It’s good to be home

Well tomorrow is another school day. On the third of June.

I’m sure you can imagine my excitement.

So I just spent the weekend in Atlanta. In fact, I’m actually on my flight on the way home right this minute. I’d planned to watch a few more episodes of season two of Scandal, which is my current T.V. obsession, but forgot to download them on iTunes. Yet there was still hope because the plane has wi-fi and I thought I could watch them on Hulu.

Alas, it doesn’t appear that technology has come far enough to provide a sufficient signal to stream a television show at 10,000 feet. And so I’m having to resort to scratching this blog post on the side of my cave as I fly home instead of finding out what Olivia Pope is up to and how she’s going to fix whatever terrible dilemma someone finds themselves in the next episode.

But on the bright side, a woman next to me has a hacking cough so, fingers crossed, I may end up with a case of bronchitis before it’s all over.

Who says air travel isn’t as glamorous as it used to be? Other than maybe the man in front of me who has taken his shoes AND SOCKS off? God give me strength.

The weekend in Atlanta was great. I flew out on Friday morning and had two episodes of Scandal all downloaded to watch on the plane. Those were the good old days.

Sophie picked me up at the Atlanta airport and we went to meet one of my favorite people I’d never met in real life, Paige. She and her daughter, Savannah, met us for Mexican food at a restaurant that Paige clarified would never be her first choice for Mexican food, but she chose it merely for its close proximity to the hotel where Sophie and I were staying. And, honestly, the chips and salsa were pretty good. However, the decorative piping of sour cream across my quesadilla didn’t scream authenticity.

Paige and Savannah were as delightful as I hoped they would be and we all sat for a couple of hours laughing and talking about all manner of topics. Paige doesn’t realize that I’ve basically appointed her my mentor for all things involved in raising a daughter because she has four girls that are all older than Caroline. This may not be a task she would have chosen, but she’s stuck with me unless she changes her name and moves out of the country.

After a while it was time for Sophie and me to head over to the arena for Living Proof Live. It was so fun to see so many friends we hadn’t seen in a long time and, of course, Beth’s teaching was so great. There may be a time when I can articulate what this weekend meant to me and how God used it to encourage me and answer some questions I’ve had spinning around my head, but I’m still processing it all. So I’ll just say it was much needed.

On Friday night after LPL ended for the evening, Sophie and I decided we were a little hungry and wanted something to eat. We couldn’t really find anything that was still open and we just wanted something quick, so we ended up driving through McDonald’s. And let me tell you, a McDonald’s cheeseburger isn’t what it used to be. Which is saying something considering it wasn’t much to begin with. But it was the saddest thing I’ve seen or eaten in some time. Yet I ate it anyway. Let’s not speak of it again.

Here’s the thing about Sophie and me. We have a long track record of eating some truly subpar meals together. We used to travel together a lot more to various LifeWay events and it was a guarantee that if there was a bad restaurant in a fifty mile radius, we would find it and eat there. If you think I’m kidding then I’ll share we once ate at a Mexican restaurant in North Carolina that had a rat on its sign. And not a cute rat. As if there is such a thing.

So on Saturday night after everything was over, we decided to go in search of a good meal. When we checked the list of nearby restaurants the hotel had given us upon check-in, we realized the nicest thing listed was a Kentucky Fried Chicken or “KFC” as all the politically correct cool kids call it these days. And, no offense to the Colonel, but that wasn’t going to cut it. We had dreams of sitting at a table and placing an order with a real live person who would bring us our food.

We found a Pappadeauxs nearby but so had everyone else in the greater Atlanta area and thus we drove in search of an alternative that didn’t involve a drive-through window and ended up accidentally finding a good Italian restaurant complete with a lounge singer with a fondness for soft rock hits of the 70s. In other words, who needs Pappadeauxs when you find a place where the hostess is also the singer and likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain?

And now I’m finally home and sitting on my couch. I realize earlier I said I was still on the plane and at that point I was but then I had to power down my electronic devices and stow my carry on items. I also had to listen to the hacking lady next to me bicker with her husband like they were Frank and Estelle Costanza. Good times.

So that was the weekend. Now I’m going to wash the plane off me and crawl into my own bed.

It’s good to be home.

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  1. Victoria says

    Please come back to Atlanta, and bring DotMom with you. Pretty please? And we’ll hook you up with some much better restaurant recommendations than McDonalds, KFC, and Pappadeauxs. That’s really a sad culinary experience. So sorry…

  2. says

    Let me just tell you, Scandal S2 … you are in for a HECK OF A RIDE. I JUST got into that show last week and watched both seasons in less than a week because well, that’s just how I roll :) And season 2 was really something. You should let us all know when you finish it because I would LOVE to hear what you think!

  3. says

    oh girlie, i could’ve totally provided ya’ll with some better options than any of that mcd’s and plan B on saturday night. oh terrible first-in-a-while impression of atlanta cuisine.

    we talked about you two all weekend long. i truly am so tickled we hooked up and i’m beyond flattered.
    honestly though. i had a “thing” ( if you will) with both my teenagers -which translates to 2 big talks, tears included, none mine, harsh mama that i am. apparently ) in a 48 hour period. i should be no mentor. but flattered indeed.

    and your gorgeous hairdo & your knowledge of the curling iron really does deserve a video. i’m not kidding sister


  4. says

    I’m sorry. When I go away, one of the highlights is “what’s good for food around here?” It is always a sad state when you find none. But, Beth I’m sure made up for it. Hoping SC has some good pickings come October!

  5. Lori H says

    So jealous that you got to meet Paige! And I wish I had found her blog before my daugter hit teenager years :) Sounds like a fun weekend all around!

  6. says

    I don’t eat Mexican food outside of Texas. I learned that hard lesson when we lived in Savannah,GA for a couple yrs.

  7. Paige R says

    I hate you came to Atlanta and didn’t get to partake in some of the fabulous food we have here. I’m still in shock Caroline has another week of school. :(

  8. Juli says

    What were you doing in NC eating Mexican food? I mean we have some good ones (that don’t include rats on the sign) but you should never visit here and not have BBQ! :)

  9. says

    I join the other Atlantans in lamenting your poor food experience here. We have some really great restaurants (even Mexican ones). Just not near the Gwinnett Arena…

  10. anotherlisa says

    yes, houston schools are still in session.
    just enjoy these no-pressure days of elementary school.
    my high-schooler is studying for finals and is getting
    no sun, no sleep, no summer, at least not yet.
    SAT last weekend, ACT this saturday… fun times in june.

  11. says

    Oh that’s just so wrong that you’re still going to school! I can’t even imagine trying to get my people to concentrate and/or behave for the teacher in June!

    Just started watching Scandal on Netflix. . .good stuff right there!

  12. Lisa D. says

    Count me in with the other Atlantans who really wish we could have taken you two to a great dinner here!!! But I am still slack-jawed over the man who decided that barefoot was better on a plane for Pete’s sake!

  13. says

    Somehow Mexican and Italian food is not what I would have had in mind if I visited Atlanta, but sometimes you have to err on the side of convenience and proximity.
    Don’t you love traveling in the petri dish called a plane?

  14. Tara G. says

    If it makes you feel better, our overseas move pushed our schooling back 5 weeks; my kids have to go through the end of June.

  15. says

    I didn’t even realize my parents were in the South this weekend, but I’m sorry you had to sit next to them on the plane.

  16. Jackie Ingram says

    Melanie, I HAVE to know: Did ordering the tall cut Olof shorts from the Gap work out?

  17. Gloria Mays says

    Hi Melanie – I loooooove Scandal!! Hope you got to catch up on it. If not, you will want complete silence in the house when you watch it, no interruptions!!

  18. Siob Bullock says

    I found your blog from a friend ( 4tunate ) and am cuurently reading your book!! I do not have children of my own but I Love kids and your book is cleverly hilarious! Btw I was in Atlanta downtown this weekend and I was AT Pappadeax’s on Saturday night !!

  19. Melissa says

    I feel your pain about still being in school in June. Here in FL, my students don’t get out until tomorrow (Wednesday), and the teachers have to work until June 10. To borrow something I read online this weekend, we are LIMPING (and some of us are crawling) to make it to the finish line!

  20. Beth says

    Ok, I am the biggest goober in the world – and not good at celeb sighting either – hence, one reason why I’m not in the cool siesta club, but only a lurker. Just now realizing that was YOU next to Sophie on the front row in the gorgeous maxi dresses. I agree that the food on that side of town is sorely lacking. I had Chex Mix and a NutriGrain bar at the Holiday Inn for dinner! It was a great conference with a Word from the Lord through Beth and that made it all worth it!

  21. Lesli says

    I am so excited that you’re watching Scandal!! It is awesome! Kerry Washington and crew are wonderful and the show never disappoints. Her wardrobe is to die for!!! I always love to hear your travel stories……… well as everything else!! Thanks for keeping us all entertained:)

  22. ANDREA says

    oh my scandal..
    thanks to you im now hooked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh olivia pope wowsA!