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How’s it hanging?


Several of you have essentially ruined my peaceful existence. I don’t mean to blame you except that it’s totally your fault.

After I innocently posted this picture of Caroline and P yesterday, many of you chose to focus on the way I hung the toilet paper roll.

Exhibit A:

 photo 08f78c97-3420-4d26-8779-3bbcb7874b20_zps6da8030e.jpg

Yes. That’s how I hang the toilet paper. And I do it intentionally. I hang the paper towels the exact same way.

For sixteen years P has occasionally felt the need to ask me why I insist on doing it like that and I’ve always replied, “Because it’s the right way”.

But then he read the comments on yesterday’s post and basically feels completely vindicated. He believes it’s confirmation that his way is the right way and mine is the wrong way.

I don’t even know why I do it like that. In part, it’s because I like the way it looks, but maybe it’s also what comes naturally to me because I’m left handed. Which, if that’s the case, I cannot help that it’s how I’m genetically predisposed.

So even though I hate to open up this can of toilet paper worms (weirdest sentence ever) I just want to know if I’m alone. Does anyone else out there hang the toilet paper roll with the paper going under instead of over? Let your voice be heard.

Or maybe I’m the only one. Maybe it’s because I’m a risk taker at heart. I mean, after all, just yesterday I went to the grocery store without a list and cooked a new pork chop recipe. I am obviously a girl who lives right on the edge.

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  1. 1

    Love you Big Mama but you are totally wrong on this one. LOL

    • 2

      You hang the paper over so people’s finger prints or nails won’t leave a mark on your wall or wallpaper.

      • 3

        Like Denise said, grasping at the paper that is coming from under the roll and laying against the wall could leave fingerprints…and I don’t even want to think what those “fingerprints” might be made up of. Ew!

    • 4

      I had to laugh, I just don’t get the tp roll thing…I actually had to go into the bathroom and see which way I put the roll on (since I’m the only one who does) and saw it was exactly like yours! This is something I really never pay attention to and just put it on. Have a great day everyone!

      • 5

        Me too, Cheryl!

      • 6
        Kimberly/OKC says:

        Your comment about being the only one who changes the tp roll made me remember that “Mad About You” episode where Jamie emerges from the bathroom with an empty tp roll and tells Paul to “WATCH!” then changes from the old to the new roll…in case he didn’t know how to do it…because he never did!! Now that I think about it, I’m gonna reenact that scene here at my house!!

    • 7


  2. 9

    That’s how I hang tp…I never knew it was weird :) I’m not left handed either. I never knew there was a “wrong” or “right” way to hang tp but yet I’ve done it the same way for years without giving it a second thought.

  3. 10

    I fall into the camp of “however I can the roll back on the holder quickest”. My husband however has lots of opinions and one of them is that toilet paper should go under. So. You are not alone. I truly did not know this was even a debate until I got married.

  4. 11

    It totally needs to come over the top!

  5. 12
    Beverly Babineaux says:

    First, you should be happy that P thinks the roll should actually be on the holder. My hubby and son think it is a shelf for the roll to sit precariously upon. Hence, half the time it is rolling around on the floor ….. which is why they have their own bathroom. However in the other bathrooms, it goes over not under. I also squeeze the toothpaste from the end and he squeezes from the middle …. we are total opposites!

  6. 13

    Melanie, we are in the right… the small, outvoted right! I just can’t put it over like everyone says it’s supposed to be. If one of my kids accidentally puts it on the “wrong” way I switch it! And I’m totally with you – it looks better under as well!

    • 14

      If it’s rolled under at work, I have to switch it to roll over. It’s just not right the other way! Hotels must be right, right? Can’t make those pretty pointy ends if it’s rolled under.

  7. 15

    I’ve always done it the way you do, it’s how I was raised. It is discrete and not flapping in the breeze. As my mom always said…, put the flap to the back , close the lid, dry the water off the counter after you wash, and don’t forget to turn out the light. :)

  8. 16

    I hang toilet paper just like you do and can’t help but think it is weird that people noticed or care….but since I read this blog for a good laugh everyday this whole topic has made my day complete!

  9. 17

    I am a risk taker and have been doing it your way for years. Stay Strong!

  10. 18
    ohlookaduck says:

    I got my hand stuck between the roll and the wall (briefly) when I was a child and I always wanted to avoid a replay, so I am definitely an over girl. “It’s a safety issue” is my excuse. I’ve never told my family so they think that’s just the way it’s supposed to go. Fine with me.

  11. 19

    I am trying to train my kids to not leave the new roll on the counter! So basically, right now as long as it’s on the roll at all, we are doing well here!

  12. 20

    I think I saw on Oprah once that they said poor people are more likely to hang it as you do, and rich people over the top. She joked that she would pause the show while everyone watching hurried to switch.

    I like to have the TP coming from behind–it’s harder to overroll and take too much–especially when small kids are in the house.

  13. 21

    Well, I didn’t even notice the toilet paper roll in the picture.

    I live alone so however I choose to hang the TP is right. And while I’ve never studied my habits, I think I probably hang it over half the time and under the other half.

    I say whoever is hanging the roll decides which way to goes.

    • 22
      Kelly C. says:

      I totally agree with you that whoever hangs the roll decides. I’m an over, but my husband is an under. If he actually changes the roll, I will leave it how he hangs it.

  14. 23

    As I am the only one around here that EVER hangs a new roll on the hanger, it will be whichever way I put it. And I don’t really have a set way. So we’ll say you’re right :)

  15. 25

    I’m right-handed but I hang it the same way. And I’m very particular about it being hung that way. Sometimes, I’ll re-hang it in other people’s houses. ??

  16. 26
    Michelle says:

    Hi Big Mama!! I’m an over the top person and anyone I visit will be too after I leave your bathroom!! Yes, I change other people’s tp rolls to fold over!! I can’t help it. I HAVE to fix it!

    • 27
      Michelle says:

      My name is also Michelle and I am with this Michelle — I am an over the top and it really bugs me when I use the bathroom at someone’s house and it is “wrong”. And, Big Mama, sorry but I am left handed, so that is no excuse!! haha.

      • 28

        Yep – another left handed Michelle here – and I have to agree with the Michelle camp….you’re wrong on this one!

        • 29
          Michelle says:

          I’m a Michelle also and I have to agree with over the top. Still love you though!

  17. 30
    Hannah p says:

    Sorry Mel, but I’m going to have to call foul. I mean, just look at the way they do it hospitals (believe me I’m an expert on that one these days) and hotels…with the last sheet folded to a point…on top. If the marriott says you’re wrong, with their great dedication to customer bathroom satisfaction, I’m going to have to side with them. :)

  18. 31

    I worked with a guy once, the president of a large company, who insisted…INSISTED…that the toilet paper was to hang over the top. Cannot begin to tell you how many calls, memos and emails were sent to the maintenance department about it. I swear they did it intentionally to tick him off

    Anyhow…I’m of the anything that floats your boat works for me mind set so at home ours hangs both directions and ocassionally lounges on the back of the toilet.

  19. 32

    I’m an over the top gal! And as a few others have confessed, I too have changed others to be over the top as well! :)

  20. 33

    No! I don’t hang it like that because I am not INSANE. ;)

  21. 35

    I hang it like you! I didn’t feel the need to comment when I saw the picture. It would be like pointing out that your pants were zipped up or that your pictures on the wall were straight. Why point out something that is perfectly normal?

  22. 36
    Heather Bailey says:

    I’m left handed as well, but I don’t hang mine this way. Mostly because I’d never hear the end of it from my husband who would think I was crazy for hanging it under rather than over. I really have no preference, but I do think you probably use less paper this way since it’s less easy to access the paper this way. You were just an environmentalist before it was cool!

  23. 37
    Karen Ward says:

    I normally don’t side with the husband but P is right, in my opinion. ???? I’ll just say that my hubby does it the “wrong” way and he isn’t left handed so I think that blows your genetically predisposed theory all to bits. LOL!

  24. 38

    I’m on the “any way it actually gets on the roller is good with me” team but if I have to choose which way is right, I’d say the way you have it. I’m more OCD about the paper towels and they need to be hung the same way coming from the back.

  25. 39

    I hang it exactly like you!!! It is the only right way! I have also changed the role at other people’s houses to hang under. To all those over the top people who have changed the roll of us under people, ” I would change it right back to under hanging because that is the natural way it rolls for me!” Lol, great, funny blog post to start the day!

  26. 40

    I hang the paper just like you! P and company are wrong!

  27. 41

    You are right about the way you hang your toilet paper , girl:) That’s the one and only way to do it !!

  28. 42

    Under… I’m with you!

  29. 43

    I hang it that way! I never knew it was “wrong” either!

  30. 44
    Margaret says:

    over, I used to change the one at my in-laws and they would change it back and we’d do that all weekend and never say anything about it.

  31. 45

    Gotta go w/P on this one….over!!

  32. 46

    I also hang it that way. I know it is not the most popular option, but I prefer the way it looks.

  33. 47

    Under, yes! Paper towels too. And I will change it if it’s not. Not in someone else’s house, but in mine it’s the rule :) and the fact that my husband will never put a new roll on himself. Drives. Me. Crazy.

  34. 48
    Lorraine says:

    Definitely over the top

  35. 49

    Sorry to have to disagree with you, but P is totally right on this one! :)

  36. 50

    Over-the-top is the way I roll! I believe it makes for easier access, is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and is just the way God intended it!

  37. 51

    Under is the only way and I’m left-handed, too.

  38. 52
    Donna Park says:

    A girl I work with hangs the toilet paper like you do. So when the rest of us use the bathroom after she has replaced the roll the way you do, we switch it back. :)

  39. 53

    I suspect this can of toilet paper worms is larger than you ever imagined, be forewarned!
    I remember many years ago either Ann Landers or Dear Abby opened the same can and regretted it the rest of her life. She finally had to call a truce and refuse to ever discuss it in a column again.
    This is an interesting and unbiased chart on the topic. Each side will find fodder to support their side.
    You have my sympathy and prayers!!!

    • 54

      Well I always put mine over but after seeing this article may try the other way since my boys unwind the whole roll every time they get a chance so it may be worth switching sides!

  40. 55

    I hang mine the other way but I would totally not judge my sister in Christ, even on a matter as important as this.

    On the other hand I live with two boys so I’m happy if there is any toilet paper left on the roll. Then again, these are the same people who will put an empty carton of milk back in the fridge, so it sort of follows.

  41. 56

    I truly had no idea this was such a hot topic! But if we’re discussing it, then you should know that I’ve got your back! I hang ours under and I’m not even left handed. I’m just a rebel. :)

  42. 57

    have you ever tried it the other way. it’s really much easier ;o)

  43. 58

    This cracks me up! I am totally on your side,and my husband does it the exact same way! This was a great relief to find out, as i think many divorces have occurred over less…

  44. 59
    Nancy Fair says:

    I hang it the way they do in hotels – over the top. It’s easier to find the end (of the paper)!

  45. 60
    Elizabeth says:

    Although I didn’t comment yesterday it was the first thing I noticed about that picture. Sorry, you are wrong. If I used that bathroom I would take it off and fix it for you. :)

  46. 61

    Neither my husband or I care which way its hung. I hang it which ever way is faster. I imagine our kids will carry this into their marriages.

  47. 62

    Growing up, my mom always hung the TP the way you do (still does). As soon as I moved out and had my own household to manage, I made the executive decision to hang it so the paper comes over the top. No fumbling to find the end UNDERNEATH the roll. But I am a live-and-let-live kind of girl so feel free to hang your TP the wrong way :)

  48. 63

    I grew up with the toilet paper always being hung to roll under. My mother believes that is absolutely the ONLY way so I did too. I can’t remember when I first hung it the other way once I had my own home but now I couldn’t care less which way it rolls. Sometimes it’s rolling under, sometimes it’s rolling over. I guess I’m just a toilet paper rebel.

  49. 64

    We are over people. I don’t know why. Bathroom business is your business (unless, of course, little people are in the house).

  50. 65

    Sorry Melanie – the paper rolls OVER.

  51. 66
    Cheryl in Nebraska says:

    You are doing it right, and so am I. :) Paper towels AND toilet paper!

  52. 67

    LOL! I will be honest, I did not even notice how the toilet paper roll was hanging in yesterday’s picture! (And, have never commented here either)…But, the question has been posed and I must answer….as much as I love you (and I recently read both books, Laughed and cried so hard!!)…I have to go with P on this one – you are totally wrong!! So sorry!! The idea is that the paper is used to wipe well, you know where and what, and putting it against the wall kinda makes it dirty, get it?

    Keep writing, love to read whatever you write!! oxox

  53. 68

    I do it like you because then in the middle of the night, in the dark, I can reach over and gt hold of it. No searching for the end.

    • 69
      AnonymousOfCourse says:

      That’s EXACTLY my thought – I hate spinning the role around and around in the dark in the middle of the night. When you hang it this way, no problem!!! Glad I’m not the only one with this reasoning.

  54. 70

    I definitely don’t hang the toilet paper that way. One of my roommates does though in our half bath downstairs. Every time I use that bathroom I switch it.

  55. 71

    Oh if you are wrong I don’t want to be right!!! Under all the way!!! It just tears off more naturally… I’m clearly a tad too invested in this decision… But I say YOU (& me) are right ????

  56. 72

    You are wrong… just looks better coming over the top. I change it to the correct way every time my husband puts a new roll on. I also change it if I’m in someone’s house and use their bathroom! Been correcting toilet paper hanging all my life!!!! :) lol!

  57. 73
    Tammy Elrod says:

    Over is the only way. Notice when you hang a decorated paper towel that it looks “right” when the paper is over not under. Just saying.

  58. 74

    First, can we have a shout out to P for reading the crazy comments on this blog? How cute is that!

    And B, “How’s it Hangin’?” is the funniest title yet!

    III, It’s your bathroom, hang it how you have a hankerin’!

    Finale, Just don’t flip it when you come to my house!

  59. 75

    If you go to a swanky hotel, the kind where they fold the towels into cute animals, you’ll find the paper comes over the top, and they fold the end into a fancy point. Not that we should be making little points on the ends of our toilet paper—God knows we women have enough to keep us busy—but that’s the right way. Over the top. Sowwy!

  60. 76

    I hang it under like you. I think it comes from being a lazy kid…. When you pull too hard and too much comes off the roll, you can smack the top of the TP and it will roll itself back up if you’re an “under”!

  61. 77
    Kristina in GA says:

    You’re doing it wrong! :) But I still think your fabulous. But seriously- fix that. It makes me twitchy to see it feeding from the underside…

  62. 79

    I hang my paper rolls over, not under. My husband hangs them like you do — which is wrong, and I can prove it: If you buy toilet paper or paper towels that have a design printed on them, you want to have the paper going OVER the top so that the design is displayed. When you hang the paper going under the bottom, you just see the backside of the print…which is u g l y and it ain’t got no alibi.

    That being said, I always just buy plain white TP and paper towels. If I replace the roll, I do it my way. If husband replaces the roll, he hangs it his way and I change it the minute I see it.

  63. 80

    Under! Growing up, if I dared put it on the other way my mother would have a fit. Guess which way I always put it now? Under. Plus it just looks better.

  64. 81
    Alicia M. says:

    I hang it under too! It’s easier to pull off the roll.

  65. 82

    We hang it like you do, and I am always amazed at how anal some “over” people can be. I have had people change it when they come over for a visit! So rude. There’s a reason I hang it the way I do!

    My husband is left handed and we’re both tall with long arms….we hang ours the same way, because it’s more comfortable for us to have those extra few inches between us and the TP.

    Do what you want in your own house, but please leave my Cottonelle the way it is in my home!

  66. 83

    I prefer to hang it with the paper at the top, it tends to stay more tidy. However, my aunt who is blind needs to hang it your way.

  67. 84

    You are doing it the right way! I change it when I see someone has put it on rolling over the top. I think it rolls off much nicer when you do it our way and it looks nicer too and I’m not left handed. I can’t even blame my mother because she always put it on the wrong way.

  68. 85

    I do it your way, and I’m right handed. My reasoning is that when you go to tear it, having the roll in front of the flap gives you something to pull against. When I try to tear paper towels with the flap in front, I sometimes end up with 5 times more than I needed.

  69. 86

    I was happy to see that someone else still has Harold’s clothes! My BFF and I clean out our closets together and I think we finally got rid of the last article of Harold’s clothing last season! Kudos to you for being able to make those decisions on your own!

  70. 87

    It was all that I could do yesterday to not immediately reach out to you to say “THE TOILET PAPER!!!! LOOK AT THE TOILET PAPER!!! FIX IT!!! Oh … FOR THE LOVE … FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” But, ya know, I didn’t wanna over react or anything.

  71. 88

    What a funny post. My husband’s family hung the toilet paper going under and mine hung it going over. We too, are a house divided. Whomever changes the roll gets to hang the toilet paper the way they wish. Needless to say, 99% of the time! it’s me!

  72. 89

    I totally hang it like you, as did my family while I was growing up. My husband’s family hung it the wrong way…like P.

  73. 90
    Donna Russell says:

    Ever notice when you you stay in a nice and by nice I mean more than a
    2 star hotel, the tp is always over the top and not under? How else can they
    make those ever-so-welcoming folded triangles at the start of the paper? Try
    doing that with the “under” system….not gonna happen.

  74. 91
    Donna Russell says:

    P.S. Last year Charmin did a nationwide online pole asking Over? or Under?
    Over won – so there is your scientific proof!

  75. 92

    I noticed that yesterday but didn’t comment. I am left handed too and, I hate to break it to you, but you are doing it wrong :) Sorry!

  76. 93
    Debra D. says:

    Over…it’s the only way to go! A former co-worker of mine told me a story she remembered from years ago. She had asked me how the fax paper on the machine had to be inserted to print properly (this was WAY BACK when faxes used that thermal paper) and I told her…”over…just like toilet paper!” So, there you go. Over it is…in toilet paper and thermal fax machine paper.

  77. 94
    Michelle says:

    Sorry, but P is absolutely right. My in-laws were in town this week and thoughtfully put on a new roll going under. I tried to leave it and act like it wasn’t a big deal, but I couldn’t do it. It had to be changed. Thankfully my husband has converted to the over-the-top method!

  78. 95

    Always over the top and I have everyone in my household trained to hang any paper products that way.

  79. 96
    Sallie Baker says:

    I’m like you….it’s the way it looks. Under…..looks…..neater!

  80. 97

    Definitely over ;-)

  81. 98

    I must keep the most willy nilly house in all of the land. I have no idea how I hang the roll.

  82. 99

    Thank you for tackling the hard and controversial issues. I was once blind, like P. I thought it should go over the top….I was raised that way. Hotels do it that way. But my husband helped me see the error of my ways. He pointed out the efficiency of hanging it the way your photo shows. He is right. The paper comes off more easily and in the amount required. Although, a quick inspection reveals that all bathrooms have paper going over the top and the paper towel is actually empty….so….

  83. 100
    Jennifer S says:

    Melanie I love you but P is right. It’s awkward your way. Maybe it does have to do with your being left handed. It’s ok, it’s not your fault ;)

  84. 101

    When I was first married, I hung it under because my mother always insisted you hang it over. I’m sure a psychologist would have a field day with that! However, after some time of reckless living, I went back to the way mom did it. “Train up a child in the way he should go…” Prov. 22:6 – ha! FYI: my kids do it the way you do. Apparently the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  85. 102

    Under. Because it’s logical.

    Under hanging provides for a crisp tug away at the perforation, wheras a tug at the over hanging method makes the roll continue to needlessly unravel. Then it might potentially hit the bathroom floor, and then we might all wipe ourselves with foreign pathogens and die. Don’t wipe yourself with foreign pathogens and die. Hang under. ;-)

    Along the same vein, when my kids were toddlers and would sneak into the bathroom to spin the toilet paper roll, if it was hung over it would be completely unraveled, but if it was hung the PROPER way, (which is under), it would spin for them without unraveling.

  86. 103

    I’m right there with you, being a rebel AND a left handed person who throws caution to the wind and hangs the toilet paper the same way. I’m perplexed that folks would not only notice, but comment on the choices you make in YOUR OWN HOME. How about we just appreciate your wit-filled musings about what we’re all going through (I purged my closet over the weekend and texted my niece a picture of a pile of 15 pairs of Nike Tempo running shorts. Hoarder?) and get on with our day! Thank you for your great posts!

  87. 104

    My husband and I are both left handed….we roll over.

  88. 105

    I hang toilet paper and paper towels the correct way, UNDER. It drives my OCD husband insane, which is a perk. I plan to train my daughter up to do it correctly too.

  89. 106

    I’m an under gal.

  90. 107

    You are right! I do it the same way as you! :)

  91. 108

    This is absolutely the correct way to hang toilet paper and paper towels!

  92. 109
    Cheryl Randall says:

    I used to hang it the way you do, but then I switched to hanging it with the loose end on the front side. I don’t know why I switched, but it just dawned on me that the loose end is closer to the user when it’s on the front side….

  93. 110

    Ha ha – this entire post and related comments makes me laugh! However . . . hanging over the top (for both toilet paper AND paper towels) is the only correct way! Otherwise, the cute little prints (or quilted hearts in the case of toilet paper) will be upside down!

  94. 111
    Cheryl Randall says:

    Pretty sure every hotel I’ve ever stayed in hangs it with the loose end to the front, too…or you couldn’t see the fancy way they fold the end!

  95. 112
    Kimberly M. says:

    I definitely like the loose part to come over the top! However, often in my house people just sit the whole roll on the counter or on the top of the toilet because “some people” are too lazy to change it the proper way! ;-)

  96. 113

    Yeah, gotta go with the guy on this one…sorry!

  97. 114

    I hang it the same way…and everyone gives me crap for it. It’s hard to be yourself in this crazy world!

  98. 116

    You all must be crazy! The correct way is under. This leads to a more efficient spin and delivery of said toilet paper, without the risk of pushing the roll out of the holder.

  99. 117

    I didn’t comment on the picture the other day but that was totally the first thing my eye was drawn to. My first thought was “her toilet paper is turned the wrong way.” What does that say about me!? LOL! I did love the models though. Hilarious!

  100. 118

    Sorry, Melanie! I hang our tp over – and I’m left-handed, too! I get it from my mother – she not only hangs the tp over, she also refolds it after every use to form a point in the middle like you would find at a fancy hotel. In other words, it’s her fault that I’m warped! ;o)

  101. 119

    I never knew there was a certain way to hang tp until I got married. That’s when my young husband informed me it should always hang over. I admit it was the first thing I noticed in your picture yesterday, but why would anyone comment on it? What you do in your bathroom is your business. ;)

  102. 120
    Cheryl L. says:

    I totally do it the same way you do…and I’m right handed. To me it is correct. I pull up and tear and it needs to be that way to do so. I think the other way is backwards. My husband thinks the same way P does but here is the kicker…..he NEVER puts a toilet paper roll on there….he will get a new roll, use it and then just leave it sitting there……for me to put it on……so when he has pointed out that he thinks/believes/would prefer I hang the toilet paper a different way……I just let him know, he is free to put the toilet paper on that way any time he so chooses…..he still hasn’t taken me up on that….so it if P is putting the roll on the hanger, woo hoo for him!!!!

  103. 121
    Jayne Wittschen says:

    Suppose to go over the top so the part that touches your parts ???? isn’t touching the wall beforehand. Lol

  104. 122

    This is amazing–this came up once with friends and I was amazed people had such strong opinions about “over the top”! I don’t even pay attention to how I put it on.

  105. 123
    Lynnette R says:

    Always over. And have to fight the urge to fix it if I’m in someone’s home and it’s hanging under. I’m never sure if under is intentional.

  106. 124

    Sorry, but you’ve got this one wrong. Always over and I fight the urge to fix when it isn’t the right way.

  107. 125

    I’m an “over the top” girl myself and will even change the TP roll if one of my people hangs it the other way. No offense to you, of course! I always end up grabbing too much when the TP is hung the other way.

  108. 126
    Courtney says:

    I’m a little OCD when it comes to this and always put it over. I trained my husband to do it that way also. I will also change it if I’m in someone else’s home. I don’t get invited back much. :-)

  109. 127
    Heather W says:

    Definitely under!! It looks better and is more functional! I feel like I waste more tp if it’s over! My husband and I have this same discussion but he doesn’t care enough to change it! : )

  110. 128

    This is proof that we are soul mates. ;) I hang mine the same way. It just makes sense. I also change it around at my friend’s houses. I guess that is why I don’t have many friends left.

  111. 129

    People have wayyyy too much time on their hands. Hang it however you want. If you’ve been doing this for 16 years, and have (somehow!) managed to keep your marriage and your friends and write two books and raise an amazing daughter…then whatever! When I got married, I tried to do it the “right” way…whatever that is. And then I had kids. They are all older now, and just two boys are at home. I tried to teach all 4 of them to do it right. At this point, I would be THRILLED if they would just PUT THE TOILET PAPER ON THE ROLL. Over…under…I don’t even currrr. Any way they do it is better than keeping it on the side of the tub. Can I get an Amen?

  112. 131

    When we first got married (over 10 years ago), the toilet paper was our first big fight. I was an “under roller”, he was an “over.” He was so adamant about rolling it over, and, for some reason, I kind of gave up that battle and have been rolling it over ever since.

    But this post made me think for a second that perhaps I liked it rolled under because I am left handed??? I had never thought about this before, but it makes total sense. But honestly, I don’t really care all that much (otherwise I would not have surrendered this battle that quickly– I’m a stubborn headed one in most regards).

  113. 132

    UNDER!! Someone commented about the paper being discreet and not flapping around when it’s hung under. I agree completely! It’s just always been hung that way- simply because it’s the correct way. Then along comes my current boyfriend.. who insists on hanging it over. We’ve had lengthy, LENGTHY discussions about it (and have subsequently dragged innocent bystanders in), but can’t seem to come to a middle ground. I change it at his place; he changes it at mine. Eventually, we will require separate bathrooms and a standing paper towel holder in the kitchen ;)

  114. 133

    Under, under, under! Just like you do. That way when you roll it off, tear it and either fold or gather it, the “good” (the outside and softest) part of the TP is what is used. Duh. Is there any other way? And I’m not a lefty.

  115. 135

    I hang it the same way you do and prefer it that way. It is easier to waste the paper if it is hung the other way I think cause the roll seems to roll off quicker.
    However, anyone who has worked in the hospitality industry will tell you get they are trained to hang rolls with the paper coming over the top. So if people like that, I say “go for it” …and also fold the ends into a cute little point so it looks uber-cute. just not in my house . . .
    I think it just boils down to what one prefers, there is no right or wrong. A true first- world problem!

  116. 136

    My toilet paper and paper towels hang under. I’m left handed too, but I do mine that way because my Mom hung it like that. (she is right handed) The other way just seems totally wrong to me!!

  117. 137

    Spent a lifetime having the roll go over the top UNTIL I got a cat two year ago. Toilet paper that rolls under is harder for him to unwind! At the end of the day there is no right or wrong on this – just preference and function (although I always see an imaginary blinking neon WRONG sign every time I hang it under now!)

  118. 138

    The paper ROLLS OFF THE ROLL easier if it’s under. When it’s over, I spend all my time trying to gently peel it off the roll. Under? It flies off. Easy peasy. I’m an under girl.

  119. 139

    Over the top. Period. End of sentence.

  120. 140

    First, let me say I have been married for 35 years. When I first got married I was an “under” and my husband was an “over”. His reasoning was because the “print” was not showing if the paper went under. It was like wallpaper put on backward. That was a good argument and he won the war! We’ve been an “over” family for the last 34 years. Now, as I’m sitting here thinking about this, I realize that I’m not sure I’ve seen printed toilet paper lately. Have they quit making it or is it just that I have bought the same white brand so long I’m not up on toilet paper design? Does my family need to rethink the whole toilet paper issue? Goodness, the stress of it all! Truthfully, I’d be content whichever way it rolled, as long as it always rolled the same way! When I travel I hate going to the bathroom in the middle of the night when it’s dark and I’m still half asleep and having to fight with the roll to get the paper.

  121. 141

    Well, I am right handed and I do it under like you.

  122. 142

    I’m with you Big Mama! People who hang their TP and paper towels like Big Mama UNITE! We will not give in to peer pressure! :)

  123. 143

    On the right. You?

    Like your baseboards and wall color.

  124. 144

    Over? Under? NONE! Now we have an issue!

  125. 145

    So, one could say, “that’s the way you roll.” ;)

  126. 146

    I am with those who say just be thankful it is on the roll at all, over or under. I have even written in calligraphy above the toilet paper roll a quote I came across…”Changing the toilet paper roll will not cause brain damage” but apparently they don’t believe because they just keep setting the rolls on top of the holder or on the floor or in the window sill…I have called them all into the bathroom (husband, 5 kids) and given them lessons as I was wondering if maybe they really didn’t know how. Sigh.

  127. 147
    Julianne says:

    Under. I read somewhere you use fewer squares that way. Can you spare a square? I know I can’t.

    Additionally, I’m somewhat alarmed at the passion people feel over this issue. I mean really. Toilet. Paper. People.

  128. 148

    Sheesh, where have I been all my life? Just a minute and I’ll go check to see how we roll.

  129. 149

    I hang mine the exact same way. It is the right way. My mother and aunt disagree on this matter all the time and have toilet paper wars while they are on vacation. They change it to their own preference everytime they go to the bathroom. It is histerical!

  130. 150

    Cyber fist pump! YES! Under is the way to roll! If it’s over & someone touches the square they don’t tear you get that square! I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to use a square that was already touched by someone in there :) Feel like Dr Seuss with this one!

  131. 151

    I didn’t even know this was a debate. But to settle it, your way (and mine) is the right way. It makes total sense. :)

    Glad we got that settled.

  132. 152

    I also hang the TP the way you do. The reason being that years ago, we had a CAT that liked to go to the bathroom and SPIN the toilet paper off the roll when I hung it over the top! Our current cat doesn’t even know it exists, but by now it’s habit, I like it that way, and that’s my story – I’m sticking to it!

    I should mention that my parents hang theirs OVER as they have ALWAYS done, and how I was “raised to hang it.” As a joke, my dad will ALWAYS turn my around the “correct way” when he visits, and I will turn theirs around my way when I visit their house!

  133. 153

    that’s how I hang it too,, it doesn’t seem to tear off as good the “over” way.

  134. 154

    I’m with you…..I totally prefer the paper hanging “under” as opposed to “over”. I do this for two reasons-”under” for some reason looks “neater” to me. The other reason is that “over” tends to cause too much paper to roll off when I pull and I end up with more paper than I intended. Yes, I realize this makes me a little over the top(OCD) on something as simple as toilet paper, but I long ago came to accept my oddities ;)

  135. 155

    Is there some sort of toilet paper cheese police? I had no idea there was a right or wrong way. I hang it like you do to hide the paper trail so the cat can’t attack it and pull it all over hither and yon.

  136. 156

    I am at work so I can’t look but I have no idea how my paper’s hanging,and frankly my dear, I don’t care. Now, squeeze my toothpaste from the middle and I’ll have to cut you.

  137. 157

    I used to, and thought it always looked better. Until I realized how much of my life I’ve wasted trying to find the end of the toilet paper roll in the middle of the night, in the dark. Now I get ticked every time someone else in my family tries to be funny and switch them. ;)

  138. 158

    under, always. and i fix it after the house cleaner changes it to over, every two week. and yes i am left handed. but my mom isn’t and she hangs it under too.

  139. 159

    We are “right” in our hanging ways & everyone else including my daughter (who was raised “right”) is wrong! :)

    ps – I am “right” handed tho’

  140. 160

    Definitely over!

  141. 161

    From your books, to your taste in clothes and now to how we hang toilet paper !! We agree, under is how we roll in our house! I like it better that way, not sure why, but I do:)

  142. 162

    I’d love to tell you that I agree with you. Except I don’t. I’m left-handed, too, and I hang my paper products “over”. Sorry!

  143. 163

    Gosh..another case where left-handers get a raw deal. I say have P install the toilet paper holder on the left side of your toilet and let the flap hang over. It’s all about compromise! :). PS I did notice it was hanging under in the pic yesterday…I don’t’re still awesome!

  144. 164

    I’m with you! That’s how I hang it too and I’m also left handed.

  145. 165

    I grew up with the toilet paper hanging “under” , as you do. But my then boyfriend, now husband of 15 years, converted me and I can’t go back. :)

  146. 166

    I’m with you and I’m right handed!

  147. 167

    My uncle worked at IBM a million years ago. An efficiency study conducted by that company apparently proved you use less toilet paper if you hang it over instead of under. I don’t know if that’s true, but I have been unable to hang it any other way in the 50 years I have been responsible for toilet paper. Old habits die hard.

  148. 168

    Over over over….

  149. 169

    I hung it your way when my kids were little because it made it harder for toddlers to hit at it and unroll it all over the bathroom. The habit became too ingrained for me to change now that the kids are all grown. Besides that, I’m left-handed, too.

    • 170
      Marilyn J says:

      Yes, that’s the way it is on our house! Mama always said that little ones couldn’t unroll as much with the under method!

  150. 171
    Bobbie Lutz says:

    Sorry, Mel…It’s ‘over’ in our house! It’s always been neater looking to me, as in, more organized! The tail hanging down looks like the paperwork isn’t finished! Weird, I know!

  151. 172

    I personally prefer it the opposite way of yours. but you will be happy to know my wife (who is also left handed, so maybe that has something to do with it) prefers it your way. So, you can always tell who put the roll up based on which was it is turned.

  152. 173

    I hang it and paper towels that way, as I believe it cuts down on the quantity used. You are right in my eyes.

  153. 174

    Paper hangs over the top.

  154. 175
    Cynthia M. says:

    Toilet tissue and paper towels should hang “over” for several reasons. 1) It simply looks better. The paper hangs down the wall and looks unattractive when it rolls “under”. 2) If you buy paper towels with prints/designs, and you hang them where they roll “under”, the prints/designs will be upside down. The reason the designs are always printed that way is because that is the correct way to hang them. 3) If you’ll notice, hotels always hang toilet paper where it rolls “over”. (They also fold a pretty point on the tissue.) 4) It is more difficult to roll and tear off as much tissue as you need when it is hung “under”. 5) This is the most important one… It’s SO much easier to find the end of the roll! When you hang it “over”, you don’t have to search for it from underneath, AND you don’t scratch and scuff your walls in the process.

  155. 176

    I hang the tp the exact same way. It seems easier to get off the roll that way, especially when the roll is new. Love your blog!

  156. 177

    I am not left handed and I am here to declare that you are absolutely CORRECT in the way you hang your toilet paper. And your paper towels. I think there is a law somewhere to prove that. . .I will work on finding the documentation for you! ;)

  157. 178

    I don’t really concsiously do it either way, I just grab the roll and put it on and whichever way it ends up is how it stays :) I just checked and of the three bathrooms in my house, two are over and one is under :).

  158. 179

    I’m sending you a left – handed high five, because us left-handed gals do it differently. And more awesomer.

    Apparently I’m not as much of a OCD type A person as I thought I was since I totally missed the tp roll drama. Actually, I was totally digging the flower print chair in the living room shot. (Where P was snoozing on the carpet). That chair is very sweet. So, of course, I must be nosy and ask…where did you get it?

    Thank you for the laughter. You always brighten my day! :)

  159. 180

    I’m right handed and hang our toilet paper the exact way. Why? B/c it’s the right way ;)

  160. 181
    Kate Semer says:

    You are correct, you hang it out the back to keep it from unrolling if someone hits it, or if you have ever had a cat. We had one that would stand up and unroll the entire roll if it was hung coming out the front. Safety first, hang the roll going out the back side.

  161. 182

    I grew up with it over, so over it is. Personally I think you fold it however you please at home. But apparently hotels believe there is a right way: No way to do that if it’s hanging under ;).

  162. 183

    I’m a lefty and also hang it that way.
    It’s hard being a lefty in a right-handed world!!

  163. 184

    I have always done it the under way, like you, and am right handed. I do not like it over whatsoever.

  164. 185

    I’m right handed, hang my TP the same way.. And had no idea this was controversial :)

  165. 186

    I hang it the same way you do… helps to keep pets and toddlers from rolling out the whole roll on the floor.

  166. 187
    Marcia Compton says:

    Your fashion sense is awesome But you toilet paper is wrong I have to go with P

  167. 188

    I am in the OVER camp. Also, after 25 years I have been trained by my husband to have the end of the TP hanging down a little so it’s easier to grab and you don’t have to roll, roll, roll to get to the end. It drives me crazy when I’m in an unfamiliar restroom and I have to dig around for the end of the roll to pull out what I need!

  168. 189

    I’m with you on the tp hang…I guess it’s just how we roll. :) Sidenote, with soon to be two kids in college out of state, I have been on a kindle fast since you’re second book came out. I got an email just this morning from Amazon that due to blah, blah, blah on some past orders, I had a credit on my account for, wait for it… $9.01, the exact price of your book! Coincidence, I think not!!!!! Oh happy day!!!!

  169. 190

    just noted I spelled “your” as “you’re”. Still happy, but also slightly embarrassed by the typo!

  170. 191

    You are correct!!! Do “the dance of joy” and celebrate your correctness! My husband & I will celebrate our 33rd anniversary later this week and we still have a “discussion” from time to time about who is right on this subject! Ha!

    • 192

      LeBe, my husband and I will celebrate our 33rd Anniversary this week! The 28th! But I am an “over” because I have a terrier that can nab it if it hangs down at all. He literally has drug it down the hall and into a bedroom.
      Our daughter is getting married Friday on our anniversary. And we got married on my parents anniversary. So, third generation in our family getting married on March 28th!

  171. 193

    I am hanging with you girl, that is always how I have hung my TP and it is the RIGHT WAY.

  172. 194

    Over. Sorry.

  173. 195

    It comes down to gravity. It’s a strong force people…. and it doesn’t end at the bathroom door! If you hang the paper wrong (under) gravity will drag the end down and some of the sanitized portion of toilet paper will be unrolled and exposed!!! Everyone knows what happens next. It’s peppered with toilet bowl spray contamination at every flush. Gross!

    Actually, that was for dramatic purposes. I hang it “over” but never considered why. This is the best I could come up with on short notice. Hopefully I have scared you into changing your mind.

  174. 196

    I never pay attention to the way the toilet paper hangs. I just stick it on the holder. I’m wild and crazy like that. I will also add, this is not an issue in my house because I happen to be the only one who knows how to even put it on the holder.

  175. 197

    I am an over girl, but there are lots of opinions. There is even a Wikipedia entry for toilet paper orientation ;)

  176. 198

    I prefer it your way if I’m honest, but I totally hang it however I hang it. (That is, IF I hang it!) This post cracks me up. :)

  177. 199

    You are absolutely right. Stand strong! :) It should always be under, it looks more natural that way.

  178. 200

    You are correct as I am too…the only one who has ever told me otherwise is my husband who doesn’t care enough about it to refill the toilet paper the “correct way.” Which becomes the bigger issue of replacing the toilet paper. I’m not quite sure what the big deal is, but my 16 year old son finds it easier to reach inside the the bathroom closet and use paper towells instead of reaching over another foot to cabinet under the sink to grab the actual toilet paper. We’ve found this out the hard way when our septic tank needed to be pumped. I am betting some day that he too will know the correct way the toilet paper should go.

  179. 201

    Under is the only way to go (pun intended). If you’re up in the middle of the night (and let’s face it, most of us over 40 are) and don’t want to turn the light on, it’s the easiest way to find the start of a roll. This is the correct way and I will never be convinced otherwise.

  180. 202
    Julie in Michigan says:

    I hang it “over” not “under” and if my husband changes the tp roll and hangs it under I change it back to over! hahaha.

  181. 203

    I’m with you. Under just looks better.

  182. 204

    I hang it that way in one of the bathrooms to prevent the cat from unrolling it. Otherwise, I hang it with the paper over.

  183. 205
    Jenn from Texas says:

    I hang mine both ways (okay, that is a weird sentence). I hang mine like yours in the kid’s bathroom because it is harder for them to unroll the entire thing for fun if they have to roll it upwards. My other 2 bathrooms are the other way. It just seems right to me.

  184. 206

    We hang it the way you do. When we had small children they would walk up and unroll the entire thing in 10 seconds flat. Hung like this, they can roll and roll and roll but the paper doesn’t come undone. Now that our children are older, we too have a left hander and it’s just habit now!

  185. 207

    I am 100% with you!

  186. 208

    I’ve noticed in finer hotels that we have stayed in, that housekeeping has the toilet paper hung over the top with the loose layer folded in on each side to form a “V”. Couldn’t do this little tidy (fancy??) housekeeping tidbit if it was hung going under. Just food for thought.

    Btw, I’m an over girl. It just seems comfortable for me that way.

  187. 209

    I’m an over the top kind of girl. I think my way is so right that I often change other people’s when I use their bathroom. That’s probably a little weird, but this is apparently a big issue for me, ha!

  188. 210
    Kim Riley says:

    You do it correctly! I had seen it done this way all my life and until my dear mother in law started secretly changing it when she was at my house, I never knew there was any other way.

  189. 211

    Under!! (How do you get marks from fingers/fingernails if it’s under??) it definitely looks better that way.

  190. 212

    Over! I had to stop reading the comments because seeing how many people hang it incorrectly was stressing me out! P.S., I’m left handed, too.

  191. 213
    Courtney C says:

    Over. Absolutely over. Unless you have cats that like to play and then you have to go under or the whole roll will end up in a pile on the floor. And if a kid actually hangs it — whether over or under — then you call the Pope and tell him that a miracle has occurred.

  192. 214

    This completely explains WHY over is the right way:

    It has diagrams and everything.

  193. 215

    I am left handed, too, but I cannot stand when the toilet paper is under!

  194. 216
    Julie Reynolds says:

    At my house we’re just glad to find toilet paper on the roll. But I have to say that I too hand the toilet paper as you do Melanie. But my husband and daughter both try to redo it everytime they can.

  195. 217

    You are right!! Toilet paper should go under, and for what it’s worth, I’m right handed.

  196. 218

    Over the top here!! And I’m a lefty!

  197. 219

    I’m with Bethany – over the top, and I’m a lefty! Sorry BigMama!

  198. 220

    I have never, not once, thought about how I hang the toilet paper. I didn’t even realize there was a debate about it’s rightness or wrongness. I tend to just get things done, and in this case, I put toilet paper on the holder and never think about it again.

  199. 221

    Over -Over -Over and I am so tired of fixing it at work. I think someone is going in behind me and switching to the wrong way just to mock me so I can go back in and change it Over (the Right way) all over again… lol your posts were also making me crazy at just how many places I would need to go fix it right … Okay a little obsessed right ;-)

  200. 222

    Well…I am an over girl, but honestly if my husband or two sons hung it up anyway I would
    Be happy. Along with flushing the toilet, and wiping their messes. But that’s a whole other topic…….it’s hard being the only female. I will take what I can get! Your blog is what I look forward to for my weekly laughs that I desperately need! Thanks for that!

  201. 223

    Also I LOVE LOVE LOVE the diagram and plan to print it and post it in the bathroom at work. Thank you so much for sharing that .. I am Vindicated ….LOL Sorry so obsessed

  202. 224

    You are so right on this one! It’s easier to tear this way (you don’t end up pulling off extra), and it looks better. If I ever come across a roll hung incorrectly, I take it upon myself to make it right!

  203. 225

    My husband and son are both left-handed, and they hang the toilet paper just like you do :)
    No big deal to me….I’m just happy when someone other than me remembers to replace the roll!

  204. 226

    In my house, my parents always hung it under like you do. Then I got married and my husband INSISTED that over is the correct way. I agreed to try it and know I agree with him. It is much easier to get the paper when it is hanging over! I do insist that the toilet seat stay in the down position, however!

  205. 227

    I’m just happy if it’s on the holder! I couldn’t care less which way it hangs! I did, however, just discover that my dad has very strong feelings that the paper should come up over the top of the roll. I am almost 32 years old and I JUST found out that he cares about this.

  206. 228

    Your post and all the comments are hilarious – people sure are passionate about this topic!! I was an under person like you until I got married…I never cared very much, but my husband was ADAMANT about having it the other way, so I switched :)

  207. 229

    Man, I wish I could like some of these comments! I’m an over-the-top too, and I also have been known to change it at others’ houses when it’s not “right.” :\

  208. 230

    Man do I have a history with this subject! I was devastated to learn the great Ann Landers wrote in her popular newspaper column that the correct way to hang TP is down the wall. For years I struggled with this. After far too much time and thought on the matter I have since crossed over to your side of things. Down the wall is the best way. Let me introduce a scenario…Your toddler, walks up to the roll and beats on it until it rolls at a consistent rhythm. If it is hanging over the top it will roll all out on the floor! If it is down the wall he or she can beat it all day and it will never roll out on the floor. (At which time the toddler will likely grab the end and pull, but properly hung TP does extend the response time for such a disaster). Tell P that Ann Landers is always right.

  209. 231

    I’m an under girl myself. So you are doing it the right way!

  210. 232

    It looks just fine to me. That’s the way I have always done it.

  211. 233

    Over the top all the way.

  212. 234

    That is so wrong! TP must be hung so it flows over the top.

  213. 235

    Well, in my world I hang the toilet paper so it flows over the roll instead of under the roll. But when there’s a puppy in my world, I have to hang it like you do so they don’t undo the entire roll.

    And, honestly, who cares as long as there’s toilet paper on the roll??? There are so many other things to get the old knickers in knots over. People slay me with the things they notice and comment upon.

  214. 236

    I lost the war almost thirty years ago and the paper hangs over the roll. I also lost the right side of the bed………………………

  215. 237

    It was the first thing I saw in the picture yesterday, but I chose to be silent… But since you have asked- I’m an over the top tp user. I saw a picture once that showed what could be hiding when you hang the tp the way you do.. It had to do with a hiding spider.

  216. 238
    Jennifer says:

    I hang my tp like you do and our way is the right way!

  217. 239

    First let me just express my concern that anyone is looking at your pictures closely enough to notice how your toilet paper hangs……omg (to quote my teenage daughter……) But while we are on the subject…….I’m with P… don’t hang your tp the correct way!!!! If I find tp hanging your way in my casa…….I change it! My two cents!

  218. 240

    Well, back in the 60s and early 70s there were little colored flowers on the tp and if you hung it your way, they would face the wall….so my mother always hung it OVER the top of the roll.
    over over over…it’s the “right ” way…we are with P.
    on this one….and it has nothing to do with left handedness… ;)…but we all still love you!!!!
    I can’t believe you’ve had over 200 comments on this!!!! hee hee..we feel very very strongly about this subject!!!

  219. 241

    I hang my tp & paper towels the way you do!!!! It’s rolls nicely this way and it’s easier to tear off exactly how much you need. I think hanging it the other way causes too much paper to unroll and its harder to tear.

  220. 242

    My dear mother-in-law hangs it like you do. Seriously, it’s the only “domestic” thing that she does wrong.

    I, however, hang it the correct way as P says. It has taken many years but I have finally taught my husband the correct way.

  221. 243

    I adore this blog (you)- but I’ll say to you what I say to my hubs- Repent & change your ways. I can’t fathom how, in all of your wisdom, this seems right ;)

  222. 244

    I love ya but this is just wrong!

  223. 245

    The correct way is… however the roll makes it onto the holder. Over, under… as long as it is installed on the holder and not sitting idly on top of the holder.

  224. 246

    While my mother says over is the right way, I’ve never cared enough to choose a direction each time I change the roll. If forced to choose, I prefer under- it’s easier to tear. On a similar note, I have also been instructed that there is a top and bottom side of the flat sheet for my bed- top side down allows you to fold it over the blanket nicely. I never pay attention to that, either. I’m guessing there are a whole heck of a lot of things I’m doing “wrong.”

    • 247

      LOL!!!!! I’m with you on the TP issue, but I am absolutely, completely dedicated to top-side down flat sheet issue. Like, cannot sleep if mine is not correct. (I am, however, more completely dedicated to being a gracious houseguest and will never strip a bed into which I am a guest…) I thought that was something that everybody learned, though?

  225. 248

    OK, the deer horns are not in the living room at my house, they are in the bathroom…..used as a hand towel hanger and a toilet paper holder. SO….however the roll is hung on the horn is ok with me. OH, if I ever write a book, I’ll have to call it Deer Horns in the Bathroom, I guess!

  226. 249

    Am I totally alone in never, ever having thought about this before? Or having a set way of doing it? Or ever paying attention to how I do it? I can only assume I do it differently each time since I don’t pay attention. But the whole thing is very entertaining–the passion on the subject! Loving it. And for the record, I’m the ONLY lefty in the family (for several generations) and my mama says that she hangs it going from behind, so you definitely aren’t alone. LOL! But I wholeheartedly agree with all of the posters who point out that a roll on the roll, even “done wrong”, is vastly superior than the roll balancing on the empty tube or flopping around on the floor. :-)

  227. 250
    Allison A. says:

    Always under…always!

  228. 251

    I’m definitely an “over the top” roll girl, and I know pretty much everyone has a preference one way or the other. The exception is my daughter, who doesn’t care either way (which I find strange because, well, everyone cares!), yet she can’t seem to remember that I am “over the top”!!!

  229. 252

    OK. First of all, I just want to say that I have to side with P on this one. I have no reason except the age-old “I’ve always done it this way”. However; I just spent 30 minutes reading an in-depth study of this that I googled! Fascinating reading!

  230. 253

    It still amazes me the passion people have for how the toilet paper is hung. I had to chime in and say that I too am a lefty and it seems easier for it to be under, like no thought involved. I can’t explain it. Power to the lefty and those who hang under!

  231. 254

    I hadn’t even noticed the toilet paper roll until you pointed it out. :) We put our rolls on with the paper going over. However, I’ve heard people with cats will put the rolls going under because it is less likely to be unrolled. With a house full of men, I’m just happy there is a roll there!

  232. 255

    I’m with you!! And I’m right handed!! I have one tiny bathroom that is awkward so the roll is just naked on the back of the toilet and I noticed when I hold it and unroll, I do the opposite of how it’s hung on the wall in the bigger bath. Does that make me ambidextrous ? :)

  233. 256

    Over the top. If it’s under and you pull……………………….you get way too much paper and can’t stop it. Sorry :)

  234. 257

    I’m a leftie, and I prefer it under, too. I think it’s easier to tear off that way.

  235. 258
    Debbie W. says:

    Right-handed me always hangs the toilet paper over the top and my left-handed hubby always hangs it under. I am just glad it is hanging and not sitting on the floor, on the counter, etc. My 21 and 24 yr. old “boys” just leave it sitting on top of the holder when they are home. THAT makes me nuts!

  236. 259

    I blame the left-handedness! But I’m not left-handed – the paper should absolutely hang over, not under. Love you anyway. ;-)

  237. 260

    OMGosh I am so OCD on this—it HAS to be over! I will change it if someone by chance does it “wrong” in my house. However; as hard as it is I won’t change other homes.
    Another topic that goes hand in hand—if you will? Are you a folder or a wadder? TP that is! :)

  238. 262

    I hang it like you. I am also left handed, but I had never made that connection. After being pregnant and having to use the bathroom in the middle of the night (without turning on the light, because it woke me up too much and I couldn’t go back to sleep), I found that I could find the end easier when it came from the bottom. When it came from the top, I could search in the dark for way too long with no success. Haven’t been pregnant for a few years, but still have those nighttime bathroom trips and thus the toilet paper stays.

  239. 263

    Let me set y’all straight. Cat owners and parents of toddlers have no choice in the matter. It has to go “under” if you want the roll to last a while.

  240. 264

    It should just go over. I can’t understand putting it the other way. Although when my kids were teenagers, I would have been happy just having them not leave the roll EMPTY:) Love your blog! Have a great day:)

  241. 265

    I’m 100% over kinda gal. I’ll change the roll at work if it’s ‘wrong’ but at home, I’m just happy to have one on the holder. My hubby once called me at soccer practice (and I’m the coach) to see if he was supposed to put it over or under! At this point, we had been married for over 11 years, you think he would know that by now!

    Between this and Boomama’s paper towel wars, I’m giggling all day!

  242. 266

    I do it like you do. Less obtrusive, less likely to get grabbed by a child or cat and completely unrolled, etc. but if anyone besides me had ever put a roll on the hanger, I would have been so overjoyed I would not have cared one whit how the did it.

    Am I the only one here old enough to remember the same argument that took over Ann Landers’ column years ago?

  243. 267

    Emm …… that ‘totally’ is me agreeing wholeheartedly with the last sentence of your !hanging! post. About being a living on the edge type of gal. No list AND a new recipe ALL in the same day. I’m exhausted thinking about it and feel the napping couch calling.
    Re how you hang the toilet roll? Don’t give a ‘crap! (teehee) Okay enough toilet humour already. This is a ladie’s show.

  244. 268

    Ooooops …. Should that have been ladies’ show? Is there a writer in the audience to confirm my edit? I keep forgetting that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.
    Loving your new book Melanie. Congrats on hitting the best seller list.

  245. 269

    I’m left handed. I’m a risk taker. And I hang mine over. I love you but you’re wrong. P’s correct. I have a very hard time not changing direction on people’s rolls at their home. It takes every bit of self control not to do it.

  246. 270

    At least P thinks it belongs on the holder. My husband thinks the fresh roll should sit on the tube of the previous roll.

  247. 271

    You’re wrong on this one! I remember back in college at one of our dorm meetings one of the girls got up and went on a tangent (with visuals) to show people the correct way to put paper on the roll because she was sick of people doing it the wrong way. Ha! I never noticed before then. Now I’m a bit OCD about it being done correctly:)