Fashion Friday: Edition hotter than the 4th of July


I haven’t been a great blogger this week. But that’s just how summer goes. On the upside, we’ve been having a lot of fun and sleeping late.

Here are a few cute things this week.

1. free people austin embroidered dress


I got the new Free People catalog in the mail this week and this caught my eye immediately. Love thinking about it with leggings and boots this fall.

2. butterfly sunglasses


A few of you asked about the sunglasses I was wearing in Monday’s post. Here they are. Be warned they are very fancy and cost $12 American dollars.

3. gap pleated eyelet stripe skirt


I was in Gap this week and saw a lady trying this skirt on and fell in love with it immediately. The picture really doesn’t do it justice. It’s much cuter in person.

4. gap faded v-neck tee

I don’t know why I can’t get this picture to upload, but just envision a great v-neck t-shirt in a bunch of great colors. On sale for $13.99.

5. jane drop waist lace dress


I think this would look great paired with leggings and a great leather jacket in the fall. Or with skinny jeans and sandals right now.

6. flora vignette dress


My hairstylist is pregnant right now and she had this dress on the other day and I just thought it was the cutest. Not that you have to be pregnant to wear it, but it’s pretty versatile. And it’s on sale.

7. sleeveless dot print blouse


I’ve featured this before but now it’s on sale for $33.60.

8. frye jenny leather hobo


Okay. The Nordstrom anniversary sale started yesterday and there are some great deals available for a limited time. If you’re a Nordstrom card holder then you can have early access from July 10-17 and then it opens to the public from July 18-August 4th. The best part is you can do what I did and get a Nordstrom debit card that comes right out your checking account and gives you the chance to earn reward dollars from your purchases. This is not an ad, I’m just sharing information.

Anyway, this gorgeous Frye handbag is on sale for $285.90 and is normally $420. It’s just one example of incredible savings during the sale.

I’m also just saying that it would match my boots and I have a birthday coming up soon.

9. boden rainy day mac


Boden is having a big sale on all their summer merchandise. Personally, I’m always drawn to these rainy day macs, but there are some great skirts and tunics and dresses on sale too.

10. gap stripe fold over skirt


Gap is also having a huge clearance sale and this darling striped skirt is on sale for just $21.99.

That’s it for today.

Have a great Friday.


  1. says

    Adore the rain coat. I live in a rain forest (truly, an hour from Asheville, NC, in Pisgah National Forest, in Brevard, we are a rain forest!). I don’t go outside to walk the dog without a rain coat and umbrella. The upside is I have an incredible number of boots that look like the kind of boots you wear with jeans when you want to be cute, but they are completely waterproof. Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. Maria D. says

    Well…since you do have a birthday coming up…I think you should gift yourself the Frye Jenny Bag and say it’ a gift from the two puppies for all of the work you do for them:)

  3. Jennifer says

    I am making my way through your second book, and this morning I read the chapter containing your $15 rounding system and Perry’s jeans shopping trip. I laughed so hard I woke up my sleeping baby. Thanks so much for your gracious an realistic look at marriage.
    Jennifer in Kansas

  4. Tina Spork says

    Melanie, I just finished Antelope and I laughed and cried. Two things I have to tell you….I live in San Diego and have TWO deer heads in my family room. TWO! I tell people it just makes us “edgy”. Second, my husband is a contractor we shop the same way. The other day after a Movie we went into an Old Navy! I almost passed out, it was HIS idea! He tried one short sleeved button down (and by tried on, I mean he sort of put it over his existing polo). He agreed it was “fine”. I then proceeded to grab every acceptable color/pattern and ran to the checkout line. We left in 5 minutes with 15 shirts! It was like a miracle. Thanks for your blog. It and you are awesome! Tina