Fashion Friday: Edition Pure Charity and an AWESOME giveaway

Okay. There was a little bit of confusion yesterday because I am an idiot and accidentally posted this post as password protected on Thursday afternoon. And some of y’all started emailing and asking for the password.

It was like Fashion Friday had gone undercover. The whole thing reminded me of that episode of 90210 when they were trying to find some secret party and had to bring an egg to a convenience store to find out the location. But without the high-waisted acid washed jeans and big hair.

Anyway, today is going to be awesome.

Remember a few weeks back when I told y’all about Pure Charity? You create an account. Then you register your credit or debit cards (it’s all very secure) and then every time you spend money at participating retailers a percentage of your purchase goes into an account that you can then give to various charities. And there are over 1,000 online retailers like Gap, Target, Forever 21, Apple. Places we already shop all the time. Except now they’re giving us the opportunity to give back as we spend money. It’s the most brilliant thing ever.

For instance, this week I have several things from Nordstrom on Fashion Friday. And if you are signed up with Pure Charity, Nordstrom gives a whopping 4.5% of your purchase back to your Pure Charity account and you can determine what cause you’d like it to go to. Amazing.

For even more information, you can read this blog post by Jen Hatmaker about Pure Charity. She explains the whole thing in great detail.

You just have to click on my link to sign up or on this precious face below. And then all your Christmas purchases will have the benefit of helping you make a difference.

Pure Charity

As an added incentive to become a part of Pure Charity, they’ve given us an incredibly fun gift. They have given me a budget to buy one of everything I’m featuring today on Fashion Friday and give it away. The only thing you have to do for a chance to win is sign up here at Pure Charity and leave a comment on this post letting me know the top three or four things you’d choose from today’s post if you are one of the winners.

I’ll use to choose winners and do my best to make sure each person receives one of the things you list in your comments. Y’all, there are no guarantees here. It may end up as you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit. But I’m waiting to buy everything until after the winners are announced so I can get you the size you need for whichever item you win.

Does any of this make sense?

Once you join Pure Charity, there are simple instructions to add the browser plug in – and as you can see below – the button will pop up on all participating sites and show you how much you will get to put in your giving fund.

These are the three projects I’d like us to back – you can pick any of the below to help with your giving fund. Once you’ve signed up and activated your free account, select which project you’ll back with me.

I’ll be giving updates as we fund projects.

It’s just such an easy way to put your money to good use by just doing what you normally do and not having to budget for it separately.

And, now, for the great stuff you have a chance to win. Which also happens to all be stuff I love.

1. Old Navy waffle-knit sweater scarf

Old Navy gives back 2% of your purchase price to your Pure Charity account. This scarf is $14.94. So I’ll let you do the math.

Seriously, I’ll let you do the math. I’m terrible at it.

But how cute is this scarf? It comes in a bunch of different colors and I just love it.

2. Nordstrom kendra scott danielle oval necklace

Nordstrom is currently giving back 4.5 % of your purchase. This gorgeous necklace is $58.00 because Nordstrom doesn’t add that ninety-four cents nonsense like Old Navy. What’s that about?

Anyway, I seriously love this necklace. There are several color options and all of them are gorgeous.

3. hue denim leggings from Nordstrom.

This is another item from Nordstrom. And as I typed that sentence I began to feel like the announcer on The Price is Right. These are $39 and are some of the best leggings ever.

In fact, they are a true jegging. They are leggings that look like jeans. Which means they are much more comfortable. And they come in a ton of colors.

4. J. Crew gold bangle set

J. Crew gives back 5%. Well done, J. Crew. You’ve always been my favorite.

These gold bangles are so pretty and perfect for layering with all manner of other bracelets. It’s like a party for your arm.

What on earth does that even mean?

5. Old Navy softest blanket wrap cardi

This is $42.94 at Old Navy. What the actual heck, Old Navy? Seriously? Why not just call it $43?

Your pricing is weird, but your cardigan is lovely. We’ll take it.

6. piperlime hive & honey layered petal necklace

I adore this necklace. It’s the perfect thing to add a little something extra to almost any outfit.

Piperlime gives back 2.5% of your purchase. This necklace is $26.00.

Seriously, you’re going to have to do the math.

7. hue color block over the knee socks from Nordstrom

Now I wouldn’t wear these over my knee because I’m not in my twenties. But I would absolutely wear them scrunched down a little over the top of my boots. So cute.

And they come in other color options, too.

8. minnetonka 3-layer fringe boot from Nordstrom

Listen. Pocahontas knew a good boot. I mean, that may not be in the history books, but I think these moccasins speak for themselves. These are $89.95 at Nordstrom so 4.5% of that purchase will go back to my account.

And one of you will have great boots to show for it.

9. Gap cable poncho

Gap gives back 3%. This poncho is $69.95. And I have been eyeing it for weeks now. Weeks. The only reason I haven’t bought it is because P has seen it on Fashion Friday and knows it’s more than $15.00.

But maybe now that I’m shopping and giving back to charities at the same time, he’ll see it differently. Yes, I’m getting this new poncho but it’s so the orphans can have Christmas presents. Won’t anyone think of the children?

10. kate spade new york stud earrings

These are $38 and so, so pretty. I love all the colors and, frankly, if you win these I have no idea how you’ll ever decide. Personally, I go back and forth between the pink and this aqua color.

So that’s it. For a chance to win one of these items, here’s a recap of what you need to do:

1. Click here to create a Pure Charity account if you don’t have one already.

2. Leave a comment letting me know you signed up and tell me your top three, four, or eight picks from everything on Fashion Friday today. One comment only, duplicates will be deleted.

3. I’ll leave comments open until Monday at noon. At that time I will draw ten winners using

4. I will then contact each winner by email in the order I drew their name to find out what size, color, etc. they would like in the item they’ve won. You have 48 hours to contact me after I email or I will choose another winner.

5. Gifts will be ordered and shipped directly to the winners. I will verify that each winner actually signed up for Pure Charity.

6. We all get to make a difference with our Christmas shopping this year and so really everybody wins.

That’s it. If my math is right (and there is no guarantee) somewhere in the neighborhood of $15.00 will go back to my Pure Charity account to go toward the projects we’re backing. It may not seem like much, but imagine if a thousand of us all signed up for Pure Charity before we did our Christmas shopping. It adds up.

Y’all have a great Friday.


  1. Timmarie says

    I signed up – what an amazing idea! I love the Old Navy blanket cardi, and all of the jewelry. I hope a lot of people sign up and that this helps raise a ton of money!

  2. says

    I signed up when Kelly Stamps blogged about it, but I didn’t know you could register your cards! Doing that right away. I’d love those Minnetonka boots, Kate Spade earrings, the Danielle necklace and the Gap cable sweater. I love everything you chose though. Seriously I might just give this link to everyone as my Christmas wish list! 😉

  3. Rikki says

    I signed up and registered our cards a week or so ago when Kelly did this. I love the way it links your debit card, it makes it so easy!

    I’d love to win the GAP poncho but wouldn’t complain about winning anything you’ve listed, you have great taste!

  4. Elizabeth says

    I just signed up for Pure Charity. It’s a brilliant idea!

    Me, I love the fringe boot and the blanket wrap cardi.

  5. says

    I signed up. I had never heard of the Pure Charity before. What a great idea! I love the Gap poncho, the Old Navy blanket cardi, and the Kate Spade stud earrings.

  6. Jennifer says

    I just signed up and love the concept. I need to spend more time on their site on a regular computer – off a smart phone is too much ha! I love the boots, leggings and Kate Spade earrings!

  7. Kellie N says

    I just signed up! I can’t wait to start shopping and watch my fund grow AND more importantly – I can’t wait to give it back. What a great opportunity. Thank you and Pure Charity.
    I love all of your Fashion Friday picks, but I think my favorite this week: HUE denim leggings. I’ve been searching for the perfect pair.

  8. Susan B. says

    My account is ready to go. Love the Kate Spade earrings, Nordstrom necklace and J Crew bangles. I guess I’m an accessory kind of girl!

  9. Lindy says

    I signed up…. GREAT concept! And perfect timing right before Christmas! My favorite items are the Old Navy blanket cardi, the hue denim leggings, and the kate spade earrings! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  10. Michele says

    Thanks for the reminder to sign up! Finally clicked through (so easy!) and I’m now supporting the Samaritan’s Purse water project. I love the Nordstrom necklace, Kate Spade earrings, and Piperlime necklace! Thanks and yay for Pure Charity!

  11. says

    I signed up for Pure Charity about a month ago, right after Jen Hatmaker first blogged about it. Love it!

    My top items are the Hue jeggings, the Kendra Scott Necklace, the Minnetonka boots and the Kate Spade earrings. I’m so excited about Pure Charity!

  12. says

    Love this! I signed up when Kelly talked about it a little while back!
    Love the Kendra Scott necklace, boots, leggings and poncho : )

  13. Caitlyn says

    Signed up – what a great organization! Plan on sending the link to my sisters and mom to get them to sign up too.
    I like the hue leggings and hue socks, the kate spade earrings, and the Gap poncho.

  14. Dori says

    I signed up! And I love the Kate Spade earrings, the J. Crew bracelets and the Nordstrom leggings!!! Oh my.
    On an entirely different note, we went to the Aggies game last weekend and had tickets in the student section!! Stood up for the WHOLE game as we watched Johnny Football work his magic. Got a glimpse into the world of Texas A&M. Talk about traditions. We loved it.

  15. anotherlisa says

    i’m signed up. love the categories to scan…did you see ebags gives 6.5%?
    and even marriott is onboard, for those holiday travelers.
    i have 3 daughters, so if i win “i’ll get what i get” and it will fit one of them just fine.
    thanks so much!

  16. Michele says

    What a great idea – I’m so happy to sign up for Pure Charity! I love your blog…especially Fashion Friday! My favorites from today are the Gap poncho, Old Navy cardi, Hue leggings, and Nordstrom necklace. Thanks!!

  17. Jill says

    I signed up! love the gap poncho, oval necklace, old navy card, and layered petal necklace. Great giveaway!!

  18. Sara says

    I had been meaning to sign up, so thank you for the encouragement and incentive!
    1.Kate Spade earrings
    2. Piperlime necklace
    3. Gap poncho
    4. Kendra Scott necklace

  19. says

    I signed up. Great organization ~ thank you for making us aware. Love the Nordstrom leggings, J. Crew bangles and Gap poncho. But who could be picky about a giveaway?!? :)

  20. Beth says

    Just signed up and as far as what I love on your picks – the sweater, the leggings, the scarf, the boots, the poncho (no order intended – any and all rank as LOVE!) – all cozy and warm and snuggly!!!! Yes, please and thank you!!

  21. says

    Ok, I officially signed up! What an awesome idea! I would totally give the Gap poncho to my little sister because she is WAY trendier than I am but I would keep the Old Navy scarf all for myself.

  22. Regan says

    I signed up a while back and I love Pure Charity! I would like to win the Hue leggings (even though I’m a little scared to wear leggings!), the Gap poncho, the Old Navy Cardigan, or the Kate Spade earrings. Thanks!!!

  23. says

    I signed up. Will have to add my debit card at a later time as my college kid has it today since he says he is broke! I probably will be when he gives it back to me. I love all this stuff but my favorites are the leggings, blanket wrap cardi, fringe boot, and the poncho. Awesome stuff!

  24. says

    I signed up, it’s under our facebook account name – DavidandYolanda McLean

    I’d love the Old Navy softest blanket wrap cardi
    Old Navy Waffle knit sweater scarf
    hue color block over the knee socks from Nordstrom

  25. says

    I’m all signed up! This is awesome and I can’t wait to get started. I didn’t select my charities yet…but I definitely support with the Samaritan’s Purse clean water project, among others I’m sure!

    I would choose either the Kendra Scott Necklace or those awesome boots! So fun! Thanks for this opportunity! :)

  26. says

    I’m signed up! I’m following Samaritan’s Purse – so when I have some funds in there, that’s one place my money will go.
    As for the super cute things, I like all of it this week. I’d say my favorites would be the blanket wrap cardi, the boots, and the leggings. But I’d be happy to win anything!

  27. Jo Laine says

    Numbers 1, 5, 8, and 9 are my favorites. Signed up and invited all my facebook friends to do so as well. Thanks for the heads up!

  28. Ellen Roth says

    I just signed up, because my daughter has several things from Forever21 on her list, and I see they are one of the participating stores. I would choose 3, 5, or 9 if I won.

  29. leah says

    Awesome – just signed up and can’t wait to look into this more! Items i’d pick – Kendra Scott Danielle Oval Necklace (so pretty), Minnetonka books (these look like fun!), Kate Spade earrings (love that color)

  30. Callie says

    I signed up. Shopping and giving. They are my two favorite hobbies! Doesn’t get better than that. I MUST HAVE the hue denmin leggings, and of course the kate spade earrings and minnetonka boots!!! Merry Christmas to me!!!

  31. says

    LOVE this! Shopping and helping others…two of my VERY favorite things! :)
    I am diggin the Nordstrom leggings, the GAP poncho, and the Kate Spade earrings!
    Fingers crossed….
    And in the meantime…I think I’ll shop. And help others.

  32. says

    I just signed up – this is great!

    1. hue denim leggings
    2. Old Navy wrap card
    3. Gap poncho
    4. Nordstrom Oval Necklace
    5. piperlime necklace
    6. kate spade earrings

  33. Charlotte says

    Just signed up (been meaning to for awhile, thanks for the incentive)!

    Love #1, #5, #7 the most (but any would be great)!


  34. Catherine says

    Signing up… now! :) What a great organization!

    My faves are the gap poncho, minnetonka boots and piperlime necklace.

  35. says

    I signed up . . . and I love the GAP poncho and the boots, but also all the jewelry, so I’m not super-picky apparently :-) love this giveaway friend!

  36. LynnW says

    Signed up. I would love any of the items in your list today. I am not picky.
    Thanks for the give away!

  37. Phyllis says

    Hey! Thank you for promoting this – it is absolutely genius. I had signed up when Jen Hatmaker blogged about it {and don’t tell Mr. Phyllis, but have been VERY busy shopping, er, I mean, building up my giving account.} As far as these great Fashion Friday picks, not only can I not do the math, I’m not even sure if being signed up under Jen’s account counts me out for your generous offer. : ) {Which if fine – I just love that you are promoting Pure Charity!}

  38. lisa says

    I signed up and think this is a great idea!
    I love the Minnetonka 3 layer fringe boot…i was actually looking at them online this week.
    I love the Kate Spade earings…I’ve seen them in person and they are beautiful.
    I love the Hue color block sock…
    I love the Hue denim leggings….they look much nicer than those pj/jeans they sell on tv

  39. maggie says

    hello! i am signed up for pure charity =) my favorite items are the kate spade earrings, the socks or the jeggings! thanks for helping spread the word about this awesome site!

  40. says

    Love this! I signed up with Pure Charity the same day you first told us about it; I think it is the most genius idea ever. I just can’t wait for my husband to actually get paid (um hello, WEEKS and counting) so I can put my account to use! I am so thankful to them for doing this, and to you for letting us know!

    If I could choose three things from today’s post that I could get, I’d have to say #8 the Minnetonka boots (holy cow those look comfy!), #5 the Old Navy blanket wrap cardi, and #3 the denim leggings. I love that color!

    Thank you so much Melanie!

  41. Elle says

    Just signed up! What a great idea – somehow I missed this last time you posted it….so glad you brought it to our attention again. And frankly – I would take any of the offerings today, ANY of them.

    You rock Bigmama!!!!

  42. Echo Caraway says

    I just signed up. I hope you can get lots of people to sign up and also use this! I really like the necklace from piperlime, and the $43 cardigan, and the earrings, and… Thank you!! :)

  43. MKullberg says

    I signed up a week or so ago. So excited about these projects. I love the KS earrings, the Piperlime necklace and the HUE socks. Thank you for such a great giveaway!

  44. Candy says

    I signed up :)
    I love the Nordstrom necklace the bestest, and the piperlime necklace the nextest bestest.

  45. Erica says

    I signed up! :)

    I love the Kate Spade stud earrings (the turquoise is gorgeous!) the best for sure, then the piperlime necklace. The Old Navy blanket wrap cardigan is cute, too.

    Thanks for using your blog for good things like this!

  46. Alexis says

    Thank you for Fashion Fridays! My favorite Fashion Friday item so far has been the roll-tab-cuff-sleeve shirt from Old Navy. But I digress! Today, my favorite items are the jewelry! My top three favorites are the Nordstrom Kendra Scott Oval Necklace, the Kate Spade Stud Earrings, and the Honey & Hive Layered Petal Necklace.

  47. Meredith says

    I just signed up and I love me some Hue jeggings, i actually have a pair on right now so those are my 1st choice, then the boots, socks, scarf or bangles. All are so cute.

  48. ashley says

    i signed up- such a cool idea. i would love the kendra scott necklace, kate spade earrings or hues leggings :)

  49. michelle says

    I love the idea of giving to charity this way! I signed up! I would love the scarf or the leggings.

  50. Alana says

    Oh how I am longing for that honey and hive piperlime necklace. And the aqua earrings. And those awesome leggings in brown instead of Dijon mustard. Or just any of this stuff!!

  51. Jessica says

    Dear Leggings Model:
    It must be nice to wear those leggings with a shirt that could fit my 3 year old, and not worry about your thighs touching at the top. P would love to feed you some of his deer meat, and I would bet a few tortillas & queso dip would be delicious, too! Eat something – for the love!
    (…and maybe a little jealous!)

  52. elizabeth says

    a thought about your old navy .94 obsession, question. the year they opened maybe? that’s a popular number on their t’s, hoodies, etc.

    any news on the green sparkly shoes release?

    pure charity is a nifty idea.

  53. Cara says

    Signed up — love the projects you are supporting. I use eBates for cash back when I shop, but how great to do this instead and have the few cents and dollars here and there go to people who need it instead of back in my pocket.
    I guess I’m an Old Navy girl (no surprise to anyone who knows me) — love the ON scarf and the ON cardigan:)

  54. Tierney says

    I signed up! I’d love to win the Kate spade earrings, Jcrew bracelets, or the Kendra Scott necklace! Great Fashion Friday today!! Love.

  55. says

    I’m already signed up…what a great way to give back!! Great choices (as always!) but I think I’d have to pick the jeggings, turquoise necklace, poncho or Kate Spade earrings or the boots I’ve wanted for 2 years now!! 😉

  56. Cherie says

    Just signed up, great organization! Love the Old Navy cardi and sweater scarf and the Kate Spade earrings.

  57. kris says

    I just signed up for Pure Charity. Love all the projects they do. I would lo love anything you have chosen. The cardi or necklace would be 1st choices.

  58. amymiller says

    I just signed up and I’m so excited to help! I love the old navy sweater (I’m with you on the pricing….what the heck???), the poncho, or that lovely gold statement necklace.

  59. Kathleen says

    Wow, what a great program. Thanks for sharing the info about it. I just signed up and can’t wait to get started on my Christmas shopping. I would love the fringed boots or Old Navy cardigan or Gap poncho.

  60. Amia says

    What a great, easy idea! Thanks for telling us about it. I love the cardi wrap, the necklace and earrings. I am excited to see what kind of a difference we all can make together!

  61. Mary says

    I signed up too. I’m going to back the project that gives to orphans and at-risk children in Mexico. It’s a great project! On a fashion note, I love your Friday postings! I especially love the sweater! I so look forward to your blog everyday! Thank you!!!!

  62. Leslie K says

    Love this so much, I just signed up! I love the Kendra Scott necklace, the Minnetoka boots and the Old Navy cardigan, but they are all great!

  63. Traci says

    I signed up! Feeling a little guilty that it took a giveaway for me to do it because it was so easy! The Kendra Scott necklace is my favorite, but I would not throw a fit with any of the giveaways 😉

  64. Kelly says

    Signed up! My top picks:

    1. Minnetonka Boots
    2. Hue Leggings
    3. Old Navy Softest Blanket Cardigan
    4. Gap Poncho

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  65. says

    Brilliant idea!

    I love the Piperlime necklace, the Kate Spade Earrings, and the Old Navy scarf and the Hue leggings.

    Thanks so much for sharing about Pure Charity!

  66. says

    How do I pick just one. . .or three, or four. . . . ??!! 😉 If I must, then I LOVE the boots, the Hue denim leggings, the Kendra Scott necklace, the Old Navy cardigan. . . What a fun giveaway and what a great way to help others!

  67. Amy says

    I just signed up. What a wonderful idea- so excited to now make a small difference as I do my Christmas shopping. Thank you! I love the earrings, oval necklace and cardi.. Thank you again for sharing about this awesome site!

  68. Jackie Ingram says

    Done and done! Even signed up my Gap card. Love those boots, the poncho, and the denim leggings. :)

  69. says

    Signed up and followed you.

    I went into Old Navy yesterday and stared at that wrap cardi for several minutes with longing eyes, so I’d say that’s at the top of my list :) But the bangles, poncho or earrings would be lovely to have as well!

  70. says

    Well, as a 59 year old man, I’m not really a clothes shopper but I’m glad to see that you who are are trying to do positive things with your money.
    My daughter told me about your blog. You have quite a sense of humor. Enjoyable content.

  71. Alicia says

    I signed up! Thanks for sharing Pure Charity with us…I love the concept!
    I also love the sweaters, scarf and leggings!

  72. Kimberly Oliver says

    I signed up! Here is my wish list…
    1. Hue Denim Leggings
    2. Old Navy Softest Blanket Wrap
    3. Kendar Scott Oval Necklace
    4. Kate Spade Stud Earrings

    Truth be told I’ll take anything!!

    Merry Christmas!

  73. says

    Thanks! I just signed up and I can’t wait to help fund the orphan project as I am in the process of trying to adopt 1 or 2 orphans from Russia. I love all the jewlery and the old navy wrap.

  74. Callie says

    I signed up when Jen Hatmaker blogged about it! Maybe that still counts?
    Anyways, love the hue leggings, kendra scott necklace, and kate spade earrings. Unfortunately, my taste and my budget do not see eye to eye: )

  75. Megan says

    I love this idea, finally something to make me feel good about my online shopping habit!

    My favorites would be 1.) Kate Spade earrings 2.) JCrew gold bracelets 3.(tie) Gap Poncho and the Minnetonka boots.

  76. Stephanie says

    I signed up! I already have the fringe boots and I just have to tell everyone-RUN and get yourself a pair. They aren’t for wallflowers though-they will get you noticed not only because they are super cute but they also make a fun swishy sound when you walk! How fun is that? My top picks from your list are the poncho and all the jewelry-especially the aqua earrings!

  77. Beth says

    This is a great idea! Thank you! Love the Old Navy Blanket Wrap Cardi, the Hue denim leggings, Nordstrom oval necklace, and J Crew Bangles.

  78. says

    I signed up! I love this idea especially since I’m going to be doing a ton of my Christmas shopping online this year–a great opportunity to give back! My top picks are…Old Navy cardigan, Kate Spade earrings and the Old Navy knit scarf.

  79. Amber S says

    I am signed up!! What a great idea–thanks for sharing it :) I loved the Gap poncho, blanket wrap cardigan, old navy scarf and the oval necklace.

  80. Jabber Jaws says

    I’m in! I would love the ponchos for myself but in the spirit of giving, I really would love to gift any of the boots to my 15 year old. She has deep love for the boot.

  81. says

    Signed up! Thanks for the links – now to do a little shopping at Nordstrom. I like:

    1. Kate Spade Stud Earrings
    2. Kendra Scott Danielle Oval Necklace
    3. Piperlime Hive & Honey Layered Petal Necklace
    4. J.Crew Gold Bangle Set
    5. Hue Demin Leggings

  82. says

    Signed up for Pure Charity! What a great thing!! And I love the Gap poncho, and those leggings!!! And just about everything on the list today. Thanks!!!

  83. Blaire says

    I signed up for Pure Charity! My top picks are:
    1. The Kendra Scott necklace
    2. The fringe boots
    3. The Kate Spade earrings
    4. The j. crew bangles
    5. The Rue jeggings

    Thanks and Gig ‘Em big mama!

  84. says

    Just signed up! Really cool idea! I love all the choices, but the Old Navy cardigan, J Crew bangles, and the Piperlime necklace are my faves. Thank you!

  85. Rebekah says

    So excited to learn about Pure Charity.

    My favorite fashion friday items:

    1. Kate Spade earrings
    2. Nordstrom necklace
    3. hue denim leggings

  86. Lauren says

    Signed up, and super excited because a friend of mine has an organization called ru4children that will be launching soon. Look for him! He helps so many kids!!
    I’d love the Nordstrom necklace, the old navy sweater, the boots…
    Love it all!!!

  87. Missy says

    I signed up, and can’t wait to start looking at charities. I loved everything except the fringe boots and the leggings, but my favorite is the Old Navy scarf.

  88. says

    Obviously, I am not the first person to tell you this, but you were the first person I thought of when I heard the news. Congrats on winning your bet!

  89. Laura says

    Ok, so I’m not the first to mention it….but, how funny that you were the first person that I, and several others, thought of upon reading the news about Kate expecting. Congrats on winning your bet & enjoy your drink!