The post known as Wednesday’s post

I know.

I didn’t post anything yesterday. The reasons were three-fold.

1. It seemed right for the Aggie post to get two full days.

2. A cold front blew in late Sunday night and I was up all night because the wind blew all of the pecans off our TWO pecan trees and it sounded like a reenactment of D-Day on our roof.

I may have PTSD.

3. I went to bed at 9:30 last night because apparently I have a touch of the narcolepsy.

Other than that, there just isn’t much going on here. I spent most of Sunday and Monday reading message boards and watching highlight videos and just generally enjoying the Aggies big win.

On Monday morning, Caroline’s school had a Veterans’ Day Program that started right at 8:00 a.m. so I had to be up and at least appear to be a functioning member of society bright and early. It’s always a sweet little program complete with “God Bless the USA” and this year they even took it up a notch with “You Raise Me Up” complete with sign language. Well played, music teachers. Well played.

And then Monday was also the special Thanksgiving lunch at school. Which meant that P and I got to enjoy a delicious lunch of instant mashed potatoes, some questionable turkey and some cranberry sauce that wasn’t really an appetizing color.

I’m not sure why the Thanksgiving lunch was a full week and a half before Thanksgiving, but I’m sure there was a good reason. Frankly, it seems that Thanksgiving is really early this year. I mean, I guess in reality it’s only about five days earlier than usual, but it’s throwing me off. I feel like Halloween just ended.

But, on the plus side, maybe it will make the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas not go by so quickly.

Or maybe I’ve just put way too much thought into the whole thing.

And since I have nothing else to talk about, although I’m sure you’ve found my discussion of the date of Thanksgiving completely fascinating, I need to discuss a wardrobe situation.

Specifically, Caroline’s wardrobe situation.

(Insert weeping here.)

She has practically no clothes that are appropriate for cold weather. We did a huge closet clean out at the end of summer and discovered that she’d basically outgrown everything she owns. Which, fine. Kids do that.

The problem is that she needs winter clothes and doesn’t like anything. Yesterday she wore a shirt with sleeves so short that they almost hit her mid-forearm. It was the high water version of a shirt. And I’ve tried to buy her a few long sleeve shirts when she’s not with me, but she doesn’t like anything I pick out and I end up having to take it all back.

And, honestly, I would be happy with anything at this point that will do these three things:

1. Keep her warm.

2. Not make her look like a hobo.

3. Not make her look like a mini-version of Britney Spears circa 1999.

Okay, so I’d settle for her looking like a hobo.

My question for those of you not necessarily older (but hopefully wiser) is where do you shop for girls that aren’t teenagers after they decide they’re over Gap and Old Navy? Is there some secret place I don’t know about?

Help me.

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  1. Jen L. says

    What about PS from Aeropostale? You would have to order on line but maybe she would like that. I think Justice is kind of expensive and I don’t always love the clothes. I don’t have girls but lots of nieces.

  2. Kristi says

    We shop at Justice for my tween. Hard to say if it would be Caroline’s style, but it’s worth a try!

    • barbara says

      i was also going to suggest Justice. Cute stuff that will meet your criteria of no hobo and no retro Britney :) hee hee Take her WITH you!!!!!

  3. says

    No Gap or Old Navy, huh? That’s rough! Those would definitely be my first suggestions.. We live overseas so have to do our shopping in bulk when we make it to the states but I’ve had good luck with Land’s End. It’s online or if you have a Sears sometimes they carry it in the store- I turned up my nose at first but have been really pleased for my 3 oldest. Cute stuff that doesn’t make them look like they’re trying to be 20 when they’re only 12- and a skanky 20 at that. Good grief. HAve you tried Target? My 12 year old found a good bit she liked there when we were in the states this summer. Good luck!

  4. Liz says

    My 10 year old loves Justice. They always have 40% off everything sales. They are an urban style though.

  5. Rebecca Serio says

    Justice is way too blingy for me. Delia’s… or I have the best luck with American Eagle online where you can get xxs. They have great coupons when you shop regularly. I have three daughters and have been through this with all of them. I put everything I like in my cart and then have them go through it. I try to edit because they have some crazy ideas at this age but I still do quite a bit of returning. If they say they won’t wear it, I’ve learned to believe them!

    Love your blog and wish I was witty enough to know you in real life!

  6. Rhonda says

    My daughter’s 17 so past the tween stage, but my niece’s favorite store is Justice. You could also try a high quality consignment shop. We have one locally here that has an abundance of cute clothes for girls Caroline’s age.

  7. says

    I’d say Justice but everyone already has and some of their stuff is DEFINITELY Britney, 1999. How about Target? Totally under $15. Can she still wear Children’s Place? They have slim sizes, too.
    If you need somewhere to send her hand-me-downs, just let me know. I’ll send you my address. I have two girlies that could stand an infusion of something that isn’t stained with markers, ketchup or dirt.
    Have fun shopping!!

  8. JILL says

    I have two girls – 10 and 14 so I feel your pain. I LOATHE Justice and just won’t go there. As much as I hate the smell and way too short skirts, we do a fair amount of shopping at Abercrombie. I also find lots for my 10 year old at Nordstrom. I also really like H&M’s kids department – it’s hit or miss but can be great.
    Good luck!

  9. Vicki B says

    Feel your pain, Big Mama, feel your pain. My eleven year old granddaughter is difficult to find clothes for. Not only in style choice, but add texture sensitivity into the mix. She has a pullover sweatshirt which she loves but wasn’t allowed at school due to the horse stable logo (strict dress code). I got the brand and searched high and low for a plain one. Basically, that’s my strategy; find something she likes but outgrows, then hunt it down like a hound dog in a bigger size. She loves the Danskin yoga shirt and they changed the style. Haven’t given up the hunt yet.

  10. Elle says

    I definitely have no personal experience in this area (I have a one year old little boy!), but I remember really loving Limited Too when I was younger.

  11. Colleen says

    Once you find a store, hand her the laptop, and tell her she has to find 5 tops and five bottoms before she can (insert favorite activity.). Put on your noise-canceling headphones and eat a nice big sundae to reward yourself. When she’s done, quickly order the stuff, and voila! Painless shopping.
    Have her make a wish-list for Christmas. Most of those sites have one.
    These are weird years. But, I soooo miss them.
    Hugs and sympathy from this Mama to two twenty-somethings.

  12. Sarah says

    I’m struggling with this with my 5 year old! (I know, I’m really in for it). She freely admits she wants to dress like a teenager. The more hoochie-mama, the better! In fact, we were in the mall the other day and I saw a mannequin wearing a gold bikini top with a denim jacket over it. I took the opportunity to tell her that she can never dress like that, and she said she will when she’s an adult! Lord, help me!!

  13. J. Johnson says

    My daughter, like many have said above, liked Justice at this age, but only for a year or so. I found great luck with jeans at PacSun – you can get size 00 extreme skinny there, which fit my daughter. We started shopping at Aeropostale then too – their XS tops fit her pretty well at that age.

  14. di says

    Girls clothing today just looks cheap in quality and style sometime. I like,old navy, target, lands end, and my girls like the adventure of a thrift store. It is very difficult :) does your daughter have a favorite color? Sometimes that helps clothes in their favorite color. Maybe take your daughter with you when you shop?

  15. traci says

    I despise Justice, clothes are overpriced and cheaply made. My 12 year old loves PS Aeropostale. Hollister kids, American Eagle XS. Use coupons and wait for sales. We have stores locally so I have her try different stuff on and then order throughout the year.

  16. Donna Dear says

    As a mom of three girls, clothes shopping can be rough. They are outgrowing girls sizes, so finding modest clothing is tricky and can be expensive. Our faves in the past have been – Gymboree, Crazy 8, Old Navy, Macy’s, Kohls, Target, JcPenney, and Lands End ( I like that you can order and return to Sears)

    Good Luck!!

  17. says

    We have a combination of Hanna andersson, old navy, and gymboreee in the closet. Lands end and ll bean also have things my 9 yr old likes.

  18. says

    Not a fan of Justice, but I do like Delia for my older daughter (not sure if the clothes are still too big for Caroline?)

    My go-to’s are Target and Kohl’s – reasonable and something always fits/flatters.

    Hope that helps!

  19. Nancy says

    I second Academy. We also have pretty good luck at Kohl’s, but I don’t have anyone precisely Caroline’s age. I know H & M must be good based on gifts we’ve received, but there isn’t one near me, and last I checked no online orders to my area either.

    My tween is officially shopping in the ladies’ section, we completely skipped over juniors’. Although, when I am by myself, I sometimes sneak over there and peek at the fun accessories for gifts.

    We did go through a Justice phase at our house( for their specialty sizes), but it involved lots of coupons and even more negotiation. Good luck!

  20. Robin says

    My daughter is 16 and we have had this problem too. I like Kohl’s for myself, but who is the shopper for the girl’s department? An ex-hooker, drug addict? We found good stuff at Target, and although I would have freaked out if my mother had taken me to Goodwill, sometimes you can get lucky and find something rally nice. Also, consignment stores are good.

  21. Kristie says

    Zara,Abercrombie kids, and the local children’s boutique!
    You’ll appreciate this one: we live in OH, and my hubby works in CT.
    Sometimes we go with him and take the train over to NYC to go shopping!
    Last week we went to our local mall here in OH and while my 13 yr old was in the dressing room the 25 year old sales girl told me my daughter told her that she can never find anything here because she is used to shopping in NYC! Embaressing and not true!

  22. Lori H says

    Any of the places mentioned by other commenters (especially Kohls and Target) will have something…it may be one thing here and another at a different place. You will have to spend some time shopping to weed through the inevitable crap and slutty attire. We have a Plato’s closet which is tween/teen consignment. Would Caroline draw a picture of what she thinks would be acceptable and then you could look for that on-line? Maybe she doesn’t even know what she wants.

  23. Alison says

    Ugh, I completely understand. I can’t even talk about it. But I will tell you that my very opinionated 10 year old and I have found ONE store we both like–higher quality, good sales and cute clothes that don’t make your laundry room look like a glitter bomb went off when you wash them….

    Off 5th, Sax 5th Ave outlet. Just funky enough for her, right prices & quality for me. Win-win! I hope you have one in San Antonio, they are usually in outlet malls.

    Good luck, I can only hope it gts better from here for both of us!

  24. Michele says

    Maybe it is just the combination of you and Caroline shopping together? I know that my friends children will not wear ANYTHING their Mom suggests but if I take them shopping – it is a whole new ball game, I can usually find items that they and their mother like. If you can find someone willing to take her, perhaps you could give them however much money you are willing to spend and let them try?

  25. Sarah says

    Dillard’s. I know it sounds wierd but my very picky 9 year old and I can always find something we agree on at Dillard’s.

  26. Laura B says

    The athletic wear at Target. Even short sleeves are ok with the jackets. Justice. Crewcuts from J. Crew, Dillard’s. Abercrombie Jr. Mini Boden.

    Good luck! How about she goes shopping with a friend? Sometimes 2 little girls in the dressing room add up to much better than Mom trying to help out. Let me know. I will donate my little shopper for a day. Would be fun!!

  27. beth says

    PRaise the Lord above my 10 year old daughter has finally outgrown Justice – the sequins and glitter would choke a unicorn. She has always been picky and I haven’t bought her anything without her present since she was 3 (I.AM.NOT.JOKING) – we have moved into Abercrombie territory and I LOVE their stuff (minus the short’s, because they would make daisy duke blush) but their clothes are all cut very slim. My little mini me is super thin and until abercrombie had not even been able to wear a pair of sweats because noone made them in slims – abercrombie fits the bill and runs fantastic sales online and in the stores.

  28. beth says

    BTW – I am a HUGE Alabama fan and I couldn’t even read your post on Monday. I had just gotten over the nightmares (it’s possible I take it a little to far, okay WAY TO FAR) but I just couldn’t do it. I had to stay off my favorite rollbamaroll website (it was still toooo tender) and Tuesday are for meltdowns – BROKE MY HEART. Yesterday it was just an entire post of where alabama fans melted down during the game, funny stuff but my itty bitty heart was still so sore. I knew this was going to be the game, I just saw it coming – I think many of us did. You guys played awesome and deserved the win – WELCOME TO THE SEC, where we will cuss you like a dog during the game but root for you in the next one. It’s a sick twisted family, just like I like em……

    • says


      So perfectly put! I’m an MSU fan and you are so right, we cuss you one game and cheer for you the next one, just like a sick twisted family. Best description ever.

      Oh, and Mel, please post your findings. My daughters is almost 6 and luckily has to wear uniforms to school but she’s so tall that she wears size 7 or 8 and I HATE looking in that dept. It’s not ‘little girl’ anymore. SOB.

  29. Cristy says

    I can’t relate yet since my kids wear uniforms and my oldest is 7, but if you ever catch the blog ‘styleyourlifeblog’ she occasionally puts together some pretty cute tween wardrobes… hth!

  30. Colorado says

    We had decent luck with Macy’s, Kohl’s, Target, Sears. Those were very exhausting shopping trips when my two daughters were young, usually ending in tears with the older girl because of her extreme thinness. Although I miss the days of having young kids around, I do not miss those clothes shopping trips at all!

  31. says

    I’m a boy-mom (but we have problems, too! our kids are not in a rock band! the skulls and crossbones need to go on 4 year old t-shirts!). However, I overheard some girl-mom friends this summer discussing the length of shorts. They both agreed that Lands End is THE only place to shop for girls’ clothing these days. I thought it seemed strange but they DO have cute stuff…and apparently it’s not heavily decorated but is tasteful and modest. Good luck!

  32. Lisa says

    Justice, Hollister, Aeropostle, Dillard’s and newly (surprisingly) have found cute stuff at JC Penny’s

  33. Canadian Cathy says

    H&M I also let my kids choose online at GAP (which ironically they prefer rather than the GAP store). My daughter (same age almost to the day of Caroline -August 7) HATES long sleeves (and we live in CANADA where we have had SNOW since the beginning og October) so she still wears t-shirts with those cute “fancy” thinner, flowy cotton cardigans over her t-shirt (which makes me feel better).
    And remember DON”T ACT TOO EAGER if they like something. It is the KISS OF DEATH. Play it cool. Play it cool.

  34. Darlene says

    Thankfully, my daughter will wear whatever I buy for her. Honestly, I get lots of cute clothes, mostly name-brand, at Goodwill. I would much rather pay $2.00 for something that she is going to outgrow in a couple months than buy brand new! I can, however, buy new clothes at Kohl’s for a good price. I also like Target and Penny’s. We did the Justice thing for awhile. Also, if you have something like TJ Maxx, they have great prices and their selection changes all the time. One more, Cato, had a cute junior section.
    Ok, I’m done! Good luck on finding something that Caroline will like. :) I’m sure it’s got to be out there somewhere…I mean, the other option isn’t too appealing, so surely she will find SOMETHING to wear! ๐Ÿ˜€

  35. says

    Same boat. Hobo child wore last years pj’s last night that look like capris now, but insists they fit. Our saving grace is a school uniform: collared shirt, khakis, Toms, belt! So my advice: put her in a school with uniform!

  36. Amy says

    I have shopped CWD kids ( for years. I give my 9 year old the catalog and let her circle what she likes. They also have great sales! I’ve recently been receiving a catalog called “Next” ( and they have some cute things. We also like Mini Boden. Good Luck!

  37. Cassie sue says

    I was going to say it but Darlene already has, Goodwill. There are about 5 within a 20 mile radius and I’ll take my kids and let them go nuts. Obviously they can’t get anything hobo, or britney, but we have found lots of great things. 99% of the time they are uniformed, so this is just weekend clothes, but I have found great stuff for pennies on the dollar. My daughter at first didn’t like it until she found a pink (and I mean so very very PINK!!!!) winter coat there last year for $2. It looked like a unicorn threw up on it, but it fit well and kept her warm, and she thought it was amazing. I figured for one winter I could live with it, and zero fighting.

    The other thing is I will just buy clothes, and bring them home so the kids don’t get so many choices, and I try to find plain mix and match pieces that go with the pieces they found at goodwill. So the rest of my shopping is at old navy, target and jc penney’s.

  38. says

    My mom always sent me clothes shopping with my favorite aunt. She and I just couldn’t do that activity together without friction. I would check out Kohl’s, Target, or Macy’s. JC Penney’s had some cute things when I was there a couple of weeks ago.

  39. says

    I have a 10-year-old. She LOVES Justice. We never buy anything full price – there is always a sale and right now they have a pretty good sale going on on-line, too. Aeropostale was the next favorite with my older girls. Their small and extra smalls are on the smallish side…

  40. Tracy says

    I have the same problem with my 10 year old…..but, she does like Abercrombie and P.S. Aeropostale, which both happen to be near me luckily, so buying/returning is easier than ordering online to find out they want nothing to do with the adorable outfit you just bought! Good luck!

  41. Cyn says

    Your darling daughter and mine are dopplegangers. She changes style and stores faster than her brother changes underware. Her favorite and only store she will shop is hollister. They run super good sales and although the skirts are WAY too short, the jeans and tshirts and hoodies are cute.

  42. says

    If you have a Plato’s Closet, try there!! They have really nice stuff — and I second the thrift store idea. My 10 & 12 year old kids are outgrowing clothes by the month, so I don’t want to spend a lot of money on things that will be too small before winter is over. :) And I like thrift/consignment because it takes my money out of the “loop” of the fashion industry. When I buy used clothing, I’m not worried that I’m directly supporting unethical sweatshops that exploit children and women in China or Taiwan. Sad, but true.

  43. Misty says

    I have a Caroline of my own, though she’s now 15. At that age, unfortunately, she loved Justice. I consider it shopping hell. The glitter, the ridiculous screenprinting on everything-gag! We comprimised with a lot of mini Boden (not having to actually go to the store was a bonus for my Caroline at 10- now she shops like it’s her job) Abercrombie kids was also a good choice, though like someone else already said NOT the shorts.

  44. Melissa says

    I think you should try a western wear store. They usually have a compromise of rugged and bling, perfect for the “outdoor fashionista”!

  45. Mary Craig says

    My daughter is the same way! She loves mini-boden, though. Comfy, well-made and they have a new tween line, Johnny B for 8-14 so it’s not so babyish. Also, like someone else suggested- crewcuts. (PRICY but it lasts and if it prevents fights, maybe it’s worth it?) :)

  46. says

    Target for basics (jeans, ordinary shirts, etc.) Justice for fancier, trendier stuff to wear with the basics from Target. Also Old Navy, however, lately I haven’t been impressed as much. I also agree that Thanksgiving seems early – next week?! What??? I was so thrilled that my middle son (who normally nominates me for Food Network-style dishes) volunteered me for egg nog for his class Thanksgiving Feast!!! Hooray! I love to cook, but the week of Thanksgiving I’m a bit busy cooking for the 17 people we’re having here on Thursday!

  47. Kelly Cosgrave says

    I have a 5th grader and 7th grader and clothes shopping is so tough! Ok Aeropostale is a god send…they love everything there and its cheaper than holister but Holister is their first choice just expensive. We ventured into Delia’s this year and it was fun but the clothes are not really traditional and some of the oversized off the shoulder shirts don’t sit well with me and their dad but you might find something fun!
    I have found no matter how hard I try to get them to dress cute they always revert to t-shirts. So we have gone to finding cute t-shirts. Maybe take her to dicks sporting good store (something like that) to find some sporty looking clothes that are warm she might like? Nike? I feel your pain! So sorry!

  48. Denice says

    I have boys (17 and 22) so I’m no help at all with your clothes struggle. But, I would like to say that I’m soooo happy that Thanksgiving is earlier this year! You are right – it gives more time between Thanksgiving and Christmas to enjoy!

  49. Kathryn says

    My girls (8 & 11) LOVE Justice which is great because the 11 year old still wears a size 8 slim. :(

    We also like Abercrombie for Kids but that’s just for shirts. The rest of their stuff is too expensive for us.

    We’ve also hit up Target, Walmart, Kohls, andJCP (although I really refuse to shop there now since there are no coupons).

    Just know that you aren’t the only one with tastes that differ from the girls. Good luck finding some clothes!!!

  50. carol says

    Sorry, but Justice is it. My very picky younger (10) is always up for some basic shirts, camis, and tops. Just do not ever pay full price. Wait for the sales, there is a new one every 2 weeks. Just bought some plain, long sleeve solid colored tops to go with her plain ordinary Old Navy jeans. Of course they also have all manner of flashy, neon, 80s, crazy stuff, AND cute graphic tees. Good luck!

  51. says

    My 8 year old daughter loves a, how do I say it nicely, relaxed/loungy look. If she had her way she would wear sweat or exercise pants, accompanied by a T-Shirt everyday. Luckily for the world she is banned from wearing those exact things anywhere but the back yard. About a year ago I discovered crewcuts (children’s clothes from J Crew) I love it (although I don’t act like I do because that would ruin it for her right on the spot) and so does she. They sell t-shirts with sequins that are actually cute! She loves them and will actually wear them and now I don’t have to tell her to go change 1000 times a morning! Good Luck!

  52. Kimberly/OKC says

    Ok, twice you have semi-referred to a comment I have made here and once you thanked me by email for a poem I sent you. Melanie………….are you trying to send me a message that you like me? Are you perhaps suggesting we be friends? ? ? jk. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  53. Beth says

    I’m loving the Under Armour hoodies that I’m seeing everywhere – soft and warm, with a huge log on the front for a great splash of color. I live in their home city, maybe that’s why I see so many?

    Plato’s Closet, a consignment shop that carries high end young adult stuff from what I hear.

    A good thrift store – oh my word, the options! Let her sift through it and pick stuff out that suits her fancy – but is approved by you. It is most definitely a challenge!!!

    Aeropostale – let her wear it big, it’s OK. And layers! A couple of nice, plain colored long sleeve t’s to wear under her favorite summer t’s.

  54. says

    Melanie…So wish I could show you a picture of our eight-year-old’s closet: half of it holds the Nordstrom dresses she picked out at the start of the school year. Most still have the tags on them. The other half is filled with the ratty t-shirts and running shorts she wears everyday. I have the same problem with her looking like a homeless child now that it’s cold in Houston. Today she did wear Justice jeans…and a ratty t-shirt. I guess we’ll go with that for a few weeks.

  55. Caitlyn says

    You should really check out JCPenny, they’ve really changed it up lately. Marshall’s or the like is also usually a good bet – lots of variety and some good brand names if she cares about that (I SO did at that age and my Mom would never buy me the real thing – Marshall’s was our best compromise). I also second the idea of bringing one of her friends with you. Or tell her it’s totally up to her – with you having final veto power if something is just too inappropriate – and then let her do her thing with no input from you – other than “NO WAY” if she goes a little nuts. It may surprise you to find her picking out similar things to what you would have… but since YOU didn’t pick them out somehow they’re perfect.

  56. Amanda says

    Good luck on the clothes finding. I am in the same boat with my 11 year old daughter. And yes, Thanksgiving feel amazingly early this year. Can’t wrap my brain around it!!

  57. says

    I LOVE MiniBoden and Johnnie b for my nephew and other kiddos I shop for. JCrew’s crewcuts also has great stuff, though it can definitely get pricey.

  58. Donna DiCaterino says

    My daughter loved clothes from Limited Too, which is now Justice. She was very thin & long legged & their clothes seemed to fit her better. They may be a bit pricier than Gap, but she might like them better? Best thing to do is act like you don’t like them – then she’ll love them LOL!!

  59. Gina says

    Monsoon is a UK brand that recently opened near me and my picky 7 year old found a couple of things she would wear. Also, Crew Cuts by J Crew, H & M, some things from Tea Collection. She will still wear Matilda Jane dresses and skirts. I tried looking through Target yesterday and they have gone a little too glittery for us. Felt like a Justice takeover. I really couldn’t find anything I thought would please her. Good luck to us:)

  60. says

    Aeropostale! My niece is at that in between age of 10 years old that she wants to start dressing older but she isn’t old enough for what she thinks she can wear. Aeropostale has great style and nice prices! Looking forward to slurging there for her upcoming birthday!

  61. Shatcher says

    Lands End! Down side is that you have to mail order, but such nice, classy-looking, not-hoochy-mama-type clothes… and my girls always loved them.

  62. says

    My friend mixes just enough Abercrombie with Target to keep her out of the poor house.
    I thought I was being smart at the back-to-school time and bought each son a pair of jeans in the next available size for their growth spurt. Joke’s on me because their growth spurt was TWO jean sizes.

  63. says

    Definitely try to find either a friend to go with her, or the best is an older girl that she loves, but will also help steer her towards items that are appropriate and you would like as well… My mom never went shopping with me, my oldest cousin(by 10 years) took me twice every year… there were no fights and my mom always ended up happy with our choices…

  64. says

    I’m in the same boat as you are about trying to find suitable clothes for my 9 & 7 year old girls! Even Target has let me down this year…be sure and let us know if you find something good. For now I bought some plain white long sleeved shirts and let the girls layer a t-shirt on top of it. They aren’t going to stand for that very long though. ha!

  65. Kim says

    Delia*s was my absolute favorite store when I was around her age. Forever 21 might be worth checking out too. Good luck!

  66. Jenny says

    My stepdaughter is in 7th grade and I still shop for her at old navy and gap. Mainly jeans though because she doesn’t wear skirts or dresses. She liked justice when she was Caroline’s age. Now that she is getting into jr sizes we get a lot of xs at aeropostale. Almost everyday she wears one of their tees and a zip up sweatshirt. And there stuff goes on sale a lot. We also shop a lot at Kohls.

  67. Teresa says

    Justice, Target, Delia’s and Forever 21 are my go-to stores. Kohls sometimes has something my daughter will wear. I feel your pain!

  68. says

    Oh how wish my MU Tigers were having as much success in the SEC!!

    My baby girl is 6 now, wearing 7’s. . .why do stores want her to look like 16 year old?? Very frustrating !

  69. Angie Lingar says

    JC Penneys, Kohls, and Target are always hits around here for my 9 and 11 year olds. It sometimes takes several trips and I’ve found that shopping on the internet isn’t always the best. They pick it out, I order it and when they get it, it’s not comfy or doesn’t look the way they thought it would (my oldest is the most guilty of this “drama”)….ummm, can you say spoiled much? lol Oh well! Just 2 cents from a big ol’ Razorback Fan! Have a great week! And Good Luck!

  70. says

    oh i know the pain you are going through. i am so sorry. yep. mine were completely over gap and old navy at about age 9. I have an 11 year old (6th grade) who is tiny (size 8)… so while all her friends are wearing delia’s and american eagle… she can’t fit into it quite yet. I get a lot at nordstroms (i have the best luck online… and you really can get some things at an affordable price) and also forever21 kids section (which is VERY SMALL) and make sure you wash it very daintily! Forever21 kids is very hit or miss. hope that helps!

  71. Jessica says

    I did a quick “CTRL F” through your comments as not to duplicate suggestions, and I noticed that only one other person mentioned Crazy 8…I shop there for my nieces, and they love it! I love it, too, because their clearance is seriously always $3.99. You know how all of your stuff is always “$15?” This is REALLY $3.99. :)
    We have luck sometimes at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Ross. Yes, they are a royal pain in the rear to look for clothes at, but we find cute things.
    My last suggestion is Belk. It’s like a Kohl’s. Not sure if they have that in your area.

    Also, I have found that I like to show my children things online before we walk out the door. Have her go through some sites and show you what she likes before you make the dreaded mall/store trip.

    Good luck, and buy wine before you leave so you can enjoy a nice glass when you return home! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  72. Casey says

    Boden, LL Bean, Lands End. Hope this helps! It’s so hard….clothes are either very childish or super teenagerish (that’s not a word, haha). There is no in between!!

  73. Traci says

    I have been reading your blog for years now. I remember when I first saw Caroline in such cute clothes, I secretly wished my daughter was her age so that I could know what you were going to do when she got to the dreaded 4th grade year. My daughter declared in the 4th grade that she would never wear a dress, a skirt or the color pink again (it has been 4 years now and she still stands by that, much to my dismay).

    As for shopping, it is tough. Not so much because she is all that picky (ok, yes she is), but the clothes they make for girls now are downright trashy. I actually said to the lady in Macy’s that I do not know how they sell their clothes, because even if I would let my daughter dress like a striper, the schools would never go for it!! You can not wear short-shorts and a spaghetti top cut down to there to schoool. That’s just common sense!

    Now that I am off that soapbox, we have had marginal luck at JCPenney, Target, TJ Maxx and sweatshirts that we buy on vacation that come with fun memories. As for Justice….run AWAY as fast as you can! They are way overpriced and their clothes (the tops anyway) will literally unravel on you. The return policy is so rigid too that you better plan to keep whatever you take out of there. I was jumping for joy when my daughter told me she did not want to shop there anymore because their clothes don’t hold up.

    Good luck girlfriend!!! Can’t wait to see what you find :)


  74. kacey korting says

    Justice – ugh- but they have great hoodies and long sleeve shirts, Aeropostale – there is an xs that will fit elementary girls, abercrombie (not ‘& fitch’) has kids clothes and I love H&M for kids too.

  75. Erin S says

    I have three daughters, ages 12, 11, and 9. I can’t stand Justice and the like – cheaply made and cheap looking. Although I do not have the money tree in my backyard, I do have quite a bit of luck at Nordstroms. Great sales several times a year. I also love Crazy 8’s. It is a slightly trendier version of Gymboree.

  76. julianne says

    Hollister and Aero…. Aero alwasy has a sale Hollister use the coupons. the clothes will fit Carolyn well. I have a tomboy soccer player girl and she will wear this…not the skirt mind you but the heans and shirts

  77. says

    H&M has a GREAT tween section. Of course, Aggieland Outfitters should be able to supply everything she could ever need, right?!?! I love a good tent sale! If I see anything while we’re there this weekend or next, I’ll let ya know. Good luck and Gig’ Em!

  78. Abby says

    I have a 9 year old. She just looked at me and said, “you do not understand my style.” What style–I buy all of her clothes. I think she wants her style to be brittney spars meets flash dance and no my money doesn’t buy that! So we hit up gap and she picked what she would wear there and mostly we still liked each other at the end. I also love boden and crew cuts. She knows justice is never going to happen so keep on walking. Love all the suggestions!!

  79. Nikki H says

    I read the first 25 or so responses and didn’t see Dillard’s. I used to shop there for the sales and always found good deals.

  80. Kris says

    My picky 5th grader likes:

    Sweats from Justice – the plain ones with boot cut.
    Long Sleeve T-shirts from Justice – the plain ones, to wear under the short sleeve shirts she wears year round

    Jeggings from Children’s Place – just the jean looking ones, not the “ugly colors” – her words :)

    T-shirts size xs & xxs from Aeropostale & Holister – which can often be found for $6-$8. She also likes the zip up hoodies from Aeropostale – she doesn’t like pulling hoodies over her head. see – I live with high maintenance too!

  81. Kelly says

    Theres a Christian company canned american outfitters i think that has cute gir
    l clothes. Rick and bubba have the link on their page

  82. anotherlisa says

    take these suggestions with a grain of salt, as buyers (and their tastes) differ. just in houston, we have met different buyers, for different locations of the same store.
    C is past the age of trashing her clothes, so what worked with my 3 girls is a trip to quality-land, with mom explaining why a trend can be fun, if it’s inexpensive and not going to morally bankrupt the wearer.
    but quality needs to hold up with wear, with timelessness and with taste. literally we had mini-lessons on fabrics and seam quality, etc and they figured out a few nice things were better than “it never gets worn again after it’s washed once and falling apart.”
    they found they have pretty classic taste, and a fun trend or two keeps them age appropriate, not “little executive” or whatever. for dances, my youngest would rather “rent-the-runway” than buy a cheap dress for too much money. my older 2 girls love vintage and clearance at quality stores, and will plan and save for investment pieces.
    so let C shop “for you” and define why she likes what she likes. don’t run around gathering choices for her, let her meander. she may find the words, and come to understand herself as well as your $15 investments in her style.
    there’s nothing like a mom who listens and lets you enunciate why you like or dislike clothes and looks. that’s a lifelong memory, and it can start with you two donating her outgrown hand-me-downs to bless someone else. “why is this outgrown shirt your favorite?”
    happy hunting, and remember, it’s a little important, but don’t let a shopping trip become a disaster. because she’ll soon outgrow everything you might fight over!
    sorry to be so verbose.

  83. says

    Good luck with the shopping, my oldest daughter was a terror to shop for from the time she was 3, with lots of mom comments when she was a teen about “not advertising what isn’t for sale” – I wish I knew where you should look but we just scrounged the malls until she gave in for the most part. Thankfully now that she is an adult, the lectures paid off, she dresses ladylike and modest, but those leopard print and black pants she once wanted still gives me shivers!

  84. says

    My ten year old like P.S. by Aeropostale. They have cute sweats, very cute sweaters, plaid button up shirts, and their jeans fit my tall skinny girl really well. They have great sales too.

    We also like mini Boden and Crew Cuts, but it is pretty expensive. We don’t actually buy anything, but she and I both like it.

    Justice is hit or miss. Some of their sweats are cute. Their t-shirts with monkeys, pandas, and other cute animals are fun.

    My daughter also like The Children’s Place for some things, but my older daughter would have never shopped there.

    H & M can be good. Other times nothing. There is one in Dallas; maybe San Antonio has one too?

    My favorite for her right now is P.S. I’m in no hurry for her to grow up, and it is mostly a good compromise.

  85. Martha says

    I have no suggestions as my daughter is only 4, but I can only imagine what lies ahead considering the drama we face on a daily basis. And moving from the toddler section stresses me out because apparently hoochie-chic is all the rage in the elementary set.

  86. Erin says

    My daughter is 12 and into “brand names” (heaven help us!) so several friends told me about Plato’s Closet. They have brand name clothing at consignment sale prices. We also love Children’s Place, PS by Aeropostale, and Old Navy.

  87. Donna Small says

    10 year old granddaughter won’t get much at Justice anymore. Unfortunately is is Abercrombie & Hollister (sale or clearance otherwise too high). PS Aeropostle too which has good prices.

  88. Susan says

    I second PS Aeropostle and also Delias. Lots may be too big for her but maybe some things might fit. Justice can be ok for that age as well.

  89. Kristin says

    My daughter is 13, but we did go through the Justice stage for a good year or two. I agree with the comments that it’s completely over the edge (love the comment about making a Unicorn gag), but she enjoyed the clothes – as well as the fuzzy telephones and scratch and sniff pajamas. Who was I to deprive her…

    I’ve noticed that the sporty girls tend to like American Eagle and Aeropostle. Her friends who are a little more trendy tend to like Abercrombie and Holiister. My daughter is a jeans, t-shirt, chucks, messy bun girl and I love it! On a special occassion she’ll toss on some earings and a necklace and possibly even a pair of boots. I’ve noticed the girls around here (Austin) just tend to be more laid back then when i was that age. Maybe it’s just the city.

  90. says

    I cannot believe how many people said Justice! My girls were never blingers and wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anything from there. Sometimes I wish they had been a bit more girly. Our go-to, go-to, go-to store is Forever 21. Can’t believe nobody mentioned it until up in the 80’s comments. I know the little girls’ section is small but the small regular sizes should fit Caroline. Plus, they have all styles. Be prepared to stay awhile. My teens can still spend 2 hours in there easily. Trek on over to the one in The Woodlands. It’s only a couple of years old and not too big. (We were there on opening day and watching people walk around the corner to see it was a blast… like they had found a pot of gold!)

  91. says

    Justice, Aeropostale, Limited Too. Once she hits the teens it will become Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch…I am currently living this nightmare.

  92. says

    I used to shop for (sometimes with) my daughter, and she’d wear anything … until she was about 10! Then *opinions* entered the scene. (Is this where you are with Caroline?) We used to get everything at Old Navy, Target, The Gap, and Children’s Place, but suddenly 10 hit and she wouldn’t wear anything from those places. … Then my mom took her one day to JC Penneys, which I never would have thought of (I don’t shop there myself, so just never entered my mind), and she found a bunch of things she liked! I was surprised! I don’t know if it was because it was with my mom and not me (??) or if JC Penneys just felt like a “new” place, or what, but she ended up finding a lot of clothes there.

    Now my daughter is 16 and is a Forever 21 shopper, but she still talks fondly about going to JC Penneys with Grandma. …

    It very well might be just having a different influence! (Or NO influence from Mom?) I think they’re starting to discover their “own” styles around 10-13, and want it to be a different style than their moms, and sometimes shopping with another woman or another young girlfriend can really help.

  93. says

    I have no advice because my daughter is only 4 1/2, but reading these suggestions reminds me to put her in smocking/appliqued cuteness every day until she revolts! I know my window of dressing her is getting shorter!

  94. emily says

    I don’t know about stores, but maybe hoodies could be your answer? Keep wearing your short sleaves and at a hoodie.

  95. Cara says

    Oh man, the comments are a little scary! I have a 4 year old who is very opinionated about what she wants to wear each day (almost always a dress over pants so “when I do my cartwheels no one can see my knickers”) but thankfully (I guess?) she has a ridiculous amount of clothes from grandparents and hand-me-downs and stuff I have bought, so we haven’t ever encountered the “I don’t have anything to wear!” territory.
    There are so many kids’ clothing stores and sites though — I’m thinking if she really can’t find anything she likes in ANY of them, the suggestions of having someone else go shopping with her might do the trick.