Fashion Friday: Edition everything is on sale and it’s already Memorial Day Weekend!

This is going to be the quickest Fashion Friday ever because this week? I can’t even.

But the good news is it’s an extra jam-packed Fashion Friday because Nordstrom is having their half-yearly sale and there are so many good things to be found. So the first ten things are all from Nordstrom and then the last five are other things I found elsewhere that are also on sale.

1. harmony espadrille wedge


I really like these because they are a great transitional shoe. You can wear them all summer and into the fall, especially if you live in Texas or somewhere else warm. They are currently 40% off which makes them $59.90.

2. lush knit maxi dress


These maxi dresses are always a favorite. I love the blue and white print on this one and it’s on sale for $38.90. It would look great with a denim jacket or some type of white crocheted sweater over it if the straps are too bare for you.

3. swiss dot split neck dress


Love the blue color and easy style of this dress. You could dress it up or just wear it with a great pair of sandals. It’s on sale for $39.90.

4. NYDJ stretch skinny ankle pants


NYDJ pants are perfect for just about everyone because they are flattering and not low-rise. This style comes in a ton of great colors and they’re 40% off.

5. free people textured lace camisole


I found this on sale in a hot pink color at Free People and love it. You obviously need a cami under it but it’s super cute. It’s on sale for $40.80.

6. slouchy faux leather tote


Remember last week when I showed you this cute tote? It’s now 50% off. And it also comes in black.

7. michael kors turquoise dial watch


I love the turquoise face on this watch. It would make such a great summer accessory and it’s on sale for $166.90. But another, less expensive but equally cute option is this fossil pink face watch for $86.90.


8. lysse control top capri leggings


Love the pattern on these. They’re on sale for $37.52. Is it just me or are all these sale prices weird numbers?

9. free people woven pattern poncho


I originally saw this poncho in navy and coral and loved it. But I also really like this green. It’s on sale for $45.56.

10. sam edelman plaid shirt


This is a great plaid shirt with really cute styling in the back. It’s on sale for $59.40. You could wear it with shorts now and jeans all fall and winter.

11. crocheted lana cardigan


I saw this cardigan in person at Anthropologie and it is gorgeous. Look how great it looks layered over a simple white tee and jeans. It was originally $198 but is on sale for $99.95 plus an extra 20% off with code GONEFISHING at checkout.

12. paned cocoon dress


I haven’t seen this in person but the reviews on it are amazing. It could be great as a dress or over leggings. It’s on sale plus an extra 20% off with code GONEFISHING.

13. attylie textured blouse


I bought this top early this spring and then took it back because I realized I have an addiction to cream-colored tops and didn’t really need another one. But I still loved it and am tempted to go ahead and get it now that it’s on sale. And it’s an extra 20% with code GONEFISHING.

14. midday melange top


This is the only thing that’s not on sale but it’s still a great price for a really cute top that would look equally great with jeans or shorts.

15. maxi tube swim coverups


Old Navy is having a HUGE sale. Practically everything is 50% off so the best advice I can give you is to go look around and see what you can find. Personally, I really like these coverups and they’re on sale for $20.

That’s it for today.

Have a great Friday and a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

Female problems

A few weeks ago, I made an appointment for Piper to get spayed. We’d already had Mabel spayed several months ago but had waited for Piper because it seemed like too much trouble to do it at the same time.

Yesterday morning was the day of the surgery. P had to be at his job site earlier than usual because they were pouring concrete and so I had to get Caroline to school and have Piper at the vet by 8:00 a.m. The tricky part was getting Piper out of the yard and into the car without Mabel because they are always a package deal. And so it essentially felt like I was running a goat rodeo in my backyard at 7:35 a.m.

But I managed to get Piper loaded up and she was delighted to be in the car. In fact, she didn’t seem sad at all that Mabel couldn’t join us. It was all happy times until we arrived at the vet and she began to feel something was amiss. Which is appropriate because I’d feel the same if someone took me to get a hysterectomy without mentally preparing me.

She immediately knew she’d been duped into believing she had a better day ahead than what turned out to be her reality. But, listen, she’d be more upset if she found herself knocked up by some mutt who’d leave her to raise a bunch of puppies all by herself.

Meanwhile, I came home to a despondent Mabel. She spent the rest of the day being lost without her sister and spent most of it using sleep as a coping mechanism.


And, later, I discovered she’d written several haikus in her poetry notebook.

I was left at home
they took my sister away
gloom, sadness, despair

Where did Sister go?
Car ride to nowhere today
Am I going next?

Now I’m stuck with Scout
Old man sleeps and poops only
Where is my Piper?

Sister went away
Like Barry Manilow sings
Can’t smile without you

And then our sweet vet texted this picture of Piper saying, “Not what she had planned for the day.”


I believe this look says, “Is this because I ate six chocolate chip cookies off the countertop?”

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Summer, summer, summertime essentials

First of all, the comments on yesterday’s post are a treasure. If you didn’t see them then I highly suggest you go over there and add a couple of sayings to your best friend repertoire. Personally, I’m immediately adopting “Bust and Grab” which is what you call it when everyone is on their own for dinner at your house. This term will help me get through the summer. Guess what’s for dinner? BUST AND GRAB.

Secondly, if you’re a Mad Men fan, do you think I somehow channeled Don Draper and predicted part of the ending in a post last week? That’s all I’m saying because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.

And finally, on a housekeeping note, I’ve heard from several people who said they submitted speaking requests through my Event page and haven’t received a response. Apparently this is because there’s been a glitch in the system. So if you have put in a request and haven’t heard back, will you please check out that page and send a new email? I hate to think anyone believes I’ve been ignoring them.

Okay, so I thought today I’d share some of my summer essentials. I realize it isn’t summer yet. Mainly because Caroline came home yesterday with yet another science project assignment. I’ve lost track of how many science projects we’ve had this year that require creativity, but it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 5326. This time she has to design a space suit that meets various NASA specifications. And it’s the END OF MAY which means I just want to send Caroline in with a bathing suit glued to some poster board labeled “THIS IS THE ONLY SUIT THAT MATTERS RIGHT NOW”. Maybe decorated with some palm trees and a recipe for a great margarita?

That’s probably inappropriate.

Anyway, here’s my list of favorites for summer.

1. skinceuticals physical fusion spf 50 sunscreen

This is the best sunscreen ever. It lasts all day and has a tint to it that keeps it from looking chalky on your face. And a little goes a long way.

2. toni & guy sea salt spray

Last summer I was on the quest for a great sea salt spray and I believe this is the winner. I never blow dry my hair in the summer and a little of this gives some great body and waves. Plus it’s not as heavy as some so it should work well no matter your hair texture.

3. copper tone sensitive skin lotion spf 50 with zinc oxide

P is a sunscreen expert because he’s out in it all the time. And we’ve determined this is the best. The key is the zinc. It’s a great heavy duty sunscreen that doesn’t wear off and is good even for the most sensitive skin.

4. zalan colored zinc sticks

Speaking of zinc, I love these colored zinc sticks because Caroline never minds painting her face with them. Much more fun than just regular old sunscreen and you can totally use the red like lipstick if you’re not into a subtle look.

5. essie angel food polish

I have searched high and low for the perfect pale pink polish and I’ve decided this is the one. It’s not too pink but not too white.

6. dr. gross glow pads for face

I discovered these last summer and am such a fan. They give the perfect amount of color that lasts for several days and are pretty much foolproof.

7. jargons natural glow firming moisturizer

This is a must have if you want subtle color but don’t want to mess with self-tanner. It provides gradual color and doesn’t ever look streaky. Plus it’s pretty inexpensive.

8. straw tote bag

This tote is at Target and I almost bought it today. Then I remembered I already have a straw tote so I made myself put it back. But look at that tassel!

9. macadamia professional cleansing conditioner

I received a sample of this and decided to give it a whirl and now I’m in love. It makes your hair so silky soft and is the best two in one product I’ve ever used. This is going to be great all summer long after chlorine and salt water have been in my hair.

10. vera bradley beach towel

Honey bought Gulley and I each one of these towels for Mother’s Day and it is my new favorite. It is so soft that you won’t even believe it and how gorgeous are the colors?

That’s it for now, but I’ll let you know if anything new pops up. After all, it’s not even Memorial Day yet. Lots of good summer times to be had.

Just as soon as I help Caroline design a space suit.

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