An apple a day and let the music play

I have to share with y’all, today is a momentous occasion that must be documented. I am composing this post on my brand new MacBook. Oh yes, I have joined the world of Apple and all its loveliness.

P and I (well actually just me, because P really couldn’t care less about computers other than going online occasionally to purchase ammo and camoflauge backpacks) were on the verge of making this life changing purchase about three weeks ago and then I got the call from my manager letting me know that I might be getting fired and since we are discerning and wise, we realized it might not be the best time to make such a purchase.

However, we were living in dire, desperate computing circumstances here, with our old Windows system and a CPU that sounded like it might explode at any time due to sheer exhaustion from running a completely antiquated system. Y’all may think I’m exaggerating, but let me tell you there were some mornings that we turned on the computer (we always turned it off at night because we seriously believed it could be a fire hazard) and an alarm would start beeping to let us know that it was HOT! and the FAN! WASN’T! WORKING! and we always did what any really tech savvy person would do and just hit a bunch of keys on the keyboard until the noise stopped, because P and I both knew that if I couldn’t get on the computer, my eye would start to twitch and it would just be a matter of time before I was in full blown withdrawal.

We were living in computer denial.

But now, we have seen the light, repented of our computer processing sins, and laid our checkbook on the altar of Apple.

I thought long and hard about what my first post would be on my fancy new computer, but between watching and worrying about Meredith Grey possibly being dead and then finding out who got voted off American Idol, I just couldn’t come up with anything of great blogging substance.

However, earlier this week I saw this meme that DeeDee over at It Coulda’ Been Worse made up and knew it would just be a matter of time before it called to me. If nothing else, it will make me think about songs I’d like to upload to my iPod, which now looks so perfect sitting next to my MacBook.

And the fact that I just said that means that literally, I have technically turned into a geek. My music choices will just confirm my membership into the less than cool club.

Favorite Song From Childhood: Seriously, if there were a soundtrack of my childhood I feel like there are two voices I would hear: Jimmy Swaggart and Willie Nelson. The polar opposites of the musical spectrum.

It seems like I was either listening to “The Old Rugged Cross” or “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain”. That being said, the song that always takes me back to childhood is hearing Willie sing “Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys”.

Favorite High School Dance Song: Get out your banana clip, tease those bangs, throw on your Guess jeans and prepare to get your groove on to “It Takes Two” by Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock . WHOO! YEAH!

Senior Class Song: It pains me to say that it was the schmaltz that is Whitney Houston singing “One Moment In Time”. When I think back to my senior class, the only moment in time we needed was a sober one. Everyone just step away from the Boones Farm Strawberry Hill.

Favorite Rock & Roll Song: I know that Van Halen has had their issues with David Lee Roth and then no David Lee and then Sammy Hagar and then David Lee Roth again, but I unashamedly love me some Van Halen. “Why Can’t this Be Love?” will have me singing at the top of my lungs every time. That’s right, I said it.

And just so I don’t lose all credibility and embarass P to no end, I also love The Rolling Stones, especially “Brown Sugar”.

Favorite Disco Song: I’m not sure it qualifies as disco but I love “Sing a Song” by Earth, Wind and Fire.

Favorite Country Western Song: “Marina Del Rey” or just about anything by George Strait because he is the best there has ever been.

Favorite Pop Song: At the moment I love “Suddenly I See” by KT Tunstall. It’s a happy springtime song that almost makes me okay with the fact that it’s 80 degrees outside in February.

Favorite All Time Love Song: “The Way You Look Tonight” sung by Tony Bennett. If it’s not Tony singing, then there just isn’t as much love.

Favorite Break Up Song: “Nothing Compares 2 U” by Sinead O’Connor. If the interior of my car that I drove in high school (a sweet, sweet Honda CRX) could talk, I would be shamed for anyone to know how many times I cried over various ex-boyfriends to this song.

Favorite Make Out Song: I’m sorry, but when I see the words make out song, all that comes to mind is Richie Cunningham on Happy Days singing “I found my thrills on blueberry hill…”

Song That Always Makes You Cry: “Lullaby” by The Dixie Chicks because it is one of the sweetest songs ever and captures a mama’s heart.

Songs About Your Kid/s: “Sweet Caroline” is the obvious choice and I do adore the song. The other song is “Fly Me to the Moon” because it was the song that I sang more than any other as I rocked her in the middle of the night.

And one more that will always make me think of Caroline is a worship song called “You Are So Good to Me” because the chorus says “You are beautiful, my sweet, sweet song…” and the first night we were home from the hospital, P and I were eating dinner that someone had brought over and Caroline was this sweet, pink bundle in her bassinet and that song was playing and when it got to the chorus, I put my head down in my meatloaf and cried because I felt so blessed. And yes, I was probably also slightly hormonal.

Song That Reminds You Of Your Husband: P and I have never been the kind of couple that has a song. We just aren’t really like that. We also call each other by our last name instead of honey or baby or whatever. We’re not a schmoopy kind of couple, NOT that there is anything wrong with that.

So, all of that to say that the song that will always remind me of P is “Cowboy Take Me Away” by the Dixie Chicks, not because he is a cowboy (although there is a nasty rumor going around that before I met him he used to wear Wranglers and perhaps a belt with his name on the back) but because it just makes me remember all the things I love about him.

Favorite Gospel/Praise Song: This is a hard one to narrow down, but I’ll just name two. “Unashamed Love” by Ten Shekel Shirt and lately, “How Can I Keep from Singing” by Chris Tomlin.

Favorite Ringtone on Cellphone: Honestly, I’m not a fan of the song ringtone because then I end up hating the song. I’m a plain old Cingular ringtone kind of girl.

I’m not going to tag anyone, but if it looks like fun, then hit me with your best shot a la Pat Benatar.

Hope y’all have a great weekend!