sell at Costco. I have a few of the products and hope to slowly add more. I am definitely trying to go more organic/natural and simple in my products.

  174. TerraD says

    I have been having some skin allergy issues, so I am currently awaiting a Mary Kay order with the “safe for me” new moisturizer and foundation. I’d love to try microdermabrasion!

  175. says

    My favorite skin care product is a home “steamer”! I can give myself a “facial” anytime without leaving the home. I think this PMD would be my new favorite, if I win it. :) I’m keeping my fingers crossed! I’ve tried microdermabrasion before at the salon! I love how my skin looks afterwards (but it’s an expensive treatment). SO, I would love to win this!!!

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  176. Heidi says

    I use Burt’s bee because I worry about chemicals seeping into my skin. I would love it because I just had a hysterectomy so my 34 year old body thinks it is 55 which is tragic.

    Oh and Melanie your blog is lovely through and through. When people say soemthing mean just be happy you probably saved someone else from their mean comment and move on.

  177. Debbie C says

    I have not tried microdermabrasion but would like to, especially on a couple of dark spots. I use Cetaphil only for washing my face and try various products for exfoliating and moisturizing.


  178. Debbie C says

    @chrisdeglen tweeted:!/chrisdeglen/status/165057568048295936


  179. says

    I use Ponds cold cream to wash my face every night. Dove soap in the shower every morning (or whenever the shower happens). I’ve never tried dermabrasion. I do have an appt with a dermatologist later this month for the first time in ages. I’ll do whatever she tells me to do!

  180. says

    I have the body of a 20 year old and the face of a 40 year old. Ok, not really, but a girl can dream. I use Cerave cleanser and moisturizers and an AHA and retinol cream a few times a week. I’ve never tried microdermabrasion, but I have some lovely “80’s tanning with baby oil” spots on my face that I would love to get rid of. I’ve considered using my husband’s Black and Decker Mouse Sander, but he is currently out of sand paper. Pick me please!

  181. Cassie Sue says

    My skin has taken on a life of it’s own recently, so if this works it sounds awesome. I normally use Oil of Olay but lately my skin has been SO dry and flakey. Maybe just butter would work better (i kid… kind of :))

  182. says

    I recently purchased a more expensive moisturizer as I’m scared my skin is looking older, but I’ve never tried microderm abrasion, but it would be worth a try!

  183. Linda says

    I have never tried microdermabrasion but have always wanted to. I too struggle with brown sun spots on my cheeks every year. They fade some in the winter but then as soon as I’m back in the sun they get dark again. I currently use the olay pro-x brush and the Avalon Organics products.

  184. says

    I’m not a big skin care person because I’m lazy, which probably explains why my face is never at it’s best. I’ve also never used/tried microdermabrasion. I don’t even know how to spell it. :(

  185. says

    I have some pretty significant acne scars and have been seriously considering some sort of cleansing brush system to help my skin.

    I hope I will win!

  186. says

    I have some pretty significant acne scars and have been seriously considering some sort of cleansing brush system to help my skin.

    I hope I will win!

    jbfanguy at yahoo dot com

  187. Ansley says

    Thanks for the give away! I have very oly skin and am begining to see the wrinkles creaping in. Right now I use the Mia (thanks to my sister great gift!) with purpose cleanser, followed with Cetaphil and Tazorac.

  188. Sarah N says

    Ooh!! I could use some help.
    And for the record, I’ll give ya all the grace you need! ((hugs))

  189. Kristen says

    I have loved Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple cleanser for several years. There’s really nothing else like it. I am currently too cheap to buy any of their other products although they get great reviews. I would be interested in trying the microdermabrasion kit.

  190. Beth C. says

    Apricot scrub in the a.m. Cetaphil in the p.m. with retinol. I have those lovel brown spots from pregnancies. Help!

  191. AmandaG says

    I’m very interested in trying microdermabrasion sometime, but this sounds like it might work really well! Right now I’m using a Clean and Clear face wash and moisturizer during the day and an Olay night time moisturizer in the PM. I like Origins brand too, since a little goes a long way with their products.

  192. Lindsay W says

    I would love to try to thingy… my skin is so dry lately and I can’t seem to find anything that suits it :)
    Mostly I just wanted to say chin up about the unkind comments.. it’s your dang blog and you can do whatever the heck you want with it!! Click away unhappy lady(ies), click away… unlike the government, Big Mama isn’t here to pacify you and provide for your happiness!! Good luck with finishing your book, Melanie… I’ll keep you in my prayers!

  193. Kim Stachowiak says

    I have horrible brown spots that make my skin look pretty bad. Maybe this would help! Thanks for the giveaway!

  194. shelley in cali says

    Going on 48 and fighting, fighting the good fight everyday. I use Philosophy, lots of it. This would add a nice extra layer to the battle.

  195. Heather from NC says

    I am not the least bit offended that you are trying to give us free stuff. Thanks for the giveaway. I have terrible skin…wrinkles and acne.

  196. Cara says

    I have to say I don’t really have a skin care routine past washing it at night. It has taken on a life of its own lately though so I would LOVE to win this.

  197. Lori says

    40 is knocking on my face… ok that makes no sense, but it’s just around the corner for me, and my surprise pregnancy at 39 has only added to my facial woes. Wonder if this might help at least a smidge?

  198. Candace says

    I would love to try this. I use whatever is cheap which doesn’t seem to be working for me now that I am over 40. I used to get compliments on my complexion all the time… not so much anymore!

  199. lavonda says

    I only use Proactiv for skin care right now. 41 years old and the skin just isn’t what it was even 5 years ago! Where did those pores and spots and all come from? I’ve always wanted to try microderm, but have never taken that plunge yet. I have a friend who has a light chemical peel every 4 months… she’s my age and has the best skin I’ve ever seen! So yes, I’d love to try this if I win it. Love to.

  200. Merrie says

    I would love to try this. I use St. Ives tea tree scrub to wash and meladerm to get rid of those pesky brown spots that showed up during my last pregnancy.

  201. Pat F. says

    Would love to get rid of the sun spots that are creeping into my complexion and even though I love my Olay products, they don’t seem to be cuttin’ the mustard right now! :)

  202. nicole says

    ive used philosophys daily micro derm but its like a face scrub not a deep down micro so Id love to try this!

  203. Rachel says

    I would LOVE to win one of these and be able to try it! I’m also obsessed with what’s happened to my skin after 35. Aargh! I’m sure in 10 years we will look back and wish for our 39 year old faces again. Sigh.

  204. Pam says

    All time fave? Masks–any kind! I think this micro would be an excellent addition. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  205. Karen Orr says

    I so need this! I have not tried microderm abrasion but would love to. My skin care program is not very consistent but I use Oil of Olay wash cloths with the cleanser already in them, just wet one and wash your face. I love easy but I would definitely use this if I win. Thanks for the giveaway, I think your blog is awesome and it never hurts to try to win free stuff!

  206. says

    I”ve never had much of a skin care routine, and being an AZ native and turning 51 yesterday, boy, am I sorry! I NEED this. Badly.

  207. Lisa Kirkes says

    First off Melanie, would you kindly get rid of all the 20-something year olds who have entered this contest? Please girl, come back in 15-20 years. Second, please disqualify anyone with a beautiful, flawless profile pic. Thanks! That should level out the playing field and up my chances of winning! Just kidding. :)
    I have found some success with the Murad products at Sephora. The problem is they are way too expensive for my budget – more than $15! hee hee Would love it win this amazing gift. My face was badly burned rescuing orphans from a children’s hospital on Christmas Eve while on my way to feed the homeless. Wait . . . you pick the winner by random drawing? Nevermind.

  208. says

    Would love to win this. I’m 38 and was just commenting today about a stupid zit that has taken up residence on my chin. Course it would probably help if I’d leave it alone…

  209. Julie K. says

    On the slippery slope to….dare I say it the big 5 ohhhhh. Would love to try this product.

  210. says

    My 46(!) year old face would love a little something in the way of intentional help as the extent of my skin care regimen would be the Aveeno facial scrub followed by a bit of regular Oil of Olay moisturizer.

    Not working so great now that I’m in my advanced years 😉

    Thanks for the give-away!

  211. Lisa Blakesley says

    Have never tried microderm abrasion but have always wanted to. Always use Olay. Since I started wearing make-up! Would love to win this!!

  212. Lisa says

    Sadly…..I have no face regimen to speak of. It is a sad fact for this 40 something face. I was a huge Kiehl’s fan, but two daughters in college left me dirt broke!

  213. Vickie says

    I am thankful for good genes. I just turned 60 but people usually guess my age as 40-45. Thanks, Mom!!! My skin care regimen has always been dove soap and Neutrogena moisturizer for sensitive skin. And a blessed life! I did have skin cancer removed about 9 years ago. Would love to try microdermabrasion for a couple of age spots that have popped up recently. And, Melanie, I read your blog everyday and enjoy it so much. I’m sorry for the hurtful things people say. Keep on keeping on! You rock!

  214. says

    Honestlly, I would love to dry the PMD Home Microabrasion system. I have been using the Oil of Olay two-step microabrasion and exfoliant solution for about a year. I noticed smoother skin but haven’t noticed a change in my brown spots. I would love for those to face. Sign me up for a chance at the drawing! And thank you!

  215. Kathryn says

    I use a variety of facial products…from Bulgari to Avon and everything in between. My teenage self would be shocked that I actually want/need moisturizer. Would love to start with a microdermabrasion regime!

  216. Beth says

    I am always searching for the right products for my face. I recently started using the Mario Badescu line- the ingredients are mostly natural and the price is great- especially with an Ulta coupon! This sounds like something I need to try.

  217. Rhonda says

    I use Lancome face wash and moisturizer. I have tried microdermabrasion once but would love to have the diy kit.

  218. Mitzi says

    I mainly use Olay for my skincare and it seems to be ok. I have never tried microdermabrasion, but look forward to trying it:-)

  219. Janet S. says

    I have never tried microdermabrasion! My skin care routine is very basic: I wash with either Dove soap or St. Ives facial soap and moisturize with Oil of Olay lotion. That’s basically it.

  220. Beverly P says

    Can. Not. Live. Without: Clinique Exfoliating Scrub!

    Have never tried microdermabrasion, but NEED. TO!!!

  221. ali says

    I’ve never tried microdermabrasion but I would love to. I usually just use whatever strikes my fancy at the drugstore.