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It’s a Pioneer Woman Giveaway

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Listen. At second glance I realize that title is deceiving. Sadly, I am not giving away the Pioneer Woman today. Although how awesome would that giveaway be? Someone to live in your house who is constantly trying new recipes and cooking new delicious things? I think they might have that in heaven.

But, almost as good, I’m giving away three copies of Ree Drummond’s gorgeous new cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays.


I received an early copy about a week ago and I have already looked through it so many times that it looks like I’ve had it for years. Of course I have yet to actually cook any of the recipes and we ordered pizza from Papa John’s last night, but that’s beside the point. I’ve been busy.

However, I already have big plans for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas after looking at all the recipes, including a Bagel and Cream Cheese Baked French Toast recipe that might change my life. And there’s a grilled corn dip that I am absolutely making for the Aggie game this weekend.

And in addition to all the recipes, her cover photo has inspired me to mix purple and turquoise from here on out because GORGEOUS.

Anyway, I love it so much that I wanted to share it with you. It officially releases today and is available at Barnes and Noble online and in their actual stores and on Amazon and probably some other places, too.

But like I said earlier before I began to ramble, I’m giving away three copies today. All you have to do for a chance to win is leave a comment telling me about your favorite holiday food. I will not judge you if it’s a starch.

I’ll leave comments open until 7:00 a.m. on Wednesday, October 30th and then choose the three winners through No duplicate comments please. They’ll be deleted and make my life hard.

Good luck and happy cooking!

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  1. 1

    Thanksgiving = dressing (stuffing)
    Christmas = Lasagna

  2. 2
    Amy Horning says:

    My favorite holiday food must be Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark….. the salty and the sweet with the chocolate.. and the crunch…. just devine!

  3. 3

    Roast duck

  4. 4

    Peanut Butter Fudge :)

  5. 5

    The cranberry jelly that looks like the can.

    Oh, and Ree`s bacon wrapped club crackers. I only allow myself to make them on holidays.

  6. 7
    Jennifer S says:

    My mom makes the most wonderful pecan tassies… Never thought of those as my favorite but they were the first thing in my mind when I thought of what to comment!

    Your blog always makes me laugh – thank you for that. Sometimes the days are LONG LONG and I always perk up when I see a post of yours show up in my reader… :)

  7. 8

    Mashed potatoes with gravy!

  8. 9
    Peggy C W. says:

    Potato candy. My mother made them every year just for Christmas.
    When my kids were younger, I made it for them and now I’m making it for
    my grandchildren :-)

  9. 10

    My favorite holiday food is my mom’s stuffing with italian sausage. It is amazing and I eat it alone as a mean for days after thanksgiving. It is not Thanksgiving without it!

  10. 11

    Favorite holiday food is ham. Corn dip sounds great for the Aggie game! Gig ‘em!

  11. 12

    Thanksgiving: turkey, sausage stuffing, mashed potatoes slathered in gravy ( I guess that’s more than one) ????
    Christmas: Heath brickle bars

  12. 13

    Homemade bread with apple butter! Mmm.

  13. 14

    Christmas morning rolls, hands down. It’s like monkey bread…but SO much yummier!

  14. 15


  15. 16
    Ashley Fann says:

    I love macaroni & cheese and dressing!

  16. 17

    I love mashed potatoes and sweet potato casserole!

  17. 18

    It’s gotta be the dressing (stuffing). Love that stuff!

  18. 19
    Shannon Fox says:

    My favorite holiday food is a cookie called apricot nut cups! So decadent and fabulous!

  19. 20

    I’m all about the turkey and mashed potatoes!

  20. 21

    My grandmother would make kugelis for Christmas brunch. A Lithuanian potato casserole, loaded with cream and bacon fat.

  21. 22

    If I’m being honest? Bourbon slush. Quite tasty and just enough to take the edge off and make everyone feel warm and festive. Not enough to get everyone blitzed. I find that if you’re going to have a house full of relatives for a few days, it’s best to sand down the edges a bit. Plus, when they all float off to sleep I can shovel sweet potato soufflé into my mouth in peace!

  22. 23

    Halloween = any and all of the CHOCOLATE candy from my kids stash ;)

    Thanksgiving = My mom’s broccoli cheese casserole

    Christmas = candy cane cookies :)

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway!!

  23. 24

    Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread. The pumpkin negates the sugar and chocolate chips.

  24. 25

    Without a doubt for Thanksgiving its mashed potatoes and gravy and for Christmas it would have to be my great grandmothers lefsa, which is a Swedish treat:)

  25. 26

    Oooh … I like hashbrown casserole with ham at Easter. Which is a totally different time of year, but you said starch, and that’s where my mind went. I love my mom’s cornbread dressing at Thanksgiving. Christmas – we always get Hickory Farms sausage, cheese and crackers to snack on. Yum.

  26. 27

    My mom’s Christmas Morning Waffles. Fluffy Belgian waffles with cream cheese, whipped cream and sliced strawberries.

  27. 28
    Sharon Flasche says:

    My favorite is Turkey with corn bread stuffing and cranberry sauce.

  28. 29

    Broccoli casserole or pretty much anything I don’t have to cook or clean up!

  29. 30
    Luann Kirkham says:

    My favorite holiday foods are ham, cheesy potatoes, and red velvet cake at Christmas.

  30. 31
    Emily Thompson says:

    Breakfast egg, sausage and cheese casserole that my mom still makes for breakfast on Christmas Day! When we were kids out grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles would all come over that morning for a HUGE breakfast. Now that we all have kids we do our breakfast tradition one Sunday before church during the Christmas season. It combines my favorite things: family and breakfast!

  31. 32

    Grandma’s Cornbread Dressing!

  32. 33

    Sweets!! Love them all!

  33. 34
    Lauren H. says:

    Turkey and dressing with cranberry sauce!

  34. 35

    Christmas cookies!

  35. 36

    Mmmm, holiday cookies!

  36. 37

    Oh, I love me some Pioneer Woman!! I follow all her blogs and if I get up on time I watch her precious show on Saturday mornings. I just recently printed a recipe for Pumpkin Pecan Bread with Streusel Topping. Doesn’t that sound delish!!

  37. 38
    Karen Colver says:

    Def my mom’s stuffing!!

  38. 39

    I have to go with mashed potatoes.

  39. 40
    Trish in Oregon says:

    Cut out Christmas Sugar Cookies!!

  40. 41

    Homemade almond roca, of course!

  41. 42

    The desserts! Cookies! Lots of bite-size munchies!

  42. 43

    I love stuffing. Any kind. But I always fall back to making the one my mom made when I was growing up, with sausage, sage, mushrooms and crusty bread.

  43. 44

    Do I have to pick just one? Well, it would have to be turkey dressing made the way my grandma did. I’m very particular about my dressing!

  44. 45
    Whitney Sayler says:

    Christmas morning = breakfast casserole

  45. 46

    Dressing (but really only if I make it).

    And I will say that the reader who commented “bourbon slush” certainly got my attention. Although sometimes,that’s how I would describe the holidays….ha!

  46. 47

    We have thisconcoction that my family has been eating my whole life that really seals the deal for me at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Both of my parents claim that their mothers are the source, but it doesn’t really matter (although secretly I know it came from my Nana and not my Granny). Anywho, it is fresh cranberries chopped in a food processor mixed with a splash of orange juice, some sugar, and chopped pecans. You do this part a day ahead and then let it’s it in the fridge overnight. Right before it’s time to eat,!you mix in a container of cool whip. I know it sounds weird, like one of those strange jello molds that your crazy aunt makes and no one eats, but a bite of it with your turkey or on a yeast roll is just heaven to me. I do wonder if PW included this fine culinary example in her cookbook.

  47. 51
    Stacy Bassett says:

    Absolutely love to make fudge and chocolate peanut clusters for the holidays!

  48. 52

    Paula Deen’s cinnamon rolls which I have made better by the addition of more butter. Yes. You read right. More butter. We call them Krista’s Once-A-Year Cinnamon Rolls because you’d have a heart attack if you are them more than once a year.

    On the savory side, my mom makes a killer turkey for Thanksgiving we call her drunk turkey because it’s brined before cooking in a mix of Jim Beam, water, sugar, and salt. It. Is. Perfection.

  49. 53

    My mom’s Christmas cookies!!

  50. 54

    SEES Candy!! I only eat it at Christmas & look forward to that white box of pure happiness all year long :) GREAT giveaway Melanie!

  51. 55

    My favorite Holiday foods are for Thanksgiving the turkey and dressing, of course. For Christmas we do low country boil with shrimp, sausage, crab legs, potatoes, corn and for dessert I must have pecan pie!

  52. 56

    Spinach dip

  53. 57

    Pineapple stuffing!

  54. 58

    Cooked red cabbage.

  55. 59
    Jacqui in Sydney says:

    Oyster dressing for a starch and boiled custard for dessert. This Christmas will be the first time we’ve been back home in nearly 2 years and I am already counting down the days until Christmas dinner!

  56. 60

    My mawmaw’s homemade chocolate pie!! Mmmmm looking forward to it already! Thanks and Gig’em!!

  57. 61

    Turkey and dressing!

  58. 62

    Definitely my grandma’s stuffing. My aunt has taken over the past few years and it’s still wonderful, but there was something about when my grandma made it.

  59. 63

    Mac n cheese! That’s a holiday food, right?

  60. 64

    Thanksgiving is stuffing; Christmas is snickerdoodles!

  61. 65

    Favorite holiday food, stuffing on Thanksgiving. I would be happy with just a plate full of stuffing and nothing else!

  62. 66

    Stuffing at Thanksgiving is my favorite. It’s one of those things I only eat at the holidays because I have very little self control!

  63. 67
    Daphne Petrey says:

    Any food with cheese in its title is my favorite holiday food – especially the Cheese Straws and the Cheese Rice Crispy appetizers.

  64. 68

    Yum!!! I love my mother-in-laws candied yams – they’re like dessert!

  65. 69

    Cranberry orange relish with my turkey at Thanksgiving and homemade cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning!

  66. 70

    Hands down, my Gma’s dressing is my favorite holiday food! But I do love my father in law’s fried turkey!! Yum!!

  67. 71

    Candied yams and homemade buns!

  68. 72

    Thanksgiving= homemade cranberry-orange relish
    Christmas= homemade cranberry-orange relish

  69. 73
    Heather Bailey says:

    Fudge and sweet potatoes. But not together.

  70. 74

    Homemade cranberry sauce. It’s not Thanksgiving without it.

  71. 75

    Ohh my favorite holiday food has to be sweet potato casserole followed by stuffing and fresh cranberries!

  72. 76

    Thanksgiving stuffing is my favorite. Carbs. Need I say more?

  73. 77

    Dressing and Sweet Potatoe Casserole

  74. 78
    Michele Woods says:

    Beef tenderloin

  75. 79

    My mom’s wild rice with teeny bits of sausage and cream of mushroom soup. Best made with Uncle Ben’s long grain and wild rice boxed mix leaving out the seasoning packet, or most of it anyway… Baked in layers, it stops my clock every time I smell it in her crock pot.

  76. 80
    Elizabeth says:

    My grandmother’s recipe for corn casserole. It’s easy to make and I have to double it for my family. It’s creamed corn, eggs some flour and then you set the pan in another pan of water to sort of boil and bake in the oven at the same time. It sounds weird but it’s amazing and has been around for literally decades!

  77. 81

    Moravian Sugar Cake

  78. 82

    Pumpkin Pie. Hands Down.

  79. 83

    I love ALL holiday food. Mmmmmm.

  80. 84

    I love turkey and stuffing.

  81. 85

    Favorite holiday food Apple pie. Pumpkin pie, coconut cream pie, any pie really.

    I love the smell of a Thanksgiving turkey cooking too. I like it all really, except for turnips. I do not like turnips.

  82. 86
    Marianne G. says:

    Dressing, dressing and dressing!!!!!

  83. 87

    Peppermint bark

  84. 88

    My favorite Thanksgiving food is homemade cranberry sauce – I make a smooth version and a chunky so everyone’s happy! I also love cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning, with plenty of frosting :)

  85. 89

    It’s got to be the dressing. I don’t know why we only fix it twice a year, but it is worth the wait.

  86. 90

    Christmas cookies!
    Thank you–enjoy your blog so much!

  87. 91

    Cookies, caramel corn, and chocolate!

  88. 92

    I love sweet potato bake and green bean casserole :)

  89. 93

    My favorite holiday food is Christmas cookies.

  90. 94

    I think it has to be dressing on Thanksgiving.

  91. 95

    Beef tenderloin is my favorite, although my family would go for the trimmings and desserts. I love Ree’s Cranberry Pie, too!

  92. 96

    Cabbage roll casserole

  93. 97

    Christmas cookies or pumpkin pie…

  94. 98

    Turkey, Stuffing, and gravy.

    I mostly use PWs recipes these days. I live in the bush and so it’s nice to see recipes using whole ingredients.

  95. 99

    Cornbread dressing! Yum!

  96. 100

    My favorite holiday food is homemade waffles Christmas morning. :-)

  97. 101

    Cranberry relish–delicious

  98. 102
    Jenner Lee says:

    My mom’s famous dressing for thanksgiving.
    My mother-in-law’s desserts at Christmas.

  99. 103

    I could eat my weight in stuffing!!

  100. 104


  101. 105

    Senator Russell’s sweet potatoes…

  102. 106

    My mom’s baked corn. Oh, and her stuffing!

  103. 107

    My favorite holiday food or foods would have to be pumpkin pie and oh mashed potatoes!

  104. 108
    Cyndie in Ohio says:

    Pies and butter horn rolls! Love the pastry carb thing.

  105. 109

    My mother-in-law’s oyster pie. Try as I might, for the past 15 years, I cannot replicate it.

  106. 110

    Pecan Pie. And as of yesterday, pecan pie Pringles. Yes, there is such a thing, and yes, they are FANTASTIC!

  107. 111

    My mother in law’s turkey and my mom’s sweet potatoes.

  108. 112
    Dalissa Jackson says:

    My favorite holiday food is sweet potatoe casserole!

  109. 113

    Definitely baked macaroni at thanksgiving and Christmas. I married into a big fat Greek family :) and this is my mother in laws specialty!!! So yummy!

  110. 114

    Sweet potatoes!

  111. 115

    Favorite holiday food: PIES

    Love all pies…..

  112. 116

    Hands down my mama’s dressing!

  113. 117
    Sue Mom of Two says:

    Sour cream cookies – my Grandma’s recipe. “kind of” like sugar cookies, but so much better and they make excellent cutout cookies.

  114. 118

    It’s a tie between dressing and sweet potato casserole. Yummy!!

  115. 119

    My mom’s homemade English toffee. Oh my.

  116. 120

    Cranberry Relish is hard to beat.

  117. 121

    Pumpkin pie!

  118. 122
    Stephanie Zapata says:

    Hands down….cornbread dressing…no contest!!
    I’d LOVE the book. Thanks for the giveaway!

  119. 123

    Anything chocolate and turkey and dressing (it’s not “stuffing” in Tennessee, it’s dressing) with loads of gravy.

  120. 124

    Dressing. I eat it for breakfast some mornings if we have any left over. Love PW too!

  121. 125

    Christmas cookies!!!

  122. 126
    Martha from Michigan says:

    I think I would have to say any type of Christmas cookie!

  123. 127

    My favorite holiday food would have to be pie! Any kind! It seems that pie isn’t an everyday dessert like cake or cookies, and it only appears on our holiday table which makes it extra special to me.

  124. 128
    Kathleen G says:

    Roast turkey, stuffing, & Ocean Spray jelled cranberry sauce. Oh, & of course Pumpkin Pie! Thank you.

  125. 129

    Sausage, egg, and cheese casserole on Christmas morning with my Mom’s cinnamon roll ring! Yummy!!

  126. 130

    My mom’s plain chocolate fudge and my mom’s (really her mom’s) dressing…cold, straight outta the fridge!

  127. 131

    My fave is sweet potato casserole. Heavy on the marshmallows!

  128. 132

    Chicken and Dumplings (dumplins as I say). Give or take the chicken. Fresh creamed corn is close second. Or homemade rolls. Seriously, who needs a fried turkey or fresh ham when you can have all the sides?

  129. 133


  130. 134


  131. 135

    Stuffing :)

  132. 136

    Dressing/stuffing at Thanksgiving.
    Pickled Red Beet Eggs at Easter.
    Bacon (turkey) wrapped water chestnuts in a yummy sweet sauce at Christmas.
    And, pies, any type of bread, and Special K Bars at any holiday! ‘Slurp’

  133. 137

    oh, I would have to say cinnamon rolls – we have them on Christmas morning. sometimes it’s ones from the can or sometimes it’s the Pioneer Woman’s recipe. Gotta have them though!

  134. 138

    Thanksgiving: mashed potatoes — the more butter, the better
    Christmas: breakfast casserole and my mom’s cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning

  135. 139

    I love a leftover turkey sandwich on white bread with mayo, cranberry sauce, and dressing on it.

  136. 140

    Pecan pie…thanks for the giveaway!

  137. 141
    Amy Hobbs says:

    Chocolate chip pie! We eat it every Christmas Eve. Would love to own a Pioneer woman cookbook :)

  138. 142

    Mom’s homemade rolls are the best. I’ve tried to make them but they’re just not quite as good. I do make a really good mint cookie though!

  139. 143

    I love all the veggie and fruit breads – banana bread, pumpkin bread, etc etc. yum!

  140. 144

    Everything about Thanksgiving dinner- turkey, corn, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, cornbread stuffing, etc

  141. 145

    Apple or pumpkin pie!

  142. 146

    Can’t wait to try her new recipes!

  143. 147

    My favorite holiday food would have to be turkey, I never fix a whole turkey any other time of the year and once October starts my cravings do too!!!!

  144. 148

    Frosted cut-out Christmas cookies!

  145. 149
    Katie Ault says:

    Awesome giveaway! I love to have cheesecake during the holidays.

  146. 150

    My grandmother’s stuffing!!!!

  147. 151
    Mary Elizabeth says:

    I love broccoli casserole more than life itself. Oh how I hope she has a recipe for a good one!

  148. 152
    Lisa Kaloustian says:

    Japanese Fruit Cake!! An old family recipe!

  149. 153

    Hmm… it’s 7:00am and now all I want is Holiday Food!!!

    Thanksgiving is not complete without BOTH Turkey and Dressing and My mom’s Homemade Pumpkin Pie (I’m such a traditionalist.)
    For Christmas– it’s definitely PW’s Cinnamon Rolls. Yes, they are to die for, but I LOVE the tradition of making them with my little helpers.

  150. 154

    My dad’s stuffing, made the day before and stuck in the basement to keep cool, sneaking down with forks to sample.

  151. 155

    Well, it’s got to be gravy…all the gravy. I’m also looking forward to turkey and dressing! Nothing else will even sound good today.

  152. 156

    My favorite holiday food–well, there are many, and I make them all, so I’d have to say that it’s the wine. We don’t normally indulge in wine that much, and having a glass to hand while I’m cooking all day feels quite elegant :-)

  153. 157

    Christmas Cookies!

  154. 158

    My momma’s authentic New Orleans Oyster dressing. It looks scary & inedible but it’s absolutely delicious. And every time it’s our year to spend Thanksgiving with the in-laws, I insist on making it — even though only my husband and I will eat it. Would it kill my MIL to have a taste??? :)

  155. 159
    Cheryl in Nebraska says:

    My favorite thing is the Thanksgiving meal leftovers the next day. :)

  156. 160

    Thanksgiving: dressing
    Christmas: Mom’s applesauce cake :)

  157. 161

    My favorite is pecan pie!

  158. 162

    My mom’s cornbread dressing with just the right amount of sage. No one can make it quite like she does! :)

  159. 163

    My unbelievable must have for Thanksgiving is …… Red Cabbage :)

  160. 164

    Mashed potatoes and stuffing because I’m very into my health

  161. 165

    Pecan pie!

  162. 166

    Dingbats aka date balls are my favorite holiday food – with all their rich, chewy goodness!

  163. 167

    Brussel Sprouts… apparently they are the new bacon!

  164. 168

    Mama’s cornbread dressing and pecan pie. yum!

  165. 169

    I love, love, love dressing…with just touch of cranberry sauce mixed with each bite. Good grief, I can’t wait for some holiday food! Thank you for the giveaway — I love the Pioneer Woman almost as much as I love that dressing.

  166. 170

    Corn Casserole!!!

  167. 171
    Jennifer F. says:

    Pumpkin pie

  168. 172

    Sweet potato casserole

  169. 173

    Turkey and cornbread dressing!

  170. 174

    Pecan pie.

  171. 175

    I’m traditional, plain, and boring… turkey and dressing is my favorite thing ever for Thanksgiving and Christmas. =)

  172. 176

    I love some Honey Baked Ham – it’s the only time of year I don’t mind spending the $ for it.

  173. 177

    Pumpkin pie with whip cream.

  174. 178

    Hmmm, this is a hard one, but I’d have to say chez mix, which we make the day after thanksgiving while we put up our tree.

  175. 179

    Strawberry pretzel salad!!

  176. 180

    I loooove cornbread dressing and, of course, all the sweets that appear during the holidays!

  177. 181


  178. 182

    Scottish dark chocolate & orange zest shortbread. You can find it in Oprah’s archives. Best dessert ever and so easy.

  179. 183
    Sabra Godair says:

    Hands down it has to be my mom’s dressing. She has been trying to teach us the recipe for years and every time my sister and I attempt it…we bomb. No one’s dressing ik like momma’s :)

  180. 184

    sweet potato casserole & mashed potatoes. i’m all about the potatoes!

  181. 185

    My favorite would have to be cranberry salad.

  182. 186
    Sarah Holt says:

    Pecan pie – it isn’t a holiday without it.

  183. 187

    I love honey baked ham, I beg for it every year even when it is decided we’re having something else. Also corn pudding. :)

  184. 188

    Sweet potato casserole – yum!

  185. 189

    I make a chocolate trifle every Christmas for our dessert course. It is rich, decadent and worth every calorie!

  186. 190

    My favorite holiday food has got to be the pumpkin pie!! Yum!

  187. 191

    Pumpkin bread

  188. 192

    Pumpkin anything!

  189. 193
    Cheryl L. says:

    Mashed potatoes with gravy….I don’t mess with them any other time except a holiday….that’s sad isn’t it?…..and I now use the recipe from PW’s first cookbook for my potatoes….flawless!!!!

  190. 194

    Blueberry Jello Salad! It could easily be made and enjoyed all year long, except for the part where I’m lazy.

  191. 195
    Kelly Woods says:

    Fun!! Sweet potato casserole and dressing for thanksgiving!

  192. 196

    All the breads….

  193. 197

    I can usually not get enough pumpkin crunch dessert at thanksgiving! With vanilla ice cream of course!

  194. 198

    Turkey & dressing…can’t wait for it!

  195. 199
    Kris Flanders says:

    Press Butter Cookies are my absolute favorite! Will eat them until I get sick. :-)

  196. 200

    roasted brussel sprouts

  197. 201

    I am 36 years old, have been married for 13 years and I have never owned a cookbook! This would be a great one to start out with!
    I have a collection of recipes that I have written down in a little book that I use and of course, I have recipe boards on Pinterest, but NEVER. An actual cookbook.

  198. 202

    Christmas cookies – all the special ones you only get once a year! :o)

  199. 203
    Jennifer Jackson says:

    Peppermint ice cream! Yummy!

  200. 204

    Stuffing! And too many desserts!

  201. 205

    Macaroni and cheese, at every holiday and in between.

  202. 206

    Cornbread Dressing- Yum!

  203. 207
    Elizabeth says:

    Turkey and mashed potatoes. Oh yum. Also desserts :)

  204. 208

    Cornbread dressing!

  205. 209

    Everything Thanksgiving related: stuffing, turkey, gravy, pies – oh the pies! YUM!

  206. 210

    Well, I’m a little disappointed that the giveaway doesn’t actually include PW live and in person, but her cookbook will be awesome too. :)
    I married into a family that makes cheese potatoes for every holiday. They’re completely unhealthy, but SO delicious!

  207. 211

    A squash and zucchini casserole with cheddar cheese and ritz crackers that my mom only makes at Christmas.. Yum!

  208. 212

    Grandma always made mincemeat pie with a top crust made from cut out turkey or star shapes. Unbelievably rich, but a holiday staple while she entertained.

  209. 213
    Jessica R says:

    I can’t pick a favorite. I don’t want to sway you, but Oct 30th is my 30th birthday :)

  210. 214

    Mashed,sweet- all forms of potato.

  211. 215

    I make homemade monkey bread for Eater and Christmas morning. But I love my friends pumpkin roll. She’s making one for me because I can’t do it!

  212. 216

    Boiled custard — it’s a family tradition, kind of like eggnog, except delicious!

  213. 217
    Tamra Petersen says:

    Cake TRUFFLES!
    Cake TRUFFLES!
    Cannot make them but love eating them! I’m so pitiful of a cook maybe a good cookbook could improve my skills – for the sake of my children PICK ME :):)

  214. 218

    Sweet potato casserole…yummy!

  215. 219
    Megan Scrivner says:

    Honey Baked ham & homemade Mac & cheese!

  216. 220
    Dana Reeves says:

    The turkey. Always the turkey. All day, everyday.

  217. 221

    Favorite Holiday Food is mashed potatoes and gravy!

  218. 222

    Pineapple bake.
    Jessica’s recipe for bourbon slush needs to come for a visit, though….

  219. 223

    Divinity and Martha Washington balls are my two favorite Christmas candies!

  220. 224

    My favorite would be dressing, and all of the desserts!

  221. 225
    Susan in Indiana says:

    My mom’s homemade fudge!! :-)

  222. 226

    Thanksgiving= pumpkin swirl cheesecake!

  223. 227

    Turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing, gravy …in one big pile. I have yet to cook a receipe from the previous two cookbooks but have them just to look at the pictures and dream that one day I’ll be motivated to cook!

  224. 228

    I love sweet potato casserole!

  225. 229

    That’s too hard! I love my mom’s chicken and dressing with whole cranberry sauce. Divine!

  226. 230

    Spinach dip in Hawaiian bread. Bring on the holidays !

  227. 231

    I love broccoli cheese and rice casserole. I can’t get enough!

  228. 232

    apple pie

  229. 233

    Homemade apple pie!

  230. 234
    Christine W says:

    Stuffing for sure!!

  231. 235

    The desserts…all of them!

  232. 236

    Dressing on Thanksgiving

  233. 237
    Aunt Nancy says:

    Gobble, gobble, gobble!

  234. 238

    My husband makes a mean cheesecake – I get him to make it for every holiday meal :)

  235. 239
    Heather V. says:

    Fried Turkey!!

  236. 240

    Cornbread dressing and pumpkin pie…some lb cake too. ;)

  237. 241

    Sausage balls at Christmas!!

  238. 242

    Goodness there is so much mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, pie.

  239. 243

    My mother-in-law’s pumpkin pie and my mom’s parsley stuffing

  240. 244

    My mom’s mashed potatoes and gravy!

  241. 245
    Christine says:

    Thanks for hosting this!

    No contest – apple pie! (Or pretty much any type of dessert. :))

  242. 246

    Peanut Butter Balls are by far my favorite holiday treat. My sister-in-law has made them for years, but only at Christmas. They are so yummy that it is difficult to stop at eating only a few!

  243. 247

    My grandmother’s oyster dressing. Yum!

  244. 248
    julie sullivan says:

    My mom’s stuffing !!!!!

  245. 249

    I love it all! The big meals with mashed potatoes and stuffing and glorious gravy!

  246. 250

    Love Pioneer Woman! And my favorite is anything made of potatoes. :)

  247. 251

    Mashed potatoes. Awesome giveaway!

  248. 252

    Turkey…and pie.

  249. 253

    Is wine a food?

  250. 254

    I am 70, and from the time of my earliest memory of Christmas my family always baked a fresh ham…and it was as big of one that could be brought..I was rubbed down with salt, pepper and brown sugar…orange slices was put on top and held in place with tooth picks…It was put in the oven and would cook for hours and the smell would flow into the rest of the house….an hour or so before it was done..(oh yes, when it was checked if it was getting close to being done, small slices was cut off and given to us kids…now this was the crispy top with the brown sugar…and some time a orange slice cut up in wee pieces to go with the sliver of ham…oh yum…) The sweet potatoes was put around the ham….now way back then when sweet potatoes would bake they would weep a sticky goodness that they do not do today…and when everything would be cooked and ready, the ham sliced, and the sweet potatoes peeled and mashed with big ole globs of butter…and the scraped corn, fresh pole beans…massive dish of dressing that was loaded with chicken, and the gravy made from the boiled down chicken stock…hot biscuits, and every type of pie you could imagine, pumpkin of course, pecan, lemon, chocolate, and cakes with cook frosting…A pray was then given up for our bountiful love, family, and food….reflection of the year gone by and each family member, by name was asked that God be with them and keep them safe in the coming year….Soooo I can not say which or what was the one thing that was my favorite food….since it was a feeling that was achieved, with the love, honor, and cherished blessing that was given us all, and the shared food that still is being done the way it was when it started being a tradition…

  251. 255

    Lefse – a good old Norwegian tradition that I grew up with but sadly no one in Georgia makes it.

  252. 256

    I love cranberries in any way I can get them. But they don’t taste the same in the summer. It has to be cold for a cranberry. Thanks!

  253. 257

    Mashed potatoes w/gravy, stuffing and creamed veg. casserole.

    Must take extra walks during the holidays but worth it!!

  254. 258

    Pumpkin Pie!

  255. 259

    Dessert–pumpkin pie for this time of year! Thanks!!!

  256. 260
    Brooke Green says:

    Prime Rib!

  257. 261

    I love all sorts of Christmas cookies…ginger bread is my favorite!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  258. 262

    Sausage stuffing and gravy!!!!

  259. 263

    I love finger food at Christmas. Simply graze all day long!!

  260. 264

    Peppermint bark!

  261. 265

    Eden Cafe’s Sweet Potato Casserole.. Divine! My sis finally got it from the owner after asking for it 3 years in a row..

  262. 266

    So hard to pick just one, but, I will say that homemade pecan pie is a favorite of mine at Christmas. :-)

  263. 267

    Sweet potato casserole and corn bread dressing. Yum!

  264. 268

    Pick me! Pick me!

  265. 269

    Savory – stuffing
    Sweet – peppermint cookies or fudge

  266. 270

    My favorite thing to make this time of year, with fall/halloween/thanksgiving is pumpkin cream cheese dip. It’s just so good. You eat it with either some type of graham or ginger snaps. So delightful.

  267. 271
    elizabeth says:

    Stuffing!!! (ok….and all the sides served at Thanksgiving….but mainly stuffing)

  268. 272

    Anything with pumpkin!

  269. 273

    Dressing….it’s the only time of year we have it.

  270. 274

    Turkey! And those squares with peanut butter & chocolate melted together with colourful marshmallows mixed in.

  271. 275

    Potato filling at Thanksgiving ~ the way my Grandma made it!

  272. 276

    Turkey and cranberry relish. Yum!

  273. 277
    Urban Wife says:

    Pumpkin pie. And eggnog with rum.

  274. 278
    Katie in VA says:

    I look forward to Christmas and Easter hams for months. My love is mainly about the juice. I’m with Caroline – just give me a thermos of meat juice and I’ll be happy.

  275. 279

    Sweet Potato Casserole!

  276. 280

    All things pumpkin … pie, bread, muffins, bars, etc.

  277. 281

    This year I’m really looking forward to the turkey! My mom cooks it overnight and when we walk in the house it smells soooo good. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  278. 282

    What a wonderful giveaway! My favorite holiday food has to be Red Velvet Cake at Christmas!

  279. 283

    Grama’s dressing

  280. 284

    Pumpkin pie!

  281. 285

    My favorite holiday food is candied sweet potatoes. It’s a superfood! With marshmallows and butter! Can’t get any better

  282. 286
    Maryellen says:

    It would have to be pumpkin pie.

  283. 287
    Pam Jennings says:

    I would say sweet potato casserole!!

  284. 288

    Sweet Potato Casserole…

  285. 289
    Becky Boggio says:

    Egg Nog by the gallons!

  286. 290

    I use pioneer woman’s recipes at least three times a week in our house. Hook a sister up!!

  287. 291
    Charlotte V says:

    I just adore this woman and would love to have this cookbook. Our favorite Christmas recipe is Sausage stuffing!

  288. 292

    Wow, it’s so hard to name just one….I LOVE all the holiday food, especially the dressing!

  289. 293

    My favorite Thanksgiving dish would have to be my grandmother’s cornbread dressing (stuffing). :-)

  290. 294
    Sallie Baker says:

    Dressing. . . and homemade peanut brittle!

  291. 295

    My mom makes cheese grits every Christmas morning…sooo good!

  292. 296
    Whitney S.K. says:

    I think my favorite would have to the Prime Rib that my mom makes for Christmas Eve. It’s so good, and we NEVER learn our lesson to take it easy on all the fun appetizers before hand!!

  293. 297

    The ham at Christmas….hmmmmm…

  294. 298

    PUMPKIN PIE!!!!!

  295. 299

    I love pioneer woman! We live in Switzerland and have such a time getting English books- what a treat it would be. as for food… Pioneer woman’s Cinnamon rolls are tops!

  296. 300

    Oh, it’s so hard to pick just one favorite food! It might be my aunt’s famous veggie bars. I think my husband ate half the pan last Christmas!

  297. 301

    Sweet potato casserole for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, always! And cranberry-nut bread, yummy. I’d love the cookbook!

  298. 302
    Wanetta S says:

    My favorite holiday food is, stuffing!

  299. 303

    I wasn’t aware that there were any other foods besides starches at Thanksgiving????
    Love me a leftover turkey sandwich on a leftover dinner roll – if there are any left!

  300. 304

    Christmas chex mix. Seriously, I can eat pan after pan of that stuff!

  301. 305

    Pillsbury orange glazed cinnamon rolls are the Christmas morning tradition in my family; this is the first year I won’t be with my parents on Christmas Day and I have a feeling I’m going to really, really crave those cinnamon rolls.

  302. 306

    I love the leftovers! Nothing beats a turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce and dressing. Wahed down with a big glass of apple cider.

  303. 307

    My grandma’s crescent rolls (now made by my children and me).

  304. 308

    I love me some Ree!!!!

  305. 309
    Kim Johnson says:

    I love all things sweet!!

    Kim J

  306. 310

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway Melanie!!! My favorite holiday recipe has to be my husband’s Grandma’s sugar cookies- this is my first year to keep the tradition going! :)

  307. 311
    Cindy Rabe says:

    Bread and pretty much any dip that appears

  308. 312

    mint cookies . .

  309. 313

    Frosted cut-out Christmas cookies with sprinkles.

  310. 314

    My favorite holiday food is cookies! I love our mocha chocolate cookies, sugar cookies, wedding cookies, it goes on and on! :-)

  311. 315
    Amy Casteel says:

    My mother in-law’s cherry pecan jello salad. She has been gone now for 11 years, but she had shared the recipe with me. Now, I carry on the tradition. It just doesn’t feel like the holidays without it!

  312. 316

    Honestly, my favorite is having a turkey sandwich on Thanksgiving night. Our dinner is at 2pm every year and about 8pm, I get to toast up some homemade white bread, mix together some mayo and cranberry sauce to spread on the toast and top it with slices of turkey….perfect dinner after a long day!

  313. 317

    What’s not my favorite holiday food? So hard to choose just one but it would be a cheese ball I make every year with an assortment of crackers and some delicious Christmas punch. So good!

  314. 318

    Cranberry salad.

  315. 319

    Sweet Potato Casserole with pecans and brown sugar…

  316. 320

    Buckeyes – we only make them at the holidays.

  317. 321

    My favorite holiday food is pumpkin pie! Yum!!!

  318. 322

    My favorite is the stuffing. Yum!

  319. 323
    Georgeanne says:

    Thanksgiving – dressing! Christmas – peanut butter roll candy!

  320. 324

    Stuffing. I try not to eat bread all year, so that I can stuff my face with stuffing/dressing at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Nom.
    Love PW

  321. 325

    My grandmas trifle.

  322. 326

    Ham loaf and sugar cream pie…love them both!

  323. 327

    Anything in the bread family! (And I loved hearing you speak at Allume last weekend.)

  324. 328

    My favorite is pecan pie !

  325. 329

    I just made some last week, so I guess it’s not a holiday food, but I love pumpkin bread … or cranberry bread … or even banana bread.

  326. 330

    STUFFING. GET.IN.MY.BELLY!!!!!!! (And also on my rear unfortunately)

  327. 331

    Sweet Potato casserole that tastes like dessert but you eat as a side.

  328. 332
    Rachel Gray says:

    My favorite holiday food is sweet potato casserole!

  329. 333
    Catherine Ray says:

    Christmas food is a BEAUTIFUL beef tenderloin!

  330. 334
    Leigh Ann says:

    Ham and potato salad, my favorite for Easter dinner.

  331. 335

    Paula Dean pumpkin bars.
    Pioneer Woman sweet potatoes.
    How long till Thanksgiving?? :)

  332. 336

    Thanksgiving-cornbread dressing-NOT STUFFING.
    Christmas Eve-tamales! A couple of years ago we had a little tamale mishap that involved 12 dozen tamales to go bad. Our kids said “CHRISTMAS IS RUINED!” It was epic.

  333. 337

    turkey & dressing!

  334. 338
    Melanie L. says:

    Mashed potatoes and gravy.

  335. 339


  336. 340

    The Thanksgiving leftovers on a sandwich!

  337. 341

    Sweet potato casserole or bacon wrapped asparagus….

  338. 342

    Cornbread dressing, squash casserole, pumpkin roll, cinnamon rolls, cranberry-orange bread, sausage-cheese biscuits, cookies and more cookies!

  339. 343
    Amy claborn says:

    I love turkey and dressing! Can’t wait til thanksgiving.

  340. 344
    Jennifer B. says:

    I love all the holiday foods – but I mostly love the baking my daughter and I do in the weeks leading up to Christmas! Sugar cookies – yum. ANd maybe the lame ole green bean casserole – no one in my home likes it. AT ALL. So around the holidays I”m bound to find it on a table somewhere!!!

  341. 345

    My favorite is my mom’s stuffing at Thanksgiving…yummy.

  342. 346

    Southwest dressing!

  343. 347

    For Thanksgiving, my husband smokes a turkey wrapped in approximately 3 pounds of bacon. 3 pounds of bacon…around a turkey. Need I say more?

  344. 348

    My momma makes two things every year that are a must – dressing (not to be confused with chicken and dressing – no chicken in momma’s dressing) and coconut dream cake. She only makes the cake at Christmas and it was always a treat to wake up Christmas morning and there was this great big, white cake! It is the best!

  345. 349


  346. 350

    stuffing is my favorite holiday food

  347. 351

    My favorite holiday food is deviled eggs; they always taste better on Thanksgiving.

  348. 352

    The sides – gimme all the sides and keep the turkey/ham whatever to yourself. Unless you are going to put some ham and cheese on a Hawaiian roll with that Worcestershire/poppy seed/butter glaze because sweet mother of mercy that is a life changer. Seriously, if you haven’t had those, google that sucker up, head to sams and get the big pack of Hawaiian rolls (trust me you need 24 – the 12 sold in the grocery store is for sissies) and you can all thank me later. Or shoot me for gaining 5 lbs whatevs.

  349. 353

    My grandmother’s mashed potatoes and gravy….delicious!

  350. 354

    Anything pumpkin-y or cinnamon-y or minty…it’s just that time of year when that stuff tastes soo good.

  351. 355

    Give me a pumpkin pie any day!

  352. 356

    Fried turkey and my mom’s dressing! Life just doesn’t get much better than that!

  353. 357
    Kelly Sites says:

    turkey, stuffing, and sweat potatoes with marshmallows melted on top.

  354. 358

    Such a difficult choice….and aren’t most of our favorite holiday foods carbs? I think I am going with stuffing….and pumpkin pie, as I just can’t decide. If asked tomorrow, I will probably have a different answer!

  355. 359

    Pies–Sometimes I wish we could skip the main part so we can just skip ahead and indulge in the pies. Apple is my favorite.

  356. 360

    My family begins Christmas morning with a breakfast casserole – a recipe perfected by my mother and sister – now tradition!

  357. 361

    I love dressing at Thanksgiving. You may keep the turkey, but give me plenty of dressing. Oh yeah, with some gravy, too, please.

  358. 362

    Love sweet potatoes and dressing.. Thanks for the giveaway.

  359. 363

    Thanksgiving stuffing with gravy!!

  360. 364

    Homemade cinnamon rolls for Christmas!

  361. 365

    Gram’s mashed sweet potatoes! I think it’s the Southern Comfort that makes them so insanely wonderfully necessary.

  362. 366

    My favorite holiday food has to be my Dad’s turkey. I know, boring, but it’s nostalgic, I guess.

  363. 367

    Sauerkraut balls made by my German Grandma!

  364. 368

    It’s a toss up between my dad’s pecan pie at Thanksgiving and my mom’s Christmas cookies! Ok now I’m absolutely drooling!

  365. 369

    Okay. Is it cool if I say ALL of Thanksgiving dinner? You really can’t separate the turkey from the dressing from the mashed potatoes from the gravy. Yum.

  366. 370
    Carrie Seggelke says:

    Butter. I mean it makes everything better. And gravy. It’s all about the gravy. Maybe I should put butter in the gravy. Or wait, maybe that is taking things too far.

  367. 371

    Pumpkin roll- you can’t go wrong with anything that has a cream cheese filling!

  368. 372

    Definitely dressing (Stuffing)….with jellied cranberries on top!

  369. 373

    I love Christmas Cookies – ginger snaps and anything with frosting!

  370. 374

    My Dad makes cheesecake every Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s amazing. <3

  371. 375
    Jennifer in Ohio says:

    Would it be wrong to say candy corn??

  372. 376

    Pecan pie made with peach brandy, green bean bundles, homemade rolls, rum cake, sugar cookies, and the list goes on!

  373. 377

    Pumpkin pie is at the top of my list. There are many other holiday foods I love also.

  374. 378

    Stuffing and Christmas cookies!

  375. 379

    Broccoli and cheese casserole? Ree has an outstanding one on her site!

  376. 380
    Rita Harrison says:

    Red Velvet Cake for Christ,as dessert!

  377. 381

    My Mom’s candied sweet potatoes- I don’t even know if that’s the real name for it, but it’s seriously delish!! :-)

  378. 382

    Sausage balls!!

  379. 383

    I love homemade Christmas sugar cookies with frosting. We have a decorating contest with our family – so fun and yummy, too!

  380. 384
    Chaille Spittle says:

    Praline topped sweet potatoes!

  381. 385

    I love anything cranberry-ish, but only around Thanksgiving!

    On Christmas morning, we have to have Monkey Bread! (My kids always say, “No monkeys were harmed in the making of this bread…”

  382. 386
    Priscilla says:

    I love all holiday food! Stuffing and my moms mashed potatoes rolls are the best!

  383. 387

    Thanksgiving would be stuffing! Christmas would definitely have to be mashed potatoes now that in on charge of making them. I use PW recipe, of course!! So excited for this giveaway! It would be perfect to have since my new little family is hosting Christmas dinner this year! Thanks :)

  384. 388

    Sweet Potato Souffle (with the pecan/brown sugar topping, NOT the marshmallow topping)!

  385. 389
    Tooyoungrannie says:

    I love, love, love the sausage and cornbread dressing I make at Thanksgiving every year. Who needs turkey?

  386. 390
    CourtneyinFL says:

    The creamed corn that my mom makes for holidays is what keeps me going all year. One year, my brother snuck off with the creamed corn and binge ate it without sharing. It took a lot of me to forgive him for that one, the holiday just wasn’t the same.

  387. 391

    My Grandma’s “church cookies.” They’re a delicious, soft sugar cookie which Amish kids (no, I’m not Amish but Grandma was when she was young :)) are sometimes given as a snack during the long Sunday services. Grandma passed away in 2008, but our family still makes them every Christmas – we grandkids are wild about them!

  388. 392

    Gulley’s cornbread dressing!

  389. 393

    Love me some smoked turkey and dressing and cranberry sauce all piled together!!!

  390. 394

    Turkey and dressing. My absolute favorite.

  391. 395
    Trinna Durbin says:

    Pie. I can’t decide which kind is my favorite. Pecan, pumpkin, cherry…I love it all!

  392. 396
    Melissa Ann says:

    Definitely my mom’s cornbread stuffing.

  393. 397

    I love my grandmother’s coconut cream pie. I’m attempting it myself for the first time this year!

  394. 398

    Homemade Pierogies (a Polish dumpling filled with either potato or cheese) – YUM!

  395. 399

    I would love to add this cookbook to my collection. I already have her other books. Love her!!

  396. 400

    Turkey and dressing and my Mom’s cranberry salad!

  397. 401

    Cheesy hashbrown casserole or pumpkin pie.

  398. 402

    My favorite are those little peanut butter cookies with the Hershey kiss on top :) My grandmother (who is now 90!!) always used to make them and they remind me of her :)

  399. 403

    Dressing (NO onions or celery….just gross) covered in gravy! LOVE

  400. 404

    Stuffing for Thanksgiving, and Shrimp Macaroni Salad that my mother in law makes for Christmas. It’s fantastic!

  401. 405

    My favorite food we have on holidays is home made noodles! Yum!

  402. 406

    My mama’s sweet potato casserole with pecan crunch topping..TDF! Can’t wait…

  403. 407
    Jennifer S says:

    Ok, I have two favorite holiday foods from two different grandmothers. My mother’s mother made the BEST cornbread dressing, and now it’s up to me to carry on the tradition. I love cornbread dressing. LOVE IT. I start fantasizing about it by the first of October. The other one is from my dad’s German grandmother – homemade marzipan. Let me just state that the marzipan you buy in the store tastes nothing like homemade, which is much sweeter. My mom used to make it at Christmas every year, in cute little shapes of fruit and little animals like mice, etc. I love to make it myself but don’t often have time. Hopefully this year!

  404. 408

    Sweet potato casserole – with the meal and then again for dessert!

  405. 409
    Dian Calvert says:

    I love a good pumpkin roll cake! Soft on the outside, creamy on the inside.

  406. 410

    I look forward to my mom’s pumpkin pie at thanksgiving. I can’t quite make it like she does!

  407. 411
    Shawna Terry says:

    I love sweet potatoes! No marshmallow, but butter and brown sugar on sliced sweet potatoes, baked under the broiler until the outsides caramelize.

  408. 412
    Ingrid R. says:

    I have to have green bean casserole. Love it or hate it, it’s my favorite!!!

  409. 413

    I love to make and eat cut-out sugar cookies and last year I discovered gingerbread truffles!

  410. 414

    PLEASE give Pioneer Woman away!!! The husband just had back surgery yesterday, so I need some help around this place. hahahaha.
    My fave holiday food is still and will always be Banana Salad. :) :)

  411. 415

    Sweet potato pie

  412. 416
    Kimberly Oliver says:

    My favorite would have to be my mom’s cornbread dressing! I could eat an entire pan of that stuff!

  413. 417

    Sweet potato casserole with marshmallows on top. Yummy!! Thanksgiving or Christmas…perfect!

  414. 418

    Cookies, fudge, pie, truffles- you name it.

  415. 419

    I look forward to chicken and dumplings that my mother-in-law cooks for Thanksgiving.

  416. 420

    Homemade Orange rolls on Christmas morning!

  417. 421
    Andrea in Aggieland says:

    My aunt makes this amazing pumpkin/cream cheese roll. Oh my…it’s heaven on a plate!

  418. 422

    My favorite holiday food is stuffing/dressing (my mama’s recipe). Starch and carbs all the way!

  419. 423

    It has to the be the various vegetable casseroles that only hit the table during the holidays…WAY too many calories for every day consumption!

  420. 424

    I love pie!

  421. 425
    Melissa W. says:

    LOVE the Pioneer Woman’s cookbooks! My new favorite holiday recipe is Shay Shull’s chocolate and pumpkin brownies:

  422. 426

    Cornbread dressing and candied sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving or anytime really!

  423. 427

    My favorite holiday food is brocoli chesse casserole . . . an all time favorite in my house!!!

  424. 428
    Emily Edwards says:

    Yep, it’s a starch! I make my husband’s grandmother’s recipe for dressing. Yum!!!

  425. 429

    Whole berry cranberry sauce. I know it’s one of those weird things, but it really shines with turkey and dressing, but not anytime else.

  426. 430

    Cornbread dressing and pumpkin pie.

  427. 431

    I’ve been looking through all the answers and no one mentioned my very favorite. Green Bean Casserole with lots of slivered almonds added to it. Love it! Although mashed potatoes and gravy is a very close second. ;)

  428. 432

    Sweet potato casserole complete with brown sugar and pecans on top. YUM!!!

  429. 433

    Oh my gosh…let’s see…sweet potatoes with way to many melted marshmallows, fresh green beans wrapped in bacon, stuffing with a ton of gravy, pumpkin pie, gumbo with potato salad for Christmas day and homemade pizza’s for Christmas Eve, don’t judge. Oh and most importantly, GIG ‘EM!

  430. 434

    My favorite holiday dish is carrot soufflé. Nothing like a cup of sugar and butter to make carrots taste really good!

  431. 435

    Turkey stuffing

  432. 436

    At the risk of being completely pedestrian – stuffing. Even if it’s the most basic out-of-a-bag kind. I can’t get enough.

  433. 437
    Deana Lewis says:

    Cheese Soup! I love PW!

  434. 438

    Thanksgiving stuffing….YUM!

  435. 439

    Christmas cookies!

  436. 440

    Sweet potato casserole!

  437. 441

    Cinnamon Coffee Cake!

    I’d love to have a copy of this book!

  438. 442
    Stephanie W says:

    I am addicted to Reindeer Chow (or some call it Puppy Chow) around Christmas. Best thing ever!!!

  439. 443
    Jan Brier says:


  440. 444

    Wow! The people come out for a give away! :) Even though Ree’s book is already en route to my house, my favorite is sweet potato casserole with the praline topping!

  441. 445

    My favorite holiday food is homemade cornbread dressing. My grandma’s and my mother-in-law’s are the best!

  442. 446

    Green Bean Casserole for Thanksgiving

    Enchiladas for Christmas.

  443. 447

    Hands down — Dressing

  444. 448

    sweet potato casserole!

  445. 449

    turkey. always the turkey.

  446. 450

    my grandmother’s squash casserole….

  447. 451

    oreo balls

  448. 452

    Dateballs-reminds me of a very close family friend who taught me as a little girl how to make them

  449. 453

    Stuffing and also sweet potato casserole

  450. 454

    Dressing. My Granny makes the BEST!

  451. 455

    Chocolate pie my MIL makes

  452. 456

    Dressing and mashed potatoes, especially leftovers the next day.

  453. 457

    So grateful for the freedom to name a starch!!! OK, more like a couple of starches, LOL.

    Stuffing, stuffing & stuffing!
    Pumpkin Pie.

  454. 458

    My favorite holiday food, and all time food, is dessert. I also really like my mom’s toffee she always made at Christmastime.

  455. 459

    I do a thing with roasted fennel and carrots that is truly divine. Oh, and of course the turkey.

  456. 460

    Sweet potato casserole and pecan pie. I only allow myself to eat both of these foods at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  457. 461

    Without a doubt my favorite is tamales!

  458. 462
    Susan Blair says:

    Pie! Any and all kinds of pie!…but my favorite is any fruit pie or nut pie! Holidays are when all restrictions are off! :o)

  459. 463

    My aunt has a sweet potato casserole dish that I love. Delish!

  460. 464
    Catherine says:

    Cornbread dressing!

  461. 465

    Hands down..peanut butter fudge!!!

  462. 466

    Toffee! my grandmother’s recipe particularly. I have people asking for it as their Christmas present every year :)

  463. 467
    Bobbi Jessee says:

    Everyone else can have my share of turkey & dressing. I’ll take the:

    white rice with giblet gravy
    my PopPop’s homemade biscuits
    canned cranberry sauce (Obviously, I’m in need of a good cookbook)

  464. 468

    Monkey Bread on Christmas morning!! Yum!

  465. 469

    Cookies, cakes and pies – love the holiday sweets equally!

  466. 470
    Mindy Fults says:

    I love all the holiday foods, but the one I’d probably say is my favorite is my dad’s rice pudding, because I don’t make it myself. :)

  467. 471

    Sweet potato casserole!!

  468. 472

    My Mom’s dressing

  469. 473

    My mother-in-law’s stuffing or my mama’s Christmas morning egg casserole.

  470. 474

    My favorite holiday food is mashed potatoes.

  471. 475

    Gonna have to go withThanksgiving on that one. All the choices! Yummm

  472. 476

    I love all holiday food! Anything with sugar. I am a sugar addict!

  473. 477
    Jennifer G says:

    From my Mom’s side of the family, chicken & dumplings with red gravy. From my Dad’s side, my grandma’s iced Christmas cookies.

  474. 478

    Thanksgiving – Stuffing
    Christmas – cinnamon and sugar Pecans

  475. 479
    Upsidebrown says:

    Favorite holiday food: it’s a tie between my grandmom’s fried chocolate pies (Sadly, she’s no longer with us but I dream they will be in Heaven for all of us one day) and my mother-in-law’s dressing. Out of this world. Two starches. Bam!

  476. 480

    It’s a toss up between potato cheese casserole and marshmallow sweet potatoes.

  477. 481
    Shannon G says:

    Slow Cooker Cornbread dressing at Thanksgiving! So easy and makes my house smell soooooo good!

  478. 482

    Breakfast casserole has been a Christmas morning tradition in our house since my kids were itty bitty. Served with cinnamon rolls, fruit, and coffee (now that the kids are grown), it’s our breakfast of Christmas morning champions!!

  479. 483
    Jennifer P. says:

    Sweet potato casserole. The kind with brown sugar and nuts on top, NOT marshmallows, because this is America. :)

  480. 484

    Pumpkin roll!!

  481. 485

    Candied Yams – I feel like my Mom is in the kitchen with me while I make it for Thanksgiving.

  482. 486

    Chocolate chip cherry nut cookies…

  483. 487
    Melissa W. says:

    My mom makes a potato casserole that we simply call “Holiday Potatoes”. They are decadent – cream, butter, cheddar AND velveeta. Elastic pants are required.

  484. 488


  485. 489

    Leftover turkey sandwiches!!

  486. 490

    My favorites are definitely sweet related!
    Peanut butter balls and oreo truffles!

  487. 491
    Stefani G. says:

    Mashed potatoes. It’s always mashed potatoes. I finally tried the Pioneer Woman’s mashed potatoes with cream cheese….and I think they changed my life :)

  488. 492

    Cranberry salad and turkey! Yum!!!

  489. 493
    Cynthia M. says:

    I love my mom’s cornbread dressing and pumpkin pie!

  490. 494

    I am excited to try a new recipe for the holiday- everything bagel stuffing-sounds like heaven to me!! In the Novemeber Rachel Ray magazine.

  491. 495

    Stuffing and mashed potatoes all the way!

  492. 496

    NYE – queso!

  493. 497
    Shelley Viestenz says:

    I make a fabulous beef tenderloin (Roast Beast in our family) on Christmas Eve…always my favorite.

  494. 498

    Anything with cheese or chocolate!

  495. 499

    Rice pudding with lingonberries or fruit soup.

  496. 500

    My family’s decorated cut-out cookies. Not only do they bring tons of childhood memories back, they are the best cut-out cookies ever!

  497. 501

    I love my mom’s dressing!

  498. 502

    I make my grandmothers sweet potato crunch every year :). It’s incredibly unhealthy….. But sure is good :)

  499. 503

    My grandma’s twice baked potatoes…so yum!

  500. 504

    Christmas cookies – we make the same ones my mom did….and we only make them at christmas! So, it is something to look forward to!

  501. 505

    Oh my gosh – who can pick just one? Definitely turkey and dressing (not stuffing!) for Thanksgiving.

  502. 506

    My favorite holiday food are the Cheesy Mashed Potatoes I make every year – peeling 10 lbs. of potatoes to make enough for the gathered family members!!

  503. 507
    Jenny Trask says:

    Beer bribed turkey
    PW Rosemary rolls
    Corn casserole
    Spinach dip
    And now? I’m hungry!

  504. 508
    michelle gray says:

    I love to cook a turkey and I don’t know why I don’t do it more often!

  505. 509

    Sweet potato casserole!

  506. 510

    Dressing at Thanksgiving or Christmas or anytime really! And any dessert with chocolate :)

  507. 511

    It used to be pumpkin pie until we all got food poisoning from it two years ago. So I’m going to go with cheesy potato casserole!

    Gig ‘em!

  508. 512

    There are so many great holiday foods! I think I would pick my grandmother’s homemade rolls. They’re delicious and we only have them at Christmas and Thanksgiving.

  509. 513

    Sweet Potato casserole makes my Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners complete! Also, cookies. Pretty much any kind. And really they are my favorite everyday of the year.

  510. 514

    One of my fav holiday foods (because there are just too many to pick one. Or maybe because I’m always so indecisive.) is frosted sugar cookies. :)

  511. 515

    I love the turkey, the dressing, the rolls and the pies!! :)

  512. 516

    Mashed potatoes and gravy.

  513. 517

    Mashed potatoes and gravy and pumpkin pie with whipped cream!

  514. 518

    Sweet potato casserole and my sister’s recipe for green been casserole!

  515. 519

    favorite holiday food? Lets just narrow it down to everything is my favorite holiday food :)

  516. 520

    Turkey and dressing!!! And all of the delicious desserts!! :)

  517. 521

    I know this is weird, but I love some deviled eggs! LOVE!

  518. 522
    Crystal K says:

    My brother’s cheesecake! I can’t wait until thanksgiving so that I can have a slice or three :)

  519. 523

    Sweet potato casserole. Hands down!

  520. 524

    Ooooh this is a hard one! If I could only choose one it would have to be stuffing though apple pie is up there too, and corn casserole…

  521. 525

    My Grandma’s mashed potatoes… she’s in heaven but my aunt does a darn good imitation!
    I also wanted to thank you for making your contests easy to enter.. I’m not on Facebook or twitter so it’s nice to be able to enter your contests that don’t require you to use one of those!

  522. 526

    It’s a toss up between my Mom’s homemade cornbread stuffing and sweet potato casserole- you know, the really unhealthy version with lots of butter and pecans. :) Yum!

  523. 527

    Dressing, cranberries, sweet potato casserole, and pecan pie. Heaven help my waistline.

  524. 528
    Emily King says:

    Deviled Eggs for absolutely any holiday.

  525. 529

    My favorite holiday food: my drunken cranberries.

    We won’t talk about the time that I made them and almost burned down my mother-in-law’s new kitchen because I went off memory (bad idea) and did a 1:1 ratio of spiced rum : sugar. EEK!

  526. 530
    cbedwards says:

    Turkey and dressing on Thanksgiving!!!

  527. 531
    Remy Bennett says:

    Do cocktails count?! If not-definitely homemade desserts!

  528. 532

    Stuffing. Or sweet potato casserole. Or pumpkin pie. Wait. Pecan pie. Yes, I love everything.

  529. 533

    Mashed potatoes: boil the potatoes in chicken broth and don’t forget to add lots of cream!

  530. 534

    tie between dressing at Thanksgiving and “nutty noodles” at Christmas.

  531. 535

    Im a sucker for homemade mac n cheese the more cheese the better!!!

  532. 536
    That Girl says:

    I only like Southern Cornbread Dressing once a year but when I like it… :)

  533. 537

    My sister in law makes an amazing batch of homemade yeast rolls every year – they are my new favorite holiday treat!

  534. 538

    My favorite holiday food is homemade cranberry sauce! It’s so much better than the canned variety and easy to make too!

  535. 539

    My favorite holiday food would have to be cheesy hash brown potato casserole, so good!

  536. 540

    pumpkin pie!

  537. 541

    My favorite holiday food is any side dish! Vegetable casserole, mac-n-cheese, sweet potato soufle, squash casserole, etc…. I could totally do without the turkey/ham!!!

  538. 542

    Hands down my Granny’s homemade turkey dressing. It’s bittersweet though, because she went to be with Jesus this May.
    I am gonna try to make it in her honor, but no way it tastes as good as hers did every year (made with Granny love)!

  539. 543

    All the sides. ALL OF THEM! And I told my husband and kids first thing this morning that PW’s cookbook comes out today and reminded them that my birthday was last week and in some countries they celebrate birthdays for the whole month (I totally made that up) and it’s not my fault that it came out after my birthday and would make a lovely post-birthday present. But just in case they don’t take me seriously, winning one would splendid!

  540. 544
    Amy Cottrell says:

    I love Thanksgiving :) especially stuffing and green bean casserole.

  541. 545

    It is hard to pick just one. The two I make every year are squash casserole and sweet potato casserole with crumble topping.

  542. 546

    Stuffing and gravy at Thanksgiving and prime rib at Christmas. Yum.

  543. 547

    My favorite Thanksgiving food is the stuffing….no meat Just the good stuff! For Christmas, my favorite thing in the world is homemade Divinity. My grandmother and I would make this every year, and now my mom and I do. So. Good!

  544. 548

    This Southern gal loves sweet potato casserole.

  545. 549

    Mommas corn bread stuffing! Delish!

  546. 550

    I really love a wonderful smoked turkey!

  547. 551

    favorite holiday food = any time we have mexican food instead of the traditional stuff!

  548. 552

    sweet potato casserole!

  549. 553

    My favorite Thanksgiving food – smoked turkey and homemade dressing. For Christmas, it’s sugar cookies; our family has a tradition of decorating them together.

  550. 554

    I AbsolutelY Could Eat My Weight In Cornbread Dressing.

  551. 555

    broccoli casserole…sooo yummy!

  552. 556

    Sweet potato casserole!

  553. 557

    I LOVE sweet potato casserole (with coconut, brown sugar and pecans on top!)

  554. 558

    cookies. any kind, really. holidays = homemade cookies. yum.

  555. 559

    Its just not right to ever pick a favorite, food, cocktail or children…..however if I had to choose just one, it would be Honey Baked Ham from the Honey Baked Ham store, imposters do not suffice.

  556. 560

    Oh golly, that would be stuffing at Thanksgiving. Yum!

  557. 561

    So many foods, but my dad’s stuffing is towards the top of the list for sure!

  558. 562

    My favorite holiday food has got to be my granny’s dressing! Or maybe her chicken ‘n dumplins. No, wait….it’s her red velvet cake! I love it all!

  559. 563

    My mom’s dressing balls and my MIL’s noodles!

  560. 564

    My favorite holiday food is a toss up…so I must list them both. The first is dressing…cornbread based, hold the chicken. :) The second is Bacon Cream Cheese Tarts that we have for Christmas brunch every year. It’s an old Southern Livng recipe that is tried and true. Always the hit at any party where I’m asked to bring an appetizer.

  561. 565

    Love cheesy hash brown potato casserole at Christmas. So bad for you, but so delicious!

  562. 566

    Ahhh! I would love to win a copy! I’ve never have thru a giveaway but maybe it’s my lucky day:) some of my faves: my grandma’s lefsa (there’s norwegian in my family), I love pickled herring on crackers, I love chex mix while I watch white christmas, goodness, where do I stop? Russian tea balls are my fave cookie too:). Can u guess I’m from MN?

  563. 567

    Coconut cake. :)

  564. 568
    Stephanie says:

    Favorite holiday food is soda cracker crunch (candy I only make at Christmas because it is so easy to make & eat).

  565. 569
    Daeon White says:

    My great grandmothers yeast rolls and holiday butter. And leftovers!

  566. 570

    cookies at Christmas – every kind, every shape, regardless :)

  567. 571

    These delicious little butter cookies shaped like poinsettias at Christmas and dressing at Thanksgiving are my favorite holiday foods. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  568. 572

    Sausage balls!

  569. 573
    Carol S in Florida says:

    Dressing at Thanksgiving, and every kind of cookie, cake, casserole or anything with red or green sprinkles at Christmas. We go big in December and repair the damage in January.

  570. 574

    Sweet Potato Casserole, fudge, and pecan pie

  571. 575

    My favorite holiday food is stuffing!

  572. 576

    TURKEY! Ok, and stuffing. And gravy. Amen.

  573. 577
    Shawnda D says:

    hmmm….favorite holiday food? I think my grandma’s sweet potatoes baked with marshamllows and caramel sauce drizzled over the top. Only eat it on Thanksgiving Day, but it wouldn’t be the holidays with it!!

  574. 578

    Pea and cauliflower salad – my mom only makes it on Thanksgiving and I’m the only one that eats it but I still insist on it every year.

  575. 579

    It’s definitely hard to pick but I will have to say the stuffing!! It takes up way more plate space for me than the turkey! I really love your blog and look forward to reading it!

  576. 580

    Without a doubt, Hashbrown Casserole.

  577. 581
    Katie Ericson says:

    The dressing!!! Love the dressing!!!

  578. 582
    Trisha Buck says:

    Loaded sweet potatoes and green bean casserole! YUM!!

  579. 583

    Mama’s Dressing

  580. 584

    My family rolls their eyes at me every year but I LOVE green bean casserole. The plain ol cream of mushroom soup-greenbeans-friedonions one. Yum.

  581. 585

    Mashed potatoes!!!

  582. 586

    I love a good chocolate chip cookie all year long and especially at the holidays. Oh, and the pecan pie too.

  583. 587

    Stuffing for Thanksgiving
    Ham for Christmas

  584. 588
    tammy cordery says:

    We go over my mommy and daddy house and have a wonderful dinner of turkey and all the trimmings the dessert chocolate cream pie and pumpkin pie with whip cream yum yum yum

  585. 589
    Tiffany M. says:

    I love all of the traditional holiday foods. Turkey, ham, yams and marshmallows, mashed potatoes and gravy….and all of the pie! Thank you for the chance to win!

  586. 590

    Two things that I love at Thanksgiving and Christmas–Sweet Potato Casserole and Cranberry Relish. It wouldn’t be holiday dinner without them. Great give-away. Thanks for the chance to have this beautiful cookbook.

  587. 591

    My moms pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting that i will be baking tonight. So yummy

  588. 592

    French toast made with homemade cinnamon raisin bread (made by our friend Chuck :) on Christmas morning!

  589. 593

    My Fave is plum pudding with custard or fruitcake!

  590. 594

    Good ol’ cornbread dressing for Thanksgiving!!! We don’t do Stuffing in Alabama : )

  591. 595
    Janet Harmath says:

    Sweet potato casserole with toasted pecans and marsh mellows on top….YUM!!!

  592. 596
    patrick cordery says:

    turkey at my mother in laws house

  593. 597
    Carrie Hollon says:

    Nana’s Dressing for Thanksgiving. Crawfish Casserole for Christmas.

  594. 598

    Definitely homemade cranberry relish and Tee’s corn pudding (if you’ve never had corn pudding you must make it this year – just good “Tee’s Corn Pudding” and you’ll find it. I think it was originally in a southern living magazine years ago. It’s amazing.

  595. 599

    My word this is making me hungry. Bring on the holidays! My favorite is Christmas Eve when my in-laws put out an appetizer spread for dinner. It’s spectacular. My mil makes this creamy shrimp dip (“Shrimp Dimp”) for crackers, chips, bread, whatever. SO GOOD. Favorite holiday food :-)

  596. 600

    Sweet potato casserole. YUM!

  597. 601
    Stephanie L says:

    Ham – I love a slow cooked, smell it all morning long in the oven ham. Nothing better. Reminds me of childhood every time.

  598. 602

    Thanksgiving=pumpkin pie!!

  599. 603

    I’d love a copy of her new cookbook! Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  600. 604

    Believe it or not, for Thanksgiving we eat STOVETOP stuffing!! Love it!!

    For Christmas, my favorite treat is a snowball cookie – I think they are also called Mexican Wedding cookies – pecan shortbread rolled into a ball, baked and then rolled in powdered sugar while warm.

  601. 605

    The chicken and dressing my momma makes in the crockpot.

  602. 606
    Laurie Pysczynski says:

    For Thanksgiving my favorites are Pumpkin Mushroom Soup and Bourbon Pecan Pie!

  603. 607

    Pumpkin pie. I make mine with brandy (yum!). It’s a treat we only have once a year at Thanksgiving but my absolute favorite.

  604. 608

    Morning from Big D! Let’s see…Thanksgiving would have to be Pecan Pie, and Christmas is homemade cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning! Have a great day in San An-tone! :-)

  605. 609

    Chocolate covered peanut butter balls!

  606. 610

    Papa John’s for Thanksgiving isn’t appropriate?? My poor family. I’m more interested in the Ree Drummond giveaway but I guess a book is just a good. (And not as weird as having her show up and cook and my family loving her because, I mean, it’s THE Pioneer woman, and then I have to get jealous and die my hair red, which isn’t a good color for me…) Yep, just the book. I think that’s best.

    • 611

      I guess I should actually put a food…Broccoli cheese casserole. For the holidays, I will put away my lactose intolerance and enjoy the (bloated) day.

  607. 612

    I like to take my nice fresh roll and pile up every element of Thanksgiving dinner on top! It’s called a mish-mosh-wich.

  608. 613

    sweet potato casserole!!

  609. 614

    I am most looking forward to my mom’s broccoli and cauliflower with cheese. It’s not that it’s the best dish on the table, but it’s the ONLY time of year that I would dare to eat processed cheese slices in any form.

  610. 615

    definitely peppermint ice cream!

  611. 616

    Thanksgiving dinner. All of it.

  612. 617
    Teresa Stout says:

    My favorite is chicken and dressing and english pea salad

  613. 618

    Turkey … I just LOVE turkey … Thanksgiving is really the only time I cook/bake an entire bird … and I love it!! :)
    Imagine my depression one Thanksgiving when my Iowan mother-in-law served us PORK ROAST for Thanksgiving. THAT was NOT Thanksgiving. :( I still love my MIL though. :)

  614. 619

    My mom’s rolls – made into cinnamon rolls for breakfast and the best rolls for dinner!

  615. 620
    Sue Barrett says:

    My favorite would be homemade toffee, it is addictive, but in a sweet way! The smell of it caramelizing brings everyone to the kitchen, where family love is shared.

  616. 621

    turkey, ham, anything starch…pretty much any holiday food…I love it all!!!!

  617. 622

    Milk punch because it is “healthy”. Yeah, right but how can you go wrong with bourbon

  618. 623

    Sweet potato pudding

  619. 624
    Gayla Brown says:

    Twice-baked potatoes is a long-standing tradition in our family. Doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving without them! Don’t have any Pioneer Woman cookbooks; love to start my collection with this one!

  620. 625

    My favorite holiday food are these amazing mashed potatoes my step-father makes, loaded with onions and butter and amazingness, then popped in the oven to bake right before we eat them. The best part though is our tradition of putting the potatoes on toast and eating it while we watch the Macy’s Day parade on Thanksgiving :)

  621. 626

    Cheesy corn casserole! We go through more of that then stuffing and potatoes. :)

  622. 627

    I love sweet potato casserole and my aunt’s dressing.

  623. 628
    Amanda Nash says:

    I love homemade pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting! Yum!

  624. 629

    Pumpkin crunch cake…with mounds of canned whipped cream!!!!!!!!

  625. 630
    misty smith says:

    Thanksgiving – Rice and gravy
    Christmas – Apple Cider

  626. 631

    Pizza Bread…a holiday favorite around our house. Let frozen bread dough rise, roll out and layer with cheese and pepperoni. Loosely roll, tuck in the sides and bake. Delish! A favorite with the kiddos!

  627. 632

    Monkey bread and breakfast casserole. Classy, I know- but it is oh, soooooo good.

  628. 633

    Rice pilaf on Christmas and sweet potato casserole on Thanksgiving!

  629. 634

    It would have to be the peanut butter fudge, and homemade turtles, and the sausage dip and…………………………….Love the holidays!

  630. 635
    Melanie Freeman says:

    The combo of southern dressing and cranberry sauce…..yummy!

  631. 636

    Mashed potatoes– The good kind with butter and cream cheese

  632. 637
    Amanda Yanetsko says:

    So basically all my favorite things are the carbs! Ha!

  633. 638
    Barbara G says:

    Sweet potato casserole with brown sugar/pecan topping!

  634. 639

    I love to make Christmas Cookies!

  635. 640

    My most favorite part of Thanksgiving is when we get to my in-laws the night before and my mother-in-law is cooking up the onions and celery for the stuffing. OH.MY.WORD. My most favorite thing. Oh- and time with the family, of course…;)

  636. 641

    Turkey and dressing. Can’t have one without the other.

  637. 642

    favorite holiday food is ……homemade tamale’s, we have them every year for Christmas :)

  638. 643

    Favorite holiday food? Nee Nee’s (as in my grandmother, not the Real Housewife) rolls. I live for carbs.

  639. 644

    Christmas Sugar Cookies, all decorated up!

  640. 645
    barbara n says:

    Christmas cookies!

  641. 646

    My mama’s cornbread dressing. She taught me how to make it, but even though I use the same extact ingredients it will never taste the same.

  642. 647
    Shelley W says:

    Green Bean Casserole. I make my different than most and everyone looks forward to it every year.

  643. 648

    My favorite holiday food is the Yorkshire Pudding my mom makes every year. I have no clue how to make it myself, but I’ve heard it’s tricky. Makes me feel at home to see it at the table each year.

  644. 649

    Thanksgiving = my husband’s stuffing

    Christmas = chex mix and Christmas cookies

  645. 650

    Oh I have to pick one? I think my favorite Holiday food is Stuffing! But a close second is pumpkin pie…. Great giveaway, but I would take Ree in my kitchen cooking for me too!

  646. 651
    Alana Morgan says:

    Pannetone bread pudding with maple syrup drizzle! Thanks for the chance to win!

  647. 652
    Tiffany R. says:

    Sweet Potatoe Casserole and Green Bean Bundles!

  648. 653

    Sweet Potato Casserole!

  649. 654

    I love homemade candy at Christmas!

  650. 655

    Pumpkin Bread! :)

  651. 656

    Mac & Cheese. Nothing more needs to be said. :)

  652. 657
    Nancy Cottington says:

    Christmas cookies!!!!

  653. 658
    Amy Nalley says:

    My mama’s chicken and dressing. Only get it once a year, usually at Thanksgiving. I can make it myself, but it always tastes better knowing my mama made it!

  654. 659

    Gingerbread cookies MUST be included!

  655. 660

    apple pie
    and more stuffing
    who needs meat?

  656. 661

    Pumpkin pie for both holidays!!

  657. 662
    Jennifer C says:

    Love me some Chicken and Dressing (grandma’s recipe of course) and love the Christmas candy (all kinds of it- well except maybe peppermint fudge)! Yum

  658. 663

    My favorite is my homemade pumpkin swirl cheesecake.

  659. 664

    Anything at Christmas time is wonderful, but especially homemade fudge!!

  660. 665

    My favorite holiday food is dressing (stuffing). Thanks for the opportunity!

  661. 666

    Thanksgiving – Dressing. Especially for lunch on Black Friday!
    Christmas – my Christmas ribeye roast. It marinates in the fridge aaaaalllllll day long, and then it cooks in the rotisserie. The smell is heavenly!

  662. 667

    Oh what I would give to have my Grannie’s stuffing at Thanksgiving again. I wished I would have spent more time in the kitchen with her before she passed away.

  663. 668

    Corn Bread Stuffing covered in gravy. Yummo!

  664. 669

    I only have eyes for Thanksgiving pies and Christmas cookies!

  665. 670

    Thanksgiving-sweet potato casserole
    Christmas-chocolate delight- yes, it’s a dessert and it’s the mac daddy!

  666. 671

    It’s a tie between my mama’s homemade sweet potato casserole (with a solid inch of crunchy brown sugar pecan topping), and plain ol’ stovetop stuffing. Yum.

  667. 672
    Drisdy Kee says:

    Turkey for Thanksgiving!

  668. 673

    I love my grandmother’s cornbread dressing recipe! It makes me feel so loved!

  669. 674


  670. 675

    Frozen cranberry salad and squash casserole. Delicious!!!

  671. 676

    I love dressing and all the desserts! Can’t wait :-)

  672. 677

    Corn bread stuffing..yummo!

  673. 678
    Erin Seaman says:

    Mashed potatoes and gravy. Turkey. Gravy. Creamed corn. More gravy. Fudge. Apple pie. Pecan pie. Gravy. Ooh, holiday food!!!!!!!

  674. 679

    Turkey and Dressing–preferably made by my mom. She makes the BEST!

  675. 680

    Dressing with gravy for Thanksgiving and peppermint bark for Christmas! YUM!

  676. 681
    Erin Baker says:


  677. 682
    Chantelle says:

    Green bean casserole–no contest!

  678. 683

    I love my grandmother’s ham! Other favorites include her creamed corn, slaw (with no onions), and my mom’s deviled eggs!! Yummm, now I might just take an early lunch- making myself hungry!

  679. 684

    Hands down, green bean casserole! My absolute favorite.

  680. 685

    It does not get any better than Grandma’s homemade noodles and Granny’s homemade chocolate pie!! My mouth is wettering just thinking about it!!

  681. 686
    Mary Foster says:

    I make a chocolate bourbon pecan pie that is amazing every Thanksgiving…but the sweet potato casserole with NO marshmallows but lots of coconut and pecans is also pretty divine. Clearly I am a health nut. This cookbook is definitely on my wish list!!

  682. 687
    Priscilla says:

    Pumpkin pie, homemade whipped cream and egg nog.

  683. 688
    jennifer jones says:

    I love dressing and for dessert, bourbon pecan pie!

  684. 689

    Mashed potatoes with corn on top! Definitely a starch.

  685. 690
    Erin in CO says:

    Spiral sliced ham…lasts us for a good week, then ham & beans with the bone. And broccoli cheese casserole (that’s two, but you can’t have one without the other.)

  686. 691

    My favorites are stuffing, pecan pie & all things chocolate!

  687. 692

    Thanksgiving: stuffing!

  688. 693
    Maria Malaveci says:

    My favorite holiday food is Mashed Potatoes with gravy!


  689. 694

    Thanksgiving would be my mom’s dressing, Christmas would be homemade eggnog!

  690. 695
    Sara Bading says:

    Thanksgiving-carrot soufflé
    Christmas Eve dinner-baked potato soup

  691. 696

    I’m a big fan of squash casserole. And for dessert it’s gotta be pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving and fudge at Christmas!

  692. 697

    My mom makes the BEST apple pie! I love to watch her roll out the dough and I can’t help myself…we eat the dough!

  693. 698

    I asked my husband because I can’t decide…………he said “Me, cuz I’m a fruitcake!”

    I can’t decided because any Christmas candy is hard to beat–caramels, fudge, homemade snickers.

    My son just asked me the other day if we would have lots of goodies on the front porch again this Christmas–that’s where I store them because I don’t have enough freezer space!

  694. 699

    Mmmm…so hard to pick a favorite. I love ham and dinner rolls!

  695. 700

    Thanksgiving: stuffing
    Christmas: pink stuff (family recipe)

  696. 701

    Texas Trash, yum!

  697. 702
    Bobbie Hawkes says:

    Two words, Pecan Pie!!

  698. 703

    My fav at Thanksgiving is the Dressing. Mmm mmm good!

  699. 704

    So hard to pick a favorite but I think it would have to be butter toffee with dark chocolate. I make it every year for the holidays and it is always a favorite among family and friends. :)

  700. 705

    Sweet potato casserole. It could be dessert, but it has sweet potatoes so that makes it healthy!

  701. 706

    I have 2 favorites :
    . Sausage and cornbread stuffing
    . Pumpkin pie w/lots of whipped cream

    Thanks :)

  702. 707
    Allison R says:

    Green bean casserole and pumpkin pie! Love your blog!

  703. 708

    It would have to be Sweet Potato Casserole. It’s one of those that you serve as a side dish but should really be on the dessert table!

  704. 709

    Halloween – roasted pumpkin seeds
    Thanksgiving- roasted sour cream veggies
    Christmas- ting-a-lings , a cookie my grandmother makes

  705. 710
    Amy Bramhall says:

    it’s a starch for sure…corn casserole for the holidays

  706. 711

    Thanksgiving = Sweet Potato Casserole

    Christmas = Ham Rolls

  707. 712

    So hard to narrow it down to one favorite! But I think the most obvious choice is my dad’s homemade cream caramels. I have great memories of the kitchen smells, watching him pour the gooey deliciousness into a pan and then slicing them, and of helping him wrap them in wax paper. And, of course, the eating! Thanks for the giveaway!

  708. 713
    Kristin B says:

    Dressing is a must for the holidays!

  709. 714
    christina says:

    Homemade cinnamon rolls!!

  710. 715

    Apricot bars, potato rolls and homemade eggnog…yum!

  711. 716

    Too many to choose from. Right now I am thinking turkey and dressing.

  712. 717

    Thanksgiving: My dad’s homemade stuffing…it’s amazing
    Christmas: All the casseroles! Breakfast, Hashbrown, and Green Bean Corn…YUM!

  713. 718

    Thanksgiving! My mom’s cranberry relish – had oranges, pecans, cranberries, and other yummy stuff. Can’t get enough of it when she makes it!

  714. 719
    Susan berry says:

    Dressing, sweet potato soufflé , sugar cookies!! Love it all

  715. 720
    Lauren Pittman says:

    Love green bean casserole at Thanksgiving and Christmas!

  716. 721

    Mashed potatoes and gravy. no contest!

  717. 722
    debbie mann says:

    My absolute favorite is cornbread dressing,,yum,, but my mother’in’laws potato salad is my next favorite.
    Thanks for the chance to win such a nice give-a-away. Have a good day!

  718. 723
    Bianca Hammond says:

    My favorite thing about the Holidays is the sweets! I always volunteer to bring something sweet :)

  719. 724

    It’s got to be the cornbread stuffing. And gravy. I even make a pan of it for my BFF because they eat at her m-i-l’s and mine is the very best.

  720. 725

    Sweet Potato PIe. It was hard to narrow it down to just one dish. I wanted to pick one for each holiday, but I can make this pie work for each holiday AND breakfast, lunch and dinner! Thanks fof the giveaway!

  721. 726

    Grandpa Scott’s Brandy Cheese Dip – we only have it once a year!

  722. 727
    Pat Futch says:

    Easy one! Sweet ‘tater pie!!

  723. 728

    Thanksgiving – sweet potatoes

    Christmas – deviled eggs

  724. 729

    Red Velvet Cake!!!! In any shape or form.

  725. 730

    My favorite is the cheesy potato casserole! Soo good!

  726. 731

    I absolutely LOVE sausage balls! Is that weird? Anyway, they are my fav probably because my mom made them every year….now I make them and my kids love them too :)

  727. 732
    Christina says:

    On Thanksgiving, it’s got to be stuffing. Hands down.

    For Christmas, I’m going with Buckeyes (Chocolate candy with peanut butter/confection sugar inside).

  728. 733

    Turkey and dressing–that counts as one because I can’t have one without the other.

  729. 734
    Olivia Bagwell says:

    Dressin’ and more Dressin’ for thanksgiving…and at Christmas…Dressin’


  730. 735

    Straight up mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. I’m hungry just thinking about it. Yum!

  731. 736
    Nikki Howser says:

    First, let me say I love your blog. I never comment, which i know is so annoying to bloggers, but know that I never miss a post :-)
    My favorite holiday food is…the hot drinks lol! Spiced cider, peppermint mochas, mulled wine…yum! And I’ve never tasted rum punch, which I sometimes read about in old english books, but I am determined to find a recipe and try it this winter!
    On a side note, I highly recommend the fictional book Talisman Ring by Georgette Heyer. It’s amazing. I’ve read it a hundred times at least :-) and the audible version is outstanding too.

  732. 737

    Love dressing and sweet potato casserole. No marshmellows!!! Only brown sugar and pecans for me :)

  733. 738

    Pie. Just pie.

  734. 739

    I love, love, love my mom’s cornbread dressing! LOVE!

  735. 740
    Holly Edwards says:

    I love deviled eggs and usually have them for a mid-morning snack on Thanksgiving.

  736. 741

    Stuffing with lots of gravy sopped up with a homemade roll slathered in butter! To die for!

  737. 742

    My favorite holiday food is the food someone else makes for me. Ha!

  738. 743
    Jenny Schmidt says:

    My favorite Holiday food is fudge! I have good memories of being at my Grandma’s house for Christmas, and her delightful goodie-tray…where I’d have way too many pieces of delicious, creamy fudge. :-)

  739. 744

    For Thanksgiving it has to be cornbread dressing. Christmas is all the homemade fudge, turtles, buckeyes, haystacks, etc. YUM!

  740. 745
    katrina wagner says:

    Stuffing. But it needs to be almost burnt.

  741. 746

    It is not Christmas at my parents house without Cherry Pudding. This is like an English pudding (not the typical American Jello pudding). And up until I started making it myself, I never even realized there were actual cherries in it! It is a delicious brown sugary and cherry, gooey cake with nuts on top. It is an old family recipe that has to be made every year. I remember a couple of years where it was missed and everyone complained so much mom whipped it up really quick so we could enjoy the holiday. It may not have been that bad, but we did get our cherry pudding in the end!

  742. 747

    By far the favorite holiday food is stuffing – I look forward to it all year. Not the box kind either, from scratch with sausage and water chestnuts stuffing, yum!

  743. 748

    My mom makes the world’s best buckeye balls (those not graduating from Ohio State call them peanut butter balls :))

  744. 749
    Heidi Foster says:

    Homemade toffee, my sister, Mom and I make it during our annual baking day in December.

  745. 750

    Christmas – Sausage Balls, Frosted Sugar Cookies, Steak on Christmas Eve
    Thanksgiving – Stuffing and Gravy!

  746. 751

    German Chocolate cake!

  747. 752

    Apple pie. It’s fits every holiday.

  748. 753

    Pecan pie!

  749. 754

    My favorite is english toffee that I have made for many, many years! It’s a great treat, and also a great gift to give!

  750. 755
    Jennifer L says:

    Potato casserole and Pecan Tassies and homemade chex party mix…..I could go on for days

  751. 756

    Thanksgiving I love the dressing!

    Christmas is family favorite finger foods and homemade tamales!

  752. 757
    Nancy in AZ says:

    Pumpkin pie with whipped cream and good coffee!

  753. 758

    For Thanksgiving, all the traditionals: turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, pumpkin pie.
    For Christmas, prime rib!

  754. 759

    Pumpkin pie! With real whipped cream, of course!

  755. 760

    My mom’s sweet potato casserole with a praline tasting topping! No marshmallows!

  756. 761

    Stuffing! Probably because that’s the ONLY time all year when we have it!

  757. 762

    Any type of breakfast casserole!

  758. 763
    Michelle Etheridge says:

    I would love to win that wonderful cookbook!

  759. 764

    Pea dumplings! It’s a southern thing..

  760. 765
    Courtenay Mims says:

    Oyster Pie! It’s a family tradition and it isn’t Thanksgiving or Christmas without it!

  761. 766

    Corn bread dressing!

  762. 767

    Sweet potato casserole or chocolate covered cookie dough truffles (oh, the calories!) – thanks!

  763. 768
    Jewell Landreth says:

    Peppermint ice cream.

  764. 769

    My favorite holiday food is dressing!

  765. 770

    I love making dinner and especially trying new recipes!

  766. 771
    Rachel McCoy says:

    Tough call, but I’ll go with iced sugar Christmas cookies. They are so festive and go great with coffee. Love PW and so excited about her new cookbook!

  767. 772

    Peanut brittle at Christmas!!!

  768. 773

    My mom’s sausage ball. Not just any ‘ole sausage ball–my mom’s. They’re the BEST! We eat them while we’re opening gifts. Mmmmmm!

  769. 774

    Oh my goodness. Well, let’s see……..dressing to go with the turkey. And cranberry sauce to go with the dressing. And all the dips and chips and crackers. Oh! And the Rolo/pretzel/turtle things!

  770. 775
    Judy Bennett says:

    Turkey sandwiches made late Thanksgiving night with mayo, salt, pepper and lettuce.

  771. 776

    has to be dressing…mainly I guess because it is only served on the holidays. You build up the anticipation throughout the early holiday season

  772. 777

    My Grandma’s homemade chicken and noodles!

  773. 778

    My favorite is homemade dressing at Thanksgiving!

  774. 779

    Broccoli casserole

  775. 780

    My favorite holiday food is sweet potato casserole, particularly the kind with gooey marshmallows on top. :)

  776. 781

    I love me some turkey with fresh cranberries.

  777. 782

    Love me some Christmas pizza! Homemade, of course!

  778. 783

    Pumpkin roll

  779. 784

    My grandmother’s cornbread dressing is my all time favorite! I crave it all year long. And pumpkin pie, that’s just a given!

  780. 785

    Pumpkin Pie !

  781. 786

    Hands down: cranberry jalepeno relish.

  782. 787

    A family favorite is sweet potato casserole with a crunchy brown sugar and pecan topping. The BEST!!

  783. 788

    My Grandma’s Miracle Whip Chocolate Chip Cake. It’s the heaviest cake ever, but so yummy and decadent!

  784. 789

    Sweet potato casserole & Oreo truffles

  785. 790

    I married into the tradition of Norwegian rice, which is rice boiled for hours in milk. Not my favorite. My FAVORITE is orange salad which is orange jello, cool whip, crushed pineapple and cottage cheese (that’s healthy, right?). It screams HOLIDAY to me.

  786. 791

    Mashed potatoes and gravy!

  787. 792
    peggy freyholtz says:


  788. 793

    Okay–so would it gross anyone out if I said gravy. Gravy, gray and more gravy. What more do you need? I am often asked–would you like some turkey with that gravy? or how about a scoop of mashed potatoes to go with the puddle of gravy on your plate? If it makes you feel more comfortable, then okay but otherwise, why bother!

  789. 794

    My favorite holiday food is dressing!

  790. 795

    My mother-in-law’s sausage stuffing. YUM.

  791. 796

    Cranberry sauce! (I know, I’m probably in the minority). Followed closely by dressing/stuffing.

  792. 797
    Nate's Mom says:

    Halloween: candy corn
    Thanksgiving: homemade stuffing
    Christmas: all the veggie casseroles
    Easter: ham, deviled eggs, asparagus (a 3way tie)
    Independence Day: grilled Meats

    Nate’s Mom

  793. 798

    pumpkin pie

  794. 799

    Stuffing and gravy. YUM

  795. 800

    Peanut Butter Fudge!

  796. 801

    I love all the yummy desserts!

  797. 802

    Cornbread dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy. And pumpkin pie!

  798. 803
    Marie M. Conroy says:

    Pumpkin pie, turkey stuffing and . . . . everything

  799. 804

    sausage balls……of course they can be made any time, but we only make them at holidays and that seems to keep them special… with a runny poached egg …..absolute yumminess

  800. 805

    My mom-in-law’s fudge is amazing and we only have it at Christmas!

  801. 806

    Cornbread dressing (not stuffing – gross – who puts their food IN the bird!) and Corn Casserole. Yum.

  802. 807
    Tammy Elrod says:

    My favorite is PW’s pecan pie! This first time I made it my mom, who previously was the Queen of pecan pie, crowned me the new queen.

  803. 808

    Thanksgiving–homemade mashed potatoes, hash brown potato casserole and my moms macaroni and cheese (home made and oooozing with cheese!!)

    Christmas–when my grandfather was alive he would make ribs and they were delicious or stoffers (yes the boxed) lasagna

  804. 809

    It’s Christmas morning breakfast… Country Ham, sausage, bacon, eggs anyway you want them, biscuits and gravy, homemade jams, jellies, honey…….. YUM!!

  805. 810

    It’s a toss-up between the Texas Trash (Chex mix but with more butter and Worcestershire) that I start cranking out weekly before Thanksgiving and through January, or the DRESSING, which we only ever seem to have on Thanksgiving.

  806. 811

    Mashed potatoes and gravy. I think I could live on those. Yum!

  807. 812

    I love a sugar baked honey ham and my mom’s Christmas breakfast. I’m so hungry just typing this!

  808. 813

    White chocolate covered Oreos . . . they only come out at Christmas!

  809. 814

    I love all the traditional Thanksgiving foods. Especially the starches :)

  810. 815
    Marty Monterey says:

    Turkey and stuffing!

  811. 816

    Homemade Mac and Cheese!

  812. 817
    Melissa Reasoner says:

    Do I have to pick just one favorite food? ;) I love all food to do with Thanksgiving and Christmas! Stuffing, turkey (or venison as we have often in the Hill Country), pumpkin flavored anything! At Christmas I like all desserts, especially chocolate and mint things :)

  813. 818

    Can’t name just one food, it’s a whole meal – THANKSGIVING! The combination of turkey+dressing+mashed potatoes+green bean casserole+mac’n’cheese=PERFECT!

  814. 819

    My favorite holiday food is pie — any kind!

  815. 820

    I LOVE PW. My husband can guess when one of our meals is from her first cookbook. I’d love to win this!

  816. 821

    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Love spending the day cooking and anticipating the meal. Turkey, sausage stuffing, mashed potatoes, etc… yummmm!

  817. 822
    Kendra Mitchell says:


  818. 823

    Any dessert!! :) I love dressing, too!

  819. 824
    Janet Worthy says:

    Fresh shrimp cocktail as appetizer for Christmas dinner, recipe from my great great aunt in McComb, MS:)

  820. 825

    Yay! I’m so excited for this cookbook!! My favorite holiday food(s) are Christmas desserts…all of them! Anything with peppermint or red and green sprinkles is right up my alley! :)

  821. 826


  822. 827

    Mashed potatoes. Seriously. So creamy and delicious – the ultimate comfort food. Thank you for the chance at this great give-a-way!

  823. 828

    Turkey with a little brown gravy, lots of stuffing and the canned jellied Ocean Spray cranberry sauce. YUM!

  824. 829

    I can only pick one? But turkey! And homemade rolls! And soups! And pumpkin everything! And snickerdoodle cupcakes!

  825. 830
    Allison Blair says:

    The best holiday food is chocolate chip pecan pie, the hash brown casserole…and the ham with brown sugar glaze!!!

  826. 831

    all the Thanksgiving foods especially since my sister in law usually does the cooking, But I love my turkey and dressing,

  827. 832
    Ter'e Crow lindsay says:

    WOW!!!! Ree and food. How those two words go together!
    My favorite is the big breakfast casserole morning with mimosas. Every Christmas should start out this way.
    Thanks for doing this.

  828. 833

    Pumpkin Pie…. so good at Thanksgiving dinner but so much better the next morning for breakfast! Love it!

  829. 834

    Fried turkey!

  830. 835

    Mashed potatoes!

  831. 836

    It’s a toss up between mac & cheese and apple pie.

  832. 837
    Margaret S. says:

    I love making and eating fudge and Christmas cookies!!

  833. 838

    i loooooove my mama’s sweet corn cornbread pudding

  834. 839
    Jennifer D says:

    Anything with cheese!

  835. 840

    my favorite holiday food is turkey. It is my absolute favorite and I can’t wait until Thanksgiving!!!

  836. 841

    Things you can’t get during the year, peppermint ice cream, peppermint mocha creamer. Also chocolate pecan pie at Thanksgiving.

  837. 842

    Sweet Potato Casserole!

  838. 843


  839. 844
    Kristin S. says:

    Mashed Potatoes or Mashed Potato Casserole on Thanksgiving and Christmas and Cheeseburgers on Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day! :)

  840. 845

    My mom always makes the best chocolate covered peanut butter balls at Christmas. At Thanksgiving I always love my grandma’s pies. Can you tell I have a sweet tooth?

  841. 846

    On Christmas Eve my m-i-l makes Pot Roast and Potato Pancakes. I make German-chocolate-cream pies and she has out her trays of German Christmas cookies. Memories that no one has the heart to change – even when many of us went low-to-no-carb!

  842. 847

    Chocolate coconut balls, dressing, fried turkey, canned cranberry sauce, collards, must I go on!!!! As you can see I can’t pick just one!

  843. 848

    Oyster dressing!

  844. 849

    Anything with pumpkin is good to me!

  845. 850

    I love Christmas dinner and all the fixings with the family! Big Ham, The Pioneer Woman’s amazing scalloped potatoes, pies, etc! Yum!

  846. 851

    My Moms cornbread dressing with some smoked turkey is just the best!!!!

  847. 852

    Dressing. Seriously, I could live on dressing alone. Oh, and these cranberries I make with port. Things get crazy in our house, you’ll find me in the corner devouring dressing and numbing my emotions with cranberries – haha! Thanks for spoiling us again, Melanie!

  848. 853
    Juli Jones says:

    Thanksgiving- sweet potato fluff (with the pecans topping not marshmallows) :)
    Christmas- Breakfast casserole AM/ squash casserole PM

  849. 854

    My mama’s Macaroni and Cheese!

  850. 855

    Without a doubt, my favorite holiday food is cornbread dressing! Hallelujah and amen!

  851. 856

    Dressing. Cranberry Sauce. Pumpkin Pie. Pecan Pie Cheesecake…I’ll stop. Such a fun giveaway!

  852. 857

    Sweet potatoes – hands down! Thanksgiving and Christmas are not Thanksgiving and Christmas without them. Nothing fancy or made from scratch, just plain ole’ store-bought Sugary Sam’s with added brown sugar and marshmallows. Okay, I must stop now because my mouth is watering at the thought.

  853. 858

    Steak. My favorite food is always steak…year round.

  854. 859

    Thanksgiving- Dressing
    Christmas- Fudge or Divinity… no Divinity AND Fudge

  855. 860

    I love macaroni & cheese, dressing and cranberry sauce ~ all made from scratch! Yum Yum!

  856. 861

    dressing and cranberry sauce. yum!

  857. 862

    My favorite holiday food is the green bean bundles we make for pretty much every holiday get-together. There’s so much butter & sugar in these things! And bacon! Yum!

  858. 863
    Heather Crawley says:

    Hard to pick only one…how about dessert?!

  859. 864
    Bobbie Todd says:

    Yummy Baked Mac N Cheese!

  860. 865

    Thanksgiving – cornbread dressing with gravy, lots of gravy
    Christmas – pecan pie with whipped cream

  861. 866
    Lindsey Pilgreen says:

    My favorite food for thanksgiving and Christmas is green bean casserole! Yum :)

  862. 867
    Tanya Janak says:

    Pumpkin roll

  863. 868
    Mary in Idaho says:

    Love leftovers after Thanksgiving. All the good food with none of the work!!

  864. 869

    Halloween is my favorite holday. We made ghost cookies, witches’ fingers and mummy dogs.

  865. 870

    Mashed potatoes with blue cheese and bacon! We only have it on holidays; )

  866. 871

    I love all the good stuff! For Thanksgiving my favorite is Cornbread Dressing and Broccoli/Cheese/Rice Cassarole – yep, sounds like starches to me!

    For Christmas – probably more sweets, but also mac n cheese (the yummy homemade kind!) and Watergate Salad (is it still called that?)

  867. 872

    My mom’s sweet potato casserole (with nut topping not marshmallow). Gets me every time. Should be a dessert instead of side. Yum!

  868. 873

    Because I only get together with family at Christmas, we always have turkey and dressing, broccoli and rice casserole, sweet potatoes, hot rolls, and giblet gravy. It always taste so good!!!

  869. 874

    Well growing up in SouthTexas, Christmas just isn’t Christmas if you don’t have tamales at the table. my favorite are jalapeño bean and cheese ones dipped in a little feench onion dip.

  870. 875

    Without a doubt, mashed potatoes are what I look forward to eating at the holidays!

  871. 876

    Oh I so hungry right now EVERY thing sounds yummy. I’m really not that picky and love it all.

  872. 877

    Stuffing is my absolute favorite holiday food, but my mom’s chocolate chip cookies are a very close second! Yum – making me hungry just thinking about it!

  873. 878
    Michelle W says:

    All the desserts and sweets, of course! Pumpkin pie, peanut butter balls, fudge (of any kind), Christmas cookies…..

  874. 879

    Sweet potato casserole with toasted marshmallows on top!

    Happy holidays to all!

  875. 880

    is red velvet cake a holiday food????

  876. 881

    My favorite holiday food is my mom’s cranberry relish. It’s full of yummy chopped fruit in dark red jello. I could eat that stuff all day long! In fact, I frozen cranberries last year just so I could make some. I think I will do that this weekend.

  877. 882

    Definitely apple or pumkin pie or mashed potatoes…guess it’s hard for me to choose!

  878. 883

    My dad’s Cuban roast pork for Christmas along with my moms black beans and rice dish called congris. Yum. I now have to make it every Christmas Eve just cuz I have to!!

  879. 884

    Peanut Butter Balls and pecan pie.

  880. 885
    Brittney K says:

    Love all her books, Im sure this one will be no different!

  881. 886

    Anything pumpkin!!
    Lamb on Christmas :)

  882. 887

    Right now, I’m loving candy corn. Around Christmas, it’s the old fashioned roll out sugar cookies. Make them every year on Christmas Eve.

  883. 888

    You will be starved to death if you read all these comments! All I can think of is pumpkin rolls, choc covered cherries, and peanuts

  884. 889

    There are so many yummy dishes that come to mind but it is hard to beat homemade apple pie. Is Thanksgiving here yet?!?

  885. 890

    Homemade Egg Noodles with Roasted Turkey! Yum Yum!

  886. 891

    A pumpkin cream cheese log for Thanksgiving!

  887. 892

    My momma’s homemade cinnamon rolls!!!!

  888. 893

    Cranberry Salsa Salad

  889. 894

    Christmas for my mom’s divinity…it’s heaven!

  890. 895
    Jackie Ingram says:

    Leftover cornbread dressing with homemade cranberry sauce drizzled over it. You can never really appreciate the dressing on Thanksgiving day what with all the other yummy foods… it’s always better on day two or three!

  891. 896
    Hannah @ Boots & Feet says:

    Oooooh, thank you for the great giveaway! I’ve been wanting this ever since I heard she was putting it out!

    Thanksgiving: maple sweet potatoes
    Christmas: burritos :)

  892. 897

    Cornbread dressing! Yummy!

  893. 898
    Michelle in Dallas says:

    Actually, it’s my family’s traditional Christmas Eve meal of green chili smothered potato burritos. To this totally white bread family it means something wonderful.

  894. 899
    Shelley in Cali says:

    Tenderloin. We splurge once a year on it for Christmas dinner, divine.

  895. 900

    I love dessert. Of any kind. But gosh, all holiday food is so good because it is full of butter. I guess if I have to choose, it is a chocolate peppermint roll up cake that we have at Christmas.

  896. 901
    Jennifer D says:

    I love some turkey and dressing. We usually have that st Christmas. We have ham loaf at Thanksgiving.

  897. 902

    Oh my – whats not to love about holiday food! My favorite is probably the cut out cookies my kids decorate especially for me! LOTS of frosting!

  898. 903

    My favorite holiday food has got to be the sugar cookies, hands down. Or really, any holiday cookie, as I am not one to discriminate against one cookie over another!

  899. 904

    My favorite holiday food? PIE!
    …and gumbo…
    …and turkey…
    …and peppermint ice cream…

  900. 905

    Corn Casserole and Sweet Potato Casserole are our favorites – LOVE them!

  901. 906

    Thanksgiving: My husband fries the turkey and it is so juicy and delicious, dressing and sweet potatoes!
    Christmas: Prime Rib and mashed potatoes that are from Ree. Those potatoes are like crack, they have cream cheese in them and butter, you can make them ahead and then bake them. They are fabulous!

    Love your blog!

  902. 907
    Summer Nelson says:

    I am so glad you won’t judge me for my starchy loves…cornbread dressing and cheesy potato casserole. Oh, let’s just follow it up with my nanny’s homemade cinnamon rolls. Clearly calories do not count on holidays!

  903. 908
    Karen Combs says:

    Beef tenderloin and spritz cookies!

  904. 909

    Roasted garlic mashed potatoes :)

  905. 910

    Green Bean Casserole:)

  906. 911

    Turkey and pie!!

  907. 912

    Pecan pie is my favorite holiday food. The only time we eat pecan pie is during the holidays Why don’t we eat it any other time? You ask. Hmmmm. Now that is a mystery!

  908. 913

    Just one favorite? Yikes! Pumpkin Bread, Cheesy garlic mashed potatoes, snowball cookies…to name a few

  909. 914
    Kelly Wilson says:

    I LOVE sweet potato casserole with the crunchy pecan/coconut topping!

  910. 915
    Brittany Sciba says:

    My favorite holiday food is my mom’s fudge!

  911. 916

    I LOVE anything pumpkin (esp pumpkin bread) :)

  912. 917

    My moms chocolate fudge with pecans. There is nothing like it in the whole wide world.

  913. 918

    Thanksgiving = Cranberry Jalapeno relish
    Christmas = Breakfast casserole known at our house a “The” casserole

  914. 919

    It would have to be my moms party potato recipe! Sour cream, cheese, buttered cornflakes! Sounds odd, but oh so delicious! Only have them at Christmas and Easter!

  915. 920

    I love the antipasto we make every Easter and Christmas., And can’t forget about the wide array of dip options! ;)

  916. 921

    My mothers dressing. It’s moist and delicious!!

  917. 922
    Gloria Joy says:

    I love my GrandMum’s cranberry-walnut turkey stuffing, and look forward to it every Thanksgiving :-) I am especially Blessed when she decides to make her delicious stuffing at Christmas, too.

  918. 923
    Sabrina Stewart says:

    My favorite holiday food is Fried Turkey! It is so delicious!

  919. 924

    Oh I’ve read Pioneer Woman for ages (and Big Mama even before!) but I’ve never put my hands on her books and I’d love to! Just a bit of holiday cheer, please!

  920. 925

    Stuffing and sweet potato casserole

  921. 926

    I love the Thanksgiving stuffing! And I love Pioneer Woman’s cookbooks!

  922. 927

    Pumpkin pie

  923. 928
    Melissa Day says:

    My moms fruit salad with the tiny marshmallows and coconut!

  924. 929

    Squash Casserole!

  925. 930

    Sweet Potato Casserole!!!

  926. 931

    I love turkey and dressing and of course anything with pumpkin in it, especially pie!

  927. 932

    Mashed potatoes!!

  928. 933

    I love dressing

  929. 934

    I’m a sucker for my Mom’s dressing! I really need to learn how to make it myself.

  930. 935

    I love all of those fattening snacks which are out during the holidays!!

  931. 936
    Kacey Shoupe says:


    If I had to pick just one, probably Christmas prime rib & horseradish.

  932. 937
    jenny robinson says:

    Sweet and sour meatballs. (I could eat a whole crockpot full!)

  933. 938

    Turkey & dressing

  934. 939

    Jan Hagel Christmas Cookies – a family tradition!

  935. 940

    My mom’s stuffing.

  936. 941

    I love pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing!

  937. 942

    Homemade whippin’ cream that my mom makes. So good!

  938. 943
    Anne Marie says:

    Thanksgiving – dressing, Christmas – my mom’s coffee cake!

  939. 944

    My Mom’s Cherry Cookies. They are a soft, cookie that seem to just evaporate into thin air at any holiday gathering. They are even more special now since my Mom is not with us, they serve as a sweet memory of my sweet Mama!

  940. 945

    Oh let me think… Macaroni and Cheese made by none other than my grandma! Yum!

  941. 946

    Pumpkin Roll, yummy goodness!

  942. 947
    Lisa C in Dallas says:

    Any holiday – cherry pie
    Thanksgiving – the dressing and the gravy
    Christmas – my cousin’s rolls (be still my heart)
    However, I will never say no to sweet tea, mom’s lemon pie, or Christmas sugar cookies

  943. 948

    Thanksgiving is my mom’s cornbread dressing and gravy.
    Christmas would have to be…pecan tarts or fudge.

  944. 949

    Hmmm so many to choose from….probably cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning!

  945. 950

    Loves me some baklava!

  946. 951

    Thanksgiving…mac and cheese
    Christmas….I totally miss my mama’s wedding cookies – almond crescents with powdered sugar…I can’t make them as yummy as hers were :-(

  947. 952

    My favorites are peppermint bark and haystacks!

  948. 953

    Pumpkin pie

  949. 954

    Anything involving pie!

  950. 955

    Everything about Thanksgiving dinner! Thanks for the great give away!

  951. 956

    Pumpkin Pie!

  952. 957
    Judi Brinegar says:

    Sweet potato casserole – yum!

  953. 958

    Oddly enough, my very favorite holiday food is cranberry salad. Not the kind out of a can, but the stuff with chopped up apples, nuts, oranges, grapes, etc. Yum!

  954. 959
    Elizabeth Cisneros says:

    It’s just not Christmas to me without my aunt’s homemade caramel cake. The cake is like moist, buttery heaven, and the icing doubles as it’s own candy. In fact, my aunt always laments over the icing, either because it was too thin and kept running down the side of the cake and she had to keep scooping it back up until it set, or because it was too thick. Incidentally, one year when the icing was too thick (is there such a thing?), she chipped it all off and started over. And she gave me the chipped off icing pieces, which were indeed like candy. In fact, the next year, she just made another batch of icing and made some candy with it. How could you go wrong with a recipe like that?

  955. 960
    Lezlie Bobbitt says:

    Thanksgiving: cornbread dressing
    Christmas: mom’s chocolate pie

  956. 961

    My dad makes the absolute best mac and cheese you have ever had! He uses 5 or so different cheeses, lots of cream, and lots of butter (of course!). He also bakes it so it gets a little crispy and brown on the top and ooey gooey underneath. A.MAZ.ING!! Is your mouth watering yet??

  957. 962

    Cornbread dressing…..especially the next day. Bread Pudding with Creme Anglaise…so fabulous!

  958. 963

    Does egg nog count? And brandy, brandy should count too.

  959. 964

    Toffee….butter and sugar.

  960. 965

    Stuffing and gravy for sure!!

  961. 966

    Mashed potatoes is my all-time favorite for any holiday but oh, the desserts are just awesome. I love PW`s food too!

  962. 967

    Mom’s stuffing, hands down. With lots of gravy.

  963. 968

    Mashed potatoes…and green bean bake.

    Oh – and for leftovers – I love leftover cold turkey with lays potato chips. I’m talking making a sandwich out of the lays and cold turkey. YUMM.. Don’t knock it til you try it!

    Oh, and then of course holiday dessert. Obsessed. Pumpkin pie, cookies. You name it, I want it.

  964. 969

    Caramel Corn!

  965. 970

    Stuffing! I think I could just eat stuffing for holiday meals and be happy :)

  966. 971
    Ashlee Mason says:

    Pumpkin pie and stuffing!

  967. 972

    Favorite, hands down, is chocolate pie at Thanksgiving!!

  968. 973

    Stuffing and sweet potato casserole!!!!

  969. 974

    Butterhorn cookies – my grandma used to always make these at Christmas and now my mom makes them. They are my favorite cookies! At Thanksgiving I love mashed potatoes with noodles and gravy! Yum!

  970. 975

    Cornbread dressing is the best–I could eat it every day and not get tired of it!

  971. 976
    Lauren Smith says:

    I love sweet potatoes with marshmallows!!

  972. 977

    Little smokies, wrapped in biscuits and coated with a pecan/butter blaze..then baked. HEAVENLY!

  973. 978

    I love my momma’s cornbread dressing….and yes I mean dressing and not stuffing. We do not stuff birds in Ball Ground, GA unless you are planning to curl up and take a nice long nap with it!

  974. 979

    I love a good cornbread stuffing – especially my mother in laws. Love Pioneer Woman!!

  975. 980

    Christmas morning cinnamon rolls!

  976. 981

    It all looks amazing

  977. 982

    Cornbread stuffing!

  978. 983
    Lynnette R says:

    Cornbread dressing. Broccoli, rice, and cheese casserole is a close second.

  979. 984

    Pecan pie!! And Christmas morning apricot bread. SO GOOD!

  980. 985

    Thanksgiving – dressing
    Christmas – buckeyes :)

    I can’t wait for the holidays!!

  981. 986

    My cornbread dressing with cranberry sauce. yummmmm.

  982. 987

    Sweet potato casserole with the crunchy pecan topping. Oh my. It’s heaven in your mouth!

  983. 988

    Ham :)

  984. 989

    Pie! Chocolate pie. Pecan pie. Apple pie. Buttermilk chess pie.

    And the sweet potato casserole with the brown sugar & pecans that really is more like a dessert than a vegetable.

  985. 990
    Mariel Kindl says:

    would love to try some of her recipe’s for my cooking club!

  986. 991

    My favorite would be buckeyes, but only the ones my mom makes!

  987. 992


  988. 993

    Sweet Potato Casserole!

  989. 994
    Carrie Lynn says:

    Cornbread dressing and chocolate cream pie.

  990. 995

    I would LOVE to have her cookbook! I might actually cook something. . .

  991. 996

    My favorite holiday food is the Sausage Stuffing my husband makes (plus he looks hot in an apron). The stuffing is so delicious! While he’s making the stuffing, I’m relaxing in a hot bubble bath with the candles lit.

  992. 997

    The stuffing,!

  993. 998

    All desserts, pound cakes, pecan pies, cookies…..

  994. 999

    I love cheesy mashed potato casserole and ham at Christmas! And….my mom’s fabulous Christmas cookies! :)

  995. 1000


  996. 1001

    cornbread dressing and cranberry sauce!

  997. 1002

    Homemade fudge!

  998. 1003
    Melissa Hutsell says:

    Dessert! Pumpkin pie! Pecan pie! Apple dumplings!

  999. 1004
    Sherilyn M. says:

    I wait for Christmas cookies all year! Love them!

  1000. 1005

    sweet potato casserole

  1001. 1006

    Really not a sweets person, but chocolate covered fruit means the holidays are here!

  1002. 1007

    I love it all, but desserts are my favorite. I also love sweet corn that my uncle grows and we remove from the cob and freeze.

  1003. 1008

    Nothings says it’s the holidays (Thanksgiving & Christmas!) like cornbread dressing! :)

  1004. 1009
    Jennifer jones says:

    Apple and sausage stuffing is the best!!!

  1005. 1010

    Oh, it’s the casseroles; squash, sweet potatoe and green bean. Yummy!

  1006. 1011

    I love sweet potato casserole!

  1007. 1012

    Too many to choose! Christmas cookies, I guess!

  1008. 1013
    Jennifer Powell says:

    Sweet potato casserole– with marshmallows!!

  1009. 1014
    Laura McGrew says:

    Cornbread Dressing with cranberry sauce, hands down!

  1010. 1015

    Would you judge me if I said, “All of them!”? Ha! Okay, okay. Macaroni and cheese, brown rice, and for dessert…apple pie with vanilla ice cream.

  1011. 1016

    My husband’s stuffing is the best!!

  1012. 1017

    My favorite is dressing and all the desserts.

  1013. 1018

    Cookies! And pumpkin pie and green bean casserole…..I could go on!

  1014. 1019

    Mom mom’s stuffing (although, it isn’t actually stuffed, so would that be dressing?)!

  1015. 1020

    Pecan Pie!

  1016. 1021

    Sausage stuffing, and squash casserole…yum!

  1017. 1022

    Turkey & stuffing at Thanksgiving – nothing beats my mother-in-law’s stuffing YUM!

  1018. 1023

    Pecan pie!

  1019. 1024

    Dressing, mashed potatoes & gravy!

  1020. 1025

    Sweet potato casserole but only with brown sugar and pecan topping. Not a fan of the marshmallow topping.

  1021. 1026

    Cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning!

  1022. 1027

    What I want to know is how on EARTH you expect us to have a top favorite holiday food. Like….as in just ONE. whaaaat. My mind is exploding with all the options.

    ok ok ok. Hmm. My Grandmother’s Thanksgiving recipe of Bing Cherry Salad. there’s nothing like it, and a bite of it takes me back to when she was still with us and we were all together.

  1023. 1028
    Sandy Bowers says:

    Favorite holiday food has to be Sweet Potato Souffle! Mom’s recipe and always a winner! Yum!

  1024. 1029

    Favorite holiday food….corn casserole. Oh. Em. Gee.

  1025. 1030
    Kristyn Mostek says:

    I am a sweets girl (but NOT pumpkin pie, lol!). Last year my sister and I took our favorite chocolate pie recipe and made them into mini pie bites. Soo cute and delish!

  1026. 1031

    Dressing & Gravy

  1027. 1032

    My favorite holiday food is a spicy, hominy casserole.

  1028. 1033
    Jenny b watts says:

    Red velvet cake!

  1029. 1034

    Monkey bread on Christmas morning!!

  1030. 1035

    Cinnamon Rolls!!

  1031. 1036

    Sweet potato pie. With praline topping. As it was meant to be.

  1032. 1037
    Charlotte M. says:


    It’s a beautifully simple food that should be honored by being declared it’s own food group. If I had to choose between taking gravy or the turkey out of Thanksgiving dinner, the bird would be gone!

  1033. 1038

    Speaking of starches and carbs in general… My favorite holiday foods are mashed potatoes, French bread dressing, and Yorkshire pudding. I usually take a really small portion of the turkey or beef so I have more room for the other stuff!

  1034. 1039
    Staci Brown says:

    Chicken and dumplings!

  1035. 1040

    pumpkin pie

  1036. 1041

    I can’t even lie…homemade bread. :)

  1037. 1042

    My favorite holiday food is mashed potatoes, corn, and gravy to go with my turkey :)

  1038. 1043
    Carol Archer says:

    Dark Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie
    Grandmary’s Peppermint Ice Cream Dessert

  1039. 1044
    kaleena edwards says:

    I love turkey and mashed potatoes!

  1040. 1045

    It is hard to just pick one food but the best holiday food has to Thanksgiving- dressing (not stuffing) and made with cornbread

  1041. 1046

    Weird, i Just got a duplicate comment, even though I never commented on this post.

    favorite holiday food: feijãda and pão de queijo

  1042. 1047
    kara garis says:

    anything with sweet potatoes!

  1043. 1048

    For about the past five years, my husband has been getting up Christmas morning to make Peak-to-Peak for breakfast. It’s essentially an oven pancake filled with fresh fruit and whipped cream blended with a little maple syrup. Real maple syrup.

    Cause I’m from New England–where real maple syrup comes from. Anything else just makes me angry ;)

  1044. 1049
    Erin Miller says:

    I love spritz cookies at Christmas. My mom’s stuffing at Thanksgiving. Not the cornbread kind, the white break kind. It has enough butter to last me an entire year.

  1045. 1051

    my mom’s nano-nano bars (nanaimo bars)

  1046. 1052

    My favorite holiday food is fudge. I make my grandma’s recipe every year at Christmas!

  1047. 1053

    Turkey and Dressing!

  1048. 1054

    It would have to be my husband’s grandfather’s recipe for chocolate pie! mmmm

  1049. 1055

    PIE!!! Any kind of pie.

  1050. 1056

    stuffing!! great giveaway :)

  1051. 1057

    Favorite foods are rolls, roasted veggies, and of course the big fat turkey with gravy! MMMMM! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!

  1052. 1058

    One of my all time favorites is a recipe from Southern Living called Grits Dressing. We take turns making it every Thanksgiving, because it’s time consuming, but oh so GOOD! It is a base of croutons made from grits cooked with parmesan cheese, and then mixed with ground sausage and lots of other yummy ingredients. We look forward to Thanksgiving every year just a little bit more because of the Grits Dressing, especially when it’s someone else’s year to make it :)

  1053. 1059

    My sister in law makes an amazing cranberry relish that is now a staple at our house.

  1054. 1060

    I love pumpkin pie – probably because I only make it once a year! Thanks for the chance to win – I love Ree!

  1055. 1061
    Katherine says:

    Mine is most definitely a starch- it’s a mashed potato casserole my mom makes- has butter, cheese, sour cream and cream cheese. It’s a life changer.

  1056. 1062

    Italian pizzelle cookies…eaten in handfuls.

  1057. 1063

    white bean chicken chili – or anything I can put cheese on top and eat with a frito chip :)

  1058. 1064

    Any kind of potato :)

  1059. 1065

    Mashed potatoes! Any kind of Christmas cookies.

  1060. 1066

    I love artichoke dip.

  1061. 1067

    Stuffin’ with lots of gravey. And FUDGE. Thank you for doing this!

  1062. 1068

    I love the homemade fudge that we only make at Christmas time!

  1063. 1069

    Favorite holiday food- sweet potato casserole. It’s a vegetable that tastes like dessert, what’s not to love?

  1064. 1070

    Mashed potatoes, all the way. Maybe with a side of rolls. Especially if both of these are PW’s recipes.

  1065. 1071

    Spiked Eggnog. It has eggs in it, so therefore qualifies as a food.

  1066. 1072

    Sweet potato pie. Yum!!!

  1067. 1073

    sweet potato casserole on Thanksgiving

  1068. 1074

    Mashed potatoes and green beans that were canned from the summer garden :)

  1069. 1075
    Stephanie says:

    Turkey and dressing.

  1070. 1076

    Stuffing that has been cooked for several hours inside of a turkey.

  1071. 1077

    My mom’s lemon meringue pie.
    And also: My K’s sweet potato casserole.

  1072. 1078
    Sheryl in WA says:

    Pecan pie with bourbon whipped cream and creamed chipped beef on Christmas morning. Yum.

  1073. 1079
    Marian Baldock says:

    Just one? Love so many…dressing, beef tenderloin, mashed potatoes, white chocolate covered Chex mix….

  1074. 1080

    I don’t know about favorite, but my mom makes a rockin’ pinto bean pie (it sounds deceptively healthy, no?), and since this book would be for her, I thought that would be fitting!

  1075. 1081
    Kaitlin L says:

    Mashed potatoes! I’m a starch-loving kinda girl.

  1076. 1082

    My favorite food is my moms corm bread dressing recipe.

  1077. 1083

    Rice and Artichoke salad – totally worth breaking paleo on special occassions!

  1078. 1084
    Laura Ferguson says:

    I love any bread/roll/pastry!

  1079. 1085
    Stephanie B. says:

    Thanksgiving: Pumpkin pie, green bean casserole and stuffed mushrooms. This is making me hungry and excited for Thanksgiving.

    Christmas: homemade Manicotti. Our entire extended family gathers on Christmas Eve to make this for Christmas dinner.

  1080. 1086
    Anne Cranz says:

    My all time hands down favorite holiday recipe is the cheese, egg, and sausage strata we have on Christmas morning. I could eat the entire thing myself, and it makes getting up at the crack of dawn a tish more bearable.


  1081. 1087
    slbowling says:

    Pumpkin pie

  1082. 1088

    Our family “has to have” besides turkey, dressing , cranberries is green beans w/crisp bacon bits (real) & dried onion soup mix, just let simmer a couple of hours. They may not have a vitamin left in them, but they are too yummy to care!

  1083. 1089

    Shrimp and grits for Christmas morning brunch!

  1084. 1090

    Holidays are about having fun with food and nibbling on home made snacks. My favorite holiday food is lamb roast with hummus and salad.

  1085. 1091

    My must have Thanksgiving dish is my mom’s Greek spinach casserole. Kinda like spanakopita but it’s so good. That and bundle-less green beans and crescent rolls and sweet potato casserole and corn pudding…and ok, I could go:)

  1086. 1092
    LeAnn Maroney says:

    Cornbread dressing!

  1087. 1093
    Kristin Waters says:

    I love the Ghirardelli Peppermint bark that comes out at the holidays. And pumpkin pie!!!

  1088. 1094

    I like to make sweet potato pie from my husband’s grandmother’s recipe. It’s wonderful!!

  1089. 1095

    My mom’s homemade rolls, sweet potatoes and any kind of pie

  1090. 1096
    Amanda Gillen-Hall says:

    I love me some turkey & dressing!!

  1091. 1097
    Jennifer D says:

    do I have to choose just one… sausage dressing, mac and cheese, pumpkin pie…should I keep going :)

  1092. 1098

    Thanksgiving cornbread dressing. Lots of trouble to make so much enjoyed once a year!

  1093. 1099

    Bubble bread or caramel nut rolls. Yes, I love my carbs…what?

  1094. 1100

    Stuffing/dressing of almost any kind….cornbread, white bread, with oysters or sausage…yum

  1095. 1101

    Stuffing and fudge, just not together. :)

  1096. 1102

    Pie. Cobbler. Something you can top with ice cream.

  1097. 1103

    It’s a toss-up between stuffing and my grandmothers sweet potatoes….and all the desserts….and broccoli salad…..and anything pumpkin….I just gained 3 pounds typing this.

  1098. 1104
    Stephanie says:

    I love pumpkin pie and homemade rolls! YUMMY!

  1099. 1105

    My mother in law’s recipe for sweet potato casserole

  1100. 1106

    Mashed potatoes!!!!

  1101. 1107

    Turkey w/ mashed potatoes and gravy (I know that’s more than one, but you need all 3!)

  1102. 1108

    My mama’s pecan pie!

  1103. 1109

    I love P-Dub!! In fact, she’s the reason I found your blog several years ago. I have both of her other cookbooks and am sure this one will be just as amazing. My favorite holiday food is Christmas morning cinnamon rolls.

  1104. 1110

    I love my Mom’s homemade yeast rolls. Carbs for the win!

  1105. 1111

    Pineapple Casserole and Pumpkin Pie:)

  1106. 1112

    Gingerbread cookies!

  1107. 1113
    carolyn clifton says:

    my favorite Christmas dish is Sweet Potato Casserole

  1108. 1114

    Sweet potato casserole. Only time of year we have it!

  1109. 1115

    If it’s Thanksgiving hands down it’s pumpkin pie with a homemade crust.

  1110. 1116
    Annette Bartle says:

    Sweet Potato Casserole. Yummo!

  1111. 1117

    Homemade giant cinnamon sticky buns, with pecans of course.

  1112. 1118

    Christmas cookies! :)

  1113. 1119
    April Myers says:

    My momma’s mashed “taters”

  1114. 1120
    Joanna H. says:

    Chocolate pecan pie…..can’t wait!!

  1115. 1121
    Sheila Laurence says:

    I’m ashamed to say it, but I actually like Peeps. They may not be my favorite holiday food ever, but it’s the one I thought of right away.

  1116. 1122
    pat fertitta says:

    Desserts, desserts and more desserts, especially pecan pie, Yum Yum!

  1117. 1123

    Monkey bread!!!!

  1118. 1124

    Fudge – for some reason I only make it at Christmas time!

  1119. 1125

    My favorite holiday food is tamales for Christmas

  1120. 1126

    Homemade Mashed Potatoes!

  1121. 1127

    Just discovered Sweet Potato Casserole with a coconut brown sugar topping. Yum!! It’s like having dessert as a side at Thanksgiving. What could be better than that?!

  1122. 1128

    Peanut Brittle!!

  1123. 1129


  1124. 1130
    Lindsay D. says:

    Christmas Cookies!!!

  1125. 1131

    My favorite holiday food is my mom’s cornbread dressing. It has to be hers…I won’t even eat anybody else’s. I’ve tried to replicate it and it’s close but still not the same.

  1126. 1132

    (If I call it “soup”, can I just eat it as my meal?)

  1127. 1133

    I love love Thanksgiving turkey. Thank you so much!

  1128. 1134

    Pecan Pie! Fudge! Sugar Cookies! Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread! Forget the starch, I go straight to the sugar.

  1129. 1135

    I make eggnog cheesecake bars which are delicious and also another item is banana pumpkin bread–so so good.

  1130. 1136

    Dressing and turkey gravy!!! I can eat dressing anytime and by itself, but with turkey gravy it is to die for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1131. 1137

    Mac & cheese! Gig ‘EM!!

  1132. 1138

    I love all the vegetable casseroles, whether it be corn, broccoli, sweet potato, hash brown, just whatever!

  1133. 1139

    chocolate delight!

  1134. 1140
    Sherri Len says:

    pecan pie is my all-time fave. I have asked for a trip to one of Ree’s book signings as my Christmas gift, so winning the book would be the icing on the cake!

  1135. 1141

    Hi Big Mama!
    I love popcorn with lots of butter and salt!! :)

  1136. 1142

    I love it all, but if I must choose, pumpkin pie.

  1137. 1143

    As strange as these two things sounds, two of my favorites are old recipes my grandmother used to make – sauerkraut balls and eggnog punch. But not necessarily together! Ha!

  1138. 1144

    Stuffing!! Must be homemade, none of that store-bought junk! And Nestlé Tollhouse pie with homemade whipping cream. Life-changing!

  1139. 1145

    I love homemade cornbread stuffing!!

  1140. 1146

    Oh, hands’ down my grandmother’s “mystery torte”. It’s a mystery because it is amazingly delicious and the secret ingredient is Ritz crackers. It is so so so good and I can’t wait to make it with her this Thanksgiving.

  1141. 1147
    Amy Baker says:

    Chicken & Dumplings!!!

  1142. 1148

    My favorite Thanksgiving (& Christmas!) food is a cranberry side dish that is so sweet and tart and crunchy and just draws all the turkey, gravy, veggies, and rolls, etc, together and brings out the best in each. It’s labor intensive because the cranberries seem to need to be hand chopped but it’s all worth it to have just the right texture and taste.

  1143. 1149

    Fondue on Christmas night at my in-laws in my favorite holiday food!

  1144. 1150

    Thanksgiving – dressing – for sure!!
    Christmas – your Toffee YUM! I am not sure it has ever
    turned out exactly right for me, kind of soft, but so, so yummy!

  1145. 1151

    Sweet potatoes made right. Fresh, not canned, cinnamon, brown sugar, pecans, BUTTER. Ohhhhh my.

  1146. 1152
    Sarah Marshall says:

    Stuffing, cheesy potato casserole, and Christmas cookies. Extremely healthy, I know :)

  1147. 1153

    The “Christmas Rolls” that I have made for 33 Christmases in a row … and only for Christmas. They’re like a cinnamon roll, but filled with a pineapple/cream cheese filling. Mmm!!

  1148. 1154

    Sweet potato casserole, yummy!

  1149. 1155

    Honeybaked Ham all the way!

  1150. 1156
    Vicki O'Reilly says:

    I just love a sweet potato casserole. Yum!

  1151. 1157

    The first thing that came to mind was pie! But then I realized, it really is oyster stuffing from inside the turkey. I can never eat my pie because I always overeat the stuffing, potatoes, and gravy. I can’t wait!

  1152. 1158
    Lauren Maggi says:

    nothing is better than Thanksgiving Day pie or the treats of the Christmas season, but a healthier favorite is grandma’s green bean casserole!

  1153. 1159

    Thanksgiving favorites would be pecan stuffing and roasted sweet potatoes with carmelized onions. Christmas favorites? Cookies!

  1154. 1160

    Thanksgiving dressing and my father-in-law’s peas and onions!

  1155. 1161
    Rachel Pursley says:

    Oh wow, I have to narrow down my favorite holiday food? But I like them all (minus fruit cake, could never get into fruit cake)! At Christmas, my grandmother makes this mini orange balls (not sure that is the “official” name of them). I’m not even sure what’s in them, but it involves dough and then it’s rolled in powdered sugar. Heaven! And then if there’s any left (let’s not kid ourselves, there are none left) she’ll freeze them and pull them out to thaw at Easter. That may have happened once, when I was sick over Christmas and couldn’t eat so there were actually orange ball leftovers.

  1156. 1162

    Dressing. And pecan pie. Can’t wait.

  1157. 1163
    Whitney G. says:

    Anything my Mamaw makes…..I think they just have a way of making the most simple things taste better. One specific item though is the potato salad that she has at every holiday dinner! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  1158. 1164

    Because Christmas is smack bang in the middle of Summer here in Australia, my favourite holiday food is chilled hot chocolate. And yes, that’s a thing!

  1159. 1165

    My favorite holiday recipe is the cranberry orange relish that goes with the turkey/dressing my mom makes.

  1160. 1166

    I would love a cookbook!

  1161. 1167

    My Grandma’s million dollar fudge! She only made it at Christmas and my mom and I have since carried on the tradition.

  1162. 1168

    Oh boy… to choose?!?! I have to go with Green Bean Casserole with French’s fried onions on top! So easy and so yummy!

  1163. 1169

    Lemon Snow from the classic Betty Crocker cookbook!!

  1164. 1170

    Sweet potatoes with molasses, brown sugar and marshmallows.

    Pecan Pie.

    And my husband’s Sweedish Pancakes on Christmas morning!

  1165. 1171

    My new favorite holiday food is Pioneer Woman’s roasted prime beef. I replaced the boring turkey/ham with this for Christmas two years ago and it was a hit. i love it!

  1166. 1172

    My Grandmother passed away last week and I will miss her peanut brittle at Christmastime.

  1167. 1173

    Doesn’t starch make every day a holiday?

    Mother’s dressing and gravy.

  1168. 1174

    My Grandma’s million dollar fudge!

  1169. 1175

    OK, don’t laugh. But it would have to be my sister’s turkey gravy. It’s the tastiest I’ve had and is a rich, dark brown. You can have the turkey, but save me lots of mashed potatoes, dressing and gravy.

  1170. 1176
    Kathy Baldwin says:

    Lemon Ice Box Pie

  1171. 1177

    Chester’s butter flavored puffed corn covered with the white chocolate bark stuff!!! To. Die. For!! And easy!!!! :)

  1172. 1178

    I would say my favorite holiday meal is a cross between scalloped potatoes and ham for Christmas Eve…. OR Rommegrot (room-uh-grout) and homemade carmel rolls for Thanksgiving breakfast. Love me the holidays :)

  1173. 1179
    Gerry in Missouri says:

    Pumpkin pie!

  1174. 1180


  1175. 1181

    I equate fudge with the holidays…love it!
    Also green bean casserole, for some reason I can’t bring myself to make it any time other than holidays!

  1176. 1182

    Turkey and dressing at Thanksgiving is my favorite.

  1177. 1183
    Dillon Ferguson says:

    Sausage Balls & Chex mix!

  1178. 1184

    Mom’s dressing with a drizzle of whole cranberry, cranberry sauce on top!

  1179. 1185

    Eggnog french toast with cranberry syrup. Decadent!

  1180. 1186

    My favorite is my daddy’s turkey dressing. He makes it like no other I have ever eaten.

  1181. 1187

    My favorite Holiday food is Mushroom Souffle’ !!!!!!!

  1182. 1188
    Kristina in GA says:

    Cornbread dressing! (I actually did not like dressing until my late-teens, now I <3 it. A LOT.)

  1183. 1189

    Spinach and artichoke dip! a family tradition :)

  1184. 1190

    Holy number of comments! We ordered Papa Johns on Sunday.. did you get the big chocolate chip cookie?

    Love buffalo chicken dip for football season/any occasion. I put chicken in the crockpot on low, shred with two forks, throw cream cheese, cheddar or Velveeta and chives in with wing sauce and voila!

  1185. 1191

    “I will not judge you if it’s a starch”. Ha ha! Mine is stuffing.

  1186. 1192

    An Adobo Turkey with Red-Chile Gravy my husband ad I make!

    Plus, any desserts!

  1187. 1193

    Thanksgiving- mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie

    Christmas: Ham/appetizers/cookies

  1188. 1194

    My favorite holiday food is turkey gravy and then everything I put it on!

  1189. 1195

    We have “Stars” every Christmas morning. My husband wonders how he survived all those years (before we were married) without them.

  1190. 1196

    Fresh apple cake is my favorite!

  1191. 1197

    Everything always taste good when family is present. Whatever the Holiday, no matter what the menu…having family together makes it all taste wonderful.

  1192. 1198
    Lisa Roussel says:

    Sweet potato casserole with crumbly pecan topping on it. But I won’t turn it down if there are marshmallows instead.
    Thanks for the give away! Love the pioneer woman!

  1193. 1199

    I love the chicken and dressing my aunt makes. None better!

  1194. 1200

    Christmas Cookies! :)

  1195. 1201