Gameday Fashion: Edition Texas A&M and Mississippi State

That’s right. College football season is officially here.

I can hardly contain my excitement because I might look forward to college football season like some people wait for Christmas.

And it’s even better this year because my Aggies kick things off against South Carolina this Thursday, August 28th at 5 p.m. central time. But do you want to hear something dreadful? 6th grade Back to School night at the Junior High is at 6 p.m. on Thursday night. I can hardly even talk about it.

Gulley and I have been planning our game festivities for months and now I will be sitting in a classroom learning about my child’s school and teachers. I feel certain there will be no chips or dips involved. The less mature version of myself would like to play hooky. So my plan includes recording the game on the DVR and staying away from social media until I can get home and watch it and pretend like it started at 8 p.m.

(Of course this is how my dad watches every football game. He waits to see if his team won and then he’ll watch the game. If his team loses, then he deletes it off his DVR and doesn’t waste his time. This might be a path I’ll have to eventually take myself if I can’t learn to get my emotions under control. It’s a generational thing.)

Anyway, I thought it might be fun to do a series of posts over the next few days featuring various game day outfits according to team colors. And since I’m highly invested in finding maroon clothing and the Aggies play tomorrow night, it made sense to start with maroon.

And in a delightful turn of events, maroon clothing also includes my Mississippi State brethren. Or sisteren as the case may be.

Here are some maroon things I’ve found. Please note that they are various shades of maroon and I’m only going by the online photos. They all appear to be maroon to the best of my knowledge.

free people tie that binds blouse


This is my personal favorite. However, I wouldn’t recommend wearing it with just a black bra underneath. Free People seems to think it’s okay but I’d be willing to bet most Aggies and/or Bulldogs would declare it tacky.

Part of my personal maroon clothing criteria is that I’d wear it on occasions other than football days and this absolutely meets that standard.

dot print chiffon blouse


I like the dots. Old Navy is calling this red but either they’re mistaken or they need a better picture.

free people hallowed hill pullover


There again, I don’t know about the over the knee black socks with this look, but I do love this top.

roll tab sleeve shirt


For those of you who may enjoy a pattern, this looks promising.

lace knit and jersey top


Love the lace on this.

cute as a button top


I like this because you can roll the sleeves up or wear them long. Either way, it’s a cute top.

free people arosa dress


Truthfully, the puff sleeves here might be too precious for me. I’m not sure a puff sleeve translates to the over 40 crowd. But I bet this would look great on a college girl with cowboy boots.

old navy sleeveless shirt


I would recommend this if you’re attending a game early in the season when you will feel certain you’re about to die from the heat and wonder why you didn’t just decide to watch it on T.V. Maybe especially if your team is playing Lamar.

faux leather trim sleeveless wrap front top


This is really great. I love that it’s sleeveless and the leather trim just adds a little something that makes it above average.

chiffon high/low tunic tank


This would be great by itself or later in the season with a sweater or jacket thrown over it. Provided it will ever actually be cool again outside. I’m starting to have my doubts.

otis sweater dress


I featured this last week but wanted to put it here again because I think it’s so darling.

fitted twill utility jacket


Maybe some of you might like a maroon jacket. This one must be really fabulous because it’s currently sold out in most sizes.

j.crew puffer vest


Later in the season you could just throw this on over a white long sleeve tee with jeans and a pair of boots.

pleione split neck blouse


This is a good option if you aren’t comfortable going totally sleeveless, yet still prefer not to melt during a football game.

painted threads high/low tank


I think these stripes are fun.

gap a-line maxi dress


I know. It’s hard to even imagine wearing a maxi dress to a football game right now. But I’m thinking about the Aggies playing LSU at Kyle Field on Thanksgiving night and how cute this would be to wear to both Thanksgiving lunch and then to the game later with a denim jacket over it.

Unless it’s one of those Thanksgivings where it’s 85 degrees outside. Then never mind.

free people melrose swing tee


Love that this would be super easy to just throw on and still look cute.

gap legging skimmer jeans


Maroon jeans are in again this year even though I think they’re calling these “eggplant”. I question that marketing. I also question the shoes the model is wearing. But there are plenty of maroon jean options at various price points.

free people low back shirred pullover


My friend Leslie sent me this link last week and I fell in love with this top.

Finally, my friend Heidi who owns The Ikat Elephant Boutique on Facebook will have these next few maroon items (along with some other great stuff) on sale starting tonight, the 27th, at 8:00 p.m. and she’s offering 10% off everything maroon.


FAS burgundy pancho style cardi

MA Stripe Button Tee

And now on to accessories.

maroon converse


Such a cute addition to a game day outfit.

grace and lace collegiate boot socks


I have these game day boot socks and cannot express how much I love them. They also make them with different sorority letters which would make a great gift for your favorite college girl.

kendra scott maroon jade elle earrings


Love these. I purposely linked to the smaller Elle version because sometimes a girl needs a lighter, smaller earring if she tends to get overenthusiastic at a football game.

rayne necklace in maroon jade


Finally, (I know. This is the longest post ever. Apparently I’m passionate about this subject.) you might want some fun stuff for tailgating and game watching. The nice girls at Two Funny Girls are offering 15% off for blog readers today when you use the code BIGMAMA at checkout.

Yessir styros


If you think I’m not getting these then you don’t know me at all. But you can get all kinds of styros in various colors and personalized however you want.

Or you can also get these personalized stadium cups in various colors.

Not to mention, personalized water bottle stickers in your team colors and personalized. I would go with “Beat the Hell Outta…” whoever we happen to be playing that week.

personalized maroon game day flask


Not that I am condoning the use of a flask in a stadium setting, but this might come in handy for some tailgaters.

game day crunch tote


I love that this picture shows it with “The Sumlins” on the side. Like Charlene packs up this tote with some snacks for Coach before the game.

melamine tailgate platter


Love this and love even more that it’s melamine since I have been known to host football parties where things get broken in all the excitement. This also comes in a chevron pattern.

So there you have it. If you’re a fan of a maroon team, you should be able to find at least one thing to make you a better fan and, lo, perhaps even a better person.

Gig’em Aggies. And Go Bulldogs. (Except on October 4th.)


  1. Monika says

    lace knit and jersey top

    I just bought this at Nordstrom. It. Is. Darling! It’s also super soft and I can’t wait to wear it with jeans and some fab brown boots.

  2. says

    I am with you about football. I have been excited and counting down for months. Yesterday, my mom’s therapist was here and the rest of us were talking about football and I said, it’s the most wonderful time of year. She looked at me and said, that’s a Christmas song, I said, not anymore, I changed it for football season. :) She rolled her eyes. lol

    I still don’t have the menu planned out but I have until Sunday. My team has to play on Sunday. There is something wrong with that but either way, I will be watching the game. I’ll be cheering on your team and hopefully Spurrier will walk away with a loss.

  3. Cindy15905 says

    Love your post today- especially the links to all the Aggie Tailgating stuff! I have already pinned it and can’t wait to stockpile for the football season- Whoop!

  4. Leigh says

    Finally football is here! And what a great weekend; TAMU and SC on Thursday, the Gators on Saturday and Baylor on Sunday night. Certainly there will be a run on cream cheese and sour cream at the HEB in anticipation of all the dips to be made.

    Waiting patiently for you to feature orange and blue and then some green and gold.

    And, Mel, you are a good friend and all but I can’t root against the ‘Ole Ball Coach except when he plays Florida. My love for Coach Spurrier goes back to my childhood.

  5. Catherine R. says

    Some really cute stuff! Can’t wait to see the orange and blue for my Auburn Tigers!

  6. Nicole Clark says

    I feel your pain ! I am a teacher and have a back to school night at 6:00 as well! It may be the shortest “meet the teacher” night ever! Also…love two funny girls! I have ordered several things from them and It’s always so cute!

  7. says

    Your comment about Lamar made me spit my tea all over my computer! I’m an Aggie but one of my good friends has a son who plays football for Lamar. I copied and it sent it to her. She txt me back and said that was hilarious and she knows the game will be over in like 5 seconds.

    • Paula says

      Except State’s first game is a WHITEOUT! I hate wearing white. Although one perk is it will be 150 degrees so at least it will be a little cooler wearing white. But still – would much rather wear maroon!

  8. Stacey says

    This should make you feel better…my son plays in his first-ever 6th grade football game tomorrow night at 6pm – in WACO! Nothing like listening to David South on the radio for the biggest season opener :)

  9. Margge says

    I feel your pain! My son plays middle school football and got the starting QB job this week, which is awesome, except that his game kicks off at the exact same time. Decisions, decisions ????

  10. April says

    Now that football season is upon us and school has started back, I think you and Boo Mama need to do another podcast. We need to hear your thoughts on such matters and what good books you’ve been reading and what new music you like and all the other stuff that is normally in your pod casts. Pretty please?!!

  11. natalie says

    SUCH fun! I think that Melamine platter will be on order very soon! maybe the tote too!

    I think the folks doing the discounts should have done a 12% off instead of 10 or 15% :))

    I like some of the clothes too but only for non home game watching parties. It is too hot in Kyle for “real” clothes. I have to go with Nike or Addidas dry fit. Maybe you could add some of those type choices to the gameday fashion?

    Whoop! and BTHO SC!

  12. Mandy M. says

    My heart is so happy that you decided to do this series! I can NOT WAIT to see what you find in navy and orange! I’m an Auburn girl, but I may just have to get that maroon jade necklace anyway. It’s dreamy and perfect for fall &/or Christmas.

  13. Rebecca says

    Clearly your audience is skewed! ????. Although our daughter is a UF alum and so we do cheer for the Gators as well but as you well know our LONGHORNS have our total allegiance. I am with you on wanting game day clothes though- have bought burnt orange like a mad woman all week! Hook’em Horns!

  14. Eden says

    Can you do green and gold?? :) I’m STRUGGLING to find something cute for Baylor games!! That new stadium deserves a cute top!

  15. Sonia says

    Love team spirit and I know I will enjoy these posts. Especially looking forward to your features of crimson and houndstooth! Roll Tide!!!

  16. says

    Love all of the school spirit and awesome fashion suggestions, Melanie!!! I wrote on my blog today, but the complete opposite…about feathered hair and Trapper Keepers.
    It’s about being a child of the 80’s…LOL!

  17. says

    I love all of these cute things, but I don’t wear maroon or orange during football season because ARKANSAS. So excited to see future posts! Go HOGS!

  18. says

    So it’s almost 8:00 PM on a very very very LLLLOOONNNGGG day…and as I am scrolling down, somehow I start thinking that it must be Friday because I am looking at different clothing items on Big Mama….and well…that means Friday, right? So that’s how much I read your site….I kind of mark my days by it….Ha!

  19. Lauren says

    Hi! You always find the greatest game day clothes! I hope that you will do a post of green and gold clothes for Baylor fans! :)

  20. Kathryn Thrush Franks says

    Oh my Lord!
    I am so giddy to find your blog!
    I met you years ago in the diving pool deep end waiting for my crazy child to decide if he was going to jump or not.
    Perry and I grew up together and I have fond and not so fond memories of our growing up together (as only kids who go from 1st to Seniors will have)
    You make me laugh so hard tears run down my leg! (Truly the highest compliment!)
    Caroline and my youngest son Walker are the same age, I can’t wait to read more!!
    Thanks for the laugh, and the extra laundry!

  21. Jo says

    Oh bless your heart for calling this maroon, when we know the correct term is garnet. 😉 Go Noles!