Gameday Fashion: Edition Auburn, Florida, Tennessee and other schools that are orange


You are going to have to give me some grace with this one. And remember that I have never claimed to be an expert on the color orange. I am well aware that there is Tennessee orange and Auburn orange and Florida orange and another orange that is worn in a school in Austin.

I also know that Florida’s blue is more of a royal blue and Auburn’s is more navy.

And I just remembered that Oklahoma State is also orange.

Now my head hurts.

The bottom line is if I did this school by school, according to everyone’s precise shade of choice, football season would be over by the time I finished.

So just know I did my best to find various shades of all the different oranges and some of the different blues. I’m just a girl standing in front of a blog audience full of college football fans asking them to love me.

Here are a few things I found. Most will be presented without commentary because I am tired and it is late.

fringe at last vest


front keyhole embroidered tank


crochet inset dolman top


gametime henley


boho she goes top


joanna tunic/dress


kristi tunic


(also comes in blue)

eagle territory dress


basic dolman tee


pleione short sleeve scoop neck blouse


golden age top


good call dress


day to night delight top


chevron game day tank dress


orange accordion dress


topshop textured skirt


pim + larkin cutaway tank


lush knit maxi dress


also in royal blue

sam edelman anorak


on sale for $54.98 (Can we discuss that the model smelled something bad as this photo was taken?)

ella moss cowl neck tank


also in royal blue and is really cute in the back

ruffled game day tunic


also comes in various shades of orange


cause a stir necklace


also comes in blue

harlow statement necklace


also comes in a royal blue

danielle earrings in orange


dee earrings in cobalt


rayne necklace in navy


wonder woman bib necklace


bauble bar beaded necklace


boot cuffs from The Ikat Elephant


Tailgating necessities:

personalized rectangle casserole pan


insulated game day cooler tote


game day metal pumpkins from Ikat Elephant. She’s currently taking orders.


So there you have it. A non-definitive guide to orange game day wear.

Feel free to mention any other must have game day apparel in the comments.


  1. Julie Stanley says

    While I’m not a fan of any of these teams, the selections are so very helpful to me as a die hard NY Mets fan! Thanks for helping out your northern friends!!

  2. Leigh says

    Great job, Melanie! And yes, the variety of orange shades in college sports is amazing. Just know that the true orange is the one seen most often in Gainesville. I do not believe the orange in Austin, Knoxville or Stillwater is a color found in nature as God intended.

    Green and Gold next?

  3. Emily says

    Are you only doing Southern teams? How about some help for the Scarlett & Grey? The Buckeye girls love some fashion. Forget about the team up north of us though. That highlighter yellow, yuck!

  4. Melissa H says

    Thank you for the effort you have made on behalf of teams you do not support. I fear it is going to be another long year for Tennessee…but I will be wearing my orange!

  5. Reta says

    Theses are great thank you! It’s always fun to be fashionable on game day even if you are sweltering 😉 but as they say southern girls don’t sweat they glisten.

  6. Jennifer says

    Love these game day fashion ideas Melanie! Although I have to admit when I go to a college football game I always feel really old and frumpy no matter what I wear… I get a serious complex when I see all those cute young college girls :)

    Have you heard of Earl Dibbles Jr? He has good feeling about your Aggies this week, and this video made me think of you because he has t-shirts in school colors now (although you have to be an Earl Dibbles fan to get the “yee yee”!)

  7. says

    Gotta love seeing a page full of orange. My personal preference being Clemson orange though. As a result, I think it goes much better with purple than blue. I’ll be cheering loud for your Aggies tonight, while wearing orange of course. Anyone playing South Carolina is a favorite for the day.

  8. Christy says

    Thanks so much for trying to appease us (your fans) with our colors (which are not maroon and white)…Yay! And, all of the above would be awesome in Burnt Orange!!! GO HORNS!! Sorry, couldn’t help myself, the drought is almost over…YAY!!!! Have a great day in San-Antone!! :-)

  9. Kara S says

    I love all of the cute clothes! I live in Minnesota and although I watch the college games we are all about the NFL here. Go Vikings!

  10. says

    Am I the only one who caught (and loved) the Notting Hill reference? :)
    War Eagle and thank you for the orange and blue inspiration. I may have started a new Pinterest board yesterday for gameday outfits after reading your post. Can’t wait to watch some SEC tonight! I am going to try and pull for your Aggies in this season opener.

  11. homeschooled 8th grader says

    Hi Mrs. Big Mama,
    Could you do one for schools in the Big 12 (well, 10 but it’s still called the Big 12 :)) please? I would love some Cardinal and Gold fashion!
    Your fan,
    P.S. GO CYCLONES!!!!!!

  12. says

    Just conferred with an author friend over whether or not her bookmarks were “UT orange.” I assured her that not all orange is UT so she’ll be reassured by this.

    And the chevron tank dress is cute! I wish more dresses had a pocket for my phone. But I bet that makes the skirt hang in a very unstylish way. :)

  13. Donna says

    Thanks for doing this for all us crazy football fans! Personally I think you should do all the SEC teams before you start on other conferences. But that’s just one girl’s opinion. AND I think crimson and white should be next. Go Aggies until October 18! ROLL TIDE!!

  14. says

    Such a fun post! Even tho these aren’t my team’s colors, I am loving all the cute stuff! :)

    And, I was agreeing with Donna up there ^ about the SEC, until she had to go and ruin it at the end.

    GO HOGS. :)

  15. Kelley says

    So, I lived in Alabama my whole life until I moved to Cali last summer at the ripe old age of 34…no, I know I’m still in my “salad years”…anyway, I think it’s an old law in Alabama that you can’t wear red and white without being a Bama fan or wear blue and orange without being an Auburn fan….I have felt so FREE in Cali- I rock blue and orange all the time and no one screams “War Eagle!!”. I went to a small college in AL where there was no football team, so I pull for Alabama and I pull for Auburn…maybe a bit more for Auburn, but it’d break my hubs heart if I told him 😉

  16. says

    There really is only one shade of orange, and it’s Clemson Orange, which is why more than half of the residents of South Carolina are Aggie fans TONIGHT!!!

  17. says

    This Gator girl appreciated all of your orange and blue options and I absolutely adore the game day pumpkins. MUST HAVE!!!

    Your Notting Hill reference made me laugh too ; )

    Happy Kickoff Day to you!!!

  18. Liz says

    Yay! You have featured both of Va Tech’s colors: orange and maroon. Does my heart good while living in Athens, Ga, the home of UGA……….

  19. juliea says

    I would love love to have some black and gold love for our Purdue Boilermakers! Thank you so much!

  20. says

    All the blue and orange will be perfect for when our OKC Thunder start playing again (not football, I know)! But during football season around my house, the orange goes far, far away. It’s Crimson and Cream over here. BOOMER SOONER!!

  21. Shene says

    Baylor please! I need some green and gold (or really cute mustard). I need some fabulous attire to go with our awesome new stadium!

  22. says

    Great ensembles! You must be a fan of The Blue Door….love that place. I am a War Eagle girl, but since living in San Antonio, I am always mistaken for a big UTSA fan when I don my blue and orange. At least I can wear houndstooth here and not be mistaken for an Alabama fan!