Fashion Friday: Edition I’ll be brief

I hope the title didn’t lead you to believe I would be discussing underwear today. Because you’ll just be disappointed.

The truth is I feel a little bit of a head cold/sinus issues arising (tearing up watching The Office finale didn’t help) and my head feels heavy and I want to crawl in bed sooner rather than later. Especially because I’ll be up bright and early to chaperone a field trip to The Alamo. As in, remember the.

So, without further adieu, here are a few things I found this week:

1. mitered stripe maxi dress

 photo _7964876_zps62fcf4c0.jpg

I am powerless to resist a good maxi dress and this appears to have all the makings of a good one. Love it in blue or pink.

2. afternoon out top

 photo 32813_29_of_67_large_zpsb80875d4.jpg

For a long time I was conflicted about the return of mint green. But now I think I mostly feel good about it.

3. sheer chevron coverup

 photo _7832139_zps1d22d76b.jpg

I believe I have to have this coverup. It’s a little fancier than my coverups of yore, but maybe I’ll turn over a new pool leaf.

I have no idea what that means.

4. ruched mini knit dress

 photo cn6446430_zps8342566c.jpg

Now this? I love. It also comes in some other colors.

5. strapless print blouson dress

 photo _7851843_zpsc9108097.jpg

I realize this isn’t for everyone. Or for most people. But I really think it’s cute and summery. If I were ten years younger and going on some fun beach vacation, I would totally buy it.

6. sweet life dv sandal

I’m sad I can’t show you a picture of these sandals because I saw them the other day and decided they were the perfect nude sandal for summer. Best of all, they’re on sale for only $19.99 right now.

7. magenta dinner plates

 photo _7864760_zpsebbd09f0.jpg

What? Plates? This is madness.

I saw these on Nordstrom’s website and thought they were too cute to not share. So fun for all your summer entertaining.

8. santorini printed dress

 photo D10561_blue-cl-w350_zpsa999f6e3.jpg

I really love this blue. And you could totally wear this over white skinnies or black leggings.

9. timeless tee

 photo cn4575828_zpsab76011a.jpg

I’ve mentioned this before, but the timeless tee from Banana Republic is one of my favorite staples. They hold up well and last forever.

10. essential rib tank

 photo cn4526375_zpsdbd1344d.jpg

The same goes for Gap tanks. I know they’re cheaper at Old Navy, but the Gap ones last longer and just feel a little bit better. I also think they lay better under clothes.

And there you have it.

Y’all have a good Friday.


  1. says

    Let me start by saying I love Texas and I love Texas history. Even more than most Texans. But (growing up just south of SA) I have been on way too many Alamo fieldtrips. And the other missions are so much more interesting to explore. I don’t know if you know this, but the Alamo was kind of destroyed in a battle. It was sort of a big deal. That being said, have fun remembering the Alamo tomorrow! (Are ya’ll gonna watch that movie at the IMAX across the street, too? Or is that too gory for this fieldtrip?)

  2. Anita says

    I was just thinking how well the cobalt blue bag from yesterday would go with all these outfits!

    Did you decide yet?

  3. Chelsea says

    A Random Story for you: My high school boyfriend and I worked at Nordstrom in the shoe department. He worked for Nordy’s for a looong time, and then they sent him to cobbler school in Italy, and then he designed shoes for Nordstrom, and then quit and started Dolce Vita shoe company. The End. (Oh, and he’s not gay.)

  4. Stephanie Zapata says

    My 4th grade boy will be at The Alamo today for his field trip too! Unfortunately I won’t be there because I used ALL my vacation days when my baby was born this year. This is my first field trip of his to miss because for the last 3 years I’ve taught the grade he was in and therefore I got to go by default. It makes me sad…
    I hope you have a BLAST though!!

  5. Janet says

    I am a recent follower and LOVE your blog. I look forward to fashion fridays and order one of your picks almost every week. I love it – my wallet and husband probably don’t appreciate you as much. Thanks for the great style picks and funny blogs. I have downloaded your book and look forward to reading it.

  6. says

    Got to say you have great taste! So many things I’d love to purchase but sadly your outfits are not geared towards my body type. Have you every though of including an outfit for us more shall we say curvy (or buxom, darn them boobs!) readers?

  7. says

    You only teared up? Sister, I bawled my eyes out! What am I going to do without my office family? I mean, I thought I cried hard when Michael Scott left, but last night, I was just a complete MESS! (Side note: Although many of the characters remind me of people that I work with, I doubt I will cry that hard when I finally leave this place.)

  8. Hannah says

    Adieu: goodbye

    I believe you meant “ado,” as in “much ado about nothing.” :)

    Hope you feel better soon and that the sinus issues don’t becomes a full-fledged cold. Enjoy the Alamo!

  9. says

    It’s so hard to find a maxi dress that’s not strappy! I love it! But now I’m a little mad that you’re temping me with a $70 dress… I clicked on it saying “please be from ON or Target”

  10. Allison says

    I was bawling too!! Watched it twice now and I think I was worse the 2nd time. Terrific series finale, right? Sometimes they build it up and you end up being disappointed with the finale, but not this one – so loved it!