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And if you’re an Aggie fan and haven’t seen this, you’re missing out.

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  1. 1

    Amazing! GREAT speech. So happy for him!

  2. 2

    Don’t you just love him? He’s made so many Aggies so very proud to bleed maroon!

  3. 3

    That is just wonderful.

    *a note of explanation: I was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska to a non-sporty family,
    my kids were non-sporty and we never really had a football game on at our house ever. Of course Anchorage, Alaska has no football team! Our kids didn’t go to universities with big ole football teams (smaller, Christian liberal arts universities).

    In other words, I know diddly squat about Football. I’ve never even seen Friday Night Lights.

    *hangs head in shame*

    BUT — this clip made me all sorts of excited. I’m so very happy for this fellow, for the team, and all you Aggie’s everywhere!

  4. 4

    After this season I am officially an Aggie fan(until the day we play each other but before and after that lol)! I love this team and this young man. So sweet, so polite, so humble! You guys proved you belonged in the SEC all along. Gig ’em!

  5. 5

    Saw that video yesterday & shared it on my fb page. I have to admit that the “to the 12th man… Aggies everywhere, this Heisman’s for you” brought tears to my eyes!

  6. 6

    Goosebumps on top of goosebumps!!! What a year for Aggie football!

  7. 7

    I thought about you when your Aggies beat Alabama AND I thought about you when Johnny Football won the Heisman.

    Good for y’all!

  8. 8


    Still love our Manti……an wonderful football player…..and a young man of integrity

  9. 9

    We’re a UT/Baylor family – but Johnny Football has won me over to the Aggies. :)

  10. 10

    Oh my, is it wrong for me (a MUCH older mom of 3) to have a bit of a crush on that one? What a deserving and gracious young man.

  11. 11

    Even married to an Aggie, I was one of the “non-believers” that A&M could succeed in it’s first year in the SEC. Boy, was I wrong. I have a whole new respect for the 12th man and y’alls school. I will say that by far, you all also have THE NICEST fans ever – so impressed when we went to tailgate for the LSU/A&M game. Congratulations to Aggies everywhere! (btw, in case you were wondering, crow is a bit salty)

  12. 12

    My husband was pulling for Manti, but all I could think was, “BigMama is DYING right now!”

  13. 13

    I want to be an Aggies fan after watching that!

  14. 14

    SUCH an exciting time to be an Aggie! I am so envious of the students on campus this year.

  15. 15

    Well. That made me cry. #gigem

  16. 16

    He is such a doll. I’m always proud to be an Aggie, but he represents the 12th Man spirit so well that I am just extra proud to be wearing this ring right now. So glad we have a young man who is not only extraordinarily talented but also such a good representation of Aggie spirit. He’s the face of the university right now and he’s a good one!

  17. 17

    I live in Kansas so all my KState friends were shall we say a bit discouraged? (That’s a NICE way of putting it). But, all I could think was, BIG Mamma is So HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!!

    Enjoy your coffee-free always tastes best!

  18. 18

    I don’t follow college football how can you not like someone who wears the number 2 because of Derek Jeter!!!

  19. 19

    Did you know the UT tower was lit with the number 12 after the Heisman ceremony, congratulating Johnny Manziel and the Texas A&M 12th man ?

    • 20

      LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog I am an avid reader. Congratulations to Johnny Manziel-he is VERY deserving. So exciting for Aggie fans. I hate to write this here and maybe I should pretend and live in la la land. I am a graduate of UT and the tower was not lit for Johnny Manziel but for the seniors who will be graduating this week (class of ’12).

  20. 21


  21. 23

    I watched the ceremony, with fingers crossed for Johnny Football. He deserved to win—what an amazing year aTm has had! Two things really stood out for me; the love and emotion on his parents’ faces, and how wonderfully articulate and gracious his speech was. How can he possibly be just 20 years old??

    Aggies everywhere have a right to be proud to call him their own.


  22. 24

    So happy for you Aggies! You make the SEC proud!

  23. 25

    When I heard he won I thought of you. So excited for him!

  24. 26

    So excited for you! So excited for Aggie fans! :) I thought of you when I heard he won.

  25. 27
    Nancy Minchew says:

    Every Texan (whether an Aggie fan or not) should be bursting with pride over this accomplishment for such a fine young man! It is great that he gives the glory to God, family and coaches. Congratulations to Johnny “Heisman”

  26. 28

    His speech was simply outstanding. so happy for you and Texas A&M. Go SEC!!

  27. 29

    All I can say is GIG’EM!

  28. 30

    SO AWESOME!! I cried and cried…could not be happier for him and for those Fightin’ Texas Aggies….my son graduates from A&M on Friday!! Gig’em!!

  29. 31

    Well deserved!

  30. 32

    Up here in Missourah, I watched the Heisman ceremony just to see if Johnny Football would win. I said YES when he won and I thought of Big Mama! I had tears in my eyes and I knew you probably did too. All three of the young men this year are outstanding young men and I wish all of them much happiness in their lives.

  31. 33

    Thought of you immediately as soon as I saw he had won. What a superb man he appears to be. Well deserved….coming from a Gamecock fan. :)

  32. 34

    I gave a huge sigh of relief when I saw he’d won. hahaha. I was like “BIG MAMA IS GOING TO BE SO HAPPY”. But I also knew if he didn’t win, it might be the end of the world. hahaa.

    In other predictions…..have you gotten your free coffee from the Starbucks guy over the Royal Baby?

  33. 35

    I could have wept ALL day after I watched that (and almost did)

  34. 36

    I love that! And yes, the 12th Man is one of the greatest traditions of Texas A&M. Gig em, Ags. Great, great video. Great young man.

  35. 37

    Not an Aggies fan, not really even a college football fan, (I’m a fan of the other 12th man team in Seattle), but that seriously made me tear up! So cool!

  36. 38
    Michelle Aggie Class of '93 says:

    Aggie Class of ’93 here…feel like I should know you. So many things we have in common. live in Bryan and look for you and Gulley occasionally when I’m at Target on the weekends. Haha.
    I am now following jmanziel2 on instagram, and noticed he had a pic from a Breakaway event…and I thought of you.

  37. 39

    I’ve never even been to Texas, but have always had a soft spot in my heart for A & M. But i’m a Minnesota/Wisconsin girl…Texas would have cooked me. I thought of you when I heard the announcement was made…what a blessing to have that boy on your side. He’s a keeper. I love this.

  38. 40

    Was totally thinking of you Melanie!! I cried like I was his mama!

  39. 41

    Oh my goodness, I just teared up all over again watching that video! I was so nervous watching it on Saturday night, as I’m sure you were too! Whoop!!! Love my Aggies!

  40. 42

    Awesome! Great video clip! I know your heart is proud! Love me some college football! He deserved it! Just a freshman too!

  41. 43

    Okay. I’ll admit it. I don’t really watch football unless my baby is playing, and even then need help understanding what in God’s name is going on. The most active I get with football on, is making the nachos. BUT, watching that video gave me chills. Downright chills. Thanks!

  42. 44

    Well gracious. That’ll make any of us tear up. Gig ’em.

    (Did I say that right?) :)

  43. 45

    As soon as I heard the news, I immediately said, “Oh Big Mama is gonna be SO happy!!” LOL

  44. 46

    …and THIS is why we love football!

  45. 47

    My DH and I were eating at Red Robin (Yum!) when that happened, and I immediately thought of you and pictured you jumping up and down on the couch! Congrats!!

  46. 48

    I am so impressed with Johnny … He is an incredibly gifted football player, but his self assurance on Alabama’s home field and at the award ceremony is amazing. He seems like a remarkable person. I loved his speech.
    So excited for you!

  47. 49

    Did you cry? I cried.

  48. 50
    Kimberly/OKC says:

    Wow! After watching that I am a Johnny Manziel fan if I never was one before!! Thanks for sharing!! It will be exciting to see him play for the next few years there in TX and then the sky’s the limit!! Awesome!!

  49. 51

    What an incredible moment for a talented young man! So happy for him and A&M.

    This is hard for a die-hard Sooner to say, but here goes:

    Gig ’em!

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